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2022.01.26 12:12 b8h0v3n Content, content, wir brauchen mehr Content!

Hallo, es wäre sehr nett, wenn der ein oder andere, der einen coolen Ort(Dekokeller, besonderes Haus, etc.) kennt, einen Screenshot davon hochladen könnte :D
Nicht, dass das hier ewig so leer bleibt^^
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2022.01.26 12:12 JafarAllahverdi Everyone hates getting wet

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2022.01.26 12:12 youtuber00 peppeyt00 - Twitch

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2022.01.26 12:12 Kingston_2007 First post of this sub!

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2022.01.26 12:12 spottedtoadstool What type vibes do these two characters give off

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2022.01.26 12:12 dibrancelikuu 🪦 la vicina 1950 2022

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2022.01.26 12:12 theBoneConnoisseur Cringe

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2022.01.26 12:12 sn0rk95 [no spoilers] The Devil by eriochromatic

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2022.01.26 12:12 RawwNee Boring

Rubbish group, no one posts anything
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2022.01.26 12:12 chipsandgiac Anyone commute from downtown Raleigh to Duke daily? Is this doable?

Looking for possible places to live while I attend graduate school, and would like to know if anyone has any experience commuting daily from central raleigh to Duke. I am from NYC area and for undergrad I commuted to the Bronx twice a week which was a 40-50 minute drive usually. Didn’t mind it so much
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2022.01.26 12:12 Old_Flower1069 There is a certain divisive subreddit on the front page a lot.

There is a working-class dividing sub I always see on or near the front page, and the comments are always very cruel and dividing. Instead of looking at their fellow humans and using what limited time we have to create solidarity, they mock them for trivial reasons. I have a feeling that sub is astroturfed and inflated (powers that be really benefit from tapping into "internet culture"), and if it isn't then people on there need to realize that they're playing themselves. There is nothing to be gained by putting down ourselves.
The real cringe is not some furry fetish porn or a socially awkward mod; it's the assholes destroying human lives, the environment, and this fucking planet just so their imaginary numbers go up.
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2022.01.26 12:12 BraisGrint Lo hice en 2019 para la primera vez que se lo pasó y creo que había que recordarlo

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2022.01.26 12:12 Milanesso777 When the

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2022.01.26 12:12 karimdul Do not Take Sins Lightly - Muslims Should Take Note - What Islam Teaches...

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2022.01.26 12:12 xHassnox My skin itches every time something happens

Hello, I’m going to talk about an issue that I never really paid enough attention to.
I realized that every time something embarrassing happens to me my skin itches and it feels like it stings, my face starts itching my back and my forehead.
It also happens when I’m listening to music and pacing, sometimes it just happens.
I don’t remember when it first started exactly but it’s been a long time now
I tried searching about it, and I got results of Anxiety Rash but I wasn’t diagnosed with any anxiety disorder (i think it’s mostly because it’s still a taboo in our culture) I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety by my GP who then referred me to a psychologist in another hospital but I didn’t attend the appointments.
These rashes and itches don’t last long they happen then disappear.
Does anyone know what is going on? Or is there anyone here who is experiencing the same thing?
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2022.01.26 12:12 Srazack_76 Theatre Plays - A Poll

Hey mates, since we can't do polls directly I have created a pool to know about redditors and they're experience with stage plays. This isn't just about what we see in school, and if there are people who are studying such art available in this subreddit, I would love to interact with them too.
Link to the Poll
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2022.01.26 12:12 MakeMeRichIDC Time to shine!

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2022.01.26 12:12 Rualsum Any current companies that are openly supportive of organized labor?

I saw a post here recently of a heart-shaped Carhartt button that showed it was in support of unions. But current Carhartt does not seem to still hold that view.
I was curious if anybody knew of any current companies that are openly supportive of unions.
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2022.01.26 12:12 NewsElfForEnterprise Apple may reveal its biggest sales quarter ever. How much larger can the iPhone get?

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2022.01.26 12:12 mostlyBadChoices TIFU by giving my girlfriend a huge orgasm

Yep, another sex post. This happened a couple days ago. My (53 m) girlfriend (55 f) have been seeing each other for around 6 months and have sex about once a day, and things are pretty awesome. We seem really compatible both in and out of bed. On the day of the FU, I decided to try something new. I had her face up put her butt on the edge of her bed, and rest her feet on my dresser since it's just the right distance, while I was standing up between her legs. Now I've done this kind of thing with other women, but this was the first time with my current gf that we'd done this. As soon as I was inside of her, she said, "Oh yeah, that's hitting the spot." I get going and the whole is super hot to me and it's feeling amazing. So it wasn't going to take much in any case to get me off, but then she says, "I'm going to cum!" and that was it for me. I almost immediately started cumming. Now the thing with me, is I have that thing where one testicle (and it's always the right one) rolls up inside me, so that it's protruding offset and slightly above my penis. And as that's going on with me, she has this big orgasm, and proceeds to grab my hips and slams me into her crushing my rolled up testicle. I stop and kind of hover over her with this weird look on my face. She goes, "What that good?" I just look at her, unable to talk. Now she's worried.
"Are you ok???" " kind of crushed me ball." "What??? How??" *I proceed to explain the rolled up testicle thing* "Oh, I'm so sorry!!"
I let her know that it's ok.
TL;DR - Gf orgasms immediately after I do and squashes my testicle by pulling me into her hard because my ball likes to relocate when I cum.
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2022.01.26 12:12 Kappyskywalker Accurate

