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chongyun <3

2022.01.23 10:02 FileInternational834 chongyun <3

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2022.01.23 10:02 Marvcat1985 Reassure me that this is just an irritation bump please.

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2022.01.23 10:02 TooVile The motives of >!future humanity!<

Somehow I only realised this thing today: even before they start to plan out their operation to invert the whole planet, future humanity should have known right from the start that their operation would have ended in failure. Because if their operation turns out to be a success, then they would have already been living on an inverted planet Earth to begin with. This is similar to how TP pointed out to Neil, while inverting and heading towards their mission in Stalsk-12, that the fact that they had not yet saw the planet get inverted means that future humanity has ultimately failed to invert the planet.
With this context in mind, it now dawns upon me that future humanity only has one goal and one hope in mind when they launched their operation to invert the planet, namely "mutual destruction of both present humanity and themselves".
Your thoughts on this?
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2022.01.23 10:02 mercer47 Wanted to illustrate the journey and appreciation of this character

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2022.01.23 10:02 Poker_3070 IIHS Says No Automaker Meets New Criteria For Self-Driving Safeguards

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2022.01.23 10:02 Dragon1676 cant even uninstall edge anymore

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2022.01.23 10:02 Minute-Stand1985 ‼️FREE 1x FAP 🐵 NFT + 10 WL spots 💵 UPVOTE ⬆️ + drop your SOL addy 🔥Check comments section 👇

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2022.01.23 10:02 BrianEarlSpilner2001 Es malo cuando el auto tironea a pocas revoluciones? Tipo 500 o 600

Hola! en base al otro thread que publicaron acá, me di cuenta que es malo usar el clutch en bajadas/subidas empinadas, afecta sobretodo en el estacionamiento, así que desde entonces he estado tratando de cuidar más el auto y no usar el embrague, pero obviamente es algo que se va perfeccionando y mejorando con el tiempo.
Por ahora me sale bien pero hay varios momentos (sobretodo al terminar la bajada) que por motivos obvios las revoluciones bajan al punto donde el auto empieza a tironear y si no metes el embrague se apaga, mi pregunta es, más allá de que claramente está mal y no debería pasar, por esos 2 o 3 segundos que el auto tironea, le hace daño al motocaja? O no afecta en nada?
Es para saber si puedo seguir aprendiendo o voy a romper todo en unas semanas.
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2022.01.23 10:02 BytesReturned

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2022.01.23 10:02 PrincessSparkleComic No More Breakfast

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2022.01.23 10:02 pookashup Hate5six will be shooting the Philadelphia show!

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2022.01.23 10:02 cbvv1992 🔥55% Price Drop and Off Code – $10.34 Mini Wireless 1080P Security Camera Motion Activated Small Indoor Outdoor Nanny Cam

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2022.01.23 10:02 horny_sub_male Im a white beta boy who is fully supporting the bnwo! My insta is benji.bnwo.sub dm me and make me addicted to bbc.

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2022.01.23 10:02 RuleMysterious9517 IG Will follow back asap!

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2022.01.23 10:02 CrAzYPeOpLe3360 Proliferator Testing So Far

Been doing some testing of the new proliferators and these are some interesting interactions I've found. Is there a place where this information is being compiled?

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2022.01.23 10:02 V18ribeiro Vendo Onlyfans da Ale zambelli atualizado e mais de 170 conteúdos diversos dela, interessados chama no PV!

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2022.01.23 10:02 redditapi_botpract Advice for Younger People

