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Is it breakage if the hair that falls out has a white small thing at the end?

Thanks for showing this tutorial. I am an older reader who has a different issue. Growing out my hair grey (the top is white) and I have a double crown, so hair will separate on both ends. The white hair growing out is soft and not processed so it’s starting to cover a bit at the crown but 2nd day hair separates a bit. Asus has teamed up with AMD to double down on the trend of increasingly compact gaming laptops with the ROG Zephyrus G14 (starts at $1,049.99; $1,449.99 as tested), a 14-inch near-ultraportable ...

2022.01.28 22:11 Upset_Paramedic7840 Is it breakage if the hair that falls out has a white small thing at the end?

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2022.01.28 22:11 dimples2727 Who wants to live in a haunted house?!

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2022.01.28 22:11 Working_End_5054 Rate my physique.5’11 160 on a bulk, been lifting for 2 and half months. Also have trash genetics.

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2022.01.28 22:11 DoremusJessup Biden leading Trump, DeSantis by similar margins in new poll

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2022.01.28 22:11 istink_ofink [WTS] Yeezy Boost 350v2 beluga from confirmed app restock, DS size 9, $305 shipped PayPal invoice

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2022.01.28 22:11 orangemantrump420 30mg first time dose.

Was recently prescrobed ambien, took a first time dose of 30mg. Take into account that I have heavily used other gabaergenics such as klonopin and xanax so I am quite a heavyweight when it comes to things such as this. Effect wise I never noticed any weird urges or out of character actions but I was pretty inebriated, just watched television than went to shower before bed but just couldnt stop focusing on the shampoo bottle, probably analysed it for 3 minutes, forgot what I was doing than went to bed. Oddly enough ambien didnt distort my memory of what happened at all really, definitely not even close to the amnesia that benzos can cause. I definitely am happy with the effects aswell as the fact that I can use ambien and than have a clear memory of what happened the next day. Plus amazing sleep and vivid dreams, Ambien gets an A+
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2022.01.28 22:11 chad771 Big trouble for me

Release is close. The hype is building. Snowstorm here. I keep drinking and buying more founder packs.
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2022.01.28 22:11 mdaurga Salt House

Any attenders noticed a change in the vibe? I used to love it but....
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2022.01.28 22:11 RachidSrr333 Tem uma menina que eu era apaixonado que mora no meu predio eu smp quis pegar, sendo que acabei de esbarrar com ela no mercado..e hj minha ex decidiu aparecer aqui em casa e decidiu me acompanhar jny ate o mercado ouseja,...deixei passar uma oportunidade incrivel de ter falado com ela.

Eu tinha feito essa cena na minha cabeça pra lei da atracao faz tempo de esbarrar com ela no mercado, caiu mo tempestade justamente qnd estavamos indo ao mercado comprar cerveja, e ai de repente aparece a mina aqui do ape, que eu achava que ela tinha inclusive se mudado....
e agr...eu perdi uma oportunidade pois nao sabia o que eu falaria da minha ex, ou eu tambem poderia ter falado com ela sozinho, mas qnd ela tava chegando a gnt ja tava saindo... putz que parada mano...
E ai repensando aqui, sera que é isso tudo? Porque a mina parecia ser bem seletiva pra ser relacionar, nao do tipo esnobe, ela poderia mto bem ter parado pra falar cmg mas no passado nao fui bem recebido qnd pedi pra ficar com ela. Ela ate tinha se interessado em mim na epoca pq eu tava malhado, mas hoje eu to parado na academia e ai nao sei se ela teria interesses ate pq eu to mega focado no autodesenvolvimento, ai fico naquela contradiçao: eu queria tanto e agr caiu por terra minha vontade..
ou eu talvez possa estar errado, ela tb pode ter mudado. Bom so queria compartilhar pq hoje foi FODA.
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2022.01.28 22:11 NoTextRequired What backpack design choice do you find most annoying?

