dht6z 4bf93 7iff8 fy8k6 ddk3d ihafa tkibe 75fb4 89bde 9k483 zb584 7h97r 9r5is 8eieh bbhef rdteb h5da4 77965 r6hfd 4dibi ydk5i Cucking |


2022.01.29 08:46 Cheap-Award-9719 Cucking

Its so hard to like be a cuck or even experiment with it because usually cucks are smaller than the bull or the person they're cucking and it's really hard to find someone who is that is appealing. And I don't want to say its impacting us because there's many other things to do but it definitely is a niche issue.
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2022.01.29 08:46 OldSchoolB2 When to foretell/play Lupine Harbingers? [Discussion]

I enjoy playing lots of different decks and am currently trying out Mono-Green Stompy in Alchemy, but I'm not sure how to play [[Lupine Harbingers]]. On the one hand, it seems like it's a card best foretold early (obviously?), on the other hand this deck can be aggressive and I hate to basically skip an early turn.
In a recent game turn 3 on the play my opponent had out two snow-covered swamps and a [[Jadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia]]. I had three lands, a [[Tenacious Pup]] and a [[Sculptor of Winter]] out and a [[Lupine Harbingers]] and two [[Ulvenwald Oddity]] in hand. I played the Odditys the next two turns and won, so maybe this is not a great example, but was foretelling Harbingers a better play to guard against black's kill spells and such? Should I even have played it on turn two instead of the Sculptor? Or maybe even without the Odditys I should just be playing the Harbinger when I have the aggressive opportunity?
More broadly, when should one foretell and when should one just play this card??
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2022.01.29 08:46 Z4Zoloft Moonlight

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2022.01.29 08:46 neskRemngepsyb5 16yr runs over 6 cyclists while trying to be a dick and just blow diesel exhaust on them. He was not arrested.

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2022.01.29 08:46 ksconsultnt How to pay myself and invest optimally while self employed

tldr: looking to optimize taxes and investments in S&P+Nasdaq. Income source is consulting income going to my small business corp (CCPC). __
For the past ~2-3 years I've been saving about half my 80k fulltime employment income and investing it into indices like S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100. My personal expenses going forward will be 30-40k/yr.
I'm currently about 6k away from my TFSA contribution limit and 80k away from the RRSP limit. My partner only saved & contributed about 4k to her TFSA, invested in indices.
I recently left my fulltime job to start independent contracting. I had to register a corp for this and now I'm not sure how to pay myself salary/dividends to maximize results of investments going forward.
The corp's income is about 150k/yr pre-tax. I would like to give my partner at least 1-2k per month for home and living expenses + tax sheltered investments into indices. Happy to give upto 3k/mo as gift or salary to her, especially if to optimize our collective taxes/investment growth in TFSA. Happy to also keep and invest portion of income within the corp if it's more optimal for investing for the long term (we're in our mid thirties). I plan to switch back to full-time work in later years where RRSP may be more useful.
What would be a good pay-out and investment plan in this case? Salary to myself, my partner, just dividends to me + gift to partner, or an optimal way to mix these?
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2022.01.29 08:46 JE_12 Zenit announce their squad, Azmoun missing

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2022.01.29 08:46 themoorofvenice About 9,300 Singapore families receive gift bags ahead of Chinese New Year

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2022.01.29 08:46 Sunny22401 thank you to anyone who can help

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2022.01.29 08:46 Blue_Aluminium Fisher AG7 ink colour

I keep switching between a black and a blue refill in my Fisher AG7, because I cannot decide which one I prefer... Is it known what ink colours were flown?
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2022.01.29 08:46 Tight-Loan9469 Et5 production prototypes!

“ NIO did not specify, but the first prototypes of the ET5 appear to have been produced at its existing plant, as its new plant at NeoPark in Hefei is still not ready.”
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2022.01.29 08:46 OneFightOneLoss Trying to access online banking be like

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2022.01.29 08:46 Groot_yt999 I need one way to have some fps, and also one shader that's nice but need few requirements

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2022.01.29 08:46 bruh-pixllol Hey guys Please Check out my New channel i hope you like it !!!

