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Boston Sizing Help

2022.01.26 04:43 ScallionPrudent14 Boston Sizing Help

So i'm looking to buy some boston's but am between either a 40 or 41 EU size. For reference I wear a EU 40.5 in which i can stick a finger in tightly and a 40 in crocs but with just enough space to be comfy. Birkenstock recommends sizing up of between sizes but i'm a bit worried of 40 being too small and 41 too big. Also can't try them on in store as there's no stores selling them within a 45 minute radius. For those with this style what's your experience?
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2022.01.26 04:43 VoodooLion [WTB] Toolcraft BCG (CA)

Who’s got a spare phosphate Toolcraft? Salty or dirty bolts are fine, don’t mind cleaning and it’s going in a beater. Thinking $60-$70
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2022.01.26 04:43 Affectionate_Line862 Damn 🥵🥵

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2022.01.26 04:43 Dank_Scroller Pulled a sneaky one on you didn't I?

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2022.01.26 04:43 TurtleSlayer9000 What do we need more of?

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2022.01.26 04:43 WhatAmIATailor Tony Abbot suggested as new British PM

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2022.01.26 04:43 Tubbiefox (fixed it)

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2022.01.26 04:43 SamAbdulhay Lighting struck my iron farm and completely disabled it

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2022.01.26 04:43 ResidentSouth3531 🤝🗿

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2022.01.26 04:43 Nero23x Reality of Ranked and how horrible it is currently

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2022.01.26 04:43 ZoolShop Antibodies in cerebrospinal fluid may explain brain fog

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2022.01.26 04:43 Legitimate_Progress8 Steam Deck in Australia

Hi, so i am going to order the steamdeck and i realised its not in australia. Does anyone know when they will release it to australia or retailers? Since Valve Index came to australia 2 years after the release date. I hope it doesn’t take as long to come to australia as the valve index did. Thanks!
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2022.01.26 04:43 pleasedontPM Législatives du 12 et 19 juin 2022

On se fait peur en papotant de la présidentielle, mais les législatives sont finalement l'élection où le parlement est élu, et cela peut fortement influencer le gouvernement. Avec le mode de scrutin décentralisé, les barons locaux, et les triangulaires, quel est le parlement que vous voyez dans la boule de cristal ?

  1. A priori il devrait y avoir moins de morcellement de la gauche, mais vu le score général cela peut quand même faire pas mal de députés de gauche, en particulier pour les socialistes.
  2. Est-ce que LREM arrivera à placer autant de candidats si Macron repasse ? Pas sûr que la couleur politique des candidats LREM ne soit pas plus examiné ce coup-ci.
  3. Zemmour n'aura pas assez de candidat pour couvrir la france, et pas sûr qu'il y ait d'ailleurs une tentative pour faire cela. Est-ce que le RN aura des dizaines de députés cette fois ?
Je suis curieux de savoir ce que vous en pensez tous.
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2022.01.26 04:43 SnooGrapes1616 My collection! Trying to downsize 😅

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2022.01.26 04:43 desperatelmaoo Authentic Chinese food for Lunar New Year?

does anyone know where I can find some authentic vegan Chinese food for lunar new year? i will be spending it alone this year and want to order some food but upon doing research most of the places I’ve found are “asian inspired” or fusion restaurants which is not what i’m looking for
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2022.01.26 04:43 CrypticCosmology Sikh Kara from 3HO? 🤔

