I’ve got 51 anniversary gifts that I’d like to exchange 1/1 on Pure Vanilla. User: HarryButtom

2022.01.28 23:16 OGHarryB I’ve got 51 anniversary gifts that I’d like to exchange 1/1 on Pure Vanilla. User: HarryButtom

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2022.01.28 23:16 xzkandykane Dairy free keto recipes?

Husband is lactose intolerant so no dairy for lunches. Dairy okay for dinner ;] So far the only ideas I have is stir fry chicken/beef with a couple of fried eggs and veggies like broccoli, pepper, green beans... Any lactose intolerant keto folks out there?
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2022.01.28 23:16 solediamond8899 Uma mina pediu o meu telefone e fiquei em choque e emocionado

Tipo sabem a mina que sofria bullying e também a padraozinha ofendia pois bem
Do nada hoje ela chega na dm do discord e me pede o meu twitter, passei para ela, após analisar o meu twitter e ela me vem pedir meu zap Efron , aí comecei a ficar em choque tipo porque caralhos ela queria meu zap tá fiquei a pensar por horas e no fim pedi calma para ela, para termos intimidade em si antes de trocarmos zaps e no fim ela me chamou de engraçado
Enfim o que aconteceu comigo ela que só conversar ou quer algo mais.
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2022.01.28 23:16 jagstang77 Journey to job adventure whatever - idk what to call this

Hi again! So I got a call today from an agency coordinatoleadewhatever at a counseling clinic. She had asked me if I wanted to work with children on the autism spectrum, basically being a behavior therapist and using ABA. Kids? Great, I do enjoy kids. ABA? Ehhhhhhh.
I’m reallllyyyy skeptical and sort of against ABA because of what it entails. I also don’t want to be that autistic person trying to teach other autistic people how to be “normal” because I know how much it sucks trying to blend in and work 1000% harder to appear “normal”. My mom tried ABA for a hot minute for my brother and she became very against it when it was doing lots of detrimental stuff to him; she switched him to OT and ST.
How do I politely decline without stating my views (I mean I can say no, but I want to sound like I have a reason)?
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2022.01.28 23:16 shagxo FBE Carnage Tour III | Night 4 | Booking John Cena as a Full Timer: Part 2

Part 1
Chapter 4: The Champ is Where? Build-up to Hell in a Cell:

After losing the IC title Cena says that he has now ticked one of the boxes that he wanted to and now it's time for him to move on to bigger things. It's time he focuses on the WWE championship. He is interrupted by Kevin Owens who basically cuts this promo but with respect to Cena’s current full-time run. KO challenges him to a match at Hell in a Cell. (I am speeding up the booking because Cena is basically going to enter a rough patch and I’m gonna get to the meat of the booking. Also, I'm low on time)
Hell in a Cell: Kevin Owens pins Cena with a stunner after a 10 min match.
Next up is Survivor Series, despite being a free agent and being on Raw for the entirety of this run, Cena feels like he owes Smackdown one last visit. He decides to join team Smackdown alongside his former foes Orton and the Miz. How will they cOeXiSt?
Survivor Series:
The traditional men's 5v5 survivor series match sees Team RAW (Theory, Big E, Riddle, Montez Ford and AJ Styles) vs Team SD (Cena, Orton, Miz, Cesaro and Sami Zayn). Austin Theory is the final remaining member of Team RAW against Miz, Orton and Cena. Randy gets in the ring first to try to finish the match for the SD team but he fails as Austin Theory hits him with an ATL to make it 1v2, there is some clear animosity between Cena and the Miz. Miz gets in the ring and is immediately eliminated by Theory. It's down to a 1v1 between Theory and Cena who are back in the same ring after SummerSlam where Cena won after Theory passed out. The match has taken a toll on Cena and it looks like Cena is going to get the better of Theory one more time. Theory is totally fatigued but in a moment of miracle, he somehow connects with the ATL and actually pins John Cena. Austin Theory just became the sole survivor after pinning three men who have 32 world championships between them.
Austin Theory is the sole survivor
Taking a Break.
After losing yet another match, we see a video message from Cena where he tells the crowd that he needs to take some time off to do some soul searching and he will be back when the time is right.
Chapter 5: New year, new me. In the build-up to Day 1 we see, the WWE champion WALTER (not GUNTHER) will defend his title against the number 1 contender Edge.
Day 1:
The main event of Day 1 is the WWE championship match between WALTER and Edge. Edge has had only one dream since his return, i.e. to be a world champion once again. He now has to conquer WALTER in order to win the WWE championship. WALTER would dominate the match and chop the shit out of Edge but Edge would somehow manage to beat WALTER and become the newwwwwwww WWE champion.
Edge def. WALTER(c) for the WWE championship

