Feel like fuck

2022.01.26 06:12 THAT_RANDOM_TEEN Feel like fuck

Just need to take this out somewhere
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2022.01.26 06:12 Marin_fluffy123 Adults of reddit: What was the worst or weirdest job you ever have worked at?

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2022.01.26 06:12 eye178 IRC client with web interface?

I'm running ZNC on raspbian lite.
I use colloquy on my iPad to connect to ZNC from time to time.
The problem is I think I miss some of the conversations.
Is there a IRC client I can install on the raspberry Pi itself which runs all the time and I can access via either a web interface or an app on iOS?
Or is there no need for it with my current setup of ZNC and colloquy?
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2022.01.26 06:12 skgajbhiye KridaFans $KRIDA Listing on MEXC and DFYN today

KridaFans is fantasy sports done right, where everyone has a fair chance to win.
KridaFans — a Next-Generation Fantasy Sports Platform built on the Polygon Blockchain with a built-in In-Game NFT Marketplace and Community Platform. KridaFans brings the best of the Fantasy Sports and NFT Ecosystem in one place while creating a decentralized, community-driven, and transparent blockchain-based fantasy sports platform.
It defines scarcity based on how you use that player card NFT in creating your fantasy team. This kind of scarcity is called skill-based scarcity and it provides everyone a fair chance to win, be it early adopter or late entrant to the game. That’s why it is called fair for everyone. KridaFans is going to make the game more fun to play and earn!
In traditional fantasy sports, we have only a single way to earn – come in top x% and win or refer and win, also there is no way to take part in changes being done to the platform you played for years and invested your time.
Blockchain can change this, and they are doing it via minting a limited # of items. So, rather than solving the problem, this actually worsens it. Because limited # minted items mean few have this rare NFT, more power is in hands of a few people and unfair to all others.
To solve these issues, KridaFans is being built.
It’s the first of its kind “build in public” crypto project. You can track KridaFans journey since the inception of the idea and stay updated every Monday for last week’s update here: https://twitter.com/KridaFans/status/1485682587532406786
KridaFans differentiates itself based on 3 ways:
Skill-based Scarcity to NFTs – User’s skill will decide how rare their NFTs are rather than platform assigning a label
Detail rich NFTs enabling 3rd party applications like card games in metaverse: each NFT in Krida Fans has details that update after every match, making these NFTs change based on live events.
Social Reputation as multi-chain non-transferable NFT: the community will be incentivized based on how they interact in the community
Investors :
Polygon Studios, 3Commas Capital, SHIMA Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Solar Eco Fund, Mapleblock, MEXC, AU21, Prometheus Labs, Solidity Ventures, ZBS Capital, The Moon, Banter Capital, and more …
Listing on :
MEXC and DFYN on 26th Jan 2022, 1300 UTC
Total Supply : 100,000,000
Public Price - 0.25
Initial Mcap - $ 1,084,792 Mn
website: https://krida.fans
Official Discord group: https://discord.io/kridafansl
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kridafans
Medium: https://medium.com/@krida.fans
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2022.01.26 06:12 Beginning_Extent_434 💔

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2022.01.26 06:12 radbandit [WTS] Madison Kitsune Parisien Tee - Ivory/Navy - XL

PayPal G&S.
Shirt has been never worn and pretty much in mint condition. Asking for $50 shipped.
Maison Kitsune Parisien Tee XL
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2022.01.26 06:12 Amicdict What window manager do you use for gaming?

I posted this question to gaming; but it got removed.
I use StumpWM; I love the ability to quickly perform calculations with eval (usually bound to C-t :) in LISP; the only effort it took was learning LISP, which I was interested in learning anyway.
"What is a window manager?"
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2022.01.26 06:12 blakesbackagain I can’t stop drinking gatorade

I drink it in the morning, I drink it in class, I drink it while watching movies, I drink it while exercising, please help me how do I stop drinking Gatorade??
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2022.01.26 06:12 Strange-Shibu-007 BitcoinLegend is not mining app but also metaverse game with a Hero NFT card inspired by Marvel’s Avengers. Large-scale airdrop and pre-sale were Live. ☆Join BitcoinLegend to get 10 BCL for free. Recommended code : xzdl52jth9m ☆Airdrop&Pre-sale website

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2022.01.26 06:12 josip091 i need karma

i need karma please
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2022.01.26 06:12 XredSaveWizard33 Je rp cette salope

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2022.01.26 06:12 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Shane Fitzsimmons: We live in the best country in the world ¦ Sky News Australia

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2022.01.26 06:12 ThrawnaDelRey Who else lost their mind at this moment? (The Book of Boba Fett Spoilers)

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2022.01.26 06:12 newbcrypter The future of crypto payment is here! DEFIBAY will disrupt the and revolutionize crypto payment space. #DBAY #DEFIBAY

DefiBay #DBAY $DBAY The $DBAY token is changing the crypto payment space for the better. Get ready to enjoy the future utilities that would change the crypto world.
Find out more!
Website : www.defibay.app
TG : https://t.me/DefiBayOfficial
Twitter : https://twitter.com/DefiBayOfficial
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2022.01.26 06:12 Snotgut What is your opinion of UK prime minister Boris Johnson?

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2022.01.26 06:12 comradefunkadelic Recommendations for a newbie in the city

Hey guys! Just moved to Hyd a month ago, haven't seen a lot around. Would love some recommendations where I can go and explore. Bookstores, art galleries, parks would work. Any place that I can go solo. Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.26 06:12 ASICmachine Bitcoin pundits split over BTC floor as Bloomberg analyst eyes bounce (x-post from /r/SatoshiStreetBets)

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2022.01.26 06:12 MitchMitcherson5052 Question about lyrics on Android

I am on Android on the newest version of Spotify and around the time lyrics came out I got a little pop up in the app telling me to try them but I never got them. Any way to fix this?
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2022.01.26 06:12 Dark-Carioca Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World by NazRigar

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2022.01.26 06:12 Rivalski 40+ People Whose Pets Will Remember Their Visits to the Vet Forever

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2022.01.26 06:12 piecewisemusic Happy to share this Late Night Chill playlist containing mellow/electronic music which I listen to while studying & going for an evening run. Would love to hear your thoughts :)

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2022.01.26 06:12 igorfeloff Moorex token is a community focused multi-chain DeFi token aiming to bring transparency and anonymity into charity in the finance sector.

Moorex is a community focused multi-chain token aiming to bring transparency and anonymity into charity in the finance sector. Moorex Token has a maximum supply of 100 billion on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain. A 1% transaction tax is distributed among all holders, which means everyone that holds Moorex Token will receive a never ending cycle of passive income. Another 1% goes to the charity wallet for business grants. https://moorextoken.com/ #moorextoken #moor #moortoken
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2022.01.26 06:12 dfcwolf Kati is harácsol

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2022.01.26 06:12 avakinJapan I recommend modern-Japanese style(with garden not small) for the next apartment ideas : モダン和風住宅 9選

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2022.01.26 06:12 DSecretSquirrel- Dragons collide

So i am a returning player and i used to love making a deck around the dragons collide theme, any tips/suggestions to make that type of deck work decently for todays standards without losing the integrity of the theme?
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