Do y'all guys think that revamping or redesign MK Characters are important or not

2022.01.26 06:18 NRSfanboy Do y'all guys think that revamping or redesign MK Characters are important or not

I wonder if any of you guys are thinking that if that's important or not. Vote and Tell me your opinions about it in your comments.
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2022.01.26 06:18 By_Vu EL ILLO ILLO

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2022.01.26 06:18 Guru_238 Apu's Christmas Facade

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2022.01.26 06:18 RandomPerson696 so close yet so far... (translation in comments)

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2022.01.26 06:18 LoveMangaBuddy Read Date First, Love Later - Chapter 22 - MangaBuddy

Jaerim Lee, a student in film studies major, needed a way to quiet down the rumors that he's into guys. Gaeun Cha, a student in screenwriting major, needed to get away from the dorky senior who was always hitting on her. The two of them begin a contractual relationship to solve their problems, but as they get to know each other, Gaeun starts to fall for Jaerim’s charm little by little... ... Read Date First, Love Later - Chapter 22 - MangaBuddy. Read more at
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2022.01.26 06:18 Hassaan10 Does taking a life insurance co-op impact any chances of a future P&C insurance co-op?

Hey guys I just had a question about a situation I may run into. I’m a student & the university I go to has a great co-op program. I’ve just been asked to interview for this large life insurance company & if the interview was to go well, it may be too good an opportunity to turn down.
My situation is: I have done a co-op in P&C insurance & I seemed to be dead set on going with that path (still sort of am), but I would also like to give life insurance a shot. I mean that’s what co-op’s about, right? Exploring my options? Maybe it could turn my head.
My question lies with what if I got the job & took it on? Would P&C companies in the future see my most recent co-op is a life insurance one and be less interested?
I understand that I just did a P&C co-op and got an interview with a life insurance company which answers my question.. but I just wanted to check if this was an unusual event or not? Sorry if this is silly.
This is all assuming I still go for P&C in the end too, of course
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2022.01.26 06:18 SafetyCutRopeAxtMan Size of bars and axis labels - how to make them look similiar?

Isn't there a better possibility to controll the appearence of visuals when it comes to the size of bars and labels? It is a joke that I can only set the labels of e.g. a clustered column charts in relative percent for "Min category width","Max size" and the "Inner Padding". I mean it is always relative to the data labels on the x axis and if I put several visuals next to each other I never can get them look similiar in terms of layout and appearence as they always look different depengin on how long the name of their x-axis data is and how many data values we have. What's the trick here? Why cann't I just set the x-axis height to let's say 30px and enable/disable a wordwrap or set the databar width do 5px no matter how many columns there are. Sry, probably I'm just not eligible to find it in the settings as every visual seems to have their options hidden in another setting category which is another reason to flip the table but that's a different story. I just can't understand why you can build amazing reports but those little things are always such a pain to achieve in BI.
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2022.01.26 06:18 HammertonMili Thanks, I hate 1940s textbook detailed drawings

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2022.01.26 06:18 electropop_robot Barristers & solicitors, how do you keep track of your tasks at work?

An app? A paper to-do list? Tell me your secrets
How do you stay on top of it all?
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2022.01.26 06:18 olga__augusta @gustava_tatt RL05 Follow me on Instagram 🌷😈

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2022.01.26 06:18 beefwithme210 If only there was more of these 😒

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2022.01.26 06:18 Qahsbarc Made me take a second glance (found in an art studio, ironic? Or fitting?)

