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No wonder you Americans are burnt out.....

2022.01.26 04:23 zodgrod6995 No wonder you Americans are burnt out.....

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2022.01.26 04:23 FaviosDickIsAboveAvg 😂😂 Only Indians will get this

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2022.01.26 04:23 poverty_d 広島県 新型コロナ 1人死亡 新たに1252人感染確認

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2022.01.26 04:23 ffmiequals26dot5 How many points did you score on the Forms Trivia? (link below)

Only 1 question. Should be quick.
View Poll
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2022.01.26 04:23 Pumuckl4Life Demokratin Nancy Pelosi kandidiert im November erneut für das US-Parlament

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2022.01.26 04:23 Real_Dawning Crew Happiness ?

Is there anything to do about the sad faces on the crew at times?
I inactivate any when I return to encephalitis station while i repair but I can't measure if this reliably does anything.
Does anybody have an answer to cheering up the crew. I dismiss them for fear of losing knowledge of my Astrogator (Dunno why they don't log the LIDAR positions in the ships log for the next guy?)
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2022.01.26 04:23 JamiroFan2000 "First Time hearing Jamiroquai - Canned Heat | Reaction" By HollaAtKrazy (YouTube)

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2022.01.26 04:23 Gogolgong Guys rock!

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2022.01.26 04:23 GangGreenWil 28M - USA/Any Looking to make some friends! Could that be you? [Chat]

Hey there! I'm in the US. I’m an entrepreneur who’s long days don’t allow for personal time, and I’d like to change that. I’m looking for someone to chat with and get to know. Someone to have a nice conversation with. I want to hear about your day and how your doing. I’m shy at first but loosen up fast. I’m a good listener. I like to always have fun at whatever I’m doing. I'm non judgmental and don’t get offended. Looks aren’t important to me, if that’s a concern of yours. Hope to chat and get to know you soon. DM to start off a great friendship!
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2022.01.26 04:23 delgado_andrew ¿Gente que lee los labios como lo hace?

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2022.01.26 04:23 ShortBread_10 The bio 💀

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2022.01.26 04:23 Trash_d_a My small bot

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2022.01.26 04:23 pencilpusher003 Sonja. Graphite.

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2022.01.26 04:23 Green-Confusion3467 |•🦋 اشعار کرتے ہیں اظہارِ عشق یہاں، ہمارے معاشرے میں سرِعام محبّت جائز نہیں 🎀•|

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2022.01.26 04:23 Chagorii Everything you say will become a gay fanfiction

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2022.01.26 04:23 Sri_Man_420 How credible is surrending your country to get rid of Student loans?

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2022.01.26 04:23 JonRedBeardFF Harry Potter Parody

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2022.01.26 04:23 rixtiy My bunnies

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2022.01.26 04:23 lorenzosu x-post: TUXEDO Book BC1507 random shutdown bug since 2020

x-posted from the tuxedo reddit as I'm kinda stuck but maybe someone has come up with some good work-around. I also reflect on 'linux laptop', being a linux user since years, and maybe this is a useful reflection.
I have a TUXEDO Book BC1507 and since October 2020 I’m suffering random shutdowns.
When I initially contacted Tuxedo support they said they essentially had no idea what this could be and then when I reported this on their Tuxedo Control Center GitHub (Random shutdowns with v. 1.0.13 and kernel 5.10 · Issue #117 · tuxedocomputers/tuxedo-control-center · GitHub) that is was related to a Firmware bug in interaction with the keyboard. The issue was closed claiming a new firmware update was available but the one they suggested to install doesn’t carry any update and support is not very active on this (maybe because this is not one of their latest models).
My set-up is Manjaro XFCE with I5.15.12-1-MANJARO kernel and version 1.1.0 of Tuxedo Control Center, but have been experiencing this with previous Kernel / TCC versions.

  1. I'm wondering if any other BC1507 owner is/has experienced this and managed to solve it or at least has any work-around to suggest
  2. I'm rather disappointed by the Tuxedo support on this. They have suggested updating the firmware (with the instructions being rather convoluted and too generic, essentially covering all BIOSes and updates), which is not actually an updated version. I did manage to update the BIOS (not the EC), but still experiencing the shutdowns. [UPDATE]: support said there will be an EC update but don't know when they will release it.
  3. I'm rather disappointed of this kind of issue on a not-so-cheap machine, especially as I chose this because it was a "Linux laptop" (and even before they were more popular with e.g. Manjaro). I might have been lucky but all of my previous "windows" laptops with Linux installed on worked besides some proprietary driver quirks here and there, especially in the past (mostly pre 2010), but never showing such drastic problems
  4. I'm wondering why these machines rely so heavily on firmware + a piece of software and what the development cycle of both is. My guess is that the 'software' (a firmware is a software after all), is thinking the machine is overheated and doing an "emergency" shutdown, which of course is not the case (OK a bit of an oversimplification but this explains the randomness, and is 99.% not a hardware fault / failure).
  5. This really calls for projects like Open Firmware (dead?), while most firmware is still proprietary but I think even "Linux laptop" companies aren't looking at this. I'm guessing the firmware might be outsourced, but I'd be interested to understand what the sourcing / supply chain is for the hardware + firmware
Any suggestions and insights welcome.
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2022.01.26 04:23 First_Palpitation823 به کمک شما توی ردیت آریا نیاز داریم

سلام دوستان شما که ضد بچه سالیت کم کم توی ردیت آریا یه انقلاب داره شکل میگیره ، بر علیه بچه سال ها ، به کمک شما ضد بچه سال ها نیاز داریم تا بچه سال ها رو بیرون کنیم
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2022.01.26 04:23 Top_Dealer6633 Watch "Bad Trigger Discipline: Who In The Hell Let This Man Purchase A Gun?" on YouTube

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2022.01.26 04:23 sarah_the_rawenclaw Are manifestation buddies a thing?

Hello :) Last night I came across a video on YT ( sadly don’t remember the title but I’ll look for it) and I have two questions about what was being said.
1.: The girl said she manifested to be married to her SP by February. Can you put an actual timeline/deadline into your manifestation? I always thought that belongs to the „how“ I shouldn‘t concern myself with and the universe takes care of these things so I specifically SHOULD NOT include a timeline?
2.: The girl had a manifestation buddy, aka a person that went through a similar situation (in this case manifesting for SP) and they held eachother accountable and helped through worries/doubts. Is that a thing? It sounded great to me, as I don‘t talk to anyone about my manifestations but I‘d like to have someone that can relate and that I can share my journey with.
So, if manifestation buddies are a thing - I’d definitely like to find one and I‘m excited to be one for somebody.
Sending everyone love and light!
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2022.01.26 04:23 Laskisoosi How is Russian Wikipedia?

Hi all!
I know some Russian but not enough to assess myself. Do you think Russian Wikipedia has quality articles? How active is the community?
I'm comparing to English and Finnish (my native language). English has enough users to maintain quality and source well, but the Finnish one tends to have only few well written articles only about topics that some single users find interesting. Which is the case in Russian wiki?
Any thoughts? Thanks!
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2022.01.26 04:23 almightyvorlex What do you guys think of my pre-hardmode base? I wanna do a lot more, but the main section is done. It even has working lights.

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2022.01.26 04:23 dreadhead_pittman 2 things

Firstly when me and her were talking today, she took pics of us together
Secondly we MIGHT hang out tomorrow
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