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Had a weird dream where I met Tom Holland and he was gutka addict.

2022.01.26 06:13 thedankmind Had a weird dream where I met Tom Holland and he was gutka addict.

And he played guitar too.
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2022.01.26 06:13 gillesbian Vaquita is a porpoise endemic to the gulf of california, there are thought to be around 18 adults left.

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2022.01.26 06:13 Agima [100% OFF] Viral YouTube Marketing - Crash Course (2022 Grand Edition) (4 days or 961 registrations left)

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2022.01.26 06:13 Thearmon Freeing others from burden

I love this subreddit and the attitude towards the dystopian working conditions we find ourselves in. But I often see that there is a request for more action, for more ways to make this a movement stronger and a legitimate threat to the system.
What would happen we can remove debt from people's lives? Liberate some people from chains that keep them at unlivable wages. Would buying and forgiving debt be possible? Would it help this movement?
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2022.01.26 06:13 C2H4RLSNFT Crypto NFTs for FREE - GIVEAWAY

Wassup NFT family ! I just opened my Discord ! I make crypto NFTs that looks just like you !
Join the discord, come talk to use, invite your friends, like some NFTs of this collection on OpenSea and I'll be doing some of you for FREE as a GIVEAWAY !
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2022.01.26 06:13 JuicySegment I’m entering my sweetener era

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2022.01.26 06:13 Vernomz [SELLING] My own Overwatch Top500/GM Smurfs (PC/EU)

Since I got alot of smurfs to GM over the years I decided to sell some of them, I don't have the time to play muliple accounts every season, most of them are placed a few seasons ago since I played with friends but they don't really play the game anymore.
Every single account is safe, created and played by me, all infos fake, name, unverified email and fake phone number (for t500) so not reclaimable.
I will provide all the needet information (full e-mail access, passwords, secret answer) and also assist you if needet.
Everything optional is removed (phone number, authenticator, connections, chat history, friends, blocked and avoided players).
I never used any cheats, never been suspended, never wintraded or anything else against ToS.
The current account names are pretty basic and you can keep them if you want.
I mostly play on EU and since season 1, first hit GM in season 9, got 10+ seasons t500 with flex 4.5k peak on tank, around 4.4k peak on dd and support.
As for now I don't sell boosts (busy with irl stuff) but I would consider helping with extra cheap placements and boosts for reranking if you drop alot and bought one of my accounts.
PC/EU ACCOUNTS (with high mmr and sr-boost active) But take in mind that you can play the accounts in every region No free Name Change included
Click at the prices for Screenshots.

  1. [40 EUR] low Grandmaster DD Level 57 - 4003 Peak S22 RoleQue 4003 DD S23 RoleQue 2976 Tank (placements) 1735 Competitive Points / 1650 Credits (Ashe Winter Skin, Event Skins)
  2. [50 EUR] mid Grandmaster T500 (peak) Tank Level 71 - 4235 Peak S26 RoleQue 4022/4235 Tank (T500 Peak not finished) 1775 Competitive Points / 5425 Credits (Ana Cybermedic Skin, Event Skins)
  3. [60 EUR] OQue T500 finish / RoleQue Master Tank/DD Level 72 - 4016 Peak S28 OpenQue 4006 TOP50 EU (T500 finish, Spray+Icon) S28 RoleQue 3814/3876 Tank S28 RoleQue 3514/3537 DD S29 OpenQue 3994/4016 Peak 3765 Competitive Points / 300 Credits (Ashe DEADLOCK Skin, Event Skins) Gold Weapons: Roadhog + choose 1 Gold Weapon of your choice
  4. [70 EUR] Open & RoleQue mid T500 finish / mid Master DD Level 109 - 4237 Peak S26 OpenQue 3936/4047 (T500 finish, Spray+Icon) S26 RoleQue 4213/4237 Tank T300 EU (T500 finish same Spray+Icon) S26 RoleQue 3581/3581 DD S26 RoleQue 2840/2840 Support (placements) S28 OpenQue 3936/4035 Peak 1250 Competitive Points / 925 Credits (Echo Kkachi Skin, Event Skins) Gold Weapons: Roadhog, Torbjörn
  5. [80 EUR] RoleQue GM TANK/DD / pre RoleQue T500 Peak Level 231 - 4305 Peak ranked/placed over 10 seasons (see screens) S10 4280 T500 Peak S22 Tank 4112 finish S23 DD 3796 finish (last played) 2750 Competitive Points / 2090 Credits OWL Seoul Dynasty Skins: Ana, Cree Gold Weapons: Cree, Doom, Genji, Junk, Tracer, Widow
I give full warranty and provide lifetime support (as long as microsoft doesn't delete this game, I die or the new account owner does something against the rules himself).
Most of them (smurfs) have not alot of skins, especially not rare ones but event skins (like winter, halloween, new year) and some gold weapons.
I only accept PayPal (Safe Payment; will add the fee or Family and Friends; no fee but also no third party insurance for both sides).
All accounts are low level and only played in the mentioned seasons, every needet information should be provided by the screenshots above.
If you are interested in buying or have future questions you can PM me or ask me at discord Rulez#4046 (private).
I am a verified and good reputation sellebooster on G2G and iGVault and high ranked OW player for years, contact me via discord and I can provide proof for everything possible.
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2022.01.26 06:13 zomgirl95 Some questions