After an uphill battle Edge finally becomes the WWE champ but his celebration is short-lived. We hear this as Vince comes out to the entrance ramp and says “Congratulations Edge but I guess Karma really is a bitch!” This music plays as John Cena comes returns with his MITB briefcase and he cashes in on a helpless Edge. Edge had just been in a War against WALTER. Cena gets into the ring hits an AA, 1…2…3… AND NEWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWE champion, John Cena. Day 1 ends with a graphic “17-time world champion John Cena”.
John Cena def. Edge(c) for the WWE championship
Day 2
John Cena opens the show next night on Raw, he says he is going to celebrate this moment by having A LIVE SEX CELEB…(jk Cena doesn't actually say that). Cena reminds everyone that they can't run away from Karma even if they avoid it for 17 damn years. “17 years ago Edge beat me when I was helpless when I couldn't defend myself and tonight I hold my 17th world title. I can finally say that I am the greatest wrestler that ever lived. Fortunately for the guys at the back, I am in a very good mood, so I m issuing an open challenge to anyone who I have never faced before to come down to the ring and take this title away from me IF THEY CAN!” We hear sirens go off as the former NXT champion Bron Breakker comes down to the ring. Cena says “You look familiar, introduce yourself.” Steiner says “I am Bronn Breakker…” Cena cuts him off laughing “Breakker? Is that what your pops named you? So what quality do you think you have that made you walk down that ramp and come face to face with the greatest ever?” Bron replies with fire in his eyes “RUTHLESS AGGRESSION!!!” and slaps Cena across the face. Cena rolls out of the ring with his championship, it seems like KARMA IS INDEED A BITCH.
Royal Rumble is in a few weeks and the match between Cena and Breakker is made official. Cena is going to defend the WWE title for the first time in almost 6 years and he will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal (Just like peacemaker).
Royal Rumble:
Cena and Breakker engage in a brawl as soon as the bell rings. This one’s a fight. Both men fight their hearts out and Bron even gets a visual pinfall but it doesn't matter cause the ref got knocked down. Cena later gets the win after an Avalance AA.
Cena(c) def. Bron Breakker
On a completely unrelated side note, Drew McIntyre wins the Rumble for the second time here.
The next night on Raw we see Cena get interrupted by Edge, who totally understands why Cena did what he did at Day 1 but he chose the worst possible time to do it cause now he has made him even hungrier than before. They are interrupted by Kevin Owens who feels like both Cena and Edge should've been long gone. Finn Balor the IC champion feels like he should get a shot at the title too. Austin Theory and Bronn Breakker also challenge Cena for a title match. The ring is full of five men who have pinned Cena at some point. Adam Pierce finds a simple solution for this (WARGAMES…no jk I will miss Regal saying this tho.) that is the elimination chamber.
Elimination Chamber:
Cena defends the WWE title inside the Elimination Chamber against Balor, Owens, Theory, Bron and Edge. After 30 mins its down to two, Edge and Cena. Cena beats Edge clean to finish off their eternal feud.
Cena (c) def Edge, Owens, Balor, Breakker & Theory
Chapter 6: Superman gone rogue? The night after Elimination Chamber Drew McIntyre announces that he will face John Cena for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 38. Drew says he wants a Wrestlemania moment in front of the fans. Later on, we are told that John Cena has a special announcement to make next week on Raw.
Next Week on Raw, John Cena comes out to address his future with the company. He comes out without any music and sits down in the ring cross-legged. He grabs a mic and says “For almost 21 years, I have given my heart and soul to this business. But no matter what I did, no matter what kind of torture I subjected my body through, YOU PEOPLE never really liked it. And for the longest part, I would say that I don't care about the cheers or the boos as long as I am getting a reaction, but contrary to popular belief I AM A HUMAN BEING. It gets to the best of us and it got to me too. So what do I do? I think about myself a little bit more and do a lil heel turn and woah everyone cheers me all of a sudden. You guys truly are fickle. April 2nd is going to be a historical night, not only because I will be defending the WWE championship at the grandest stage of them all for the first time since Wrestlemania 23 but also because my contract with WWE comes to an end. What happens to Cena after WWE? Maybe I lose this belt to Drew and then go back to Hollywood and feature in the next fast and furious movie and make tons of money. Life goes on. But Maybe I retain this title. What happens if the poster boy of WWE turns rogue and holds the company's top belt hostage? Maybe I'll defend it down in Mexico or maybe even in Japan. Or better yet, *Cena Stands up* Maybe I'll defend this belt in a Real Pro-Wrestling company. ” Before Cena could say any further he turns around into a claymore outta nowhere. McIntyre grabs the mic “To keep it simple John, YOUR TIME IS UP, My time is now.”
WrestleMania 38: Night 1
We’re in Hollywood. All roads lead to this, the biggest superstar of the past two decades has gone rogue and threatens to leave with the WWE title. The duty to keep the title safe in WWE lies onto the shoulders of the scottish psychopath, who is also looking for his Mania moment in front of fans. Cena and McIntyre main event Night 1. Both men deliver a classic. A match to remember. 30 minutes of non-stop action with innovative spots from both men. In the final stretch of the match, cena goes for an AA but Drew counters it into a hammerlock DDT. Drew then measures Cena up for a Claymore but Cena moves out of the way and puts Drew in an STF. At first, it looks like Drew is about to tap but in vintage Cena fashion, he manages to stand up on his feet from that position, climb the middle rope and do an avalanche air raid crash. He measures Cena up again and connects with the Claymore this time. 1…2…3… AND NEWWWWWWW WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Drew Celebrates his victory on top of the turnbuckle, Cena is distraught. He gets to his feet offers a handshake to Drew and raises his hand as a winner. Cena leaves the ring teary eyed. He knows this is it. He has done everything that he set out to do but goodbyes are always painful. Cena leaves his armband, wristband and his shirt on the entrance way signifing the end of an era. Mania ends with the sight of Drew McIntyre as the new WWE champion.
Drew McIntyre def John Cena (c) for the WWE championship
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2022.01.28 23:16 Idkanymoreconfused I’m new to this

