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Weird Strongholds Glitch

2022.01.26 11:49 iAngeloz Weird Strongholds Glitch

Ran into a weird Strongholds glitch on live fire ranked.
Essentially neither team's points moved for a solid 30 seconds. Despite both teams having an uncontested 2 cap for a portion of time. The score was like 240 like 220. We get an A/C Two cap. I sit back C and watch the kill feed as my teammates get two kills underneath and relax. I look at the clock and time is moving but the score isn't changing. This goes on for another 15 seconds and to be clear neither point is contested so this should have been a win right there.
Eventually they take A back and now they have 2 cap. Points still don't move.
Finally they get a 3 cap and everything returns back to normal. I'm not sure if I can find the game but it was really strange
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2022.01.26 11:49 Vinnythechef A checkered path, Me, pen, 2022

A checkered path, Me, pen, 2022 submitted by Vinnythechef to Art [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 11:49 Ounoounoounonono Im tired of this market manipulation. +5% pre market after yesterday’s +20% and now is red

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2022.01.26 11:49 tallburnik Unsolicited system ads on my blackshark 4

All my ads are turned off. Today I get this ad about xiaomi note 11 that I cannot turn off it says "app not found" icon is android system. Wtf is this shit?
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2022.01.26 11:49 Salmon_Fanta Your Amazon candidacy has been withdrawn

Got an email a couple hours ago saying my application for the FC I applied to was withdraw because they haven't heard from me. There's nothing else to complete on the website though and I'm just waiting on my KNet email after going to do my drug test and background check. They already stated my start date was February 6th. What do I do?
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2022.01.26 11:49 Boningtonshire Is there any advantage from flashing EdgeTX vs staying with my current Open TX 2.3.14?

Is there a reason to flash Edge TX for me?
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2022.01.26 11:49 MrPresidantMax Increasingly Violent Thoughts

I would like to start off by saying, I take no pride in what I am about to tell you. I am concerned for myself.
I have had violent thoughts for a long time. It started with thoughts of hurting people I perceive to be abusers. I would imagine how the sensation of their arm breaking as I snap it backwards would feel, or how I would stomp on, and crush, their joints to immobilise them. I won't lie to you, it made my brain feel a strange sort of pleasure, like a light tickle.
Over time these thoughts became increasingly violent, from head stomping to eye gouging. These things would have previously made me sick to my stomach, but now I find myself unable to get rid of these images. I wouldn't say I enjoy these, I simply cannot get rid of them.
I recently got a kitten. She's 5 months old, 3 of those spent with me. I love her to pieces. I have never, and will never, hurt her. Sometimes though, when she's doing little kitten things that cause me stress, I imagine bad things. These things could be picking her up by her back legs, and swinging her, or throwing her. Once I even thought of throwing her out the window.
She is 100 percent safe with me, I would never hurt her, she is innocent, and she really loves spending time with me, and I with her.
Unlike my thoughts with the abusers, which I would describe as day-dreams, these thoughts about my kitten are more like instant flash thoughts. I always wonder why on earth I would think of such a thing.
My "psychoanalysis" of myself is that having been a skinny young man as an adolescent, I felt helpless, and so I take out that anger and frustration on abusers in my head. I should mention I was touched inappropriately by a larger boy at my school when I was young. I wanted to murder him.
I have never seeked counseling, I am an extremely level headed individual, I think from a fact-based perspective. I have always seen myself as somebody that doesn't need emotional support. My emotions are pretty faded anyway, like nobody is there. Although, that isn't the case for anger, I feel that strongly.
Nobody knows that I simply flip on a switch and become a bubbley and happy person, that can even bring joy to others. But on the inside, I am hollow.
Now that I am a grown man, I no longer feel weak, but I am full of pure rage. What if a day comes where I hurt somebody. They will have deserved it, perhaps they touched my girlfriends ass as they walked past, and the anger simply took over.
My fear is that if that day comes, and I hurt somebody badly, I will actually enjoy it.
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2022.01.26 11:49 Puzzle1998 Valuation and Advisory - Cushman & Wakefield Interview

After applying for multiple jobs for all CRE positions the past few days, I’ve landed an in person interview today at 1:00PM at cushman and Wakefield. Does anyone have experience with the following for the position:

  1. Salary (NYC)
  2. Type of questions I will be asked in the interview?
  3. What does the day to day look like for a position like this and what type of growth opportunities are there?
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2022.01.26 11:49 Starmeistr Have you ever seen the Legends of Thunder?

