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[Proactivesp] Paul George who is currently undergoing rehabilitation for his injured elbow is spotted playing football

2022.01.29 07:01 carl73833 [Proactivesp] Paul George who is currently undergoing rehabilitation for his injured elbow is spotted playing football

There’s been a lot of speculation about how Paul George might be out for the rest of the season and might have to get Tommy John surgery for his elbow. Bill Simmons on his recent pod with Windhorst said he doesn’t believe PG will be back this season.
However, he was spotted playing football recently with a group of people which suggests that his elbow injury isn’t season ending. If it were then he wouldn’t be stressing it doing physical activity.
As reported by Woj, he’s still rehabbing and will be re-evaluated in a few weeks.
His goal is to try and come back this season and based on everything I’ve said above it seems like he’s more likely to come back than get season ending surgery. If he comes back I’d imagine Kawhi would be much more likely to come back as well and go on a championship run.
Source: @proactivesp on Instagram
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2022.01.29 07:01 chairbornebg Македонският президент се срещна с ОМО "Илинден"

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2022.01.29 07:01 Zealousideal-Log-525 Vaccin & Bluetooth

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2022.01.29 07:01 chairbornebg Мицкоски иска вписване в Конституцията ни на "македонците в България"

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2022.01.29 07:01 Genoss01 Is hosting a Guardian Node for noobs?

Does one need to be a developer to be able to step up their own Guardian Node? Or is it something a regular computer user can do?
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2022.01.29 07:01 xd_Mcraft1422 What did Walt mean by this?

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2022.01.29 07:01 WeirdDandelion 30F, 😬 I'm ready.

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2022.01.29 07:01 Gaddis92 Do people buy full sets of magazines and of so how do you value a collection?

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2022.01.29 07:01 P0Sl GCMOD - Episode IV

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2022.01.29 07:01 Sir-salty-PC Hey! My first mastered tower!

Hey! My first mastered tower!
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2022.01.29 07:01 braino45 shawty got b̷̬̒̏e̷̡̠͆̃ȃ̸̞m̷̠̊é̷͕͍͘d̶̻͒̚

shawty got b̷̬̒̏e̷̡̠͆̃ȃ̸̞m̷̠̊é̷͕͍͘d̶̻͒̚ submitted by braino45 to FORTnITE [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 07:01 Specialist-Bee6902 Watch "Kanye West - Heartless ( Orchestral Remix )" on YouTube. Pleas give it a try

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2022.01.29 07:01 chairbornebg Хиляди отменени полети в САЩ заради зимна буря

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2022.01.29 07:01 Aaradhyaverma Wholesome letter

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2022.01.29 07:01 Sylver713 Hunger Games : A new Generation (107th Hunger Games part 2)

