Help Me Skyrimmods community, You're my only Hope!!

2022.01.26 04:24 Makuta_Nuva Help Me Skyrimmods community, You're my only Hope!!

Hey guys, Need some serious help with this LO. Its a gift for a dear friend, but that is causing some problems. Im trying to make a list that is both enhancing the vanilla game, and works well with the AE. think Ive got everything in the general area, but figured I should ask the experts.
I have two major issues. One being that my friend is not computer savvy and only downloads mods from Bethnet, the other is I dont have a pc myself I can test any of this on.
I greatly appreciate all your effort to help, and if there are any issues with the mod Compatabilty, or have a better recommendation, please let me know. also, the names after the mods are those who uploaded the mod to Bethnet(mostly for me to keep track)

-Cheat Room(Bradenm1)
-Realistic Ragdolls and Force(DDefinder)
-Skyland Landscape Texture Overhaul(Skyking2020)
-Realistic Water Two(Isoku)
-A Quality World Map- Vivid Roads(Chesko)
-Dark Brotherhood Forever to Miscellaneous Quests(Williamlmm)
-Open Civil War SSE(Simtam)
-Dark Brotherhood Rewards(TheOscar0)
-Dragonborn Delay(Smudjer4)
-Paarthurnax Dilemma (Arthmoor)
-Moon and Star(GanXingba)
-The Lost Wonders of Mzark: Special Edition(DarthVitrial)
-The Tools of Kagrenac(UnyieldingFlame)
-Glamoril- Maze of the Labyrintian(KataPUMB)
-The Forgotten City(ModernStoryteller)
-Konahrik the Priest – a Quest Mod(Grasscid)
-Project AHO(Haem-Projects)
-Carved Brink(Haem-Projects)
-Konahrik’s Accoutrements(Edhelsereg)
-Delves of the Stone Legion(Untitled_0110)
-Trial of the Stone Legion(Untitled_0110)
-Beyond Skyrim-Assets(BeyondSkyrim_DC)
-Beyond Skyrim – Bruma(BeyondSkyrim_DC)
-Beyond Skyrim – Bruma DLC patch(BeyondSkyrim_DC)
-Beyond Skyrim – Bruma Meshes(BeyondSkyrim_DC)
-Midwood Isle(Will16)
-Legacy of the Snow Prince(Austin1298)
-The Brotherhood of Old(Tom_Tesoro)
-Artifacts- the Tournament of the Ten Bloods(Borx25)
-Faction: Pit Fighter(ThirteenOranges)
-Faction: Pit Fighter – Travels Addon(ThirteenOranges)
-Mythic Dawn Expansion(XXJustDaveXx)
-More Radiant Quests for the Companions(Gh0st131)
-The Dark and the Light(Dafydd1)
-Green Sleeves – an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dungeon(Adolon)
-Yellow King - an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dungeon(Adolon)
-Orange Moon - an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dungeon(Adolon)
-Blackreach Bypass SSE(Copsehatch)
-Dwarven Pride(Adolon)
-Isle of Storm(Omnijxs)
-Primeval Real Estate : a Skyrim Quest(ArctosGames)
-Isobel and the Adventurers Guild(ArctosGames)
-Temple of Kyne – Roots of Madness(SarthesArai)
-The Fall Of Granite hill(Arthmoor)
-Helarchen Creek(Arthmoor)
-Skall village overhaul(TheRealElianora)
-Whistling Mine(Arthmoor)
-Soljund’s Sinkhole(Arthmoor)
-Dragon bridge(Arthmoor)
-Shor’s Stone(Arthmoor)
-Darkwater Crossing(Arthmoor)
-Civil War Checkpoints(Kenpatdan3)
-The Midden Expanded(EasierRider)
-Skyhaven Temple Armory Overhaul(RufioGotStuck)
-Dunmer Settlements of Solstheim(Symonson)
-Better Gray Quarter(AedanStarfang)
-Point the Way(Arthmoor)
- Wizards Well(Haem-Projects)
-EasierRider’s Dungeon Pack(EasierRider)
-Forgotten Dungeons SSE(Juhaantero68)
-Fortified Whiterun (Pc
-Capitals and Towns of Skyrim(Symonson)
