Let's play.

2022.01.23 10:04 EvolvedMonkeyInSpace Let's play.

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2022.01.23 10:04 rogeliocrase1999 🐘 SafePhants 🐘 BEP-20 Ready to Launch 5th of february - SAFE AND FAIR LAUNCH!

🐘 SafePhants 🐘
Every year 30.000 Elephants are killed due to illegal hunting and are harvested for their ivory. With only an estimate of 497.000 Elephants left in the wild, Elephant numbers have dropped by 62% over the last decade.
Elephants will be classified as extinct by the end of the next decade SafePhants ($SFP) was created to support the charities working to stop illegal ivory harvesting and help Elephants in trouble altogether.
During lifecycle of SafePhants we aim to maintain 100% transparency towards our investors.
We aim to release a brand that would not only benefit the Elephants roaming our planet but also you as a human.
More information on ‘how this project could benefit you’ will be released along with the NFT Collection.
We have a very detailed website with a good explanation on what will happen with $SFP in our Whitepaper. Make sure to have a good read!
$SFP is a BEP-20 Token build for revolution. No secrets.

Contact adress: 0x6755fb57debc0f71b30c527b7d7e19ce37e380e8

Presale starting early february, Don't miss out!

Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000,000
Burned tokens (launch) 250,000,000,000,000
Presale Supply (DxSale) 300,000,000,000,000
PancakeSwap supply 225,000,000,000,000
TOKEN LOCKER (Tokens to be supplied for other exchanges) 175,000,000,000,000
TOKEN LOCKER (Used for events, drops, rewards etc.) 50,000,000,000,000
LP Lock (DxSale) 70%
🔥 3% BURN

Hop aboard and join our community!
🏖 Telegram: http://t.me/Safephants
🏖 Website: http://safephants.xyz
🏖 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Safephants
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2022.01.23 10:04 ahfdee Should I Buy it or Not?!

Hello Everyone So I just found a used ThinkPad E14 2020 (I don't know which Generation it is) with the following specifications:
Intel i5 10th Generation 2GB Radeon GPU 16GB RAM 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD 1080p IPS Display Fingerprint Scanner (In Good Condition)
It's listed for Rs 45,000 ~$604 Should I buy it? is it worth the price considering that it's used?
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2022.01.23 10:04 hotmama1313 Cafe ideas

Hello I'm not sure if you can post pics in the comments or not? But I need some inspiration and ideas for setting up my ice cream/sweets/games/concessions/all that fun stuff together.. I guess it's a Cafe.. I dont have terraforming yet..
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2022.01.23 10:04 jookco Mort - Nécrologie - Cause Décès : Rectificatif le Colonel Biloa n'était pas accompagné de son épouse et il ne fêtait pas son anniversaire. Par ailleurs, il est décédé en sauvant plusieurs personnes. Merci pour la mémoire de mon oncle. Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.23 10:04 PlanningThePlan Every balloon you sent up in the air someone has it or it has popped

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2022.01.23 10:04 Outsiders_Mirage Grand Theft Auto

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2022.01.23 10:04 metulburr Why does my eyes hurt after reading reddit on phone for a few hours?

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2022.01.23 10:04 Fakkuss I'm tired playing this game (Pretty long read, I guess)

Every new day, I always found the motivation to open & play a few games, hopefully ranking up at Division Rivals since I'm still at D2, usually won the first 2 games out of 3, but then suddenly I just started to lost and lost. Felt so bad, felt so angered, punched my monitor lightly a few times, but still my passion for this beautiful sports keep getting me back online and play the game even though it's bad for my mental health. FUT isn't for having fun at this point, or maybe since 2 months ago (I started playing FUT 3 months ago, this is my first year, always wanted to buy FIFA legally to play FUT but just wasn't able to for many reasons, thought it's going to be real fun, wanting to try it so bad, and now when I finally able to play it, oh God. 💀), new promos, pack luck many times hyping me up, but in the end it's a torture for me. Always tried everything, changing team, changing players, changing tactics, changing formations, changing style of play, be cautious or aggressive, play like a rat, play like a passionate football fans, nothing just seems to work, I always going to lose more than win, yeah ofc it's not all about the win, but the different is in this game losing sometimes felt so shit, especially when it's a streak one. I never be able to play consistently, sometimes my players just felt so damn slow, no one are moving forward, everyone is stuck at their own position, it's not about instructions or anything, I've put like Fast Build Up, Going (?) Forward, Direct Passing, everything is the same, it's slow as hell. Having just gotten Neymar & Kante recently (look at my previous post) hyped me af and decided to build a new squad around them using players available in my team, and some bought, in the end he's shit too for me for some reason, yeah he has scored a screamers, dribbled like a God for the first few games, then it just goes downhill, he's being easily bodied by everyone, the ball from him are easily stolen, his pace isn't that all even with Hunter, I thought it's just me that can't use him, but the rest of my team is shit as well.
I'm not the only one feeling this way, right? Sorry for the long post, just wanna spit out my thoughts, and I think here is the place for me to do it.
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2022.01.23 10:04 AmeliorationPerso streak 1: les films d'horreurs

