C# Sleep Method (Pause)Use the Sleep method from System.Threading to pause a program.Compare SpinWait with Sleep. Therefore, you can void the new invoice that you created in step 1. Condition 2: The transaction to void is an invoice that is partially applied. Void the credit document that is applied to the invoice. On the Transactions menu, point to Purchasing, and then click Void Historical Transactions. Holopoint is pure archery madness. Fight your way through waves of responsive targets, samurai, and highly dangerous ninjas - all while drawing, nocking, and shooting your arrows as quickly as possible. California Courts - Home (Can be disabled for comfort) - Unique void mechanic: Collect energy from rings to take shortcuts through the void! "If you are looking for a fast-paced racing game and love sci-fi vibes, this is the game for you." - The Verge - Hone your skills in career mode - Take on multiplayer racers from around the world - 100 levels - 12 tracks (with ... Jounrey deeper into the VOID 2000 and xplore a new dimmention of sounds & visuals. Not alone, butt with all of humanity. Gathering within the potrals and being united by ears, eyes and soull. Don’t ask why. Just bee. And float away. Specializing in lunar astrology, with a moon phase calendar and horoscopes, information on lunar cycles, eclipses, retrogrades and other astrological events. Sells reports, books, T-shirts and mugs. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. But a community of men — his uncle Charlie (Affleck), his crabby grandfather (Christopher Lloyd), his Yale friends and even a priest on a commuter rail — fill the void. They give JR advice, steer him and go to functions with him. The message is: Guys got this. If films could smell, this one would reek of cologne, cigars and leather. cold void .com by rafael rozendaal - 2008 - www.newrafael.com, collection of niklas belenius - www.niklasbelenius.com, code by reinier feijen - www.boxofchocolates.nl

2022.01.23 08:24 AssociationQuiet9401 VOID LIFESTEAL SMP 1.18

Hello, I am starting season 2 of Void Lifesteal SMP and I am proud to say, we have made it way better, we will be making the map smaller and we also made the team limit 2, so if you have a friend, invite them. The link to the discord will be under this text so please join, more will be posted in announcments.
https://discord.gg/yUa4PVyM https://discord.gg/yUa4PVyM https://discord.gg/yUa4PVyM
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2022.01.23 08:24 buovjaga FreeCAD BIM development news - January 2022

FreeCAD BIM development news - January 2022 submitted by buovjaga to opensource [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 08:24 LooseLipsSinkShips21 Drag Race Winners Take On Season 14: Episode 3 - A Pair Of Balls - Part 1

Drag Race Winners Take On Season 14: Episode 3 - A Pair Of Balls - Part 1 "Wow. What a lip sync. The emotions you both gave......powerful......however, I have made my decision...




NOTE: Due to the amount of queens and runway looks, this episode will have the balls split into two parts
Episode 3: A Pair Of Balls
RuPaul announces that that Kita Mean & The Vivienne are RUturning to the competition.
And the queens will have to pick a chocolate bar which may give them the power to be SAFE FROM ELIMINATION.
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2022.01.23 08:24 dadfirst41 41 [M4F] looking for someone who is interested

I like video games, horror movies, and lots of different types of music. I also enjoy fishing and doing things outdoors. I am an average looking guy who likes to have a good conversation. I would like to find someone that doesn’t disappear after one conversation or one word lol. Someone with a good personality not everything has to be about looks. Dm me if you are interested or send a reply. Thanks
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2022.01.23 08:24 __Thea__ What is the best day of the week to go food shopping?

