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Portrait, Isograph pens, me, 2022.

Isograph Availability Workbench v4.0 Isograph Reliability Workbench v14.0 Altair FluxMotor 2019.0.1 HotFix Win64 ArtemisModal v6.0.2.0 LFM.Server v5.1.0 x64 Tekla Structural Designer 2019. SP4 Comsol Multiphysics Update1 WinLinuxMacOSX Wasatch Softrip v7.5 Coventor SEMulator3D 8.0 x64 Vectric Aspire v8.0 Isograph.Hazop.v6.0 RIGOTECH Calculator for Belt Conveyors 3.02.0014 InnovMetric.PolyWorks.2016.IR11.Win32_64 MSC Adams v2017.1 Win64 PLS-CADD v16.8 Schlumberger.PIPESIM.2020 Ticra CHAMP v3.1.1 x64 Autodesk Alias Surface v2018 Autodesk Smoke v2018 MacOSX Leica Mintec Minesight 3D v11.5 Win64 The world's quirkiest collection of free high-resolution pictures you can use on your personal and commercial projects. All completely free of copyright restrictions. New photos added every week! Home » Vectors. The Best Vectors. Check out our exclusive collection of quirky and unique vector graphic files, all free to download in EPS format so you can edit and use in your commercial and personal projects.

2022.01.28 22:30 VanCityHunter Portrait, Isograph pens, me, 2022.

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2022.01.28 22:30 Possible-Performer59 “Black coat, Draco, no scope lookin fa oo” (double 0 diss)

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2022.01.28 22:30 luketero1990 ESSAY WRITING HELP

Hello, I have an MBA in banking and finance. I have over 7 years of progressive experience in both academic and content writing. My areas of expertise are:

  1. Essay Writing
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10.Exams and Quizzes
You are guaranteed:
1.Quality well researched and authentic paper.
2.Plagiarism report with every submission.
3.Constant order progress reports.
4.Excellent 24/7 customer service.
5.Unlimited and free revisions.
Kindly contact-essayschampion8@gmail.com Discord-essayschampion#5745
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2022.01.28 22:30 KipperandSpice2 To the best subreddit on my cake day:

One year ago today I came back to Reddit specifically to join this page. I’d had some bad experiences with very exclusive, unfriendly, and unhelpful groups in the past so I was wary to rejoin Reddit, but I love HPHM so I wanted to give this group a try.
This is by far the friendliest and most inclusive subreddit I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone on this page is always quick to help with questions, supportive and encouraging, and extremely kind and understanding towards new members. It’s rare to find an anonymous community on the internet with this level of wholesomeness and genuine friendliness.
Special shout-out to the mods and data miners for all their hard work in maintaining this community, providing helpful materials, keeping things fun, and keeping us informed.
Thank you to everyone on this page, I love attending Hogwarts with all of you. Let’s make this a great year!
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2022.01.28 22:30 hardhairymuscles Streak 22: Cuéntenos una experiencia que haya cambiado su opinión sobre alguien

Cuando mudé a California hace tres años fui un voluntario con un organización cerca de la frontera sur. Fuimos al desierto en grupos y caminé cerca de la frontera y pusimos agua y comida. Migrantes cruzan a estados unidos por el desierto porque no hay pared que les queda. Entonces ellos se caminar por algunos días para un vivo mejor. Nunca estoy en el desierto hasta este día. No hizo calor, pero me di cuenta que tienen que hacer para cruzar la frontera. Tienen que escalar montañas con muchas pierdas que son aseos y evitar muchos cactus. Además no hay agua y necesitan evitar la migra. La migra tienen los radios que se ocultan en el desierto. También la migra tienen caballos para encontrar los migrantes. Está muy peligroso y nadie debe no pasar contra esos. Me di cuenta que tengo mucho mucho privilegio y soy muy mimado. Nunca me preocupo de nada porque mi vida es libre. No tengo que vivir con asusto. Muchos migrantes se muerten en el desierto y se desaparecen. Muchas familias nunca saben que se pasó de su conocido. No fui un voluntario mucho pero es una experience muy especial para mi. Ojalá hay un otro lado a parar estas muertes.