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2022.01.29 08:46 Kijos_Dad Photography & Art on my new Opensea account :)

Hi all! I released some of my photography/art work on opensea (see link below). Would be much appreciated if you took a moment to check it out and let me know what you guys think.
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2022.01.29 08:46 FOXXY_boiiiii Showcasing my 0$ Valorant inventory,because I am broke ; )

Showcasing my 0$ Valorant inventory,because I am broke ; ) Playing Valorant for over more than a year now, and honestly I love the Agent Contract Skins, but pretty sad that Primary Weapon's skins dont come with Agent Contracts : (
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2022.01.29 08:46 lil-td1212 H: Fixers or what do u want? W: Junkie Explosive Laser

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2022.01.29 08:46 FormAcademic5666 i found out about this today

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2022.01.29 08:46 LetJimiTake0ver R* needs to just make the Dre storyline pay 2mil all the time

That was my thought when the DLC first dropped. I was thinking it would've made more sense to pay 2mil.
They're probably doing it like this so they have more excuses to promote the DLC. Or to see analytics of number of people playing.
But either way in the end I think it should be 2mil all the time, or at least have 2mil promotion weeks regularly. We need other stuff in the game buffed so we have a Cayo competitor.
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2022.01.29 08:46 Irrequieto Lisboa está na lista do Pinterest das cidades da Europa com as casas mais bonitas

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2022.01.29 08:46 Mufc_fox I have to say I thought these would be impossible to get but I already have these 3 from not even trying to get them. :D

I have to say I thought these would be impossible to get but I already have these 3 from not even trying to get them. :D submitted by Mufc_fox to MADFUT [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 08:46 NefariousnessOwn7399 The Sultanate of Oman and Virgin Orbit Announce International Consortium on Country’s First Mission to Deep Space

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2022.01.29 08:46 motionless05 Looking for mouth care sub and these are top "mouth" results.

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2022.01.29 08:46 jackteran23 [psn] [h] sb, purple, fg, purple supernova GE [w] any offers/ painted octanes

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2022.01.29 08:46 Lolstation_Vita There was a big fandom of Final Fantasy games in Russia, but unfortunatelly it's dead.