Idk how this really works but I just need to speak to people who I know won’t judge me .. so I’ve been in a relationship with this guy for 3 years now it’s been a roughhh relationship more downs than up he’s cheated several times and so have I I fell pregnant when we broke up which was sep/oct times I told him and he was quite happy I guess but I know he felt pressured and felt scared so I went through the first trimester by myself which was sooo bad as I kept vomiting and it just felt like a nightmare my family dislike him a lot because i use to tell them what he use to do to me so when they finally found out I was pregnant they kept scaring me telling me I’ll be a single mother and how he might run off with my child how he’ll leave me how I would have to go on holiday with my mum and dad whilst they all go with their partners and kids they also said if I keep it they’ll “support me” but my mum use to cry everyday like say I was dying so I got scared and pressured to get rid of the baby which I regret sooooo much because even if we wasn’t together I know he would be a great father regardless and I would of loved my child endlessly ok so after the abortion I refused to speak to my ex let’s call him “jellyfish” my parents flew me out for a bit came back started seeing someone which made me happy but I had no sexual attraction towards them then jelly fish wouldn’t leave me alone and kept messaging me to see me and I refused anyways jellyfish messaged the guy I was seeing they met up and came to my house which caused so much commotion anyways jellyfish ended up staying we had sex and we now agreed to do this properly no dishonesty not disloyalty just right but I know I can’t trust him I’m scared to trust him and I’m scared he’ll break my heart but I love him soooooo much like honestly the only male I can say I’ve ever loved can’t see myself without him and I want to try for another baby because I don’t want babies with anyone but him but idk what to do
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2022.01.28 23:16 anonquitter00 im finally quitting and im so excited, ive tried quitting cold turkey before but it never worked out. im trying to wean myself off of it, only smoking a bowl every 2 hours which is a new for me. i feel uncomfortable but im very excited, please feel free to give me some encouragement in the replies!

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2022.01.28 23:16 Zhydrac I live in Massachusetts and we're getting that nasty nor'easter/blizzard combo tomorrow and my mom made a huge deal about me wanting to use BIRTHDAY CANDLES to make light.

And I wasn't just gonna let it burn by itself I have a holder for it. Hell I made multiple holders
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2022.01.28 23:16 CaptMandible It's what dedicated best friends do!

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2022.01.28 23:16 skycontrol16 noob carry question

So I usually try to somewhat pay attention to the newcomerchat and tonight a lvl 30 was asking if anyone could help him/her get the drake from heroic culling of strat. I went in with them and cleared the dungeon however the dragon didn't spawn at the end (easily timed it) and they couldn't loot the last boss. Any idea if this is a lvl issue and if so what lvl they would need to be for this to work?
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2022.01.28 23:16 Turnt5naco Cauterize be acting like a clingy ex

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2022.01.28 23:16 Leading-Discipline47 Can I wake up with 20 followers?

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2022.01.28 23:16 seven_critical_blows hmmm

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2022.01.28 23:16 AMC_all_in_100_pct Could this be how they try to orchestrate the fake squeeze???

