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2022.01.23 10:15 weeqeeomg 42

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2022.01.23 10:15 OkularyMorawieckiego Pytania o feminatywy (szczere i niemające być wredne)

Feminatywy coraz większej liczby zawodów na stale wchodzą do użytku powszechnego, przykładem może tu być wyrażenie posłanka, które z każdym rokiem jest częściej używane.
Sam nie wiem do końca co o nich myśleć. Popieram prawa kobiet, prawa mniejszości, w tym osób transseksualnych oraz niebinarnych. I właśnie coraz częstsze używania większej liczby feminatywów budzi we mnie kilka pytań, które są szczere, nie mają być wredne, po prostu nie wiem co o nich myśleć, jestem ciekawy co o tych kwestiach myślą przeciwnicy/zwolennicy feminatywów.

  1. Co z liczbą mnogą? Czy liczba mnoga, w przypadku grupy kobiet i mężczyzn - pozostaje męskoosobowa czy może powinno się używać obu form naraz? Tj. czy w przypadku wystąpienia kluby lewicy w sejmie wystarczy powiedzieć "posłowie Lewicy wystąpili w sejmie…" czy należy powiedzieć "posłanki i posłowie Lewicy wystąpili w sejmie…". Czy jeśli to drugie, to czy nie komplikuje to i nie wydłuża zbytnio języka?
  2. Co w przypadku osób niebinarnych? W języku angielskim gdzie nazwy większości zawodów po za wyjątkami typu "actor" nie jest to problem. Osoba niebinarna to więc po prostu lawyer lub shopkeeper, bo zarówno kobiety i mężczyźni to lawyer i shopkeeper.
  3. Zgaduje, że jeśli mamy przypadek kobiety, która woli klasyczne określenie od feminatywu, jak np. marszałek Witek woli być określana marszałkiem, niż marszałkinią - to grzeczniejszym jest mówić marszałek Witek. Jednak co w przypadku gdyby marszałkiem senatu była kobieta, która woli określenie marszałkini: wtedy te dwie osoby to panie marszałek/marszałkowie/marszałkini i marszałek?
Jestem ciekawy waszych opinii.
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2022.01.23 10:15 Kerkoun Can anyone help me find hoarders in Berlin?

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2022.01.23 10:15 SheikahSlay 24 days NC but my ex is posting indirectly about me..

I blocked her on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. I didn’t block her on Tiktok but I unfollowed. She still popped up in my for you page with a video. The caption is “Me after a breakup” and she’s dancing around to Big Girls Don’t Cry and then throws up the peace sign and walks away.
There was a Tik tok from yesterday and it is of her using a filter that gives you a random statement.. it said “You guys made great memories together. But I bet you didn’t expect them to turn into one.” And her reaction was to grimace, look to the side, and then put a middle finger to the camera. The caption there was “Fuck off”.
I’m not giving her any reactions but I’m guessing she’s seeking attention or validation from her friends? Gonna block her on Tik tok now.
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2022.01.23 10:15 WanpoBigMara Is it still worth reading this manga?

So as we all know the author has died and the manga wont get continued but is it still worth reading anyways? I guess a bad/unfinished ending is worth it if the story as a whole is good.
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2022.01.23 10:15 baz_a Recap of the year 2021