Earlier I maded a post about low popularity of jRPGs in Russia and post-spviet countries and I should be thankful for support. I never expected that I will get 160 upvotes. So, I want to say a couple of words about FF fandom in Russia and gaming culture in general.
Final Fantasy becomed famous around late 90s and early 2000s. PlayStation 1 and 2 with their games are not officially distributed, so they pirated instead, including Final Fantasy games. And of course, translation was maded by pirates. Oftenly, the translation of games during these times where in most cases horrible. The greatest example was GTA: San Andreas's infamous pirated translation maded by pirates, where everything feels like a trash comedy. Thisbis because pirates used special programs and dictionary to somehow translate games. This translation becomed a meme.
But not for Final Fantasy games which are having quality translation from RGN studio. Sure, there are some issues, but the plot is understandable. This translation studio also maded Metal Gear Solid translation with voice acting. That was amazing for it's time. And Final Fantasy VII was hyped by the Great Dragon gaming journal which maded a review with text-based walkthrough. One of my comrades said that in early 2000s everyone in his city want PS2 to play Final Fantasy X. We even had a fan website called Final Fantasy Forever with walkthroughs and reviews of FF games. Damn, we even had walkthroughs of Kingdom Hearts and other not known jRPGs like Valkyrie Profile.
But at the beggining of 2010s something wrong happened. Well, Final Fantasy XIII have a very controversial status, and I heard how FFF members where mad with this game and sequels. This website is now kinda empty now. It doesn't even have anything related to FF XV. Oh, and a couple of words. FF XV becomed the first FF game that has russian localisation and even voice acting. But after that, Square Enix just abandoned russian market and released FF7 Remake without localisation. And it was released in Epic Games Store without some sort of regional prices on Steam. It's about 5000 rubles. Some said that this is because no one buyed in Russia FF XV, but according to latest events, this is because Square Enix's marketing department is doing wrong. Even latest Tales of games are getting official russian localisation. And Tales of Arise was streamed by famous russian streamer Maddyson.
Sure, everyone heard about Nier: Automata and it's kinda popular here despite of some technical issues. Many people here heard about Yoko Taro. But everyone here forgot about FF. People now just hate Square Enix because it doesn't released Deus Ex game and uses anti-consumer practices. And people call FF as "another stupid japanese game with grinding shit".
Well, I remember how I was in DTF and in comment section said that Genshin Impact is good game, but couple of guys just said "nah, it's shitty game, and Among Us/Baldur's Gate 3 are better". Well, DTF is kinda cringe website about news of geek culture, but the community here is shit. I'm glad that I leaved this place. If you want to know, Genshin Impact is having huge popularity in Russia and post-soviet countries and many zoomers and weebs are playing it. The problem is that DTF if full of old gamers, who spended their teenagehood with old PC games like Fallout 2, Baldur's Gate and KOTOR, Gothic, Heroes of Might and Magic III and etc. Old gamers are very annoying and don't play anyhting outside of games they played in teen ages. The zoomers in other hand prefer to play mobile games like Brawl Stars, popular indie games like Undertale and FNAF, and Minecraft. In other words, Genshin Impact becomed in eyes of russian zoomers an only one good anime game ever created, and it's popular among russian anime fans. They haven't heard about many jRPGs. Maybe they heard Zelda Breath of the Wild, but only few people are playing it. Legend of Zelda still has small fandom in Russia and post-spviet countries, but it's now more alive than FF fandom. So, sadly, everyone hates FF in Russia now. But praises old school CRPGs.
I though that with the coming of fast internet russian gamers finally open a world of games they never heard before. With the popularity of such games like Undertale they maybe download emulators and play videogames they had missed. But it's not happened. Russian gaming community, instead, started to degrade. And now everytime when I'm checking what's going on in russian gaming community, I only see nothing but a cancel culture. It's full of cancel culture now. I know, that something like exists in western gaming community, but here it's much worse. Even in russian youtube gaming channels are just cancelling big developers and praises indies and old games. And worst part is that they are popular among russian zoomers. I'm not surprised why indie gaming is extremely popular here due to ruble inflation and lack of regional prices in console gaming. In 2021, surprisingly enough, russian indie scene had success by releasing such games like Loop Gero, PotionCraft, The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante and etc. I just don't understand guys in russian internet who are shouting "Russian gaming industry is in Golden Age!" if they released nothing but just indie games for niche auditory? The only russian videogame I'm really proud was Pathfinder: Wright of the Righteous. Okay, I will not surprised if Russia will become a Mecca of indie scene.
So, I already played so called cult classics like Gothic and Baldur's Gate that these people recommend me. I don't see any "magic" here and they feel outdated in comparision of some old games everyone here hadn't played. I enjoyed really N64 version of Majora's Mask while I played it on emulation, but don't liked old games that are popular in russian gaming community. When I finally completed the Prologue of Genshin Impact and defeated Dvalin I just realised that I'm not just different than these guys, but have much more better gaming experience. Guys on DTF blamed me in comment section for playing Genshin amd they even got upvotes for it. And when I said that I liked Octopath Traveller and Ni no Kuni 2, they just blamed me for my tastes. And I finally understand the sad truth how gaming community in Russia is extremely toxic and degraded in comparision to western ones. We even have a terminology: we call people who are stupid and toxic a "cattles" (быдло), and unfortunatelly, russian gaming community is full of cattles. Toxic people who are loving cancel culture in gaming industry. I feel just sad how it's such degraded. So, I'm already leaved russian gaming communities. I even had some seanses with psychotherapist so he could cure my mental wounds after seeing such toxicity. Even anime community in Russia is very well developed and less toxic than gaming community.
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2022.01.29 08:46 ilikedankmemes0 [XBOX][PC][Store] The I just uploaded this post to my profile twice shopp, third time lucky les go (gimme striker vampire bats)

Cert/Paint/Item/Crate - xboxprice/pcprice, no slash means its xbox tradelocked, ? means unsure, pricechecks appreciated! All items are tradeable on xbox except the pc exclusives at the bottom

Striker komodo - 400

Fg octane - 600/

Bs octane - 500

Scorer bs octane - 600

Tw hotshot - 200/150

Cb hotshot - 80/50

Purple turtle twinzer impact - 100

Pink twiner gl19 - 100/80

Tact peregrine tt - 100

Purple/orange/sb paladin - 80/50 each 200/150 all 3

Fg animus gg19 - 100/80

Bs maverick - 200/150

Purple/fg road hog - 80/50 each 150/100 both

Saffron samurai gg20 - 100/80

Sb and saf x devil - 80/50 each 150/100 both

Cool boosts
Scorer black enchanter impact - ?