It’s convenient for me to so Sunday but the shelves are always empty.
What are peoples thoughts on when to shop in order to get the freshest stuff.
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2022.01.23 08:24 BillHicksFan Match Thread - Champions Cup - Sale vs Ospreys (KO 13:00 GMT)

Sale Sharks: 15. Simon Hammersley, 14. Tom Roebuck, 13. Robert du Preez, 12. Rohan Janse van Rensburg, 11. Arron Reed, 10. AJ Macginty, 9. Raffi Quirke, 1. Bevan Rodd, 2. Ewan Ashman, 3. Nick Schonert, 4. Jean-Luc du Preez, 5. Lood de Jager, 6. Jono Ross (capt), 7. Ben Curry, 8. Daniel du Preez.
Replacements: 16. Curtis Langdon, 17. Ross Harrison, 18. Coenie Oosthuizen, 19. JP du Preez, 20. Tom Curry, 21. Will Cliff, 22. Sam James, 23. Jack Metcalf.
Ospreys: 15. Dan Evans, 14. Mat Protheroe, 13. Michael Collins, 12. Keiran Williams, 11. Luke Morgan, 10. Josh Thomas, 9. Reuben Morgan-Williams, 1. Nicky Smith, 2. Dewi Lake, 3. Tom Botha, 4. Lloyd Ashley, 5. Adam Beard (capt), 6. Sam Cross, 7. Harri Deaves, 8. Ethan Roots.
Replacements: 16. Elvis Taione, 17. Rhodri Jones, 18. Rhys Henry, 19. Huw Sutton, 20. Morgan Morris, 21. Matthew Aubrey, 22. Tiaan Thomas Wheeler, 23. Joe Hawkins.
Ref: Pierre Brousset
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2022.01.23 08:24 sven402 M 21 my hairline is so bad and I'm balding

I'm M 21 my hair on the sides got so far back also im scared that i will not find any girl to love me because of my hair
since i was 13 i stressed about everything and i had depression and i used to get angry about anything
is there any way i can fix this ? and do you think i can still find a GF if my hair is so bad? i mean im really athletic and i have a nice body
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2022.01.23 08:24 hedgehogmilkshakes Squirrel villagers?

Does anyone have any squirrel villagers they are thinking about getting rid of? I've got Paula the bear, Rex the lion, and Purrl the cat if anyone wanted to trade a squirrel for one of those.
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2022.01.23 08:24 TomFriendly Family

Family submitted by TomFriendly to GodofWar [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 08:24 MetaCopsNft Hey guys we are building our NFT(Cop theme) project with utility token, staking and fun2Earn games. Please join our discord server for buying and giveaways. Discord link is in comment.

Hey guys we are building our NFT(Cop theme) project with utility token, staking and fun2Earn games. Please join our discord server for buying and giveaways. Discord link is in comment. submitted by MetaCopsNft to opensea [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 08:24 baconygoodness Island open - Northern Hemisphere. Come hang out, shop and fish :) DM for Dodo ✈️🦤

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2022.01.23 08:24 remycouronne personal Mac Miller favorites :))

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2022.01.23 08:24 milgen9 Well….

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2022.01.23 08:24 betterinthesouth Wimbledon tickets

When do Wimbledon tickets sale open? And where can I buy them?
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2022.01.23 08:24 Adairlame Already brutally lost to the Irish but do you know the term Kittywompus?

Copy and pasted below:
Caught the Cornona Virus a few days back (which sucks despite being vaccinated) my wife is Irish and my kids (twins are about a month old). Im a Snr Manager at a Big public accounting firm so Im still at work. But my lovely Mrs. got into an argument with me regarding some slang. In the Oldschool slang in the Pacific Northwest of America there is a word "Kittywompus" (not sure how to spell it). I always thought it was from Ireland. But she says no. It supposed to mean "crooked, or just straight screwed up". Example, "ah hell you parked that car all Kittywompus". Im running a very bad fever but Id appreciate any help. She's probably right, she's a bit smarter than me. Which is what you want in a wife, fellas. Been camped out in quarantine in the mountains with my folks in a small room over the garage to try and quarantine myself. Miss my home, miss my wife, miss my kids want to win this argument.
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2022.01.23 08:24 Quimerart [FOR HIRE] Commissions open! Realistic portrait with mixed technique (digital finishing) If you want a portrait of yourself, a friend or your idol, send me a message and get to know my work! :3 starting price: $75.00

[FOR HIRE] Commissions open! Realistic portrait with mixed technique (digital finishing) If you want a portrait of yourself, a friend or your idol, send me a message and get to know my work! :3 starting price: $75.00 submitted by Quimerart to artstore [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 08:24 SC_Burninga_Aces 🇩🇪/🇦🇹 Street Racer Community!