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2022.01.26 06:18 White-PP Thanks, I hate Avatar

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2022.01.26 06:18 optery Dishonorable Data Brokers and What to Do About Them - BlockShopper, OkCaller, PeekYou, Persopo, Radaris, Verispy, and others

Most of the 175+ data brokers we deal with at Optery are, relatively speaking, honorable when it comes to accepting and fulfilling opt out requests. While most don't agree with these companies' business practices, or in many cases abhor them, companies like Intelius, BeenVerified, InfoTracer, and MyLife do honor opt out requests on the first try, and have straight-forward and fast opt out submission and verification processes.
However, there is a lower class tier of data brokers we refer to at Optery as "Dishonorable Data Brokers" who do not comply with opt out requests, intentionally conceal or hide their opt out pages or instructions, or in some cases do not offer any way to opt out at all.
If posting people's private information on the web for sale without permission wasn't enough to make you cringe, making it impossible or intentionally difficult to have your information removed is the lowest of the low and makes us want to explode. Intelius and MyLife have been taken to task for this in the past through successful lawsuits, which is probably why they now comply. The following companies should be next . In our experience, they are Dishonorable Data Brokers, and the lowest of the low:
Dishonorable Data Brokers
BlockShopper Florida Residents FLVoters OkCaller PeekYou Persopo PhoneOwner PrivateNumberChecker Radaris Verispy Xlek
What Should You Do About Dishonorable Data Brokers?
Here's what we do, and we recommend you do the same:

  1. Don't give them a free pass. Continue to submit opt out requests to them regularly. Through persistence and continuing to pester them, in many cases, we have been successful in removing the profiles of our customers from Dishonorable Data Brokers, but it often takes months of time and effort. After creating a free Optery account, our Dashboard provides the opt out URL and email address for each one of the 175+ data brokers we cover.
  2. File complaints against each data broker with the Federal Trade Commission through their web site.
  3. Report the data broker to your State Attorney General's office. Most State Attorney General's offices will have a web form where you can submit a complaint against a business for fraud or illegal business practices. For example, here is a link to file a Consumer Complaint with the California Attorney General's office.
  4. Write to your elected officials and demand they pass strict privacy legislation requiring businesses to comply with opt out requests, and to require stiff penalties when privacy laws are broken.
We have little more info on Dishonorable Data Brokers on our Help Desk here.
Are there any other strategies or tactics you recommend for removing yourself from Dishonorable Data Brokers? We know this list is not comprehensive, so are there additional data brokers that we should add to this list?
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2022.01.26 06:18 georgegervin14 [USA-CA] [H] BNIB EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra Gaming LHR 10G [W] Local Cash

Hello all,
I'm selling a brand new in box:

Graphics Card Condition
EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra Gaming LHR 10G New
Asking $1300 local cash only please.
My zip code is 92708, but willing to meet within Orange County.
Prefer to meet at a police station. Comment before PM please & thank you!
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2022.01.26 06:18 Responsible_Focus_36 People who 'live life out of a suitcase', whats something interesting about your life on the road we wouldnt realize?

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2022.01.26 06:18 Pender891 Skarbrand is afraid of heights

"but my wings are so ruined and full of holes"
Mate have you seen zombie dragons?!? Hello? Their wings are worse of colanders.
I think Khorne yeeted him so hard he gained acrophobia and now he's just a whimpering little red pussy with anger management issues.
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2022.01.26 06:18 RegulusTheHeartOfLeo New Years REM is next…Allatu’s Mesopotamian orb skin is active

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2022.01.26 06:18 avamaxfan12322 italian greyhound breeder in korea

I really want to find an italian greyhound breeder in korea but cant find one. if anyone has any info pls reply
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2022.01.26 06:18 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Indonesia's capital is sinking, polluted and now moving | NZ Herald

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2022.01.26 06:18 psycuriosity Trying to impress a Girl?

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2022.01.26 06:18 Brownbeard_thePirate I closed my current chapter at exactly 7777 words.

Also wrote 1673 words today. I just thought the final count was funny.
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2022.01.26 06:18 NewsCryptocurrency Following CFTC settlement, prediction platform Polymarket geoblocks trades in the US

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2022.01.26 06:18 Sorry-Ad-2588 GOTHIC 2 - The history of KHORINIS

Hi guys, do you know what happened to the mod "The history of Khorinis"?
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2022.01.26 06:18 AutoNewspaperAdmin [NZ] - Covid 19 outbreak: Effectiveness of drug uncertain as new variant dominates overseas | NZ Herald

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