Tw comet gg20 - 300/250

Lightning set - 5500

Victor lightning set - 6k

Acrobat lightning set - crim - ?

Cb virtual wave gg21 - 100/70

Bs virtual wave gg21 - ?/?

Tw virtual wave gg19 - 150/100

Scary pumpkin - ?

Night terror -

Sweeper tw tsunami beam victory - 500?

tact pink ninja star gg21 - 100/80

Striker fg cirrus gl19 - 200/150

gk pink fractal fire gl21 - 100/80

Bs, fg, pink, saf, sb, cb and purple tachyon all turbo - ?probably sellin idk wat fo

Unpainted Illegal Items (bms)
Neuro agitator nc - 200

Voxel nc - 200/150

Tact singularity elev - 500?

Painted Illegal Items
Black encryption - 2k

Saf encryption - 2k for 1, 3.5k for 2 (5k all encryption)

Scorer orange gravity bomb - 600

Cb hellfire - 2k

Lime hellfire - 2300

Saf fireworks - 400/300

Painted exotics
Bs reactor gg19 - 200/150

Aviator saffron pyrrhos fer - 400

Fg equalizer vel - 300

Sb humid haze - 500

Pink gernots gg20 - 200/150

Lime dynamo gg21 - 200/150

Bs zomba pcc - 250

Scorer fg reevrb gg20 - ?/?

Tw warp wave - 1100

Lime zowie infinite - 700

Lime neyoyo gp20 - ?/?

Cb zombas cc4 - 800?

Unpainted Exotics
almagest, tremor, ambustion - 100 each

Cc4 zomba or nitro draco - 150
Tw clodhoppers gg21 - 100/70

Black clodhopper vin - 100

Tw libertine gg21 - 200/150

Sb libertine gg21 - 100/70

Tw glaive - 300

Tw dimonix inverted - 150/100

Striker astro csx - 300

Grey spiralis cc4 - 200

Paragon pink fsl cc4 - 300

Sb dey kc - 400

Sb nucleon clutch - 700 (Start of a sb wheel auriga set??? 🗿 1k)

Striker grey holographic picket gg21 - 500?/400?

Sb kyrios gg20 - 50/40

Sb apparatus gg21 - 100/80

Lime cntc 1 infinite - 400

Tw truncheon gg21 - 150/100

Lime triplex nitro - 100

Black masato impact - 300

Crimson orbit - 200

Purple diomedes triumph - 50

Bs septem turbo - 100

Octane Decals (pronounced properly)
Fg sticker bomb gg21 - ?/?

Sweeper tw abtruse gg21 - 200/150

Crimson buzz kill nitro - 100

Pink chantico gg21 - ?/?

Tact lime lone wolf ovd - 800

Sb abtruse gg21 - 200/150

Orange rlcs 250/200

Orange/fg/bs tumbling blocks fer - 100 each

Fg slimline vel - 100

Fg kana gp20 - 100/70

Grey kana gg21 - 100/70

Pm windblast - 100

Tact crim rlcs x - ?/?

Gk purple royal tyrant - 50/40

Fenk decals
Cb yorebands - 200/150

Tw yorebands - 400/300

Huntress - 100

Bs yorebands - 50/40

Distortion - 100

Edge burst - 50/40

Hardline - 50

Yorebands - 40/30

Fg tact yorebands - 250/200

Bs yorebands - 50/40

Tact fg edge burst vin - ?

Universal and other car decals
Striker takumi anubis cc1 - 500

Striker rose king triumph - ?

pink takumi aqueous nitro -

Lime gt splatter acc -

Tact imperator windswept imp -

Black mdga pcc -

Cb endo splatter ovd -

Saf centio splashback imp -

Takumi distortion nc (glitch still works) - 200/150

Cb starlighter gg21 - ?/?

Purple starlighter gg21 - ?/?

Dom rlcs x - ?/?

Dom huntress - 100

Dom bodacious - ?

Crimson zsr mechaceph gg21 - ?/?

Fg striker retro sun gg21 - ?/?

Sweeper cb astaroth gg21 - ?/?

Sweeper tw astaroth zephyr - 400?

Bs or-aise gg21 - 50/40

Saf or-aise gg21 - 50/40

Orange smokescreen - 200

Smokescreen - 100

Lime smokescreen - 300

Crimson smokescreen - ?