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2022.01.26 11:49 Crazy_Trash_4194 [hiring] English speaker

we're looking for a good English speaker with a good native accent (american or English) for a video project if you're interested please send us an email at this address meritatan96@gmail.com
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2022.01.26 11:49 Cato_Sicarius_ Hey girl, I've got a question

Should i go for black, red or grey. I mean i don't own any dresses yet but i want to make a good choice for my first one
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2022.01.26 11:49 Pillens_burknerkorv Sync Ultimate Team between Xbox and PlayStation

We have the luxury of having both an Xbox Series X and a PS5 and my youngest kid is a FIFA nut. Unfortunatley his big brother is not and he is hogging the PS5 so I bought FIFA for the Xbox as well (on sale thank god). But even though I have an EA account it doesn't seem like Ultimate Team etc is synced between the two consoles. Maybe all is in order but I have noticed in other games that account info/progress is synced (fortnite, CoD etc). I don't know if I am doing anything wrong or if this expected behaviour?
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2022.01.26 11:49 dxMa_ [CA-QC] [H] PayPal, Cash [W] Vintage cherry mx blacks

Looking to buy around 90x vint blacks if anybody has some. Thanks
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2022.01.26 11:49 rainbowcoog Trying to get rid of an iPad Pro 11”

Hi everyone. I want to get rid of my iPad I rarely use. I used it for a lot of notes during undergrad but don’t need it anymore. Dm me if you’re interested
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2022.01.26 11:49 gothiccbaby- celebrations

i slept last night! i just woke up in a panic on my couch and feel kind of rested!!
i know i must of fell asleep in my bed because my last memory is massaging my boyfriends head while watching interrogation tapes on my phone and i guess i was moved to the couch at some point but wow. after months of not sleeping i know i got like 4 hours last night and i feel so good and hopeful and like i want to sleep 8 more hours but could survive without
if any of this makes sense idk
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2022.01.26 11:49 Luigi_Gaming_Wow Anybody got some private server commands?

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2022.01.26 11:49 snowwolf_50 Shopee mice

planning on getting my long awaited upgrade as my current mouse is dying, some suggested a razer mice and I'm sure on getting one, but I have some doubts anybody experienced a razer product not registering on razer synapse ?. and if china version should I change the country of origin to china?.
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2022.01.26 11:49 kdl21 KARD's BM is the New Face of HUGO's Global Campaign

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2022.01.26 11:49 kimkreniel [FOR HIRE] good day everyone this is my sample artwork and my process of my digital drawing.

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2022.01.26 11:49 allen6337 What are the shampoos for removing head mites The easiest way to remove head mites

What are the shampoos for removing head mites The easiest way to remove head mites Many modern skin problems are related to mites, and there are head mites in the hair. Why do head mites cause hair loss? What shampoo is used for head mites? What are the shampoos to remove head mites? How do I know if I have head mites?


What are head mites?

According to a study conducted by Durham University Medical Center, 88% of people with hair loss suffer from head mites.

We are all familiar with mites, but what are head mites? Is it a little bug that crawls around on your head?

To be precise, it is a lipophilic microscopic animal that lives on the scalp. Under a 1000x microscope, we can clearly see that its head, thorax and abdomen are connected together, and the adult has 8 legs, 2 mouths and two syringes, and a long stinger on its mouth to suck nutrients from the scalp.

This spider, scorpion, centipede is a close relative of the tiny animals (about 0.1 ~ 0.5 mm), with a strong reproductive capacity, half a month to reproduce a generation of worms, the number of a child in 30-40, by gnawing on hair roots and sebaceous glands grease for a living, they eat in order to eliminate full will secrete a kind of lipolytic enzyme, this enzyme will erode the sebaceous glands, blocking the growth of hair follicles, so that the hair follicles shrink, causing hair loss or They are also known as hair cutters.


How to tell if you have head mites

hair becomes oily in the morning after washing it, or after washing it at night and going to bed, you find your hair becomes oily in the morning and the pillow is oily.

itchy scalp, which is felt a few hours after washing and is especially itchy at night.

noticeable thinning and yellowing of newly grown hair after hair loss.

Redness of the scalp, frequent folliculitis, and severe hair dirt.

Other parts of the body, such as the face and back, also have signs of mites

If you have the above phenomenon, you may be infected with head mites.


What shampoo to use for head mites

Non-ionic organic shampoo

It is recommended to choose non-ionic shampoo, non-ionic ingredients instead of sodium laureth sulfate, no irritation, can help the scalp self-recovery, reduce head oil, hair loss, head itch is particularly effective, but this type of shampoo in the supermarket is difficult to see.


The so-called non-ionic organic shampoo is the shampoo that does not contain animal oil, mineral oil, etc. These mites like to eat. Non-ionic is relative to most shampoos on the market, using anionic surfactants, there is a certain amount of irritation to the scalp, thus destroying the natural barrier of the scalp, the oil balance is out of balance, excessive oil secretion, mite breeding.

The non-ionic organic shampoo, on the other hand, focuses on plant active ingredients with more bactericidal and insecticidal plant active ingredients, but can destroy the living environment of mites, inhibit and destroy them, thus avoiding hair loss and hair fall.