For me, I hate backpacks that have mesh outer pockets or drink holders. They’re just guaranteed to get snagged on something and break down/deteriorate way before the rest of the backpack.
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2022.01.28 22:11 geiSTern Rock bottom is imminent. What now?

I'm 35 years old living at home. I graduated from college nearly 3 years ago, for a very punishing and competitive line of work. I couldn't find work after graduation but I kept trying. Between being stretched thin at school mentally, being terrible at what I studied and just plain being afraid of a toxic industry I told myself I could use the rest. I wasn't in a rush to go back to that environment. But i also felt horribly useless. I was miserable and cut myself to cope.
Then Corona hit, and I lost momentum to find work. I spend most of my time at home feeling trapped. I can't focus on work or even care for things I used to enjoy. I don't even remember much of what I learned and am rusty to the point of incompetence.
I am glad my mother helps me out by letting me stay with her but at the same time I don't even have a room of my own. If I want to have a private conversation on the phone I need to have it outside and it's about -16C.
I don't have many friends but I've come to notice my best friend is distant. We had an argument in which he lost his temper and said I was a miserable asshole. Fair enough. Things haven't been the same since and he's been focused on a new group of friends. I'm glad for him, it just is hitting me hard because he was the only person I didn't feel lonely around even if it often felt he looked down on me. He was my best friend of 13 years.
How do I push through the dread and the loneliness enough to change my situation? I'm on medication but the brainfog is crippling and it's getting harder and harder to get out of bed every day. I don't have dreams and I don't think I ever was truly passionate about anything.
Sorry if all of this sounds like whining but I am very lost. I don't even feel human these days anymore. I can't shake the belief that the best days of my life are behind me and that there's nothing to be done.
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2022.01.28 22:11 hiruma255 What are you looking at Ding -Dong?

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2022.01.28 22:11 axcaterra Course Update

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2022.01.28 22:11 alphawolf29 Google needs to start culling responses older than a few years

The internet is getting old. Google has been the default search engine of the internet for almost 20 years now. It's getting increasingly annoying to search for an issue, and the top results be DECADES out of date. There needs to be some sort of weighting that gives less importance to older issues. I'm sure everyone has experienced googling a computer issue, and the top result be an irrelevant forum post, from a defunct forum, from 2012.
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2022.01.28 22:11 Poppa-juice [XB1] H:Excavator Jet pack torso W: 500 energy bobble and 500 tesla science 7 mags

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2022.01.28 22:11 rtrigler Bless you, Papa Elon. Sent me to the moon before close today. $1.6k -> $26k. Bought them 25 mins before close.

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2022.01.28 22:11 TheMumblingTeen Terrible messaging but great irl?

Hi all, has anyone been in a situation where you can’t have a convo online to save your own life with someone, but when you meet irl, you both hit it off really well?
I’m currently in this situation at the moment, the girl i’m talking to is pretty unresponsive over texts, but we have made plans in advance and meet and have a good time.
Am I overthinking this? Is she just not very good with messaging? I just feel like I have mixed signals at the moment, I don’t know lol
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2022.01.28 22:11 boyhaveulosturmind is there a mod to fill Newcrest?

i was watching Vixella and in her play through i was watching, Newcrest’s lots were all filled with stuff like Willow Creek is, etc. so i was wondering how do you fill Newcrest like that? thanks :)
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2022.01.28 22:11 beauty_bootyful1 Beautifulasianbaby(@Asianmilfmami)’s group | NEVER MISS A NAUGHTY LIVE

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2022.01.28 22:11 FadedShatter_YT !TW, BLOOD! Who do you think this is? 🤔

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2022.01.28 22:11 i__amronburgundy Navy exchange access post separation

Recently separated, not retired nor quite 100% disability, outside of ordering offline, do I have exchange access? Saw an article the other day that if I have a veterans health id card I could get access. May just call the local exchange tomorrow.
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2022.01.28 22:11 apehasreturned Book Katsuyori Shibata's Return, Part Ten: NO MORE SLY BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM SKRRRRRT (Ape)

Book Katsuyori Shibata's Return, Part Ten: NO MORE SLY BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM SKRRRRRT (Ape) Part One Here!
Part Two Here!
Part Three Here!
Part Four Here!
Part Five Here!
Part Six Here!
Part Seven Here!
Part Eight Here!
Part Nine Here!