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2022.01.26 12:12 humbertoruranga It's not perfect but probably the best I'll ever find

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2022.01.26 12:12 Apprehensive_Low_155 I’m terrified that I’m screwing up everything

Long post warning, I really need to vent about this.
I (23f) am planning on leaving my job currently. For backstory, I work at a local nonprofit serving a vulnerable population. I started here as an intern three years ago and have worked extremely hard. I am currently the director of one of our programs and have been told that I will be promoted to Associate Director this July. The agency was quite literally in the brink of closing when I began my internship. There was a brand new executive director that started when I did and she completely turned this place around and took me under her wing and has essentially been training me to continue increasing responsibility since day one. All of that is great to me. I’ve learned so much, I’m financially pretty well off, but I am so burnt out right now.
I’m a full time student in a graduate level program, which is my own choice and I’ve managed the workload well for the past year. I love my clients and the work that we do for our community. I love the flexibility that my employer gives me so that I can complete my education and internships as needed.
But, there are problems. 1. We’re a nonprofit near a few colleges and mainly end up being staffed by college students that need trained from the ground up and leave very quickly after graduating. I make it work though. I’m constantly training and hiring and trying to implement policies that make it worthwhile for people to stay. I advocate for my staff to get raises and try to make our on-call/holiday rotations as easy as possible. 2. I work A LOT. Like, 50+ hours a week on a good week. I’m basically always on call since I supervise all direct service staff. This was all fine for the past for years. The overtime really helped me financially. Then the board decided to switch me to salary a few months ago because the overtime was expensive. I do not feel like I’m being adequately compensated for the work I do. I literally don’t have a schedule. I work days, evening, overnights, weekends, and whatever else is needed to keep this place afloat. And if I’m not in the building then my phone is typically ringing. It also turns into a big deal if I take my time off. It’s crisis work so there’s always emergencies happening. I just typically have to resolve them. So when I’m off it falls on our other staff who treat me like the devil for “leaving them” once I get back. 3. I have so much responsibility but no authority. I am supposed to supervise our staff, but our director is a bit of a push over. If the staff doesn’t like a policy I implement or feel like I’m being too hard on them with my expectations they go straight over my head. Then whatever I implemented gets reversed and the director tells me that she knows she shouldn’t have but it is easier to just keep the peace. 4. I’m in this field because I want to promote social change through ethical means and Jesus christ every employee we get seems to be cynical and angry that they’re doing their job and no amount of training seems to make a difference because the board and director promote the negative environment by “keeping the peace” and not stopping toxic behaviors.
There’s a lot more, but what does it matter in the long run? I plan on leaving at the end of April and will give my director a two month notice to begin replacing me soon. I don’t know how I’ll make it work financially quite yet. I’m worried for the well-being of the clients we serve because they deserve a staff that cares. I just really can’t let it all fall on my shoulder’s anymore. I’ve brought these issues up and they always improve for a couple weeks and then quickly come back. I’m feeling so guilty right now because this place really has made me stronger and supported me through some hard times. I just can’t keep working around the clock for no compensation and still get walked all over.
I don’t expect that anyone actually read this, but if you did, thanks. I’m really scared and am wrecked with guilt but I know I have to do what is best for me.
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2022.01.26 12:12 NOWAYNOHOW9 Just curious on lawyers thoughts on this case- specifically that the defendant waived their right to a pre-trial (attempted to plea out on some new charges) but is now going to trial.

It sounds like the defendant was attempting to plea to 2 new charges (protection order violation and possession of child exploitation material) but the pleas may have fallen through for now and it's heading to trial.
Mean, if they have you on tampering with evidence how will that even play out in a jury trial?
Thanks for any thoughts- article below detailing charges.
Armando Lee-Martinez, the Mancos teacher accused last year of sexually assaulting a student and tampering with evidence, has pleaded not guilty.
In a Tuesday arraignment, Judge Todd Plewe scheduled a seven-day jury trial beginning July 25.
Defense attorney David Greenberg entered the not guilty plea for Lee-Martinez.
Lee-Martinez, 28 at the time of his arrest in May, is scheduled for a readiness hearing June 21.
He is being tried in three separate cases. The combined charges are as follows:

If he were convicted, Lee-Martinez could face four to 12 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections, 22nd Judicial District Attorney Matt Margeson said. However, because of the nature of the case, Lee-Martinez could instead be sentenced to an indeterminate amount of time.
Margeson was unable to specify how Lee-Martinez violated his protection order and bail bond conditions.
A May news release from Mancos Marshal Justen Goodall cited an allegation of a “teacher and student relationship.” The Mancos Marshal’s Office began an investigation April 14.
Lee-Martinez, a graduate of Mancos High School, was in his first year as the high school’s Spanish teacher. He had previous teaching experience.
In initial court proceedings last year, Margeson argued that Lee-Martinez’s bond be set at $50,000, although Lee-Martinez was released on a $20,000 bond set by county Court Judge JenniLynn Lawrence.
Lee-Martinez was prohibited from contact with anyone under the age of 18 not in his immediate family, and from possessing a firearm or ammunition.
A protection order was granted for an individual mentioned in the arrest affidavit. Behavior listed in the arrest affidavit as it related to that individual was “concerning,” Margeson told The Journal in May.
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2022.01.26 12:12 Mapsmith0 I got a picture of my dog looking so happy the other day

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