Best Tacos Ever

2022.01.28 21:40 Barry804 Best Tacos Ever

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2022.01.28 21:40 venator_rexler Suggestions for adding a Common to this set up…..

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2022.01.28 21:40 Xercyst SALUD, FELLOW APES AND APETTES!

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2022.01.28 21:40 StockStonk Eye sight improvement?

Before I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I've had bad eyesight for years. Then I was diagnosed with type 1 and started my insulin. I believe a couple days later my eyes drastically got better. It hurt my head to have my contacts on also. Could watch TV on the couch without my contacts. Then the effect wore off and my eye sight got to its regular bad quality. I've seen a few threads on here with similiar experiences but I am having trouble finding articles about the topic. Would appreciate if you guys have some insight on this.
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2022.01.28 21:40 HugoSG8 Pregúntenme lo que quieran, soy extrabajador de Unilever (una fábrica de shampoo, cremas y más cosas para el uso personal)

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2022.01.28 21:40 flaconidasss Pregunta para los inoculados

Como van llevando el experimento?
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2022.01.28 21:40 Pocco81 [OC] Catppuccin: soothing pastel theme for Firefox

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2022.01.28 21:40 Drone2Address #drone #droneimages Purchasing through Amazon Renewed?

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2022.01.28 21:40 XxBichael12 Error code: O8xx sumn sumn

To fix this, what I did is,

  1. update your graphics drivers.
  2. uninstall and reinstall JAVA
  3. And probably the most important part! Press "Go to store" when the error pops up, and press the "get" button next to the "play" or "use".
  4. Contact the Minecraft Support service for further info.
I really hope this helps, as it delayed my experience for a good week.
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2022.01.28 21:40 Mono_Memory Invasions will be tasty here

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2022.01.28 21:40 6ixmashups Favourite blog page?

What’s the top media page rn?
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2022.01.28 21:40 BradW-CS CrowdScrape 1.3.2 now available -- Bug fixes, multi-cloud support and more!

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2022.01.28 21:40 CabalCrusherQ82Q New site CabalCrusherQ82Q

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2022.01.28 21:40 FE26LOVER Using the KOTM official concept art, we can confirm that monsterverse gamera is around this big, he’s smaller than I expected!

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2022.01.28 21:40 chloe-UwU Bikini came in

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2022.01.28 21:40 BitPuzzleheaded5025 Water to water, best friend refuses to be emotional with me

So im scorpio rising scorpio sun Leo moon(2 other scorpio placements too) shes gemini rising cancer sun cancer moon. We have been the best of friends from day one for a long time for 5 years this summer, like peas and carrots. The love of my life died 2 month ago, murdering his child and grilfriend with him. This has been alot for me. And it hae also been a huge stepping out of Shelter moment for me to cry in her presecnce, but she has walked away, (Now living a good life) not being capable to be a listening ear. I know shes a cancer moon but this gemini rising bullshit is hurting me knowing I need a water sister to grieve with but I cant. What are your opions on this? I really need a friend right now and was thinking since shes my bff and a water sign she would be there but now shes out.
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2022.01.28 21:40 Blimpleton Two tix for tonight

Just send ax email, first 2 get the ticket
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2022.01.28 21:40 fromwhatwecan Does anyone else have this singular weird chunk come out when they have their periods?

Every single month when I am on my period I get this one particular chunk come out (only once). Its not a clot or a bit of mucus or anything like that.
Its a solid fleshy bit thats quite pale with the texture and feel of a raw bit of steak. Its about 0.5-1cm thick (off the top of my head) about the size of your thumb and in a stumpy v shape.
Does anyone else get this? My few lady friends are on bc or have other issues so it's hard to ask about this sort of thing.
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2022.01.28 21:40 MrThymeLord [EVENT]Euphoria to Anger: The Closing Days of the Second Arab-Israeli War