After winning the 2023 New Japan Cup, it all comes down to this for Katsuyori Shibata. Every crest and valley since returning - not being cleared because of his 2017 injury by New Japan, winning the Ring of Honor World Title, losing in his quest for NOAH's top prize, earning revenge against KENTA, falling short in the G1 and being unable to knock off Bryan Danielson in three consecutive attempts, conquering his fellow Musketeer in Hiroshi Tanahashi, having his title aspirations dashed by Jay White, beating Bryan in the fourth and go on to win the New Japan Cup for the second time in his career - it all leads to this. Six years on from Sakura Genesis 2017, where he was nearly killed as a result of a headbutt in the midst of a Heavyweight Title classic with Kazuchika Okada, he challenges the Rainmaker once more for the top prize in New Japan Pro Wrestling. There's one fall to a finish, and sixty minutes for Shibata to overcome his demons and achieve his destiny by knocking off the Ace that took his place after he left. Six years of waiting for another shot, after five additional years of earning his place that was handed to him back in 1999. The Wrestler has what he's been working for ever since 2005 - a true second chance at redemption.

Everything has led to here.

NJPW Sakura Genesis 2023
IWGP World Heavyweight Title: Katsuyori Shibata vs Kazuchika Okada (c)
Ryogoku is cast into an anticipatory silence as the announcement is made that it's main event time, the IWGP World Heavyweight Title (alongside its Heavyweight and Intercontinental predecessors) having its lineage divulged in a short hype package before the VTR begins to play, tracing the steps of both competitors to this point while interweaving match and interview footage with the two of them. It points out a few stops along the way - the tension between them while tagging against Bullet Club, the separation of the two in the G1 Blocks, essentially how fate had stood between them ever since 2017 to keep this doomed epic from occurring. We hear Okada talk about his obligations as champion, defending the values of New Japan Pro Wrestling, saying it's why he led the charge over their 50th year and into their 51st. He's there to dispel outsiders, like Marufuji in 2016, Kaito in 2022, and now Shibata, a two time quitter, in 2023.
He talks more about Shibata leaving twice, saying he feels no loyalty to the company, and is simply driven by his own vanity and need for revenge - which he won't earn against the Rainmaker, who will strike him down just like he did last time. Meanwhile, Shibata talks about how he's looked to earn the respect of all those he let down in 2005 by leaving, of the fans, while also spending every single day since his return proving himself worthy of being the champion that leads New Japan further into the light - and proving his loyalty to them even more than raising their next generation of Young Lions will, something he notes Okada's never done. Tensions are high, both needing the gold to prove themselves and further their vision of what wrestling is, and it's time to see how it goes as the talk comes to a close.
Panning back to the arena, the crowd is ELECTRIC with the extra fuel being added to the fire. Shibata's set to fight to prove his loyalty, his legitimacy, and his validity as a champion, all against a vindictive Ace who's gotten all to comfortable on his throne, and the venue is thrown into a frenzy as his theme begins to roar. Cameramen rush into the entrance tunnel to get a look at Shibata, who marches halfway out, just enough to be seen by the fans in attendance who start a furious "SHI-BA-TA" chant. He looks down at his feet, the spot he collapsed after his injury six years ago, before staring towards the squared circle and steeling himself. However, he still doesn't budge - until there's movement behind him. Reaffirming his loyalty to New Japan are his NJPW Young Lions, his pupils that he gave his heart and soul to - Ren Narita, Clark Connors, Alex Coughlin, Yuya Uemura, Gabriel Kidd and Karl Fredericks all assembling in LA Dojo garb to clear the path for Shibata like Kobashi and Kawada did for Misawa.