¡Gracias por su tiempo!
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2022.01.28 22:30 Opposite_Middle704 Alguien que me pueda decir que fue lo que se encontraron en la deep o dark wep, me da mucha curiosidad ese tema

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2022.01.28 22:30 02trueblue My 2002 mustang gt. Not much but a fun car nonetheless. Yes ik it's not a real cobra.

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2022.01.28 22:30 Oleg101 Video complication of Fox News clips praising Bill Maher

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2022.01.28 22:30 don____piano Dropbox IGNITE 2022

Has anyone here applied to the Dropbox apprenticeship? Wondering if other folks have heard anything
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2022.01.28 22:30 Have2ReturnVideoTape Anyone work at a pharmacy? I’m trying to find a medication that has to be ordered.

I have a prescription. I’d be willing to have it transferred to a pharmacy that had the medication in stock instead of having to wait until sometime next week for my pharmacy to get it in. I’m not going to die without it, but the sooner the better. By the time I got out of worked my pharmacy was closed, but my online account says it’s not in stock and has to be ordered. The rx was sent in this afternoon so I’m wondering if I can hit the ground running in the morning by calling around. I guess my question is can a chain pharmacy see if there are any other locations in town that have it, or are they all individually operated and not connected? I could spend hours calling different CVS, Walgreens, Kroger and various other pharmacies.
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2022.01.28 22:30 girusatuku Image of the lines of retrenchment (1709)[9657 x 8235]

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2022.01.28 22:30 tryingtohumans Would You Recommend Avoiding Anyone Who Grew Up In A Narc Family Structure?

I know this is judgmental; but also, I am just so exhausted. I would like to find a normal person lmao.
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2022.01.28 22:30 DvdFortoul Cyborg: Supermovimiento | Injustice: Gods Among Us

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2022.01.28 22:30 smelly_girl11 GG not applying configuration to Rival 3 Wireless mouse?

Recently purchased a Rival 3 Wireless to use with my Mac. The GG client is installed and the mouse itself is connected and functioning, but any time I attempt to change prism lighting colour, button configurations or anything else in the GG client it doesn't appear to be transferring to the mouse itself. Essentially the GG client is useless. Has anyone experienced this issue or may have some solutions?
Running macOS Monterey 12.2 if that helps. TIA.
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2022.01.28 22:30 Ava_idoit So basically my custom character is the nxt womens champion in wwe 2k16 and well guess who HAD to be the number one contender :/

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2022.01.28 22:30 No_Ocelot_1224 16F bored and looking for cool people to chat with!

hey there! my name is steph and i’m looking for some cool people to chat with hopefully long term and preferably age 15-19. i love music, movies, makeup, art, and gaming. i’m open to talk about anything like deep stuff or just dumb random questions. hope to hear from you!
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2022.01.28 22:30 Wrong_Atmosphere_490 Texts to make himself feel better?

4 weeks after moving out and 4 weeks of no contact, my ex texted me to say, “hey. Sorry I was an asshole.” After thinking about it a lot and discussing it a lot, I texted back just saying yes he was an asshole and I appreciate him saying that, thank you. He said I had some mail there. I told him to throw it out or I could send him a stamped envelope to mail it to me. No reply.
Several days later, late at night when I wasn’t thinking straight, I texted him asking if we could be friends sometime in the future. He answered the next day and said yes. We exchanged a couple of messages about my new neighborhood. Nothing personal. Nothing emotional. That was that. I knew I wasn’t ready for a friendship. I decided to back off and not initiate contact again.
Almost a week later, he texts asking about the neighborhood again.
I can only guess what is happening, but what it seems to me is that he is checking to see if I like it here so that it lessens his guilt and he can feel okay that I am okay. I know it is only a guess, but that’s what it probably is right?
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2022.01.28 22:30 ExternalStress Narrow Leaf Philodendron