So could it be that this is how they're gonna orchestrate the fake squeeze? Load up Melvin with short positions including Melvin's own. Hide about 90% or so of the other SHF'S short positions offshore. Melvin gets liquidated we have a run up because of the shares being bought back. Transparency comes into play showing that the hedge funds don't have any short positions so they try to fool us in to thinking that Melvin had them all and the squeeze is over. I believe Cramer even said something to the effect we will get one more chance to sell. Might be my tinfoil hat talking but sounds plausible. 🤔🤔🤔
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2022.01.28 23:16 Jaerin Oozes gave us a scenario

Just had a scenario end we have 4 oozes left in the scenario. The scoundrel and Cragheart exhausted out leaving only the Mindthief. The oozes split woot! Mindthief decides our only chance is drag this out as long as possible. Next draw they heal! NO our chances are complete wrecked. No way we can win, but can we?
Mindthief counted up and with proper management we could win IF they pulled 4 splits in a row. The slimes proceeded to split 4 rounds in a row. In the last 6 rounds they split 5 times and healed once. We won the scenario because they killed themselves.
This was in digital so we couldn't even cheat if we wanted too. This game is broken sometimes. We should not have won.
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2022.01.28 23:16 BaronBuster How to turn my life around?

As of right now, im 20 years old and going to be 21 in March. I think I should go over everything important first. I was born in Japan and lived there 14 years. My parents were in the military, and are African American. I grew up as a foreigner there for a long time and it didn't help my mental at all, however, a lot of my friends that I ended up making there through it all told me that I shouldn't try to bother people too much about it all. I got really depressed later on when I got into highschool and had to move away from the only friends that I had ever made, because my mom got divorced with my father. My mom has been with two new men, one cheated on her, and the other is an asshole who hates me but loves her. I dont care that he hates me, but, at one point, the mix of depression and anger caused me a lot of rebellion, and I started messing up in highschool. I got bad grades, and then in my senior year, I skipped over 30 days, and had to repeat the senior year. I still graduated, but with pretty poor grades. I haven't looked into college because I have no money, and i've been working minimum wage jobs to pass by life, but, I recently had another mental breakdown and I ended up spending a ton of my money on a bunch of BS just to make myself happy.
I dont blame my parents, or any of the circumstances, and even if they are to blame, I really dont care. I want to get things going. I want to start my life but im completely lost. I have a literal $0 to my name, and I am getting a new work from home job this coming February. I want to leave my parents, however, they have decided that I only have around 5 months to do so. What do I do?
If it helps, i'm not actually a bad student-- I was just depressed, and I love english/languages/reading classes. While im not good at building computers or anything, I'm tech savvy otherwise and have a lot of social charisma. I'm just bad at showing my emotions. Right now I have no path, and I fear I'm just going to be homeless.
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2022.01.28 23:16 elissa2005 Who would be better in today's era Bird or Magic?

Who would be better in today's era Bird or Magic?
And because they aren't playing today, what do you think is their best comparison is currently? If of course, there is a comparison
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2022.01.28 23:16 ryekiri Throw rocks at these abomination for "research". Sure thing Professor.

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2022.01.28 23:16 Dekyst Terraria 1.2 cover but is 3D

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2022.01.28 23:16 txgirlinbda Help dating a Waverly cotton? Details in comments.

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2022.01.28 23:16 CountDominic Yue

Idk y'all see my last post abt her not being able to adjust s1 and s2 range. Some ppl said i was wrong. Idk i played her a couple times and played against her like 10 matches so far and i still cant believe y'all out there thinking she is strong. I can be the only one thinking this way, all the chinese master rank 1 players can do tierlists putting her on s+++ still nobody can convince abt this character being remotely strong. Never seen an easier mage target as an assasin adc player. Also dont tell stuff like u play against noob yues. I play on dia average. I agree that dia isnt that great but also remember that dia is actually way better to see the strenght of a champion than higher elos cuz of the player amount. Rank 1 player can have 60 winstreak with her. The champ is still bad if no dia is suceeding with her. Reply me whatever u want and honestly i would like to see other opinions but holy this champ needs an immediate hotfix buff like she is on life support.
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2022.01.28 23:16 WooHoo-ItsAMeMario How to be a single man in the current society?

I'm 31M single now, after a 10+ years relationship with my Exwife.
I'm going to keep it short. At the moment, I have a great job, excellent salary, perfect physical condition, intelligent, and I can have interesting conversations with anyone.
But I'm wondering how to connect with other women just as friends with benefits. For some reason, I feel it's not correct, but after all my past experience, I just don't want to be in a committed relationship anymore.
I feel I can control all the aspects of my life, but for sex, you need another person, and I don't want to hurt the feeling of any woman.
Or should I stop thinking about having sex many times? What is the average weekly sex for a single person?
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2022.01.28 23:16 Adeno Clothes were probably invented as a way to keep one's sexual arousal a secret.

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2022.01.28 23:16 cryptocalbot AvaxAndrettiFE - Amazing First Race to Open the Season - Avalanche (AVAX): January 30, 2022 11:30 AM EST

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2022.01.28 23:16 Nick__________ "I Want to just be treated like a human!" Interview with BNSF railway workers opposed to work schedule

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