Rushing towards the ring, the usual ringside Young Lions clear out, and we pan back to Shibata, who's joined by one more ally - the Ace, Hiroshi Tanahashi. Nodding in respect, Shibata marches to the ring, the rabid crowd cheering for him as he reaches the ring, bowing to the mat before stepping between the ropes and looking out - the fans on his side, his longtime rival in his corner, and the ring surrounded by his proteges and students. Ryogoku may be the home of some of Okada's greatest victories, and he may be the face of New Japan, be the king of the ring they meet in - but tonight, Shibata has brought the home field advantage to Sakura Genesis.
Once the music dies down, the attention of everyone in the arena, save Shibata, is turned back to the ramp for the arrival of the champion. Hollow guitar and empty vocals fill the air, the growing ambiance reverberating as chills in the bones of those in attendance. The song keeps building up to a fever pitch, feeling like just as much of an epic as Kazuchika Okada could ever deliver, and then... the coin drops. Out steps the Rainmaker, the conquering champion, the Ace of New Japan Pro Wrestling, the man that co-opted Shibata's spot a decade ago and then beat him for it five years later, the man standing between Shibata and the end of his quest to reach the pinnacle of puroresu. The electricity in the air is ever present as he struts to the ring in his extravagant gear, with his over-the-top light shows, the rafters billowing money with his face imprinted upon it down into the sea of New Japan faithful.
He is the God of this company, the world revolves around him, and as he reaches the ring, the camera shows that this time, Katsuyori Shibata is looking straight at him. He sees Okada for what he is - nigh unstoppable, but beatable, and more deserving of respect than he thought when he faced off with a newer, more arrogant, less experienced Rainmaker. Okada poses atop the ropes before dropping into the ring, throwing his coat aside and looking out at the masses of divided supporters, grinning as he flashes the gold around his waist. Handing it over with a cautionary pat, he looks up to the sky before settling his gaze forward at his challenger and grabbing hold of his waistband, tearing away the pants to show that yes, there are indeed gold full-length trunks under there, with blue and black accenting. He grins as the audience whoops and hollers for this match six years in the making, and everyone is introduced before THE BELL RINGS!
Tokyo is whipped into an electric support of both men as they begin to circle one another, eyeing each other up for the first time in years. Shibata is the first to extend a hand for a lockup, Okada cautiously swatting at it before trying to secure his own dominant position in the opening exchange, shooting for a front facelock using his height advantage but being deftly outpaced by Shibata, who circles around his back with a waistlock. Okada uses his long arms to grab hold of Shibata's head and bring it in for a side headlock, but Shibata's measured and calm like the first time around, slowly but surely stepping on the back of Okada's right knee to take away his height advantage while simultaneously stretching himself vertically as much as possible, forcing Okada's arm at an awkward angle before Shibata can finally swing it around into a hammerlock. Okada's having a bad time of trying to get the best of this grappling exchange, his arm and leg trapped and his back taken, but he plants his left foot firmly and begins to rise before swiveling into a crisp arm drag, freeing himself from the predicament as Shibata quickly picks himself up on the opposite side of the ring.
