Do Swedish people need subtitles when watching movies or TV shows in English?

2022.01.27 20:51 AndreiAlk Do Swedish people need subtitles when watching movies or TV shows in English?

Swedish people are know for their high level of proeficency in English, but does it necessarily mean that they do not need subtitles? Someone might say ''it depends'', since a 10-years-old kid usually is not expected to be as fluent as 30-years-old adult, for example.
But assuming we're talking only about adults, i.e. people who have lived enough time to become fluent in English, I'd like someone to tell me if most of you guys still need subtitles or not.
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2022.01.27 20:51 guanaco55 What Crystal Hefner’s Surprising Embrace Of Modesty Says About Beauty -- The opposite of hypersexualization isn’t frumpiness, it’s beauty.

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2022.01.27 20:51 Xavylo WCGW putting electric shock muscle stimulators on both my arms

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2022.01.27 20:51 rsenist My 4th receiver in less than a year. (Yamaha RX-385)

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2022.01.27 20:51 saving_private_ryan_ Sleep

Sorry for re-post. but I've been abstaining for 10 years (since 2012) when I was 20 yrs old. I'm still healing / getting sharper by the month. Even a decade later. The problem is a few months into starting the no-fap / semen retention thing and my sleep quality is diminishing gradually.
My mind is getting clearer. But as my mind gets clearer the sleep quality is worsening. Like I'm super sharp / alert / focused but my anxiety is extremely high.
Someone mentioned possible HPA Axis dysfunction / too much cortisol. Is POIS causing my non-restorative sleep? Or is it just a coincidence / positive correlation with something else causing it?
Does anyone else have sleep issues involving long-term abstinence?
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2022.01.27 20:51 eligri Mining vs regular mobo

Is there any benefit of using a fancy mining motherboard with only 2 gpu's? Or will I get same performance from any of my "non mining" old mobo's with 2 pcie slots?
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2022.01.27 20:51 SkyInuzuka from Christmas ♥︎

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2022.01.27 20:51 RandomDude1465 soooo i made the pvz maps in roblox....there wasnt any flair that i could use for an creation other than art sooo....also the zombies are coming,and fast

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2022.01.27 20:51 sorry_whatever Family travel through Europe

My family of four is hopefully going to Europe from the US this summer. We plan to fly into London and take trains to go to Paris, Switzerland, Italy (Venice and Florence) and maybe rent a car for exploring Tuscany.
I've traveled extensively in Europe solo by taking the train and staying in hostels. But what's the most budget friendly way to do this with 4 people? I'm well aware these are expensive areas and have some banked travel awards to help offset costs, but any tips (drive vs train, hostel vs hotel) would be very appreciated.
I'm all about getting creative to cut down on food costs, so tips about great grocery stores or vegetarian restaurants would also be wonderful.
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2022.01.27 20:51 Vernomz [SELLING] MY GM/T500 SMURFS (PC/EU)

Since I got alot of smurfs to GM over the years I decided to sell some of them, I don't have the time to play muliple accounts every season, most of them are placed a few seasons ago since I played with friends but they don't really play the game anymore.
Every single account is safe, created and played by me, all infos fake, name, unverified email and fake phone number (for t500) so not reclaimable.
I will provide all the needet information (full e-mail access, passwords, secret answer) and also assist you if needet.
Everything optional is removed (phone number, authenticator, connections, chat history, friends, blocked and avoided players).
I never used any cheats, never been suspended, never wintraded or anything else against ToS.
The current account names are pretty basic and you can keep them if you want.
I mostly play on EU and since season 1, first hit GM in season 9, got 10+ seasons t500 with flex 4.5k peak on tank, around 4.4k peak on dd and support.
As for now I don't sell boosts (busy with irl stuff) but I would consider helping with extra cheap placements and boosts for reranking if you drop alot and bought one of my accounts.
PC/EU ACCOUNTS (with high mmr and sr-boost active) But take in mind that you can play the accounts in every region No free Name Change included
Click at the prices for Screenshots.