Hullo Everyone, Sat sri Akal! I am looking to buty 2 Kara's, and I came across https://www.sikhkaras.com/ . I found a nice design I like, but I need a customized size. (https://www.sikhkaras.com/shop/classic/classic-seven-lines-2/) so I sent them an email. Saying hullo Ji, sat sri akal. They replied, and their greeting was "sat Nam Dear "my name"", which I thought was a bit strange. And then I was reading about them, and they mentioned Yogi Bhajan, so their greeting made sense to me now. So my question to everyone is this; would it matter to you if the karas you were buying were coming from Guru Ji's sikhs, or would you buy karas from the 3HO company? For those who don't know they are not sikhs, they call it sikh dharma.
And on one page, it's asked "What is the difference between wearing an iron sarbhloh and a stainless steel SikhKara?" And rather than mentioning guru Nanak Ji or quoting SGGS, They say;
"What is the difference between wearing an iron sarbhloh and a stainless steel SikhKara?
The Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan used to wear a simple stainless steel kara himself, and this was argument enough for me to wear a steel kara. However, my partner Parvinder Singh likes to wear an iron kara and this is what he has to say:
Iron has magnetic power and receives the energy coming through the Root Chakra. This energy is basic, pure and impeccable. Iron, as a natural metal, has an electromagnetic field which is capable of storing this energy and reflecting it back to us when we need to bring balance to our physical and spiritual health. It heals the subconscious mind, helps to strengthen the heart Charka and to have a blissful experience of the soul. " https://www.sikhkaras.com/faqs/ Scroll down, it is the 9th question.
As someone made a post last month or the month before about how 3HO is not sikhi and I watched that video, I am now wondering what is your opinion?
Would you want to buy your Kada's from said 3HO conpany, from Guru Nanak Ji's Sikhs, or would it matter to you? Am I making a big deal out of nothing, or does it seem like I'm discriminating 3HO?
I feel like I have found the perfect Kara's for myself, and I've searched pretty much evey kara website I could find. But for some reason something in me says to only buy from Guru Nanak's Ji's Sikhs. Am I wrong for this? Does it really matter where I get my Kada's from?
Sorry for such a long post! I'm just trying to do what feels right, and I'm just not sure what to do in this situation. Kind of just wonduring if I'm over reacting, and would like some outside opinions on this matter.
I'm sure I've made some mistakes in this post, and I do not mean to offend anyone. If I have, Please forgive me!
If this post goes against the rules, please let me know ow and I will delete!
Thanks for your time, and thanks in advance for your responses!
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2022.01.26 04:43 TonyPromosucks I don’t know if this would break the game

Would allowing toons be able to get all 7 gag trees be too game breaking. I don’t see the biggest issue with it but I suppose it could limit some aspects of team work
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2022.01.26 04:43 TheXenoRaptorAuthor I can't make a "Decadent Hierarchy" and I don't know why.

I've tried everything, I've used the right civics and I've made sure that I've had "slaver guilds" on each time; my government never becomes a decadent hierarchy. Were they patched out? Is this a glitch? Am I somehow using the wrong civics?
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2022.01.26 04:43 averagegaijin If the risk of dying or getting injured is reduced to zero, what will be the coolest thing to do?

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2022.01.26 04:43 GeologiccNeurons Is Tinder useful in college?

College dude trying to get laid. I’ve never tried Tinder myself but I’ve seen a lot of mixed reactions. Some dudes are able to get hookups from it but a good chunk of other dudes can’t get something off of it and it becomes addicting and the app generally makes them feel like shit after a while.
I’m a regular looking dude so I acknowledge I won’t be drowning in matches. Is it better to just try to get with girls outside of Tinder or should I definitely try to use the app? Just want to know if it’s worth the effort considering how hard it can be to get a match and how many matches just leave guys on delivered.
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2022.01.26 04:43 S0rbet_Is_Tired u/CorpseBrideEmily tell me how’s going!

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2022.01.26 04:43 littlemissfordy The very first photograph ever taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. The photograph titled ‘view from the window at Le Gras’ is the oldest surviving photograph in the world. The first colour photograph taken by Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell in 1861 using a tartan ribbon.

The very first photograph ever taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. The photograph titled ‘view from the window at Le Gras’ is the oldest surviving photograph in the world. The first colour photograph taken by Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell in 1861 using a tartan ribbon. submitted by littlemissfordy to interestingasfuck [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 04:43 SuccessfulDraw710 Join MetaWars race the winning team. Earn, stake and trade in the DApp with $WARS & $GAM tokens.

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2022.01.26 04:43 Jeesonlyfan Bubbles

Can anyone use the word in a mean way? Please demonstrate if possible.🤔🙌
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2022.01.26 04:43 AleisterTheMagician Dope

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