So I have a few question, I'm not excaly new to the game has I owen it on several consoles but do to verious reason never really gotten to far maybe fall days 3 year 1, but I have recently gotten a new of and have started playing it agin after re buying it on steam and so far I'm the fuyrstherist I've gotten in the game so far and I have a few questions

  1. How do I get hazelnuts?? I need them for my CC and I know I get them during fall but I just don't get how to actrully get them or where, and I've tried reading but it just doesn't make sense
  2. Same sorta thing as before but with mush rooms, I've only gotten the red one, and I'm just confused because on other play throughs they where super common in the mine and figured they would be this time so I whent with the Fruit bat option but I've not found any but 3 red ones so I'm just confused if it's bad luck or I've done something wrong
  3. I for the first time made it to the bottom of the mine shaft and seeing alotta post on saying that when they get to the bottom Mr qi was there but he wasn't for me so I'm just confused
That is all I have a pretty good grasp on most things and so far this is my most favourite playthrough I've done, sorry if this is not allowed I've tagged it wrong, sorry for any spelling mistakes and thank you for any help
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2022.01.26 06:13 TheRealTheory001 iTrust Capital - Crypto Roth IRA - Good/Bad? Why no subreddit?

Is iTrust Capital the best crytpo IRA? I heard they finally added limit orders? How about Stop Loss Orders? They seem to be the cheapest and reasonably good, and insured, use Coinbase custody cold wallets I think. Hard to trust reviews though, everyone has their affiliate links.
Choice IRA by Kingdom Trust lets you hold your keys, but fees are much higher, $500 setup for holding keys and I think other fees like annual, etc which iTrust does not have.
I wonder why there is no subreddit for Crytpo IRA - general, or for iTrust Capital.
Recent press (not familiar with fintech.global), but they have 27 cryptos, not 12 as reported in fool:
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2022.01.26 06:13 ziggory Made Orko from He-Man. He's quite huggable

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2022.01.26 06:13 Only-Ad-5051 E3DV6 fan duct?

Im planning on upgrading to E3DV6 but i dont seem to find any great fan ducts, I have a BMG direct drive as well
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2022.01.26 06:13 justinhr Soon feminist is going to make lady thanos.

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2022.01.26 06:13 notdhruvverma How would you go about making this effect in blender?

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2022.01.26 06:13 Captain_suffering People think I'm racist for some reason

Special account since this is very personal
Idk why peope think this but some people told me I'm racist. I don't really know why they think this since I obviously never talk bad about any group of people and more than that I almost never talk in general.
Why do they think I'm an evil person? It's so depressing...
By the way all the people who told me this were white
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2022.01.26 06:13 assembly_coder Cybersecurity in Germany

Hello everybody, hope you are having an amazing day.
So I'm planning to move to Germany maybe next year (hopefully), and I just wanna know a little bit about the cybersecurity state & job opportunities in that country Since that's what I would like to do for a living.
I already have a master's degree in cybersecurity (from a non-EU-country) and 3 certifications (CCNA, SEC+ & eJPT) however I didn't learn german yet.
I would also like to know what salary to expect there for a junior position.
I've already done some research about the country but I want to hear it from a German perspective.
Thanks in advance & have a great day!
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2022.01.26 06:13 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Lifestyle] - Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Eric and Younghoon of The Boyz and 3 iKon members among wave of K-pop stars testing positive for Covid-19 amid surge in South Korea | South China Morning Post

[Lifestyle] - Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Eric and Younghoon of The Boyz and 3 iKon members among wave of K-pop stars testing positive for Covid-19 amid surge in South Korea | South China Morning Post submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 06:13 Cardinal900 Just some random OCs for a show I’m writing.