  1. [30 EUR] low Grandmaster DD Level 57 - 4003 Peak S22 RoleQue 4003 DD S23 RoleQue 2976 Tank (placement) 1735 Competitive Points / 1650 Credits (Ashe Winter Skin, Event Skins)
  2. [50 EUR] mid Grandmaster T500 (peak) Tank Level 71 - 4235 Peak S26 RoleQue 4022/4235 Tank (T500 Peak not finished) 1775 Competitive Points / 5425 Credits (Ana Cybermedic Skin, Event Skins)
  3. [50 EUR] OQue T500 finish / RoleQue Master Tank/DD Level 72 - 4016 Peak S28 OpenQue 4006 TOP50 EU (T500 finish, Spray+Icon) S28 RoleQue 3814/3876 Tank S28 RoleQue 3514/3537 DD S29 OpenQue 3994/4016 Peak 3765 Competitive Points / 300 Credits (Ashe DEADLOCK Skin, Event Skins) Gold Weapons: Roadhog + choose 1 Gold Weapon of your choice
  4. [60 EUR] Open & RoleQue mid T500 finish / mid Master DD Level 109 - 4237 Peak S26 OpenQue 3936/4047 (T500 finish, Spray+Icon) S26 RoleQue 4213/4237 Tank T300 EU (T500 finish same Spray+Icon) S26 RoleQue 3581/3581 DD S26 RoleQue 2840/2840 Support (placement) S28 OpenQue 3936/4035 Peak 1250 Competitive Points / 925 Credits (Echo Kkachi Skin, Event Skins) Gold Weapons: Roadhog, Torbjörn
  5. [70 EUR] RoleQue GM TANK/DD - pre RoleQue T500 Peak Level 231 - 4305 Peak GM MMR All Roles ranked/placed over 10 seasons (last S23) S10 4280 T500 Peak S22 Tank 4112 finish (placement) S20 DD 4111 finish (placement) 2750 Competitive Points / 2090 Credits OWL Seoul Dynasty Skins: Ana, Cree Gold Weapons: Cree, Doom, Genji, Junk, Tracer, Widow
I give full warranty and provide lifetime support (as long as microsoft doesn't delete this game, I die or the new account owner does something against the rules himself).
Most of them (smurfs) have not alot of skins, especially not rare ones but event skins (like winter, halloween, new year) and some gold weapons.
I only accept PayPal (Family and Friends).
The prices are final and I also take the minus a few euros transaction fee on top.
All accounts are low level and only played in the mentioned seasons, every needet information should be provided by the screenshots above.
If you are interested in buying or have future questions you can PM me or ask me at discord Rulez#4046 (private).
I am a verified and good reputation sellebooster on G2G and iGVault and high ranked OW player for years, contact me via discord and I can provide proof for everything possible.
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2022.01.27 20:51 Mitsonga Old Dive Rite polymer backplate good to go for twinsets

Is an old Dive Rite polymer backplate good to go for twinsets?
I recently was donated an older Dive Rite polymer backplate. I was initially told it was stainless steel, but when I actually picked it up and had it in hand, it became quickly apparent that it was a polymer backplate.
It was a closet queen for the better part of a decade, and the components are immaculate. Almost like it was used for a few check out dives, then shelved. I don’t know the exact material, but whatever plastic used is clearly high quality and shows no signs of degradation.
The kit came with twinset hardware. The wing has a redundant bladder as well.
Dive Rite discontinued these presumably for a reason. While I have no insecurities about using polymer on principle, were there any issues with this sort of set up?
I am curious if there will be some wonky buoyancy and trim issue.
Also, while I just said I don’t have any issue with polymer in itself, the two relatively skinny bolts that anchor the cylinders to the backplate just seem insubstantial for the heavy payload of twinsets. In the water I assume it’s a non-issue.. but what about from the parking lot to the water?
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2022.01.27 20:51 the_drunk_moxxie_fan It’s cloed

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2022.01.27 20:51 FluffyCheeseCake01 Which should i buy first?

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2022.01.27 20:51 NaitoAkiyama Help a newbie decide what to buy from this retailer

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2022.01.27 20:51 yipsraj313 Valeria Belen

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2022.01.27 20:51 Scootie_Seafluff Blazing Worldstars: Mesmerle Staiguichi Trailer (Links below)

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2022.01.27 20:51 cryptocalbot AMA (Ask Me Anything) - Shibonk (SHIBO): January 27, 2022 7:00 PM UTC

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2022.01.27 20:51 poppcorrn I love this Bunny mimoral drawing. i hope i captured him right

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2022.01.27 20:51 earthtomemphis 50 Things I LOVE About Stevie Triesenberg Congrats on 100k SUBS

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2022.01.27 20:51 wanpa How well do you know Tom Riddle?

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2022.01.27 20:51 Then-Needleworker379 Discovered that my partner has compulsive sexual behaviors and history of promiscuity.