Searching for the lockup again, Shibata is slightly more aggressive this time around, swiftly attempting to pick the leg as a distraction before working right back up to the arm and shoulder, right around Okada's back. Okada drops down and pulls his knees in before scurrying backwards, the Wrestler releasing as the Rainmaker slips in behind to take the back. Now it's Shibata's turn to attempt the side headlock, but Okada's too tall, leading Shibata to attempt an IMANARI ROLL, BUT OKADA'S ABLE TO STUFF IT AND SPIN OUT, KEEPING HIS LEG OUT OF HARM'S WAY! He's still standing above Shibata, who's now on his back, and Okada leans over to grab hold of the Wrestler, only for Shibata to hook a leg behind his knee and push off with the other for a TRIPOD SWEEP, PERFECTLY EXECUTED! Shibata hops into the mount position, eager to potentially earn a submission victory right here as he goes for an Americana armbar, but Shibata turns his elbow in before trying to heave Shibata off with his other one. The free arm gets grabbed by Shibata, looking for a JUJIGATAME, BUT OKADA SLIPS OUT AND STACKS SHIBATA UP! ONE! TWO! TH-NOO! Shibata looks to transition into a Koji Clutch, Shibata blocking it with his arms being kept by his throat, only for Shibata to use his legs to LAUNCH OKADA BACKWARDS, LEAPING ATOP HIM FOR SIDE CONTROL!
Scrambling for a submission attempt, Shibata tries to isolate the arm again, but Okada uses his long limbs again to quickly wrap up the Wrestler's head, dragging it into a Guillotine, but Shibata rides his weight up as much as possible before DROPPING THE SHOULDER ACROSS THE THROAT, GRIPPING HIS HANDS BEHIND OKADA'S HEAD FOR A VON FLUE CHOKE! Okada's being choked by his own grappling hubris, but he refuses to give in here, posting his free arm under Shibata's midsection and lifting it as much as possible before BUCKING TO THE SIDE WITH HIS HIPS AND FLIPPING SHIBATA OVER! Okada quickly considers a submission attempt, grabbing the arm and looking for Red Ink, but Shibata is able to twirl free before it poses too much of a threat by being locked in, Okada realizing quickly that perhaps he's outclassed in the submission aspect of his game, with these two yet to exchange a single strike.
Both men roll back up to their feet, Shibata notably more casual about the whole ordeal as Okada brushes off his shoulders, frustrated by his inability to keep up with the Wrestler while exchanging holds. They meet again, and Shibata works his way up the arm to try and control the neck, Okada scouting the attempt by breaking the grip and looking to establish a straight armlock, only for Shibata to pivot and deliver a SHOOT KICK TO THE CHEST OF THE CHAMPION! Okada's sent reeling into the ropes, Shibata grabbing hold of the head in a front facelock to try and capitalize, but the champion is weary of the problems it could cause and runs into the ropes, whipping Shibata off and dropping down, Shibata hopping over and holding the ropes as OKADA SPRINGS UP FOR A DROPKICK! He lands with a thud on the canvas, and the challenger rushes to secure a crossface, Okada valiantly defending as he peels the fingers away before modifying a judo throw, securing the arm over his shoulder and using his height and leverage to dump Shibata on the canvas, switching which hands have wrist control before going for a ripcord into the RAIIIIIIINMAAAAAKERRRR, BUT SHIBATA DUCKS IT AND THROWS A KICK TO THE BODY! Okada doubles over but quickly fires himself back up, daring Shibata to throw another, only to catch the kick and throw a GIGANTIC FOREARM TO THE SIDE OF SHIBATA'S FACE!