Day 1:
Beam had a terrible expression on the morning of the games. She hadn’t slept all night. Peter was not much better. The pair talked a little while having breakfast, reminiscing their good memories. Peter made Beam promise that they would stay together until the end. They wished each other good luck for the bloodbath as they were whisked away to the arena.
In the launching rooms, they were made to wear a dark lycra suit with short sleeves and legs. Seeing the outfit, Talon immediately warned Peter that the arena would be water-based. The boy appeared to panic, claiming that he couldn’t swim very well, but his mentor gently pushed him into the tube and held him until he calmed down. He left the room to go and meet Beam, who was already waiting in her tube.
Talon immediately saw through her resigned façade. He told her it was okay to be scared, but that she had to at least try. She nodded, saying that she promised to stay with her district partner as long as possible. Talon subsequently gave her a short hug before she started rising into the arena.
Sheen and Ruby had slept quite well, but they had woken up early in order to warm up. Ruby asked her district partner to help her put on her necklace. He wondered if she wouldn’t lose it in the arena, but she told him that if she lost it, that would mean she was dead.
Pilar helped her mentee put on her bodysuit. They tried to talk about something other than the games, but it was difficult. In the end, Pilar just wished Ruby good luck, hoping that she would finally have someone to mentor with. She also went to say goodbye to Sheen, who was trembling (with excitation he said) in his tube. The mentor gave a few words of encouragement, and some last-minute advice before he was sent up...
The 24 tributes slowly appeared on their podium in an arena that would later be nicknamed “bloodlust atoll”. It was composed of three concentric rings. The first contained the cornucopia and was a dead coral reef. There were sharp rocks, and the turquoise water was waist high. Around this zone was a circular shoal, approximately 50 feet wide, with some palm trees and lower vegetation. Outside of the shoal was the sea. The water was shallow for a few hundred feet, before going way deeper. There were some rocks interspersed here and there that could hold one or two tributes, but they were quite far from the land.
Head Gamemaker Orpington greeted the tributes, wishing them good luck before starting the countdown from 60 seconds. Sheen immediately looked around for his allies. He stood on the northern part of the ellipse, between Aspen (7) and Cole (5). He spotted Nikki to his right and Icarus on the other side of the cornucopia. Sheen finally saw Ruby on the western part of the podiums.
Ruby had been staring at the cornucopia from the beginning, scanning for weapons. This year, it was shaped like a wooden shipwreck, with the most interesting weapons on the main ship, as well as food, drink and bags floating on debris all around. Her district partner managed to grab her attention and she nodded to him, readying herself to grab a pack of throwing knives.
Beam looked desperately for Peter and, upon seeing him on the easternmost podium, she signaled him to try and wait for her. The girl saw that Damask (8), who stood next to her, had noticed a spear that floated right under the cornucopia. They shared a look, and she knew that there would be a fight. Just at that moment, the countdown got to zero and everyone jumped out of their podium.
Peter had a moment of hesitation up on his podium. It gave enough time to other tributes to run towards the cornucopia. The girl from 3, who stood next to him, immediately ran away. As Peter was beginning to come down, he saw Nikki (2) thrust her sword into the chest of the boy from 11. His district partner, who had just seen him fall, turned around but a knife thrown by Ruby caught her in the back.
Sheen had also run towards the cornucopia, jumping from rock to rock in order to go faster. He met in the center with his allies, and they attacked as other tributes came onto the platform. He saw Icarus impale Tonya (9) with a trident, then grabbed a sword. He tried to attack Pearl (4) who was in the process of drowning the boy from 3 but turned around just in time to see the girl from 5 running away with a backpack. He ran after her and stabbed her in the neck.
Beam had raced with Damask (8), making a beeline to the floating spear. He grabbed it first, but the girl dodged his first attack and grabbed it. She shoved it, causing Damask to hit his head on the side of the platform. Stunned, he loosened his grip and Beam managed to free the weapon, stabbing it into his chest. She gasped but quickly shook off her shock and ran, grabbing the bag from the girl from 5’s corpse and rejoining her district partner.
They ran away towards the sandbank, like many other tributes, until it was only the career pack and the 4-6 alliance. Pearl (4) was extremely skilled with a trident, and she managed to fend off both Nikki and Icarus while Astra and Jet (6) distracted the 1s. Meanwhile, Edward (4), who was the smallest of the group, stole a bunch of supplies and weapons from the unattended piles. It was only after they had run away that Sheen noticed the state of their supply pile. What hadn’t been pillaged was mostly thrown in the water.
Beam and Peter could hear the screams of rage coming from Ruby. They had settled down at the foot of a scrawny palm tree. They were in the process of drying off, which was fast thanks to the warm air and soft wind. Beam emptied the bag, which contained some basic supplies to build a fire as well as a water bottle. The six bloodbath cannons sounded, announcing that there were 18 tributes remaining. Meanwhile, Peter decided to climb the tree, making it bend with his weight.