Recap of the year 2021 Sometimes things that you suppose to take an hour, take the whole week. When you are new to something that often becomes a rule. I guess it is my case with gamedev. I hope so.
So, I had some Napoleonic plans at the beginning of 2021 https://www.reddit.com/Sailing_west/comments/krwk69/weekly_update_14_the_year_in_development_recap/ . Now I mostly have the way I try to follow - put in some hours into one of the 2 projects every day. The first and bigger one is “Sailing West” game. The second is TilePipe - a “little” tool to generate tileset textures https://aleksandrbazhin.itch.io/tilepipe . The latter I planned to be the testing ground for releasing a software on itch.io and Steam and some other related aspects of development. Nevertheless I wanted it to be usable and spent a lot of time working on it. It’s a pleasure in itself to have an idea brought up to life. Besides, the field of tiling or tessellation is immensely interesting.
Here I will try to make a rough recap of the year 2021, the second year of the project and me in solo-gamedev.
In the beginning of the year I tried to make weekly recaps consistently, you can find them in this subreddit https://www.reddit.com/Sailing_west/ , but soon discovered that it took a decent amount of time and was always spinning in the back of my head. I also tended to more eagerly work on the features that could be presented visually then on what needed to be done. So I decided to stop with those, but I still feel the obligation to post here from time to time. This post is written exactly for that reason..
1. January.
For the whole month I was trying to simulate climate and ship movement in C++ using SFML + ENTT. The work can’t be called fruitless, but it turned out, that it can’t be done without tighter integration with Godot code. Here is a post in late January https://www.reddit.com/Sailing_west/comments/l67t4e/weekly_update_17_little_progress_other_than/
2. February
I moved back to Godot and the existing game to polish it and add some features. Here’s a post from mid February https://www.reddit.com/Sailing_west/comments/lgz7pi/weekly_update_19_no_progress_to_report_but_here/
The end of the month was not very productive, but I’ve made a post on fair and unfair randomness - that was one of the things I was working on https://www.reddit.com/Sailing_west/comments/lm4zph/weekly_20_some_thoughts_on_random_in_games_and/
3. March
At that point it became evident that the existing codebase is impossible to work on. The second massive refactoring was going to happen. The integration of SFML simulation was also impossible, everything was going to be rewritten in Godot. With that daunting thoughts I was still fixing and adding things, doing minor refactoring here and there.
4. April
In April I decided it was a good idea to go hard on TilePipe and finally release it. I thought it was a job for a couple of weeks. I was mistaken. I have released 0.1.4 and 0.2
As for Sailing West, here is the report for around that period https://www.reddit.com/Sailing_west/comments/mvplnm/update_on_weeks_2629_work_on_biomes_and_ingame/
Among other things I had a friend helping me with some music, but that work didn’t go too far. Sailing West still got 2 music draft themes.
5. May
In May among other problems, I moved to another place and even town. There is a proverb in Russia - “Two relocations are equal to one fire”. It was the second in six months. Nevertheless, I was frantically working on the TilePipe, just to relieve myself from the work. Here are a couple releases that were the result
6. June
I had to take a deep breath and get deeper into the Godot integration with C++. The simulation and the world generation had to be rewritten. Generation worked as it was before, but it was a big mess. As the result I wrote that tutorial for myself on how to setup C++, CMake and Godot https://aleksandrbazhin.github.io/godot/2021/06/25/GDNative-cpp-in-2k21.html
And it was completely evident by that time that SFML had to be replaced. It just cannot work with Godot since both require graphical context for their own.
Also as I was feeling being stuck with work, I joined a team on GMTK jam halfway through the jam. The team was having some problems with Godot implementation, but by the end of the jam we managed to ship something resembling a game https://github.com/aleksandrbazhin/GMTK2021-Magnetic_Plane
7. July
By the end of the month I had all simulation and generation shaders working in Godot with C++ GDNative module. It was a great advance, as everything was now isolated and working well. But the progress might have been slow. That’s the price of learning from doing, I guess.
8. August
I had a week-long vacation at the first half of the month, released a couple of TilePipe minor versions (0.4.1 and 0.4.2) with fixes, and continued to work on refactoring the code nase for Sailing West.
Also to try to invigorate myself I joined another gamejam with some guys from the same team, this time it was a week-long one. Here is the end result https://aleksandrbazhin.itch.io/catastrophe This time in hindsight, I think I bit more than I could chew. So as I was the main programmer, the game turned out to be mostly unplayable.On the bright side - we were able to collaborate with git this time (even members previously unfamiliar with it). On the dark side, the jam didn’t shake things up with development but in the contrary caused some problems with it.
9. September
Most of the month I was working on refactoring the existing Sailing West GDScript code.
By the end of the month I approached another beast I still couldn’t slay - decent wind and wave shaders. Especially waves are a big problem.
10. October
First part of October was dedicated to those same wave shaders. https://www.reddit.com/Sailing_west/comments/pzw7xn/ive_spent_absolutely_unreasonable_time_on_2d/ The second part was to another relocation. And the battle with mould in the new place.
11. November
The battle with fungus was lost, and the only solution was another relocation. Wave shaders also weren’t eager to give up. I was trying a particle system - trace approach and the result is the following https://www.reddit.com/Sailing_west/comments/r8l9wj/not_sure_if_this_will_be_used_in_the_final/
It’s still far from done.
12. December and January 2022
At the beginning of December I was asked on the TilePipe Discord about 256-tile tilesets and as the thing was interesting, I went on to bring them to life. Since then I’ve been working on TilePipe to make it worth a Steam release. I think it is absolutely necessary to figure out all the issues on a smaller project before releasing a big one. Overall I released several version and that time was fairly productive
So I’ve been working on the two projects back and forth for the whole year. Sometimes I was struggling with productivity or minor health issues. Several relocations also did not help. The switching between projects took away some precious time, but it also helped with realisations how things should be done. It’s a productive kind of learning - you look at all the things you’ve done from another perspective.
A lifehack
Lately I found a lifehack that helps me get onto the project:
I need a lot of paper to be able to freely use it and throw it away. I rarely use more than an A4 sheet per day, but I need to have the supply. When I sit down to work, I just write down my immediate plans and thoughts, without thinking if the paper will be useful any time later. The process is easy but helps to focus. Having a blocknote turned out to be not enough, as I was trying to write down only valuable information.
I plan to work on TilePipe for a couple of coming weeks to completely redesign it, allow for user-defined rulesets and most importantly figure out some release-related issues that will also help me with Sailing West. I plan to continue to consistently put in work in both projects, that’s all I can say as for the further plans.

