Emkay in Hollow Knight style! I think he would make a quite challenging boss in the game

Final Fantasy XV, formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII before its rebranding in 2013, is the fifteenth Numbered Sequel in the game-delayingly popular Final Fantasy series. It is the sixth entry in the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy subseries, sharing a common mythology with Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0, albeit with no direct connection. note . Hollow Knight feels like it's found its natural home on Switch. The game's beautiful 2D world, tactile combat and impressive bevy of secrets constantly drag you in for more, and it proves to be as ... Souls-like games have amassed a cult following over the years, with many considering them the ultimate test of skill and patience. In simple terms, souls-like titles are a series of punishingly difficult, third-person action games, taking place across vast fictional badlands. But regardless of the ... Dark Souls II is the second game in the Dark Souls series. It was developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment in 2014 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.. Long ago, in a walled off land, far to the north, a great king built a great kingdom called Drangleic. A place where souls may mend the ailing mind of humans cursed by the Darksign, an augur ...

2022.01.28 21:56 tastylasagne_ Emkay in Hollow Knight style! I think he would make a quite challenging boss in the game

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2022.01.28 21:56 Paradise-Away Arm wrestling by sealbatross

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2022.01.28 21:56 fluffyshoelace Is it true that you can only get one year of free therapy through the school?

Someone I know is claiming this but I don’t know the validity of it.
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2022.01.28 21:56 Corps3Organs Loid doodle I did in his notebook merch I got today :D (plus the ref i used to draw him)

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2022.01.28 21:56 ohmanitsneega should australia have a federal icac

with some saying australia is going through the same process as a nation like hungary when it comes to corruption, would you support a federal icac?
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2022.01.28 21:56 KaKapOs-ArE-VaLiD Old art of DRV3’s best boys! I thought you guys would like it :D

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2022.01.28 21:56 SagHarbor85 Mental health diagnosis question

I was referred to the PTSD department at my local VA as have been experiencing intense symptoms since separating from the Navy 10 years ago. I have been going to the VA since I have been out for anxiety and panic attacks. All documented in my record. I wont go into too much detail about my deployments but did 3 tours to the middle east where I saw and experienced things that very much impact my life today.
The psychologist in the PTSD department that assessed my issues determined that I "dont meet the required symptoms" for a PTSD diagnosis. This is total BS as after seeing the notes she wrote in my evaluation, I see that she wrote no for answers that I said yes to!
Anyway, at this time she said "these symptoms did not currently meet criteria for PTSD. Instead a diagnosis of other trauma and stressor related disorder is appropriate at this time."
For vets that got a mental health disorder diagnosis, I have a few questions:
To file a claim, does it have to be a PTSD diagnosis?
Does this still count as a mental health diagnosis that I can file a claim for?
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2022.01.28 21:56 codnebsbehdhd Dog

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2022.01.28 21:56 Alexis6 About new event, is worth to buy 2 copy Dio to ascend M1?

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2022.01.28 21:56 zeus2422 Is there a way to know which NA West server will have the cali ping and which one will have Oregon ping?

Maybe I'm understanding things wrong but I saw that there were Cali and Oregon servers on AWS so I'm wondering which ones are for which server? Or do they just use both? Thank you!
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2022.01.28 21:56 jkmanero Can't find Fluid Antimatter.

Playing kappa mode, need fluid antimater for some stuff, no crafting options, so it should be somewhere, anyone know where? Playing latest update.
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2022.01.28 21:56 Paulusplay Rushing the dorms marked room! - Escape from Tarkov

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2022.01.28 21:56 ASICmachine ifykyk (x-post from /r/SatoshiStreetBets)

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2022.01.28 21:56 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.28 21:56 NystromWrites As Above, So Below, Pt. I & II

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2022.01.28 21:56 The_Nutcrack Arizona Bill Aims to Make Crypto Legal Tender

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2022.01.28 21:56 Pacochu_18 Toilet leaking after wax ring replacement

Out toilet was leaking around the base. I bought and installed a new standard wax ring. It leaked again. Upon the advice of our local Ace Hardware guy, I bought the extra thick one. I installed it and the toilet is leaking from underneath again. I thought maybe I overtightened the toilet base bolts too much the first time and tried to be easier this time. When I lifted the toilet to install the second wax ring, it was still stuck to the toilet base and not the flange on the floor.
What is my next step? Is there an upgraded wax ring I could find? The flange plate on the floor is slightly offset to the front of the pipe. It appeared to be a standard wax ring previously. The floor is tile the toilet is a 16 year old Mansfield.
I didn't see any cracks underneath the toilet itself.
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2022.01.28 21:56 4four7 Thank you hedgies for these discounts. Sometimes I really wish it dips more so that I can buy more. πŸŒ™ SOON πŸš€

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2022.01.28 21:56 CptHeadSmasher Cheers. Sorry drank all the Scotch.

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2022.01.28 21:56 IFullerBucheet Leon Russell - Out In The Woods

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2022.01.28 21:56 Ivory_Deity Female Singer Needed for Upbeat Pop Song

No lyrics, but open to any ideas. I think with a talented singer and a catchy hook this could be something special.
120 BPM
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2022.01.28 21:56 WillShowBoobs4Moons Buy GMI on MexC *No KYC*. Save 10% on all trading fees for life with referral code 1EJEy

Or use code 1EJEy at signup
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2022.01.28 21:56 DanEcho Theory on the New ship in the Book of Boba Fett!

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2022.01.28 21:56 RealCanadianBcon Seasonal employment for a Whitehorse Newcomer?

Hey everyone!!
I am looking for any leads I can get regarding seasonal employment.

I am finishing my university degree at the end of April, and want to do something cool with my summefall time. I'm an avid hikescrambleclimber from the prairies and I've heard really amazing things about living in Whitehorse. I think it would be a really cool place to spend a few months - 1 year.
I'm ideally looking for jobs in the tourism/outdoor recreation industry. (e.g. on with a rafting company, golf course, parks canada, campground, etc.)

Any ideas/leads would be appreciated.
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2022.01.28 21:56 BurntOrangeSky98 Is the Philly Show in march a great venue? Does anyone reccomend food places nearby? And are cops rough on weed?

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