He stopped in the middle, scared to break the trunk, and observed. He described the view to his partner. Most tributes were scattered on the shoal, with only the career pack making their camp in the cornucopia, as was tradition. He saw the pair from 4 fishing under a big boulder while their allies from 6 were building a makeshift fire on the beach.
Suddenly, Pearl shouted, and she helped Edward to climb on the rock. “She must have seen a snake, Peter said jokingly.” A little further away, the remaining tributes from 9 and 10 had reconvened and were swimming in the open sea. Peter observed them for some time and, just as he was about to climb down, he saw Carlos (10) disappear under the surface. There were screams as a red stain appeared in the water. His cannon sounded and Bushel (9) and Bess (10) ran away to the safety of the sand.
In Ravinstill studios, Selen squealed with excitement. She explained to Urania that she had decided to go classic this year and included sharks in the sea. Simple and efficient, commended Urania. Unfortunately, Helion had been unable to fulfill his duty of commentator, explaining the presence of Head Gamemaker Selen Orpington.
Sheen sighed in relief when the cannon sounded. It had appeared to calm Ruby down. She had been fuming for the past few hours at what she called “a complete failure”. She had complained about the state of their supplies and the lack of kills they had gotten in the bloodbath. Annoyed with her outburst, Nikki and Icarus had been wandering around the central lagoon, collecting stray supplies and clams.
Sheen sat down next to Ruby and told her that they were still alive, and that it was a good thing. After all, there were still a lot of tributes to kill. The girl softened her expression even though her mood stayed gloomy for the rest of the evening.
When he climbed down the palm tree, the trunk finally broke under Peter’s weight. Fortunately, it did not fall on Beam, who was further down the beach hunting for crabs. It ended up being a good thing. She cut the leaves and used them to make a small shelter where they could camouflage themselves. It almost worked too well.
Later in the evening, after eating their meager crab and sharing a small portion of the water, the pair from 12 put off the small fire Peter had built and huddled in the makeshift tent. They were alerted by the sound of crunching leaves, and then a small whimper when someone outside the camp tripped on a stone. Beam jumped outside, her spear in hand, to appear face to face with Aspen and Dina (7). Instead of trying to back off, Aspen made a gesture to grab a knife on his belt. Before he could touch it, Beam had launched the spear in his stomach. He fell to his knees and his district partner ran away without looking back. His cannon sounded and Beam started crying, repeating “I’m sorry” over and over until Peter forced her back into the shelter.
Sheen took the first watch with Nikki. They flinched when they heard a cannon but did not bother to investigate. Nikki instead sat closer to the boy. Their shoulders touched and she whispered in his ear: “don’t you think we should get rid of Ruby?”. He was flabbergasted but she continued. “I mean, she’s clearly unstable. She could be a liability. You seem like a clever guy.” A grimace of disgust appeared on Sheen’s face as Nikki set her hand on his thigh, but he replied that he had to think about it. Fortunately, after that, Nikki was too occupied watching the portraits of the fallen to notice him getting away. The toll of the first day amounted to 8: the boy (3), the girl (5), Aspen (7), Damask (8), Tonya (9), Carlos (10) and both tributes (11).
Day 2:
Ruby took the last watch. She waited until sunrise to wake the others. There was more energy in the group, and they set off soon in order to hunt for other tributes. They crossed the water and looked around for a target.
There were not many hiding places in the arena. It was mostly flat, with very little vegetation. Most tributes had been keeping an eye on the career pack, so they had moved out of the way. Eventually, Icarus spotted a group that was still sleeping. They approached to see that it was the 4s and 6s. Edward had fallen asleep during his watch. When Ruby and her allies were only a few feet away, Edward jolted awake. He screamed but his voice was cut off by a knife in the throat. He fell, his blood mixing with the sand, and the sound of his cannon finished waking the others.
With startling reflexes, Pearl grabbed her trident and stabbed Sheen in the shoulder while Jet and Astra ran away. Icarus tried to help his allies but the girl from 4 managed to fend them off with her trident. She disarmed them and ran away with the swords. Meanwhile, Ruby and Nikki had pursued the 6s. Ruby was aiming her knife, but Nikki bumped into her as she threw it, exclaiming “Oopsie!”. With a shout of rage, Ruby watched her knife disappear into the water. Nikki’s knife, however, hit Jet’s back. The injury wasn’t lethal, but as Astra tried to help him climb a rock away from the shore, three triangular fins appeared and converged to the source of the blood.
The girls immediately ran back to dry ground, Ruby red with anger and Nikki laughing at Astra’s screams. The boys joined them and complained about losing their weapons. Ruby took a deep breath and counted to ten silently, before taking a med kit out of her backpack. She helped take care of the boys’ wounds.