🇩🇪/🇦🇹 Street Racer Community! submitted by SC_Burninga_Aces to NFSRides [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 08:24 NoIdeaWhat5991 Advice on dating a colleague?

Hi All,
I (28) matched with a colleague (M25) from work through Tinder during the holidays. We’re both secondary teachers. I work in Science and he works in Physical Educations (Sports). So far we been on 3 dates. We return to work next week
Has anyone had any experience with this? Is it wise to continue?
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2022.01.23 08:24 Ill_Bobcat_6752 I want to be Your Ebooks and Textbooks plug.

Hi guys,
I was thinking of a way to kind of help. People are shifting to electronic books and at times finding one is tough. Or you probably do not have the time to seek it. I am offering to be the Ebooks guy at very cheap rates. 2-3$. I hope to be your best plug. Furthermore, if you have a reading plan and do not know how to go on, we can work out a plan for you and I supply the books in that order until you achieve your ultimate reading goal.
Thank you
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2022.01.23 08:24 MrToilet134 Academic achievements are really not appreciated enough because I guess people don't really understand what they mean and it fucking annoys me.

I really don't understand why academic/studies related achievements do not warrant as much of a reaction among people as "hurr durr i lift weight".
Considering how society is moving forward it seems that intelligence and academic capability are going to be something employers seek so naturally we should appreciate those who have it, right?
Oh boy, how wrong I am.
I was outside with friends yesterday and it became a dick measuring contest as it happens between guys. There were a few girls there too and that is why.
We are all in high school, all 16, 17, 18.
One of the girls asked: "What did you all do last year, new hobbies and stuff?"
Every guy mentions something about the gym or something like that and then when I needed to say something I mentioned: "Yeah, I got into university as part of a gifted student program (I can verify this) and I came 9th in the county math olympiad, qualifying for state championship(I can verify this):"
A glaze just passed over her face, it was like I said I was from Canada or something. Bitch what the fuck, I literally got into fucking college at 16 and you're acting like you don't understand?
She then continued to talk to the gymbros.
Also, when I found out I qualified for the state championship, I told my friends and they just gave me half hearted congratulations(not their fault, I guess they don't get it.)
I talked to some online friends about this who I am training with for the Math Olympiad and they said that among their groups, brain training doesn't count as real training. Fucking What?
I was kinda dumbfounded because for me this is a big deal. I guess people just don't get academic achievements in 2022 even though physical strength is no longer the factor that defines success.
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2022.01.23 08:24 nerfegger [physics] is the graph supposed to be i put d/cm values on y axis, 1/t values on the x axis and plot accordingly?

[physics] is the graph supposed to be i put d/cm values on y axis, 1/t values on the x axis and plot accordingly? submitted by nerfegger to igcse [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 08:24 starsr Remember

“Stop trying to change the world since it is only the mirror. Man’s attempt to change the world by force is as fruitless as breaking a mirror in the hope of changing his face. Leave the mirror and change your face. Leave the world alone and change your conceptions of yourself.”
~Neville Goddard
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2022.01.23 08:24 KalderetoucH Tirich Challenger VS Sunpeed Triton VS something else?