Pm deep six - 150

Sb good shape fer - ?/?

Pm tw mummified gl21 - 200/150

Fg sentinel faceted - ?

Fg cold front ssc - ?

Purple/black zsr funny book both ovd - ?

Fg centio splashback imp - ?

Grey zsr rlcs - ?/?

Tw odd fish vel - 100

Tact tw endo mg 88 ge19 - ?/?

Scorer sb endo mg 88 ge19 - ?/?

Lots of unpainted rare nc ones if you're searching

Goal explosions (best cosmetic item)
Tact lime overgrowth - 150/100

Tw overgrowth - 300/200

Orange overgrwoth - ?/?

Bs overgrowth - 50/40

Vampire bats sfs or hhc - 200

Holodata - 200

Pm saf dust cloud - 100/70

Sb supernova 3 - 300/200

Black and tw meta blast - 200/150 each

Lime and bs rad rock - 50/40 each

Sb rad rock - 100/70

Grey/saf/lime/crimson wall breakers 100/70 each

Saf/lime/fg/grey holodata - 70/50 each

Tact purple holodata - 150/100

Scorer bs lightspeed gl19 - 200/150

Striker bs hack swerve - 200/150

Tw hack swerve -

Sb discoteque elev - 100

Saf discoteque gg21 - 100/70

Tw discoteque gg21 - 200/150

Hot rocks acc - 50

Friction ovd - 50

Laser wave 3 - 70/50

Laser wave 2 - 70/50

Hex fade - 50

Sweeper saf/cb/bs/lime/orange/sb binarys all zephyr - ?

Grey binary gg19 - ?/?

Grey burnout impact - 150

Sweeper antlers/birthday cake/party hat - 50/40 each

Miyagi do - 400

Sets are paint sets dont have unpainted

Devil horns set - cb and tw - ?/?

Sb devil horns 100/70

Heart glasses - crim blk - ?/?

Homburg set - grey tw - ?/?

Crim/orange latte 50/40 each

Little bow set - pink bs - ?/?

tw latte/pirates hat - 100/80 each

Cb pork pie - 70/50

Top hat set - tw sb - ?/?

Crimson traffic cone - 50/40

Tw trucker hat - 100/70

Sb trucker hat - 70/50

Fg unicorn - 100/70

Visor set - pink tw - ?/?

Tact visor - 80/50

Cb/grey/pink/sb witchs hat - 70/50 each

Cb/grey/lime/purple wizard hat - 70/50 each

Black wizard hat - 100/70 each

Tw witch hat - 150/100

Striker hustle brows - 250/200 each

Playmaker jolt bangle 3 - 150/100

Tact jolt bangle 3 - 200/150

Tact jolt bangle set - ?/?

Paper dragon - 100

Cb mage glass 300/250 each (uncert, victor or turtle)

Gk orange mage - 300/250

Scorer orange mage - 400/300

Pm fg mage - 300/250

bs mage - 200/150

Guardian pink mage glass - 300/250

Sweeper black mage glass - 600/450

Crimson macaron - 150/100

Flower daisy/orchid - ?/?

Antennas, toppers, goal explosions**, rlcs tings,** other decals and stuff comin soon maybe

Tradelocked PC Items
Lime zig zag gl21 - ?

Candy cane ssc - ?

Crimson octane slimline vel - 100

Mage glass 3 - ?

Sweeper cb shattered gp20 - 800

Lime shattered gp20 - 700

Black neuro agitator gg21 - 2600

Bs nippers vict - ?

Tribal pcc - ?

Lookin For (xbox although can buy bps on pc)
Striker grey vampire bat sfs - offering 800

Striker lime vampire bat sfs - offering uncert plus 200

Striker fg vampire bat sfs - offering uncert plus 300

Striker pink vampire bat sfs - offering uncert plus 300

Striker crimson vampire bat sfs - offering 800

Striker black vampire bat sfs - offering 800

Striker orange vampire bat sfs - offering 800

Striker saffron vampire bat sfs - offering 900

Striker purple vampire bat sfs - offering 900

Orange and cobalt finnys from elevation - 50 each

Black grey and saf holodata trail for tw holodata trail

500 for fenk

400 for tw griffon from turbo

50 for pink turbo griffon

Sb octane fo 1700
submitted by ilikedankmemes0 to RocketLeagueExchange [link] [comments]