Meanwhile, the pair from 12 suffered from what was called “the second day effect”. They did not eat and drank from their shared bottle. They heard the two successive cannons of Edward and Jet but kept resting when they saw the hovercraft flying to the opposite side of the arena. Suddenly, Peter yelped. He stood up, a crab firmly pinching his behind. Beam hit it with her spear, mentioning that they now had breakfast. Her smile evaporated when she saw the cast of sizeable crabs coming their way. They were dark green with bright orange eyes and scary looking claws. She tried to fend them off with her weapon, but there were just too many.
The duo ran and encountered Bushel (9) and Bess (10), who were also fleeing from the crustaceans. They silently agreed to a temporary truce in order to escape. The crabs were coming from both sides of the sandbank, so the only ways out were into the reef or the sea. They chose the reef and it proved to be a good idea. As they were jumping from rock to rock, they heard the cannon of the girl from 3. Viewers could see her being chased into the ocean by the crabs. A pair of sharks then circled her for a few seconds before attacking.
Urania once again congratulated Head Gamemaker Orpington for this arena. Up until then, there had been lots of violence as well as interesting relationships. The cameras switched around, showing the receding wave of crabs. Cole (5) was hiding under the cornucopia, unbeknownst to the other tributes, while Dina (7) had climbed another palm tree to avoid the crabs and was in the process of coming back down. They showed Cordelia (8), who had not moved from a rock away from the shore since she had learned that there were sharks in the water. Urania commented that she looked feverish, maybe because of a heatstroke.
The camera then switched to Pearl (4), who was stealthily swimming towards the rock where Astra hid. The girls mourned the loss of their district partners. Pearl threw the swords she had stolen into the water, as she did not need them. Beam and Peter parted ways with Bess (10) and Bushel (9) a little later, the latter heading back to the beach ring. Finally, the career pack was walking around the outer edge of the beach in search of another kill.
Ruby was arguing with Nikki about the incident from earlier, accusing her of sabotage. The tone quickly rose, and they almost didn’t see the silhouette of the girl from 7 in the palm tree. They walked past it, the girls bickering and Icarus trying to calm them down. There was a yelp, then a thud and a cannon. Sheen stood there, the knife he borrowed from Ruby planted into the girl from 7. He had been the only one to spot her. Sheen didn’t say anything, wiped the knife on his bodysuit and gave it back to Ruby before walking away. The group walked back to the center.
It was Icarus who alerted the others, shouting: “Hey! They took our spot!” in an indignant tone. Peter and Beam had elected to stay in the cornucopia for a little longer. The Capitol did not agree with this plan, with even Urania wondering if the pair from 12 had a “death wish”. Beam and Peter jumped into the water and trudged away, but the career pack wasn’t about to let the intruders go. They split up in order to surround Beam and her partner. Running was easier on the sand. The sudden rumbling should have informed them that something else was happening, but the adrenaline of the chase was too much.
When she was close enough, Nikki threw a knife into Peter’s chest, killing him instantly. His cannon boomed. Beam collapsed and clutched him tightly as the pack closed in on her. She cried “sorry sorry sorry sorry!”. That’s when the tsunami hit. An enormous wave hit the shore, submerging the entire arena. The crash made it hard to hear any cannon, but it was announced that Cordelia (8), who was already almost dead by the time the wave hit, and Cole (5) who was stuck under the cornucopia had died. Most other tributes were flung around in the water but survived. Beam scratched her whole leg on a piece of dead coral before hitting the sandbank. She still clutched onto Peter’s body as he was removed from the arena.
The careers were quite shaken and bruised, but they had managed to hang onto rocks. Only Pearl and Astra had been “safe” from the wave, as they had seen it coming and submerged themselves. Pearl explained later in the evening that it was a technique she learned while fishing on the coast of district 4.
That night, while Beam struggled to sleep among the debris of the tsunami, the career pack celebrated their few kills with a sponsor feast. Sheen was a little disappointed that they hadn’t received new weapons, but with a little perseverance he managed to find a sword that was half buried in the sand. He left it in place, and grabbed a knife instead, dissimulating it behind his back. The rest of the night passed uneventfully. At midnight, the portraits of the girl (3), Edward (4), Cole (5), Jet (6), Dina (7), Cordelia (8) and Peter (12) were shown. This left only 9 surviving tributes, and many viewers wondered if the next day would already be the last.
Day 3:
Ruby woke up early. She crept stealthily towards the other side of the cornucopia where Sheen kept the last watch. She made a hand gesture that set their plan into action. Nikki and Icarus were still asleep. Ruby lightly cut herself with a knife and a few drops of blood fell into the water below. Then she attacked. Sheen attacked too, planting the knife he had dissimulated the past evening into Icarus’ jugular, sounding his cannon. Nikki put up more of a fight. She seemingly had noticed movement, so she dodged Ruby’s knife at the last moment. She threw one, that cut into Ruby’s shoulder. More blood dripped onto the planks and in the water. Sheen had now joined his district partner and was taunting the other girl. Seeing as she had only one knife left, she dove into the water.
