Why we need Ivern and Kindred (with a couple changes)

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2022.01.28 23:06 Character_Plankton47 Why we need Ivern and Kindred (with a couple changes)

As of right now. Jungle and ADC are the two roles that have the least champions to choose from. Akshan is even there and he kind of doesn't work as an ADC.
Furthermore, they can get stomped the worst to the point where they become a dead weight. If top feeds, it might still be useful to initiate fight, shred armors and apply some CC. If support feeds, you have a lot of utility. But if ADC or jungle feed, they become glass cannons that don't even deal enough damage (mid is complicated so I'll avoid it for now)
The problem with Jungle is it's complexity. It's no secret that the number of variables they have to account for is just greater than every other role, so even Amumu becomes a whole differential equation to play. That's why we need:

IVERN: the tree guy has a unique way to clear camps that removes or simplifies a lot of aspects Wich, in solo queue, make the role excruciatingly difficult if your team does not cooperate. (leashing, smite timing, kiting, ability choice, potential invades and camp stealing). On top of that, he is a support whose abilities don't depend on getting fed. Except for Damage and the shield, everything is CC, even an AI takes the spotlight as Daisy does most of your team fighting. Yes, Ivern is still a complicated champion, but he can be useful and it's a lot more forgiving. So I think with some changes, he could be THE champion for when you get autofilled to jungle, for people who just don't know how to or want to start learning the macro aspects of jungling without that much of a burden to begin with.
Ok, and what's new for ADC?
KINDRED were supposed to be THE ADC jungler. Unfortunately, they were basically only viable in the jungle. But Wild rift has shown not to be afraid of making changes to champions, Wich have even opened new roles, solidified them, deepened them. Minor changes could make Kindred ADC an actual choice. Plus, when was the last time people said Kindred was broken? It's a cool champion with lots of skill expression.
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2022.01.28 23:06 AutarchOfUrth Especially Persecuted?

Has anyone come across any statistics that compare the persecution of JWs in relation to other CHRISTIAN groups? I'm interested to see if there exists any data that would disprove the JW belief that they are uniquely persecuted.
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TIMESTAMP I have a matte black acrylic stacked lubrigante I just never got around to fixing. I do love the thing. I realized I had incorrectly installed the bars in the stabs after lubing and just never finished desoldering the board. The switches are lubed holy pandas with 205g0. Asking for $100 shipped CONUS for this board. Would really like to get it to the right person.
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2022.01.28 23:06 idklol900 Anyone relate?

Hey I’m a junior at OSU and I feel like I’ve had an unpopular experience here. My freshmen year the friends I made were pretty superficial and when covid hit that friend group fell apart. Sophomore year was a throw away and now I’m a junior and I have basically no friends. I’m involved in a lot of orgs but I struggle to get close to the people in them bc there are already a lot of cliques in them. I tried Greek life but ended up dropping bc it was also really cliquey. I feel stuck and I don’t know what to do. Any advice? Bc I’m super lonely and it’s hard to pretend that I love college all the time.
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2022.01.28 23:06 provisionalnpc "Hearts are made to be broken " (Oscar wilde)--how do you interpret this?

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2022.01.28 23:06 EnigmaXVII Statistically, what are the chances of contracting an STD having slept with 919 people in 12 hours, all of whom texted negative for STDs beforehand?

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2022.01.28 23:06 94rangersfan Who rates these cards

Why is Chris Kreider always getting shafted on his speed and acceleration
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Am I able to use a Bluetooth Xbox 1 controller for portal on steam? If so, I can't figure out how.
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2022.01.28 23:06 austinmartinyes Doordash in Boston suspended 1/29.

Just got a text from DD that the app will be suspended tomorrow due to the snowstorm coming in. I’d immagine much of MA and New England will be the same story. Stay safe everyone around up here.
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2022.01.28 23:06 redditreddit0829 Gender Tales?

Hey guys! So today I found out I’m having a little girl!!!! I already have a son but I wasn’t hoping for either gender, I’m just super happy to be pregnant!
But I have noticed differences as far as ultrasound wise! My son was at like the bottom of my uterus I guess you could say when at 6 weeks & 5days.. my daughter has been at the top since I got my first ultrasound. I’m praying I don’t sound too crazy and hopefully what I’m saying makes sense, I wasn’t sure how to word it!
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