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Sayani Gupta

2022.01.23 10:20 hitendra0807 Sayani Gupta

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2022.01.23 10:20 All_Pro_23 Paying for iPhone with installments through Apple

I’m considering upgrading my iPhone X to the new iPhone 13 Pro. I can get $200 trade-in for my X, which is great, but I was looking to pay for the rest of the phone in installments through the manufacture, Apple. Is there a catch to this? 24mo., 0% interest is what I understand. Or should I just pay in full? Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.23 10:20 RubberDong Must Reads written before 1900.

What was written before 1900 that needs to be read?
I am a big fan of Frankenstein, probably one of my favorite movies and books.

Dracula, same thing.

I read the King in Yellow and the Turn of the Screw. They were somewhat nice with a couple of mind blowing moments.
Dorian Grey is a definite must for all.
I got Carmila and the Phantom of the Opera and thinking of Jekyll Hyde too (are these any good in your personal opinion?)
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2022.01.23 10:20 AssanCHOP All I see is Dune references...

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2022.01.23 10:20 JAD2017 Stranded Fun, MGO3. Enjoy!

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2022.01.23 10:20 HDI-X13 (Fictional) rich people bad

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2022.01.23 10:20 Key_Maintenance3476 ""Find Me"" it's nft available to sell on opensea.

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2022.01.23 10:20 EliteShooter1599 I'm not the only one right? Right..?

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2022.01.23 10:20 Amrevoe Interesting item interaction (good or bad)

Hey guys, I was poking around on practice tool and I found that rylais and horizon focus can now proc each other, especially with dots champs like lillia, mal and mordekaiser. Wanted to know you're take on this as opposed to the standard list of buys for malzahar. You'll likely see the best usage of this combo if you buy them after mythic. Lmk
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2022.01.23 10:20 thepandab Coming Soon : Baby Vampires: Beginnings " collection features 10,000 unique, algorithmically generated characters with different levels of rarity.

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2022.01.23 10:20 dr_s_falken BlueWalker UPS

So, my UPS died. (Eaton) :-(
Looking around, and I found BlueWalker UPS. Very reasonably priced and with the features I want.
Anyone out there that have used them? What's the verdict?
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2022.01.23 10:20 Scapetti Gravitonium is... (Eternals spoilers)

Another theory which helps explain a few things and relates to my previous theory. What if gravitonium is Celestial blood? Or something organic related to Celestials at least. Gravitonium is highly sought after and Knowhere, the celestial head, is mined for we don't know what (rare materials). Not to mention Ego is a celestial and a planet and he has his own gravity. And how is there gravity on Knowhere? And Guardians of the Galaxy features gravitonium with gravity mines and the like. They're just not referred to as such. Also... Graviton's powers do kind of remind me of a uni mind... could be!
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2022.01.23 10:20 AUMI_Polaris 7422 2570 8276 - IvriSam

Regular daily player, looking to make best friends
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2022.01.23 10:20 Dafian9 I need some help with my SSD

About 4 years ago, when I got my first "real" PC, I've had installed a 112GB SSD on it. I've now had it for over 4 years, and I decided to upgrade to a 1000GB one. I've used 105+GB on it on Windows, Appdata files etc. And now my questions are:
- How can I "Move" windows to another SSD? - How can I "Move" the critical app files from C: (112GB) to my 1TB SSD? - Will a transfer require reinstalling windows, and redoing/installing app applications and it's configs?
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2022.01.23 10:20 fromfinner27 Due to his inability to control his temper/emotions, is it time for the UFC to remove Dana for someone who’s not so biased and easily offended?

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2022.01.23 10:20 TrendsWide Four teenagers are arrested on suspicion of murder after boy, 16, was stabbed to death in Manchester

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2022.01.23 10:20 LemonyFelony I don't like getting high, so why do I even try?

I originally made this much longer but it was removed so here's the short.
I'm 17 in February and that marks 5 years of smoking pot. Not consistently but damn near close. I've smoked thousands of times and all my friends and hobbies have become about weed. Now I have half a year of high school left and I want to learn new skills, hobbies, and topics. The only way I can do this is by being sober. I have only taken weed for 461 days now, stopping the use of other drugs some time ago.
I don't like getting high, and I enjoy being sober. I hate being foggy-headed, and I want to stop. So, here's to making one day become day one.
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2022.01.23 10:20 lordnaarghul I don't get it. Why does flying have to be so painful to get?

Frankly it shouldn't be any more complicated than doing some quests, fully exploring each zone, and some runs of leveling dungeons. There is zero logical reason, if you don't want to just make it purchasable, to involve all this pointless tedium. It's not as though having g flyingng is really so monumental or a big achievement.
I can see if all the stuff being used to unlock flying gave you a cool mount, but not the act itself.
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2022.01.23 10:20 livinglifefreely HIPPA QUESTION

I am a healthcare worker. Like most facilities drug free policy. Unfortunately this pandemic has led me to seek some different forms of stress relieve (when off the clock/days off). I was smoking pot. (Don’t judge; not my best moment) Come to find out I got pregnant (this is a good thing i am happy about it). Immediately stopped smoking for the sake of the pregnancy. However; after my last OBGYN visit, I asked what type of tests were ordered for urine in blood. The MA said she blanked out and didn’t give me a full list of test orders. I didn’t think much of it, logged onto my patient portal later that day. Come to find out I was drug screened (urine). Had I known I would have asked that not be ordered. However my issue is; the doctor that owns that practice happens to be a doctor I work with. I’m 100% positive my drug screen will come positive for THC. Can the doctor report it to the hospital?
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2022.01.23 10:20 colin33t Somewhere in Russia

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2022.01.23 10:20 Kattenb Devs please go to work

I havent played terraria on ps4 since journey’s end came out, and now i felt like playing it again because i thought that after the don’t starve update thing being out for months on pc it whould surely be out on ps4, Nope like why. I don’t understand, i guess i’ll have to wait another 2 years to play and another 14 years just to play crossplatform with my buddies. Terraria are one of my favorite games but ever since 1.4 came out i feel like the devs have just lost it. The inconsistency of the updates are real!
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2022.01.23 10:20 Mucconio oh shit, here we go again

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2022.01.23 10:20 thehomeygrail Bluetooth Speaker, DOSS SoundBox Pro Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with 20W Stereo Sound, Active Extra Bass, IPX5 Waterproof, Wireless Stereo Pairing, Multi-Colors Lights, 20Hrs Playtime -Grey $59.99 ->$47.99

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2022.01.23 10:20 Butterflies_Books My late dog used to love playing hide & seek. His strategy? "If I can't see her, she can't see me."

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2022.01.23 10:20 Nightdragons_ My favorite action adventure games in figure form!

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