Pahelp sa pagpili mga tol for my first road bike. Purpose ko sa road bike ay mas mabilis sa kalsada (parang na titripan ko yung slicks lol), magaan at gusto rin ma try kung para sakin yung drop bars style. Additionally, gusto ko rin gawin sa mabibili kong road bike ay pwede kong mapalitan yung slicks na exterior intro treaded (mahal ata pag buong wheelset yung papalitan) para may light trail/cyclocross capabilities kapag lang magruruta kami ng hindi pamilyar. But I dont see my self yet na mag hard trail in the near future.
Sa pagbabasa ko dito, nakita ko na madalas ma mention ang Sunpeed Triton sa mga suggestions pero may nakita din ako na nag suggest ng Tirich Challenger. Pinagkumpara ko yung specs and nakita ko na ang Triton ay 2x8 + rim brakes vs Challenger na 2x10 + disc brakes. Kaya nag taka ako kung bakit. Plus, parehas namang hindi Shimano groupsets.
Ano sa tingin niyo ang mas sulit para sa budget kong hindi dapat lalagpas ng 15k? Meron pa kayang mas better sa dalawang to na dapat ko iconsider? Planning nga rin pala ko na ibenta yung bike incase magsawa, magdecide mag upgrade nang mas matino, or hindi magustuhan yung style.

Side info:
Halos recently lang ako nag bike and newbie sa bike parts. Pero kami ng mga tropa ko, unti-unti na lumalayo, lumalalim na rin lalo ang mga lusong at tumatarik na rin ang inaahon. Yung lumang MTB bike (~5ish y.o.) namin na ginagamit unti-unti na pumapalya yung disc brakes (inadjust na namin yung alignment, tension, and pinalitan paddings) kaya medj kinakabahan ako nung nag rizal kami pero yung shifting ok pa naman (recently ko lang inadjust, not the smoothest pero matino at umaayon naman ang pag shift. Except sa front na ang maayos lang mag shift ay 2nd-3rd).
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2022.01.23 08:24 appsaraby رواد النيل: مراكز تطوير الأعمال وفرت 1.8 مليار جنيه تمويلات لأكثر من 42 ألف مشروع في 2021

رواد النيل: مراكز تطوير الأعمال وفرت 1.8 مليار جنيه تمويلات لأكثر من 42 ألف مشروع في 2021 submitted by appsaraby to Egypt_News [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 08:24 Nosib23 Everyone looks at Dirt 5 through the wrong lens

This is quite a long one, buckle up or don't, I just wanted to get a point off my chest.
A very vocal set of people here hate Dirt 5. That's fine, people are allowed their opinions and they are, of course, allowed and welcomed to voice them.
My problem is that the recommendation for anyone who comes onto this subreddit saying they don't like Dirt 5 or that they have problems with Dirt 5 the immediate suggestion is always that they pick up Dirt Rally 2.0.
Dirt Rally 2.0 and Dirt 5 are two very different games that try to achieve very different things.
Dirt 5 is an arcade game, it's supposed to be big on easy driven cars, ridiculous races and a wide array of cars even if that sacrifices some kind of nuance in how each one drives. In these circumstances you end up having so many classes of cars that cars in these classes are basically just minor variations on the base class to they feel samey.
It's trying to be Dirt 2. To me, it doesn't achieve anywhere near the magic that original did, but that isn't to say it's a bad game or a waste of time, especially for free like so many have got it from PS Plus. It's a good game if you can get it cheap to sit and waste away some time just driving some arcade off road races.
Dirt Rally 2.0 on the other hand is trying to go for simulation and benefits mostly from a lack of competition, the only other real attempt at a full on rally game being the WRC games (which actually score higher on Metacritic's user score and comparably on the critic score while Dirt Rally 2.0 and Dirt 5 have middling user scores, go figure). This is a little besides the point.
I have a lot of sympathy for the user who was recommended Dirt Rally 2.0 being a better rally game than [whatever arcade off road racer they're on], trying it and then realising they've been fed an unforgiving simcade game that punishes bad play.
Anyway, the point is this. If someone expresses their disappointment in Dirt 5 don't automatically point them at Dirt Rally 2.0 no matter how much you personally love that game. Ask them what they want and if they're looking for arcade, point them at Wreckfest or the Forza Horizon series or whatever other arcade game, DR2.0 probably isn't the right suggestion.
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