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2022.01.28 22:30 orangefish777 Burnout tips lol

Hi everyone! I’m currently a 4th semester student at my state school majoring in biochemistry as well as chemistry. Let me just preface and say I don’t want to come off as uptight or anything. I understand that, at the end of the day, all it takes is one A! That being said, I have dreams of going to a rather prestigious medical school. I want to go in to a competitive specialty (although I know that could change when rotations come around & I experience everything fully). STEP1 turning P/F adds a bit more stress because it seems as though, unfortunately, school prestige and STEP2 will matter more.
I’m spreading myself so so thin. I’m trying to plan out every little detail of my path to try and find the best way to achieve my dreams, but I need to stop and smell the roses. I’m wishing away my days of youth!
In terms of my stats, I currently have cGPA 3.92/sGPA 3.96 with hundreds of non-clinical volunteering hours and (in my opinion) very unique extracurriculars! I also do undergraduate research. I plan to work for my dermatologist to gain some clinical experience, too.
I don’t think there’s much anyone can say because the reality is admissions are truly a crapshoot. Qualified people get denied from medical school all of the time, let alone T10 schools. Im losing a bit of motivation to work so hard/be perfect at everything because I’m fearful it won’t pay off. Horrible attitude, I know, but perhaps it’s the winter season affecting my mood. Anyone have some good stories to lift spirits? :)
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2022.01.28 22:30 virginbone Should i trust drivers with my unsealed drinks?

When ever i place an order, and the drinks don't come in a sealed bottle or can. I simply do not trust the driver not to mess with it. The likelihood they would may be a very low percentage, but there's always weirdos out there. Does anyone feel the same way, or am i overreacting? I just find it hard to trust fellow humans in this day and age. My solution to this is never ordering any beverages at all, unless it comes in a bottle or can. I was just wondering how others felt about it. I also always tip.
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2022.01.28 22:30 rando-anon Needing helping

I recently tried installing a Nema 17 pancake stepper to upgrade my printer to be direct drive. I tried the included cable and even flipped the middle two wires positions in the connector and it still isn’t working. Not sure if it’s just a dead motor or my wiring is wrong but if anyone has any suggestion that could help me fix it please let me know.
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2022.01.28 22:30 SuperZMann1 Theory: Tory Will Have To Fight And Run.

So assuming Tory does indeed leave Cobra Kai in Season 5 and goes public with what Terry did, what are the odds she'll have to fight and run? Terry definitely isn't the type to take that lying down and he'll have an entire army of Cobra students at his back and call
I think there's a very real chance we'll get an episode where Tory is basically running for her life while running the gauntlet of Cobras after her, not to mention potentially fighting the other Sensei's. I'm imagining it with a horror movie vibe to it, where Tory is forced to fight, run, hide and repeat, knowing another Cobra could jump out at any moment.
It would be a good way to demonstrate just how out of control the whole situation has gotten. At the end of it all, Tory, battered, bruised, exhausted and scared for her life, ends up frantically knocking on the LaRusso's door until they let her in and she slams the door behind her, locks it and collapses and explains what happened...right before a swarm of Cobra Kai Students barge in and siege the house.
Welcome To The House Fight 2.0!
Alternatively, she could go all Oldboy/Daredevil Hallway fight, but I think this would be scariemore entertaining.
What do you all think?
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2022.01.28 22:30 im_2_thirsti “A cat in the White House is far more important than a potential major global conflict”

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2022.01.28 22:30 nipplesarentslippery A a couple autos not a lot of people care about 😂🤷‍♂️

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2022.01.28 22:30 the_mini_noob 4 inches of snow per hour, totaling 3 feet and Grubhub offers $20 for 4 LMAO!!!!!!!!

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