J’aime bien les films d’horreurs, mais pas le genre avec des fantômes / créatures / esprits qui ont une apparence effrayante (ex : Sadako dans « The Ring » ou Valak dans « The Conjuring 2 ») ou ceux qui sont plein de scènes qui vous feront sursauter de peur, ça signifie que le film est trop dépendant sur les « jump scares » afin qu’il puisse établir une atmosphère terrifiante. Pour ajouter à cela, je n’aime pas aussi les films d’horreur de genre surnaturel, qui font mentionner les exorcismes ou le diable. Je me considère comme quelqu’un de spirituel et je n’aime pas une quiconque chose qui vise à se moquer du nom de Dieu.
En ce qui concerne mes films d’horreur préférés, l’un d’eux est le film « Carrie », dirigé par Brian DePalma, qui est une adaptation théâtrale du roman du même nom qui est écrit par Stephen King. Ce film n’a rien de surnaturel ou aucun « jump scares ». En effet, si vous en pensez, ce film s’agit juste d’une histoire tragique d’une belle fille qui est harcelée et mal compris par tout le monde autour d’elle (y compris sa mère folle religieuse). En faisant la découverte de son superpouvoir de télékinésie elle est poussée jusqu’au bout de ses limites et décide de se venger contre ceux qui lui a fait du mal d’une manière maléfique
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2022.01.23 10:04 Panicattackerz Looking for gaming collab, let's grow our channels!

I have 1200 subs and does guides, laid back gaming, funny highlights etc. I live in Scandinavia and have a background in professional filmmaking and SEO. My goal is to grow on YouTube as much as I can, and eventually make money out of it.
I'm looking for people to play both competetive and laid back gameplay. Any game is ok with me as long as we like it. Right now I'm into Warzone but is open for suggestions! Your subscriber count doesn't matter to me as long as we get along!
Requirements: Age: 25+ Region: EU
Send me a DM if you're interested!
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2022.01.23 10:04 Lafishy My first and second ever screen print using Cricut permanent vinyl! (go big or go home)

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2022.01.23 10:04 orihcsro Pluto TV: Das sind die Highlights im Februar 2022

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2022.01.23 10:04 SignalImagination9 Teaching on the Weekends

Hello, I've been tutoring in iTalki for the last few months. There's been an obvious decline in bookings since they overhired English teachers, so I can barely fill up a couple of spots during the week. I want to start doing other projects and potentially look for another job later this year. I was wondering if any teachetutor here teaches on the weekends. Do you get enough bookings? Is the competition less fierce than on weekdays? Any input is appreciated.
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2022.01.23 10:04 Legitimate_Notice_23 Season 16 Finale - The Beginning of the End [SPOILERS]

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2022.01.23 10:04 Buglim1 Festival in 1982 Ireland promoted “Mass on Site”

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2022.01.23 10:04 gunnergio14 Recreating Wingo in GTA

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2022.01.23 10:04 TigzyThe7Master bros chilling

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2022.01.23 10:04 Anastasiia_feet 😜

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2022.01.23 10:04 Roii93 Do I have opportunities of working abroad? I have travelled the world extensively- but with family. Want to know if I can make it outside of my country on my own? Would love any insights on my career path! Thanks

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2022.01.23 10:04 EmotionChance2509 Meet my fairy ice queen! 🦄

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2022.01.23 10:04 Pleasant-Dingo-5793 someone who can guide me?

I am looking for someone to help me because I don't know where to start, if I manage to generate income I could give him part of the income for the help..
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2022.01.23 10:04 dr_rickcrabb Is price walking continuing despite the FCA ban & should IFoA investigate the actuaries?

See this story in the Daily Mail where people believe price walking is continuing despite the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ban that came into being in 2022.
We have discussed price walking on this forum many times and criticised the IFoA's failure to investigate any actuaries involved in this multi billion pound unethical practice. See how IFoA handled the comprehensive complaint made by u/pjlee01 in this thread.
Now that IFoA have agreed with FCA about price walking being unethical, then surely it is even more wrong that it continues in spite of FCA ban and the actuaries involved, starting with the Chief Actuaries, should face immediate investigation by IFoA/FRC disciplinary?
Also, if the FCA ban relates to only motor and car insurance then shouldn't IFoA, if it believes in what it says about the unethical price walking practices, instruct members not to engage in ANY price walking for any other lines of business?
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2022.01.23 10:04 Ok-Butterscotch5275 Has anyone reached level 62 yet?

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2022.01.23 10:04 Justatix Dynasty Trade - SF/12T/0.5 PPR

12 team , Superflex, 0.5 PPR, looking for a RB
View Poll
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