Alright, so when I was younger, I wanted to be a graphic designer because I wanted to be an artist and liked computers and using them to manipulate JPEGs and all that stuff. I read up on being a graphic designer and found that it would be a lot of 'contract work' and you might not have a steady job, and you would be living paycheck to paycheck, with each paycheck not really being certain.
My dad ended up telling me about computer science and I read into it, was always naturally interested in computers, and decided that I wanted to become one of those hacker guys that do penetration tests (i was in 10th grade when I realized this). My dad's logic was that he was an engineer and he knew that some kind of 'tech engineering' was the next big job field, so he said that he would pay for college as long as I go for something based in engineering, (which he doesn't even remember doing but I remember it) but I don't even think he knew just how big it would become. He told me that graphic design was something you could pickup at a 2 year college, or some specialized art school.
I agreed with him and one of my fears of being a graphic designer was that I wouldn't have a steady paycheck from the get-go, and I was good at graphic design, but what I liked to do in my free-time with graphic design would not likely be what I do in a corporate setting.
I ended up applying to a 4 year university, and got in, got accepted. It was a good sturdy in-state school that had a good computer science program, 2nd in the state. Tuition averaged around 3.7k-4k per semester, not including books or food or boarding.
I ended up starting as a 'software and information systems' major, which essentially studies how to use computers and their operating systems to perform tasks using networks and was a computer science field of study that wasn't hardcore based on programming. I knew that I wanted to be like those 'hacker dudes that can get computers to do cool shit'. And in order to do that, you have to learn the inns and outs of computers and networks.
At the time, my college did not have a Cyber Security program(cyber security wasnt as big as it was then as it is now), or even a Penetration testing program. So I crafted my own list of classes that I knew would be useful for knowing the inns and outs of computers. This consisted of taking courses that dealt with Linux administration, networking, computer architecture, a few entry lvl programming courses, pretty much anything that allowed me to get hands on experience with computers and understand how they function.
I basically just talked to my advisor and found classes that fit the criteria of the major and aligned with my interests (aka not programming and algorithm classes). Ended up with a bunch of fun labs that dealth with programming rasberry pies, setting up DNS tables, basically a bunch of stuff old school linux wizards would deal with, and it was pretty fun.
Then in my junior year, my major got swapped to a generic computer science major because nobody knew what a 'software and information systems' major was, so I just ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science with a sub-class "Software & Information Systems.
So I took those courses and I also ended up doing a minor, which was technical writing, which ends up pairing VERY well with technology in my opinion. Technical writing teaches you how to write formal documents, write processes and procedures, and write in a way so that you can explain complex topics to people that might not fully understand. And during my technical writing minor, I was forced to get an internship. So I ended up getting a 'paid internship' with a company nearby that was looking for a Jr. Cyber Security Student Employee.
Ended up being the perfect fit. I grew up doing tutorials on youtube, so writing tutorials for people to follow was a natural extension of something that I enjoyed. And I basically get paid to be a cyber security writer, and also get hands on experience programming/automating tasks.
My job duties basically consist of writing scripts that automate uploading of application code to scanning platforms(after 4 years of experience finally doing some sysadmin stuff), while working from home (thanks covid?), and writing documents that explain the whole process. I've been able to do 1 year long contracts with different contracting agencies that work for 'tech placements' and have done work pertaining to being an excel spreadsheet monkey(worked for a bank) to configuring firewalls and writing playbooks(for medical hospitals) to monitoring SIEM consoles...
Nowadays they have a cyber security program that you can do to get in this field, and your journey will be different from mine. And you do not even need to do cyber security, you can do a lot of stuff in TECH / IT. There's so many jobs that it's kind of crazy, and a lot of them let you work remotely these days. If one company doesn't, just find another one that does. Starting out it's a good idea to use a recruiter, but be careful because they can and will skim a lot off the top if you let them, but they can help you get your first few jobs in the field and there's agencies that actually specialize in recruiting new people fresh out of college.
So honestly, right now my job feels like a job, but I enjoy my job so it feels like a natural extension of what I would be doing anyways. I also get to work remote and my manager is pretty chill and doesn't micro-manage as long as we produce results. I figure, well shit I'd probably be doing something similar, just maybe not as cool and not with super expensive toys that companies pay for that you can't afford ;)
That's just my little spiel, typed this because I couldn't sleep. but wanted to give someone that might not know where to go with this field or just in general. I'm 28 years old, got my first job with full benefits 2 years ago, and just got promoted at work with a nice raise. I know a lot of people in this subreddit like to shit on jobs, but some of them are actually good if you get the right combination of motivation and experience.
I've been on interview after interview before, think of each interview as an opportunity to practice your acting skit. I think the most interview's I've been on without hearing back was 7, just keep trying and someone will eventually find you :)
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2022.01.23 10:02 Regular-Effective326 Upsi, hun glemte vist Paris-filter på en af hendes stories..

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2022.01.23 10:02 LondonCollector Architect cost 5m x 3m extension on top of existing structure?

Looking to get an architect to quote to draw up some plans for an incredible basic extension on top of a single story structure.
It’s literally a rectangle box with a window at each end and a skylight.
At the moment I’ve got a quote or two and it’s come back at about £3,600 just for some plans.
Seems excessive for me for what is essentially a rectangle box using existing dimensions and floor layout - but I don’t know if that’s in the range of what I should be paying?
Location is South East so probably going to be higher than average.
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2022.01.23 10:02 digitalmofo Beautiful shot from an awesome guy I know

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2022.01.23 10:02 alexabriq how to apologise

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2022.01.23 10:02 Redditor2046 Lord Raptor vs Pentakill Mordekaiser (Darkstalkers vs Pentakill)

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2022.01.23 10:02 ro2ro Do you recommend buying this game ?

I am in quarantine right now, looking for an action-adventure game with lots of combat, preferably 3rd person, that is not too hard to understand and get into (My English isn't great). I loved Remnant and Outriders. Is it anything like them ?
Is there co-op ?
Thanks in advance
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2022.01.23 10:02 solunangel What happened to the Fit & Active Fruit Bars?

They disappeared from all of my local stores months ago. I always used to grab a few on my weekly run since they were a nice little snack and cheap too! Always around 50 cents, at times on sale for half of that. Were they discontinued?
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2022.01.23 10:02 TannieAnonymous Didn't see this coming

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