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2022.01.26 06:13 OGRAHwinfrey "Gods of the Forbidden North": an OSR-compatible megadungeon. Check out the Kickstarter pre-launch page to stay in the loop about this cool project!

The Hadean Empire is dead. It has fallen into sudden, yet spectacular ruin! And the vast world of Magis Terra lies trapped in its twilight.
Now, the Sea-Kings of Wargoth descend on the crumbling remnants of civilization, plundering her peoples and the legendary wealth of the old imperial treasuries. From the East, Sharg raiders boldly migrate into ancient Hadean provinces to cannibalize those who dare linger, and more troubling still come reports of the Trow, those abominable giants from the North, who had long been beaten back by the Hadean armies—but, now that the Empire is no more, the Boreal Winds bear the chilling rumor of their coming like an old, forgotten myth.
As imperial warlords tighten their grip on the city-states under their purview, fancying themselves kings and clinging to what power they still possess, the ever-present Red Death sweeps across the lands, killing men and beasts.
But into this Chaos comes hope! For seaborne vessels carry news that Titherion, Land of the Forbidden North, lies untroubled. The city-state of Valkengard has opened wide its gates to refugees desperate to escape the war and ruin of the south. With the promise of work and a future, new ships arrive daily.
And so, too, arrive adventurers, seeking their own grand fortunes in the ancient delves of the north. For the lords of Valkengard have put out a call: the Castle Thar-Gannon, with its untold riches, lies abandoned and unclaimed. With such a summons in place, and only a modest tax on those seeking to delve there, word has indeed spread far and wide across the world carrying rumors about the Forbidden North.
But with such hopeful proclamations come dire warnings of danger and death! Explorers warn of slumbering gods and horrific demons lurking in the castle ruins. It is even rumored that the Trow have taken up residence in the colossal lower halls, and some whisper that the fearsome Tower of Varak-Tor, the inner sanctum of the long-vanquished Witch-Lord, lies impenetrable and untouched, totally sealed from entry.
Yet, there are smaller, unguarded ways into the fortress, they say, where a clever band of adventurers might penetrate the outer walls and avoid the full might of the giants. But even so, many adventurers do not return, for it is also said that other predatory creatures have crept into the castle’s winding halls. And there is still the ever-present remnant of the Witch-Lord’s undead garrison lingering in the unplumbed depths and inner chambers—while high above, the cruel peaks of Gorogungamar thunder and tremble, as if in anticipation of some great evil yet to come.

Gods of the Forbidden North!

Castle Thar-Gannon
City of the Erebrean Dwellers
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2022.01.26 06:13 redSpiceNexian Dark roasting Rue

So I had heard of drinking rue that has been heated on a pan for bit at a high heat to break the harmaline. For whatever reason this does seem to clean up the rues effects but the BP of harmaline is like 400°c+ very close to harmine. So don't think there's a reduction in harmaline levels but what could the heat be destroying to make this much cleaner?
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2022.01.26 06:13 Serenity-9042 If the Sims became an episodic tv show, what would the stories be about?

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2022.01.26 06:13 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Winter Olympics: China restricts activists’ social media ahead of Beijing Games | South China Morning Post

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2022.01.26 06:13 AutoNewspaperAdmin [US] - Ukraine: Biden warns Putin of personal sanctions if Russia invades – video | Guardian

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2022.01.26 06:13 WildcatHendrics Schau dir "Tutorial: Miniaturen bemalen für Anfänger | Figuren stiften | So stiftet man Miniaturen | DICED" auf YouTube an

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2022.01.26 06:13 quadpatch My camera review mostly features squirrels, as they're my new obsession (no sponsors or adds)

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2022.01.26 06:13 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Arsenal striker Vivianne Miedema holds talks with PSG and Barcelona | Guardian

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