However, the blood had attracted a few sharks. They latched onto Nikki and devoured her, sounding her cannon. “Coward”, said Sheen. “Bitch”, added Ruby. And the pair stayed there, surrounded by sharks, until an announcement was heard.
Beam jolted awake to the sound of Head Gamemaker Orpington’s voice. The woman congratulated the seven remaining tributes for making it this far, before explaining that the cast of crabs would be sent into the arena again, except this time they would be poisonous. On this happy note, she wished them good luck and went back to the commentator’s booth.
Beam jumped up and grabbed her last remaining possession, the spear. She did not know where to head to, so she guessed it would be the cornucopia. As the crabs started emerging from the sea, she ran. Another cannon sounded, which belonged to Astra (6). While jumping from rock to rock, she had slipped and bashed her skull onto one, leaving the rest to the sharks that now infested the central lagoon.
The girl from 12 was actually the last one to arrive to the cornucopia. Pearl was fighting with Bess while her ally made his way to the platform. It was absolutely crucial to not fall into the water, as it was now full of sharks. Beam had almost made her way to the cornucopia when Pearl finally impaled Bess with her trident. Everyone was now in the process of converging to the platform. Bushel was fighting with Ruby. Profiting off of a moment of inattention, Beam ran at Sheen with her spear. He dodged at the last moment, the weapon slicing his flank.
Ruby turned around when she heard Sheen shout in pain. She saw the girl from 12 impale herself on his knife because of her momentum. He stabbed her again in the chest to make sure, and Ruby was brought back to reality when a wooden plank hit her arm. Bushel had grabbed the improvised weapon after the tsunami and was now trying to beat Ruby to death with it. She fell to the ground after the second hit, right on the edge of the platform. Bushel followed suit and tried to immobilize her. She spat in his face and rolled around, and the pair fell into the water.
Sheen let out a yelp when he saw her fall. He only had his knife and Pearl had a trident. They circled each other in silence, with only the sounds of thrashing in the water, and then a cannon sounded, and Pearl attacked. Sheen dodged once, twice, hoping to fatigue his opponent. It lasted for a few minutes, with the crowds going crazy in the Capitol. Then, Ruby emerged out of the water and climbed on the cornucopia, drenched but alive. Cameras had shown that the sharks had attacked Bushel but not her, as she punched any shark in the nose as they approached. Urania stated that she would remember this technique next time she went to the beach.
This moment of distraction caused Pearl to lunge at Sheen, piercing his lungs with her trident. Ruby screamed as he fell down, expressionless. She turned towards Pearl, who was taller, and stronger, and had a bigger weapon. Fierce snarls were exchanged, and Ruby threw her last knife into the other girl’s clavicle area, causing her more pain than harm. She jabbed her trident and it almost hit Ruby’s neck, severing her golden chain. As the necklace fell, Ruby caught it in her hand while grabbing the trident in the other. She yanked it out of Pearl’s hand and threw it in the shallow lagoon.
Ruby then screamed “Look behind you!” which worked, for some unknown reason, and jumped onto Pearl’s back. She ended up strangling her with her necklace, which proved unexpectedly sturdy. After some more struggle and contusions, Pearl finally collapsed, and Ruby Costa from district 1 was announced to be the winner of the 107th Hunger Games.
Ruby was transported to the hospital soon after, to care for the wounds she had received during the games, but she reappeared soon after for her victor’s interview. Urania wore a long white tube dress, with three impressive fascinators. Ruby wore a bright red dress, which had been cut very short in order to offend Helion Cardew. However, his health would keep him from ever being on stage again. Urania remarked that the victor had had her necklace repaired, and she stated that she wore it all the time. She called it her lucky pendant, and, along with the golden heart, had added a shark tooth.
The interview was very agreeable to watch. Ruby acted sweet, and when asked about her many outbursts, she responded that she “really felt the pressure”. Urania subsequently changed the subject to that of the other tributes. They reviewed all the deaths, and the girl appeared to wince at the sight of Sheen. “I really liked him, she said, I’m glad I didn’t have to kill him”. The interview ended and Ruby left the stage to thunderous applause.
In the following months, she gathered a sizeable fanbase of mostly young women. She toured many parties in the Capitol, before settling down in the Victor’s village of district 1. She developed a fear of the water later in her life, but it did not keep her from enjoying her celebrity. Her and Pilar Dundee were known to become great friends, even though their occasional quarrels were quite dramatic.
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2022.01.29 07:01 PebbleTown1 Need help with a Sequence problem