Non-ionic organic shampoo generally does not add foam agents and silicone oil, so wash up with less foam, with the use of conditioner has a better hair care effect.


What shampoo can't be used for head mites

To remove head mites must do a good job of scalp scalp cleaning, hair experts recommend maintaining a normal 2-3 days to wash your hair, do not fear hair loss and do not wash your hair, but also pay attention to some of the ingredients in the shampoo, the scalp irritation is relatively large, in the period of head mites, hair loss should be eliminated, do not intensify hair loss, but also raise the head mites.

Eliminate these kinds of things, to reduce head mites, reduce hair loss is helpful

1, sodium lauryl polyether sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate)

Many shampoos contain this more stimulating chemical cleaning ingredients, pay attention to the formulation table of shampoos on the market can be found, it will stimulate the destruction of scalp cells proteins, damage the scalp hair follicles, help head mites better erode the scalp, triggering and exacerbating hair loss.

2, mineral oil (mineral grease, paraffin, petroleum jelly)

This ingredient can make the illusion that the hair is quite soft after shampooing, but it is the favorite food of the head mites, after eating to accelerate reproduction, and it belongs to the oil that can not be absorbed, covering the scalp to clog the hair follicles, so the head oil, hair loss more serious.

The head mites, hair loss serious people recommended to eliminate this ingredient, and do not choose to wash and care shampoo, do not for the sake of instantaneous feelings regardless of the long-term consequences, after washing hair dry is good, want to smooth can use a good conditioner.

How to get rid of head mites

1. high temperature exposure

As the saying goes, if you don't sunbathe in March, 6 million mites will sleep with you, and head mites will not only reside in the hair follicles, but also on the pillows, and bedding in close contact with the skin every day will grow full of mites. Therefore, it is also crucial to clean the bedding.

Expose bed sheets, covers, pillows, etc. to sunlight at 25 degrees Celsius for 4 hours has more than 70% of mites choose to leash (die). Or wash with hot water at 60 degrees Celsius, you can also eliminate the mites in a net.

2. onion juice garlic wash your hair

Head mites reside deep in the hair follicles and only crawl out in the middle of the night when we are asleep, ordinary hair washing procedures simply cannot kill them. Fortunately, we have onion and garlic, two natural mite remover, wash your hair twice a week with warm water with garlic juice or onion juice, the "allicin" in garlic and onion can kill the mites, pure natural remedies to see the effect of long-term use, the effect will also be individual differences, if you use a period of time to find the most for their own role If you find that the most effective for you after a period of time, we can also turn to drugs.

3. drug mite removal

Benzyl benzoate application is the most commonly used acaricide, in addition to killing mites, this over-the-counter drug is also used to treat scabies, body lice and pubic lice.

Note: Do not use this medication if you have ulcers or wounds on your head, and stop immediately if your skin becomes red, swollen or burning during use.

It is recommended to use a strong coal tar shampoo along with the medication. The head mites feed on the oil secreted by the scalp, and the coal tar shampoo not only washes away the oil secreted by the scalp, but also the lipolytic enzymes secreted by the head mites, leaving them without a food source and thus naturally extinct.
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2022.01.26 11:49 IceKEcool2005 How can I text anything on r/teenager discord?

I just now joined to teenager discord in today but I can't text anything on it , How can I text anything there?
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2022.01.26 11:49 Katara_1 På Proff.dk kan man se disse tal, og en recruiter fortalte engang, at man aldrig skulle tage imod et job, hvis firmaet havde pilene nede i de røde felter. Er der nogen, som kan forklare, hvad den her side egentlig fortæller? Hvorfor skulle man ikke sige ja til et 'rødt' firma? [LEGO som eksempel]

På Proff.dk kan man se disse tal, og en recruiter fortalte engang, at man aldrig skulle tage imod et job, hvis firmaet havde pilene nede i de røde felter. Er der nogen, som kan forklare, hvad den her side egentlig fortæller? Hvorfor skulle man ikke sige ja til et 'rødt' firma? [LEGO som eksempel] submitted by Katara_1 to dkfinance [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 11:49 tdacobrir Baixa por isolamento profilático

Boa tarde,
Aproveito para questionar, uma vez que já deve ter existido alguém que passou pela mesma situação.
Já procurei, mas não encontro mais informações.
No que diz respeito à baixa por isolamento profilático, é paga a 100%. No entanto, por quem ?
Verifiquei na segurança social direta, que o valor que me vai pagar, não corresponde a 100% do meu salário líquido.
A empresa tem alguma responsabilidade nesta situação ?
O teletrabalho não é possível na minha empresa.
Bem haja
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2022.01.26 11:49 Devi4223 Thought you guys will like.

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2022.01.26 11:49 Player2LightWater Which version of Persona 3 do you prefer?

View Poll
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