Background: My (33F) partner (33M) and I have been together for 1 year and 4 months. I moved in (from a different city) last month. He has Bipolar2, comes from parents who were both addicts and struggled with mental health issues as well as a very promiscuous father who had kids by 4 different women, was in and out of prison, etc.
My partner is also a very high-functioning and otherwise very normal, and exceptional person. Our relationship is mostly joy and happiness: day-to-day we are very compatible, very thoughtful toward one another, if you see us you’d quickly be able to tell there’s a lot of love here. I have dated a lot of men, and this is the first person whom I ever felt the “soulmate” feeling with; the first person I have enjoyed being around this much; the first person that has really bent over backwards to make me happy. He insisted that I move in with him a few months ago and ensured that I had an extra bedroom for a private office, despite the fact that he’s paying 2/3 of the rent. He’s the first guy I’ve introduced to my parents. Everyone who meets him loves him. He cares a lot about me, I know this, but I am finally starting to see that despite all of the good, his compulsions and patterns may be really impossible to break.
The 1st breach of trust 6 months into our relationship, and right around the time that my 12-year old nephew passed away, he downloaded dating apps and texted random women. I discovered this after he left his laptop open while at my place. The messages all fizzled out in him being unresponsive (they were about 1 month old by the time I saw them), but I was devastated. Especially given the timing, and his lack of care for what I was going through. He had donated a lot of money to my nephew’s GoFundme so I was extremely shocked that he could be so thoughtless about me in this time, not that any time is ok to cheat but the timing made it all the more distressful for me. I waited a few weeks to confront him and he initially denied everything, then came clean and said he was trying to avoid looking at porn. We talked for hours, both of us cried, he said he was starting therapy and that he had stopped this behavior because he knew it was wrong, and begged for forgiveness. I decided to forgive him. But since then, a latent sense of worry has always followed me. He does everything he can to help me feel safe, but sometimes it’s not enough.
Between then and now, we’ve had many moments of me having to clarify boundaries: I’m not comfortable with former female friends b/c they are all people he once slept with; I need him to over communicate about anything involving other women; etc. He has complained that my rules are strict, but that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to stay with me. He wants to propose to me this year but I told him we should work on these problems first.
The latest breach of trust Last week, I discovered that he deleted text messages with a woman he’d met at a dinner, and that he searched “babesofbedstuy” (our exact neighborhood) on Instagram. I confronted him about both and it turned into a huge argument. He didn’t at all question me looking through his phone but he claimed that I was blowing things out of proportion. He claims he didn’t look up the search for any particular reason other than maybe boredom. Being that we live in this neighborhood, and given his past of looking to local people (dating apps) as a form of porn, I felt like this was a step down that slope of eventually downloading apps or actually physically cheating. He said he deleted the texts b/c he was afraid of getting in trouble.
Where we are today We decided to start couples counseling after this fight and in our consultation, I told the therapist our background and she immediately asked him if he’s has a pattern of promiscuity and sexual compulsions. He admitted it right away to her and said he was working on those things through therapy. I was surprised at how quickly he admitted it, because with me he has constantly made it seem like these issues were mistakes, rather than compulsive / addictive behaviors. He also told her that he struggles with being honest with me, and others, b/c of fear of getting in trouble / me breaking up with him/ causing conflict and she asked him if in his childhood, it was unsafe to be honest. He immediately started tearing up and she talked about how he needs to continue the programs he’s doing to work on himself, and that the couples counseling will help to “rewire” his brain as well as help us understand each other better.
After this session, I feel very different than I ever have so far. A huge part of me is now grieving what felt to be a much more hopeful situation before this recent instance. I know a lot of people will say “you already knew he was a cheater” but throughout this time, I believed that he truly had made a mistake and that things would get better. I think this counseling session and hearing him admit to essentially having a pathological issue is making me realize how much this is engrained in his brain and not necessarily out of malice or wanting to hurt our relationship. Before, I took it very personally. But I realize that just because it’s not personal doesn’t mean I have to tolerate it.
I really this entire time have been making excuses for him, but yesterday I realized that he’s actually dealing with something that may be impossible to change. The truth is, I am not ready to leave him. But I am now grappling with the reality that I have to set, and maintain, a final threshold for his transgressions. I cannot take another instance of him downloading an app, or lying to me. He has a history of cheating on all of his previous partners and has excuses for every instance. He claims that I’m the first relationship where he’s actually been able to talk about these issues of his, and communicate openly.
I want to be with him, I know a lot of people will say leave now while it’s still early, but I do want to give counseling a shot.
Thoughts / advice welcome.
Tl;dr: Discovered that my partner has compulsive sexual behaviors and history of promiscuity.
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2022.01.27 20:51 princess_zorldo17 Hello! I’m curious about a plant in my neighborhood, zone 7

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2022.01.27 20:51 WorstEggYouEverSaw What do you wear to the gym ?

So my partner recently got a gym membership and twice a month they can bring me along, today was my first time ever going to the gym and it didn't exactly go great. I ended up feeling super dysphoric and leaving after not too long. I want to go again and I'm determined to make it a part of my life because I know it'll be good for my health and self image in the long run. I think it would really help it I could find some cloths I feel more comfortable wearing so I was wondering what any girls on here wear to the gym ?
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2022.01.27 20:51 Sandman0077 Lowest 35mm ring mounts possible for Bula DMR?

I'm looking at getting the Mk5 5-25x 56mm optic from Leupold, and I am trying to mount it with the lowest rings possible.
But that 56mm objective lens is HUGE lol. Any suggestions?
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