January 20th
Euphoria. That was how Ehud Olmert felt from his Jerusalem hospital bed. Early in the war he had been injured in the ill fated defense of Jericho. Today the front page of his copy of the Jerusalem Post, hell of every newspaper in the country and a far few internationally as well featured the picture that would be immortalized in history. Heroic paratroopers, remnants of the 35th Paratroopers, raised the Israeli flag over Eilat once more.
Live reports from the radio gave further good news. Israeli armored formations had completed the encirclement of the UAR forces. The entire UAR army had been overrun or captured. The end of the war was imminent. Joyous Jerusalemites flooded the streets, waving the Israeli flag. Against the odds that had thwarted the Soviet backed Arab juggernaut and won a total victory.
January 21st
Seif el-Din el-Zoubi made his way to the Knesset as he did most days. He felt a twinge of despair today. Though he knew it was unlikely he had held out hope that one day his people would once again be free in their land, liberated by their Arab brothers. That hope was dashed by the sight of the Arab army, or what it had been reduced to. A seemingly endless column of Arab prisoners of war flowed through the outskirts of the city on their way to prisoner of war camps while the Jews celebrated in the street.
Although a sad occasion, it was unfortunately not an unexpected one. Seif el-Din el-Zoubi had hedged his bets and used his influence to convince Arab-Israelis to support the war effort. He now intended to collect on that good will. After arriving at the Knesset Seif el-Din el-Zoubi waited before being able to meet with Likud legislative leaders. It was not hard to convince them of the service he had provided during the war and that the government was morally required to dedicate massive resources to rebuilding Jericho. They agreed easily enough, eager for the opportunity for further inroads with the Arab-Israeli community having recognized not just the threat the actions required to put down an uprising during war posed to Israel’s international image, but also the valuable work the Arab community did for Israel on the home front.
When asked by a Western journalist why he chose to support the Israeli state he simply answered, “Arab Israelis appreciate that the Jews have sent their children to war, while we sit home at night and count our children.”
A young Gadi Eizenkot watched as the remnants of the Arab 7th Infantry Division were marched through the streets of Eilat. Deep in the Negev there were no alternative roads to their destined prisoner of war camps along the coast. At least officially Israeli troops did their best to protect the Arab prisoners from the inhabitants of the city they had razed days earlier. In reality most Arab troops and a fair few Israeli troops escorting them suffered at least superficial injuries. Angered civilians spat at the passing soldiers and a dozen were seriously injured by the rubble they had created being thrown at them.
Gadi would never forget that scene. The destruction of his home, the example set by his parents and neighbors as they abused the Arab soldiers. This experience would lead the future officer to the creation of the Eizenkot Doctrine(M: Dahiya doctrine). Some call it a ruthless plan for victory in the face of an unrelenting enemy like the one that destroyed his home. Many call it a war crime, an overt act of state terrorism.
January 22nd
Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek could not believe the reports from his bunker. Scud missiles from the UAR were landing in the heart of Jerusalem. From his bunker he heard the radio reports. Soviet supplied Arab scud missiles were being used in a terror attack. The scale of the attack was unclear, but most missiles had landed in East Jerusalem.
Jerusalem 23rd
Seif el-Din el-Zoubi
Seif el-Din el-Zoubi could not believe the news. He had learned to live with the Israelis, and accepted that they would occupy at least some of Palestine. January 23rd, 1968 is when his hopes for any kind of Palestine on the west bank of the Jordan River died. It died when he walked around East Jerusalem and saw the damage inflicted on the city’s Palestinian population by his so called Arab brothers.
In one fell swoop his so called Arab brothers had crippled the Palestinain cause in a foolish act of terrorism. Seif el-Din el-Zoub was furious. The petulant act of an already defeated UAR crushed Arab-Israeli morale. Dozens lay dead, mostly Arab, at the hands of the UAR’s attack. A single event generated a generation of distrust and hate for the UAR among Jerusalem’s population, Jew and Arab. The political calamity for the UAR was so great that support for Israel increased amongst the Israeli Arab population.
Teddy Kollek
When the next day dawned the damage became apparent. Teddy wept at the sight, dozens of his constituents dead, mostly Arab; the Little Western Wall in ruins. Now an old man sits back and tries to remember that day, but it is a blur. However, at the site of the most damage, a dozen body bags sat right next to Little Western Wall Kollek made a speech that would be forever remembered by history.
His impassioned rebuke of the terrorist attack and his call for the Jewish citizens of Jerusalem to aid their Arab countrymen in their time of mourning became one of the most important speeches in the history of Israeli politics. By 1968 Israel was in many ways a nation that no longer had a national ethos. The goals of Zionism were accomplished, Israel was a Jewish state permanently imprinted on the world map. Kollek’s stirring speech in favor of a Zionist society that is free, tolerant, and inclusive of its non-Jewish citizens while maintaining its integrity as a Jewish state lit a fierce debate across Israeli politics. That debate would launch political careers across the political spectrum as battle raged for the heart of Zionism in a world in which its initial goals were accomplished. But that is a story for another time.
February 1968
As January turned to February the final situation became clear. Egypt had made gains in the Sinai, but the UAR had been totally defeated, so much so that American troops were now enforcing a large DMZ across the whole border while Israeli troops continued to occupy the Jordan Rift Mountains north of the Dead Sea.
Following Israel’s great victory funds poured in from joyous Jews across the world, but mostly from the United States. Foreign donations and bond sales spiked. These funds were put to making good on promises to the Arab Israeli community. East Jerusalem and Jericho received substantial funds for rebuilding and Eilat, the economic heart of southern Israel, was also quickly rebuilt.
As he dust settled public opinion on the war was mainly two emotions: euphoria in a great victory and anger at the UAR for their senseless terrorist attack in a war that was already lost. The euphoria in Israel’s victory over the hated UAR was immense. It sparked a baby boom and a mood of celebration, though any thoughts of invincibility were tempered by Egypt’s victory in the Sinai. However, soon the euphoria passed, but the anger solidified. Many Israelis merely disliked their Egyptian foes. Most had gained a newfound respect for the fight shown by the Egyptians. For the UAR there was nothing but a spite and hatred that would define Israel-UAR relations until the end of time.
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2022.01.28 21:40 Stardust_Voyager Cinderella is Dead currently 1.99 on kindle!

If you've been wanting it, now is a great time to get it.
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Mostly looking for multiple halos or val21 :)
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