Tumbling backwards slightly, Shibata's taken aback by the sudden exemplary response from Okada, and now Okada again uses his size, this time to back Shibata up into the corner against the turnbuckles. Okada leans into Shibata, making him as uncomfortable as possible as the referee urges him to stop, and finally the Rainmaker backs off, giving Shibata some breathing room before hitting a JOHN WOO SHOTGUN DROPKICK, STRIAGHT INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! Ryogoku boo and hiss as Okada props Shibata up and starts annihilating him with forearms to the side of the head and neck, finally dropping him into a seated position, wandering off to the other side of the ring for an IMITATION LOW CORNER DROPKICK! Okada grins a little self-satisfied smirk as he rolls Shibata away from the ropes and covers for two, switching into a chinlock, just like Shibata did years prior. However, Shibata's able to quickly begin to stand up, throwing elbows to the midsection of Okada before breaking free and DEVASTATING THE RAINMAKER WITH A SHOOT KICK TO THE CHEST! Okada falls back from the impact, his own brash cockiness getting him into an exchange he can't win, and now Shibata sends him into the corner for a FLURRY OF HIS OWN FOREARMS, CHAINING TOGETHER VICIOUS STRIKES BEFORE TURNING TAIL AND RETURNING WITH A YAKUZA KICK! Okada slumps down into the corner, beaten and battered, and now HE'S FACED WITH A LOW CORNER DROPKICK HIMSELF!
With Ryogoku very much on his side after paying back Okada for the cheap break and degrading imitation, Shibata hops out to the apron to examine Okada, wheezing for breath, half draped over the bottom rope. The champion has had a lot taken out of him in a punishing bout thus far, and now Shibata STOMPS ON THE ROPE, BOUNCING THE STEEL CABLE STRAIGHT INTO HIS STERNUM BEFORE RUNNING AND DELIVERING A PUNT ACROSS THE JAW! Okada collapses back into the ring, and Shibata considers heading back in before he opts to go a different path and clambers up to the top rope, taking his time thanks to being unsure of the environment. Reaching the top, he measures his target, but Okada uses his long legs to KICK THE TOP ROPE FROM A LYING DOWN POSITION! Shibata is able to catch himself from taking too much damage, still steadying himself on the top turnbuckle when Okada jumps up to deliver a BEAUTIFUL, PICTURE-PERFECT DROPKICK THAT SENDS THE WRESTLER TUMBLING TO THE FLOOR BELOW!
Following Shibata to the floor, Okada's ready to get down and dirty in order to keep the gold around his waist, exemplified as he WHIPS SHIBATA AGAINST THE BARRIER! Shibata shakes his head, scoffing at the effort, then yells in Japanese "THIS is how it's done" before HURLING OKADA THROUGH THE BARRICADE GATE! Shibata stalks Okada through it, clutching the back of his neck, but now OKADA LANDS AN ELBOW STRIKE! Shibata is dazed, and Okada sits him down in a chair before clambering back over the barricade, getting as much of a running start as possible before LAUNCHING HIMSELF OVER THE GUARDRAIL WITH A CROSSBODY, TAKING OUT A SEATED SHIBATA AND HIMSELF IN THE PROCESS! He sends Shibata back over, nursing his ribs with slight wheezes and winces, and now TURNS SHIBATA OVER, LOOKING TO TARGET THE INJURED NECK... A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER ON THE FLOOR TO KATSUYORI SHIBATA! The Wrestler is out of it, Ryogoku stunned by the lengths these two are willing to go, and Shibata's sent back between the ropes as Okada clambers up onto the apron for a SLINGSHOT SENTON ATOMICO! ONE! TWO! THR-KICKOUT BY SHIBATA!
With Shibata down and out, Okada takes a few moments to recover, feeling the effects of a hard-hitting contest start to catch up to him. Once Shibata starts to stir, Okada calls for another Tombstone, the champion looking to end things efficiently, but SHIBATA DROPS DOWN AND SLAPS HIM SILLY BEFORE BOTH DROP TO A KNEE FROM EXHAUSTION! Okada wants to show he can stand up to Shibata in the striking department, shouting at the top of his lungs for Shibata to hit him before CLOCKING THE CHALLENGER WITH A FOREARM! SHIBATA WITH A CHOP, REMINISCENT OF SHIOZAKI! Okada grimaces before delivering another hellacious forearm, and now