That’s it guys. I am grateful for everyone who follows me on the path. Thank you!
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2022.01.23 10:15 hogwarts-failure the big mirrors in my room watches me change my clothes 😭

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2022.01.23 10:15 Ikan_Tongkol Studi Kasus Bank Digital vs Bank Tradisional

dengan masifnya bank digital yang mulai akhir-akhir ini banyak bermunculan menurut kalian apakah bank tradisional bakal kena gusur atau bank tradisional masih wait and see dulu lihat bagaimana penerimaan masyarakat terhadap bank digital lalu mulai terjun buat bank tradisional versi digital atau gmana ?
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2022.01.23 10:15 BrandExe I'm pretty stumped anyone know the solution for the compression illusion?

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2022.01.23 10:15 deathf1r Eggs 2 ways

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2022.01.23 10:15 Maddox121 oh yeah sure hire a thoosie who doesn't know that adding 6 million b&ms isnt financially stable

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2022.01.23 10:15 helpmeimalostkiwi [Serious] what teacher made the biggest impact in your life?

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2022.01.23 10:15 hundredsofworlds Blast from the Past - 6900: Cyber Saucer

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2022.01.23 10:15 Slight-Line2783 WTF is wrong with the Dubai server? Such high ping.

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2022.01.23 10:15 jobsinanywhere Wayne Rooney joins NFT craze as ex-Man Utd star sells digital artwork of himself for £40 each on Twitter

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2022.01.23 10:15 originaltanksta H: Great PA and non PA pieces in comments W: Wishlist in comments

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2022.01.23 10:15 andresrs02 ya lo predijeron los simpson

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2022.01.23 10:15 Best_Panic4871 Jan GB with add-ons 🥰

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2022.01.23 10:15 louxcx its actually so sad cause i bought 2 dildos only to find out that i hate the sensation of having stuff shoved inside of me

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2022.01.23 10:15 Raphael236 Eis a minha primeira e última tentativa de "jojoficar" o japa pelo celular 👍 (primeiro post, tô aprendendo a usar o Reddit)

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2022.01.23 10:15 fir3cr0tch Bored and a bit lonely ❤️

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2022.01.23 10:15 Far_Dragonfruit_7294 Fair price for GTX 1080ti?

I'm looking to upgrade my current GPU (gtx 670 4gb) I was offered a 1080ti on Kijiji for 400CAD (roughly 320USD). I'm on a fairly tight budget trying to stay in the 3-400$ range.is this a fair price if the card is in working order? If not what would be considered a faigood price for the card and does anyone have recommendations for a different card within my budget?
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2022.01.23 10:15 bkub111 [COD] Constanze McGavin?

Is it just me or does Constanze look like Shooter McGavin?
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2022.01.23 10:15 anakinn99 attached to someone who doesn’t want a relationship

met this guy couple months ago in november. first time hanging out went so well we stayed up all night together talking, now fast forward today i have developed some strong feelings for him and i told him about it. he told me he feels the same way but he just doesn’t want to comment to a relationship right now for reasons that he’s “working on himself” before he gets into another relationship. which is cool, i like that but i don’t think i can be the type to have a “casual” type relationship. he doesn’t want to fully be in a relationship but yet he acts like he does, such as wanting to hold my hand, giving affection, sleepovers, ect. it’s kinda confusing me. i’ve talked to him about this many times and it always turns to me feeling guilty for even bringing it up like it’s my fault for having strong feelings for him. ive tried to tell him that we could just be friends since we like to be around each other but it always turns to me coming over and us hooking up or making out. this is driving me kinda insane since i like him so much but i hate the situation i’m in. idk if we should just stop talking completely or if i should try and keep it going and hopefully he will be willing to commit soon. it’s so hard for me to detach from someone when i let them touch my body also so i know that is the one reason why i just can’t stop this cycle.
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2022.01.23 10:15 blockbuster17 [For Hire] I will boost your Discord and social media audience for NFT projects via Twitter Ads

I've developed a proven strategy for social media advertising after working for 7+ years with clients from all over the world. In the last year I started promoting NFT projects via Twitter Ads and have seen a lot of success during this time (increased social media and Discord audience to 200k people within a month).

My rate starts at $1,500 per month - depends on your monthly ad budget.
You are free to choose your ad budget. Optimal starting budget is $250-500/day.
All prices are listed in USD. I accept crypto payments.
Contact me: Private Message on Reddit or Reddit chat.
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