-Better Skyforge (pc)(Will16)
-Lamposts of Skyrim: Special Edition(Micahghost)
-Eidalon Sanctuary(Nick3618)
-Brhuce Hammar Legacy : Special edition(DarthVitrial)
-FOS -Forests of Skyrim(Skyrim_Jacob)
- Riverwood Clutter Enhanced(PrizmatikYT)
-David’s Trees(Modder725)
-Gt’s- Gardens of Whiterun(Greenthumb914)
-Dense Grass PC(Shroudlegacy)
-Morning Star- Minimalistic Races(EnaiSiaion)
-Trua – Minimalistic Faiths(EnaiSiaion)
-Skyrim Space Program 2.0(Marfleet1987)
-Mundus – A Standing Stone Overhaul(SimonMagus616)
-Vokrii- Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim(EnaiSiaion)
-Odin- Skyrim Magic Overhaul(EnaiSiaion)
-Archery Tweaks Anniversary Edition(Argonil94)
-Tonal Architect(EnaiSiaion)
-Thunderchild- Epic Shouts and Immersion(EnaiSiaion)
-Triumvirate Mage Archetypes(EnaiSiaion)
-Growl- Werebeasts of Skyrim(EnaiSiaion)
-Sacrilege- Minimalistic Vampires of Skyrim(EnaiSiaion)
-Ars Metallica(Arthmoor)
-Perk Points at Level 50-75-100(EnaiSiaion)
-20 pct More Perk Points(EnaiSiaion)
-Realistic AI Detection(OliverDoorenbos)
-Immersive Movement(Zanadaniel)
-Valravn- Integrated Combat of Skyrim(EnaiSiaion)
-150% Jump and Sprinting(Machienzo)
-The Miracle of Flight(EnaiSiaion)
-People are Strangers(Sagittarius)
-Run for Your Lives(Arthmoor)
-Cliff Racers on Solstheim(Varana312)
-Better Animals(RogueUnicorn)
-Dwemer Spectres Spectral Edition(DarthVitrial)
-Beast Skeletons(Prometheus)
-More Werewolves(OpusGlass)
-Dominion’s More Orcs(ArronDominion)
-Dominion’s More Wood Elves(ArronDominion)
-Dominion’s More Dark Elves(ArronDominion)
- Rhinos of Skyrim(Viltuska)
-Diverse Dragons Collection(Opusglass)
-Enhanced Npc Perks(Cristobot)
-Enemy Overhaul:Skeletons-Armored Skeletons Replace Skeletons(DustinEchoes)
-Immersive Civil War Units(Cooktastraphy)
-Extended Encounters(Jonx0r)
-Boss Encounters of Skyrim(Toikka)
-Frost Giants(Shroudlegacy)
-Populated Dungeons Caves Ruins Legendary(Tonycubed2)
-Legendary Creatures(Hroll)
-New Digitigrade Beast Races(Ryubimon)
-Leviathon Animations- Non Combat All in One(VeroLevi)
-D13 Faster Get Up Stand Up Animations(Argonil94)
-High Poly Hair(Alaann)
-Fatherland: Sons(Cobosrevenge)
-Fatherland: Daughters(Cobosrevenge)
-Authentic Eyes(Axeface)
- Inigo(Smartbluecat)
-Sofia – the Funny Fully Voiced Follower(Djjohnjarvis)
-Lucifer – Argonian Custom Voiced Follower(MrVideoFreak)
-Lucien- Fully Voiced Follower(JosephRussel)
-Dovahkiin Dogs- Many Dog Followers(Adventurer01111)
-Kahjiit Caravan Kittens – Children of Tamriel(IronChickenToo)
-Argonian Hatchlings – Children of Tamriel(IronChickenToo)
- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul – RDO(Cloudedtruth)
-Magical College of Winterhold(Sable17)
-Vuthakral’s HD 4K Werewolf(Vuthakral)
-Draugr Retexture- Black Version(Smileybeat)
-Enhanced Blood Textures Light(DDefinder)
-Climates of Tamriel(Jjc71)
-TDG’s Dynamic Imagespace(Thedemongoat)
-Claralux SSE(TwentyToLife)
-Transportato – Real Time Ships(DarthVitrial)
-Cities of Skyrim Retexture Overhaul(EvilPandaButt)
-Lockpicking Interface Redone(Borx25)
-Sounds of Skyrim-Complete Edition(Arthmoor)
-Undead Emerge(LordBeverage)
-Sovngarde- a Nordic Font Replacer(Koveich)
-Even better Quest Objectives(Williamlmm)
-Lore Based Loading Screens(Chesko)
-Unlevelled Items(SkylerModder)
-Better Dressed Npcs – Version 2(LilleMirr)