SHIBATA WITH A BLISTERING FOREARM OF HIS OWN, THE TWO HEATING IT UP AS THEY TEE OFF ON ONE ANOTHER! Their arms are getting worn out from the constant barrage of forearms, and now OKADA EATS A KICK TO THE RIBS BY SHIBATA! Shibata lights him up with a roundhouse and a thrust kick to send him hurtling into the ropes, both building up speed for a DOUBLE BIG BOOT! Okada gets the best of the exchange with longer legs, but he's still dazed as he dials it up... RAAAAAAIIIINMAAAAAKERRRRRRR ABSORBED BY SHIBATA, THE WRESTLER REFUSING TO GO DOWN! FIGHTING SPIRIT... ANOTHER RAINMAKER, THIS TIME A SHORT-ARM LARIAT WITHOUT THE RIPCORD! ONE! TWO! THRE-NOOOOOOOOO!
Wildly considering what else could possibly be done, Okada heaves Shibata up into a fireman's carry to attempt one of Shibata's fellow Musketeer's old maneuvers, taught to Okada by his old CHAOS brethren, Shinsuke Nakamura... HE'S GOING FOR A LANDSLIDE, BUT SHIBATA KNOWS THE MOVE WELL, DROPPING INTO A SLEEPER HOLD! He wraps Okada up nice and tight, squeezing the life out of him as he slowly sets him down upon the canvas before releasing and QUICKLY RUNNING THE ROPES, BUT OKADA DROPS DOWN AND KIPS UP BEHIND SHIBATA, ANOTHER BURST OF ENERGY REFUELLING THE CHAMPION! Shibata pivots and throws a hellacious YAKUZA KICK, BUT NOW OKADA ABSORBS THE BLOW! HE'S DEMANDING ANOTHER! Happy to oblige, Shibata runs the ropes to deliver ANOTHER YAKUZA KICK,AND NOW SWITCHES TO FOREARMS, THE TWO GOING BLOW FOR BLOW IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! Finally, Okada's body starts to fail him before his will does, collapsing in a heap on his knees, with Shibata pushing him backwards into a seated position for a PENALTY KICK! FOLLOWING IT UP LIKE HE DID WITH KENOH, A SOCCER KICK TO THE JAW AND WILD LEAPING STOMPS TO THE HEAD AND BODY BEFORE DIVING INTO A COVER! ONE! TWO! THRE-OKADA STAYS IN IT!
Shibata can't believe Okada kicked out of his killing blow, the holy trinity of MMA murder dropped on his dome, but he's not going to let it discourage him, no matter how easy that would be. He calls for another Penalty Kick as the champion starts twitching, not wanting the superhuman recovery of Okada to cost him, but HE WAITS TOO LONG, OKADA EXPLODING UP INTO A DROPKICK! Shibata's laid out, and the Rainmaker has to dig deep to figure out what could put him down with a somewhat disrespectful exclamation point, getting a bit of a grin as he heads up to the top rope. Staring down, he seems to reconsider with bad ribs, but throws caution to the wind... HIGH FLY FLOW, JUST LIKE SHIBATA'S OTHER FELLOW MUSKETEER WATCHING FROM RINGSIDE, BUT THE RAINMAKER EATS KNEES! Shibata drags himself up on the ropes as Okada begins to crawl towards them, and winds up before breaking into a sprint for a SOCCER KICK TO THE MIDSECTION! He heaves Okada up... STUN GUN OFF THE ROPES, RIGHT INTO THE STERNUM! He goes for a powerbomb, but Okada counters, dropping down and fighting through the pain as he whips Shibata into the ropes, rebounding into a PERFECT DROPKICK BY OKADA! Okada gets up, spreading his arms... OKADA ZOOOOOOM! Grabbing hold of the hand of Shibata, he calls for the finish... RAINMAKER COUNTERED, SHIBATA HEAVING HIM UP INTO A FIREMAN'S CARRY! HE SUCKERED HIM IN, BUT NOW OKADA ROTATES AND LEANS BACK INTO A TOMBSTONE... SPINNING TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER BY OKADA! He grabs hold of the arm once again... FINALLY HITS THE FULL RAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIINNNNNNMAAAAAAKKKKERRRRRRR, TOMBSTONE, RIPCORD AND ALL! ONE! TWO! THRE-SHIBATA KICKS OUT OF THE RAINMAKER!