The problem is in the link above. This is part of an analysis course. I would appreciate a step by step solution to this if possible. Thank you.
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2022.01.29 07:01 Navanus Road Trips and Cool Things to see around Strasbourg

Hello, I would like to discover the region a bit better, and have already done the 'Route du Vin'. Are there other road trips you guys recommend? What are the coolest attractions, places or towns around Strasbourg?
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2022.01.29 07:01 litoukyrduj6 Can one live happy and fulfilling life without dating and sex

Dating makes me exhausted. Has anyone else considered this, just giving up?
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2022.01.29 07:01 Impossible-Finger127 [SPOILERS] The ending....

so I just watched the final episode and I have to say at some parts I really wanted to say WHAT THE FUCK. They really massacred Hvitserk's storyline, they did him very dirty, all his life he never did anything of importance and when he finally recovers from his addiction he spends the final season being the "little sub" to Ivar, I really wanted him to do something on his own and grow up a little but nah they made his final act being a Christian and renouncing his gods. In my opinion they fucked his arc really bad there. Also whatever happened with Ingrid was so weird and just felt like some feminism bullshit, she just became queen cause she was a witch basically, and then she was a lesbian partner to the slave that betrayed her husband ? That was like something the writers pulled out of their ass just to make 2 women sit on the throne (cause you know we gotta get some woman involved or the story is bad), one more weird feminism type of shit was whenever a female queen (mostly Lagertha) or Earl had warriors they were all women, even though a queen or a king usually has warriors of both genders, so that type of thing felt really forced just for the sake of inclusion. King Alfred was supposed to be that guy who is brought up by Ecbert to be the greatest king of England, and it doesn't seem like he achieved any kind of greatness, his wife seemed so annoying and doubtful of him and was more like a second Judith (fuck that bitch xd) so thank God we didn't get to see more of her lol. Ubbe's story was done beautifully though he was the most of Ragnar's sons to look, act, think, and dream like Ragnar, and he was able to achieve his father's dream. In my opinion after Ragnar, Ubbe was the hero of the story and he was the reason the show stayed alive for this long.
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2022.01.29 07:01 FallenSeraph Are these reportable?

Hey guys,
New to iracing and wanted a second opinion on a couple incidents in the same race.

This one looks like he intentionally tried to take me out on the last lap. He didn't miss his breaking points up to this point and I've included the previous lap for context and the in cockpit view.

This one seems like more of a grey area, but 6 points of contact in the first half of lap seems a little excessive to me.

Let me know what you guys think and if these are reportable. I'm a bit nervous about getting hit for "false reporting".
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2022.01.29 07:01 This_Discipline_3817 How i cleaned my house with mixed anxiety–depressive disorder thx to this game _:D

I was dying with Genichiro so much, i started cleaning few things in my room everytime i died. Now with monkey guardian i have slowly nothing to clean :D (I do but those are the chores i hate and i never do them until i got guests, which i dont ever, but i will start those now i guess :D) I have a bad depression and i think this game is pretty fun like this... I am not constantly playing and losing shit, and cleaning suddenly feels like a reward than a chore :) So if you got a similar problem, this could help. Enjoy the playing
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2022.01.29 07:01 Tomtube10_yt Does any want to trade. I need a 94+ pack to hopefully get TOTY Messi so I can get to 100% collection. My MADFUT name is - Tomtube10 :)

Does any want to trade. I need a 94+ pack to hopefully get TOTY Messi so I can get to 100% collection. My MADFUT name is - Tomtube10 :) submitted by Tomtube10_yt to Etorr [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 07:01 muffinkidpuffy4476 If you live in London and you see tommyinit or wilbur soot pls tell them to contact me bc I'm tommyinits old friend we knew each other for a long time intill I had to leave England and go to Australia and I lost all my contacts with him his photos phone number his we're about so pls I miss my tommy

If you live in London and you see tommyinit or wilbur soot pls tell them to contact me bc I'm tommyinits old friend we knew each other for a long time intill I had to leave England and go to Australia and I lost all my contacts with him his photos phone number his we're about so pls I miss my tommy submitted by muffinkidpuffy4476 to tommyinnit [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 07:01 Astrolover0093 I read somewhere that Chiron conjunct north node can signify pain and/or abuse, yet both of our chirons conjunct our north node. Are there alternate meanings to this aspect? Can it result in positive things?

I read somewhere that Chiron conjunct north node can signify pain and/or abuse, yet both of our chirons conjunct our north node. Are there alternate meanings to this aspect? Can it result in positive things? submitted by Astrolover0093 to AskAstrologers [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 07:01 mattstevensloop Overdubbing @Moog Music Inc - moog slim phatty for the new The Fierce An...

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