-Better Creature Loot(Slucid)
-Better Loot (XxMrHollywood)
-Wear Multiple Rings(Spatz82)
-Brand Shei’s Fine Goods(Kjjansky)
-College of Winterhold Shop Fixes(SkylerModder)
-AnathemaStudio’s Animated Dragon Wing Amulets(disenchantable)(Anethemastudio)
-Elemental Archery(Wyldsong)
-Royal Armory – New Artifacts SE(DimiMit)
-Books Books Books(Adolon)
-A Tome or Two of Talos(BigHappyMonkey)
-Dwemer Goggles and Scouter(Volvaga0)
-Cloaks and Capes(Volvaga0)
-Bandolier: Bags and Pouches Classic(Dragten)
-Autocrossbows by JX3(_Destero)
-Tenebrae- The Sword of Light and Darkness(DMagnus)
-Lotr- Sword of the Witch King(Dmagnus)
-Warlock and Archmage Armor(Lagrie)
- Inigo- Bloodchill Manor Patch(TheRealElianora)
-Beyond Skyrim Bruma – Cyrodilic Armors(Symonson)
-Elaborate Textiles(Alaann)
-Awesome Artifacts – Anniversary edition(Argonil94)
-Ahzidal’s Armor Truly Unique(Gogsynxr7)
-Armor of the Old Gods Truly Unique(Gogsynxr7)
-Deathbrand Redux(Araanim)
-Apophysis dragon Priest Masks(Carnage2K4)
-Heroic Dwarven Weapons and Armor(Steamtrainjr)
-LeanWolf’s Better-Shaped Weapons SE(LeanWolf)
-Black and Gold Ebony Armor Retexture(T9X69)
-Black and Gold Ebony Weapons(T9X69)
-Alternate Start-Live Another Life(Arthmoor)
-Odin-Vokrii Compatability patch(EnaiSiaion)
-Midwood Isle – Rare Curios patch(Will16)
-The Cause Unofficial Updates(Lids_S3L3L)
-Lucien-Anniversary Edition- All in one Creation Club Patch(JosephRussel)
-Lucien – Moon And Star Patch(JosephRussel)
-Archery Tweaks – AHO patch(Argonil94)
-Keld-Nar +Clockwork Compatibility Patch(Arthmoor)
-Archery Tweaks – Rare Curios Patch(Argonil94)
-Even Better Quest Objectives- Paarthurnax Dilemma Patch(Williamlmm)
-Disable God Rays(Nytra)
-No Falling Leaves SE(Evangle20)
-FPS Boost PC (Pevey)
-Moon and Star Immersion Patch(GanXingba)

If youve gotten this far, then you are an amazing person and i love you. <3
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I’m 31 and I never want to work for anyone again. You flip stuff from offer up, sell old stuff that’s now collectible, flip a car, craft some wood work, do ceramics, help neighbors, grow fruits and veggies. How do you file completely random non business, non career income? This is what I want to do. If I fully commit to this it’s over 25k year. How do you get that taxed?
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For context, I have been in a long term relationship before but we never really went on ‘dates’ in the beginning. We just decided to be together and that was that.
But I met a guy on Tinder that i’m really attracted to, and he asked me to go out with him and its been 5 hrs of me debating. I want to, but he is a lot more accomplished than me and not to mention physically more attractive than me IMO, and I have social anxiety so even the thought of seeing him in person makes me anxious as heck. Would it make sense to turn down this guy to practice dating men i’m less intimidated by? Should I suck it up and just say yes and risk making an absolute fool of myself?
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More axolotl name ideas (Pink type, and its a she)
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I've been looking online in custom creations without any luck. I know someone did a great job in Cricket 19.
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