In a state of utter disbelief, Kazuchika Okada calls for yet another Rainmaker, spreading his arms wide and letting the camera pan out to show the ridiculously invested crowd. He grabs hold of Shibata's wrist for the ripcord, whipping him around, but eats a BOOT TO THE FACE BY SHIBATA! Maintaining wrist control, Okada thinks he might still have the upper hand, but SHIBATA PLASTERS HIM WITH A FOREARM, KNEEING OKADA'S HAND TO BREAK FREE OF THE BONDS! He grabs dazed Okada by the back of the head, staring him in the glossy eyes as he clutches the skull in position... HE'S GOING FOR THE HEADBUTT! DON'T DO IT! His students hop up on the apron, pleading with Shibata to not connect with the headbutt, and the hesitation gives Okada room to NAIL A LARIAT, ERUPTING UPWARDS! He goes for the Rainmaker again, but SHIBATA COUNTERS INTO A MUSHA GAESHI! Shibata wraps Okada up and winds the ripcord, spinning Okada around, only for Okada to try a MODIFIED RAINMAKER OFF SHIBATA'S RIPCORD! Shibata ducks it, keeping wrist control as he twirls Okada around again into a BITCHMAAAKKKKKKKERRRRR! Okada collapses to his knees in agony, and now Shibata LEVELS HIM WITH A SHOOT KICK TO THE THROAT, SITTING HIM DOWN! The Rainmaker is completely defenseless, Shibata realizing this could be it right here as he runs the ropes... PENALTY KICK CONNECTS ONCE MORE! ONE! TWO! THREE! KATSUYORI SHIBATA HAS DONE IT! THE WRESTLER CLAIMS THE TOP PRIZE OF NEW JAPAN PRO WRESTLING AFTER A QUARTER CENTURY OF WAITING, MAKING UP FOR FIVE YEARS ON THE SHELF BY DETHRONING THE RAINMAKER!
Katsuyori Shibata def. Kazuchika Okada (37:40) to win the IWGP World Heavyweight Title
Streamers come down in a great wall from the top of Ryogoku, every single person on their feet cheering for the crowning achievement of a 24 year long career of hardship and perseverance, of redemption and reincarnation. Shibata takes hold of his title and sits down, cross-legged, in the middle of the ring, his LA Dojo students swarming the ring to wrap the gold around his waist, only for Hiroshi Tanahashi to enter the ring and insist on doing the honours. He fastens the championship around Shibata's waist, the Wrestler crossing his arms as the rest of the LA Dojo, and his longtime friend and rival in the Ace of the Universe, sit beside him in the exact same manner, forming a line across the centre of the ring. Ryogoku's applause and cheers are still deafening, but soon, Shibata is handed a microphone, the crowd shushing to they can hear what Shibata has to say after achieving all he'd set out to.
"I've waited for this a long time, and now have a long reign ahead of me. There are many scores to settle - Tanahashi, Danielson, Okada, Ibushi, Takagi, Ospreay, Nakajima, White. But for tonight, I can truly say, holding this gold, that I've done it. I fought for this for decades. I fought to prove for eleven years that this was my home and I was willing to die for it, for the right to finally be seen as part of this family. Now... I'm the patriarch. I battled for my vision of wrestling, no matter where it took me, because I wanted to be the best. Holding this, I'm no longer the Wrestler. This makes me the BEST Wrestler, and I will face anyone who wants to think otherwise." The LA Dojo and Tanahashi break into an applause, congratulating Shibata as the crowd enter a rapturous frenzy of joy, more streamers and confetti coming down to finally close the book on Shibata's quest to the gold, his unending plight of attempting to secure legitimacy and redemption. Katsuyori Shibata is far from done, but he's certainly on track.
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Who I think is my twin is a horrible person. He started dating a karmic without telling me and refuses to talk to me about it. all along he would say "no feelings," then we would have sex and tell me all of his secrets and things that he never told anyone else. then the cycle would begin again. we have tried being friends and that has never worked. he refuses to talk to me so i sent him a closure text today that was very long. it has been a really hard experience. im not sure if i will ever hear from him, since he refuses to talk to me.
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