Pendulum hip extension/kickbacks/donkey kicks good for APT? (PIC)

2022.01.27 19:41 Fibro225 Pendulum hip extension/kickbacks/donkey kicks good for APT? (PIC)

So, I'm thinking of the weighted version.
pendulum hip extension for glutes
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2022.01.27 19:41 TailorMadeSuit 31M, Experienced SD ISO of a new pretty and naughty baby he can spoil. Hopefully long term. No fees required. Let daddy take you to the candy shop.. message to chat/apply.. im patiently waiting.. ;)

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2022.01.27 19:41 Robinjo1985 Italian Cheese Breadsticks

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2022.01.27 19:41 _StarzzZ_ [H]Butterfly Fade FN , Specialist Marble Fade MW , M9 Marble Fade FN , Butterfly Blue Steel FT , Karambit Doppler Ph1 FN , Nomad Fade FN [W] 100 arc , 77 arc , 45 arc , 32 arc , 33 arc , 30 arc

Open for all offers feel free to send one or add to discuss got a bunch more stuff
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2022.01.27 19:41 chineseweeaboo These Lingerie Babes Do Not Exist (My first NFT created via Nvidia's Stylegan model.) Please drop ETH Addr if interested!

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2022.01.27 19:41 ChristopherWSmith Looking for feedback on a Bio Link Page, Shortlink and QR Code Generator Site

Hey all! I'm looking for feedback on my product, Shortible ( Looking for a few people willing to test out the software and give some feedback.
We have a specially-curated plan for our beta users. The site is fully usable, but would be great to get some feedback.
To join, please visit the site and sign up for a free account, then send me a message here and I will update your account. This is limited to 10 users.
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2022.01.27 19:41 angeleemg felt that

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2022.01.27 19:41 Robinjo1985 Italian Cheese Bread Ring Bake-off Winner

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2022.01.27 19:41 KOSTOK68 pok gönderisi

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2022.01.27 19:41 mariano2696 Crash without Vsync

I don’t know why, I can’t play the game higher than 60fps because it crashes on the menu. Hope you can help me.
Ryzen 5 5600x Gtx 1070 8gb 32gb RAM ddr4
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2022.01.27 19:41 kesitom Solicitud vía twitter

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2022.01.27 19:41 Mancupcake Co-Op Games for Alpha-Gamers

TLDR: I don't like co-op games because they're designed to be beaten and simply having bodies around the table doesn't create an engaging experience for me [I do not like most co-op videogames for the same reason]. I'd rather play them alone or play a competitive game. I want to like them because I know they're a great way to break people into the hobby. I love "Dead of Winter" and "Whitehall Mystery" because they are either secrets or team oriented, not 100% co-op. What do you suggest as far as excellent co-op games for someone like me?

This will be part confession and part looking for advice.
I'm an alpha-gamer, a quarter-backer. I'm not a bully about it, I won't shun people or grumble at them if they don't do what I suggest, and I'm always open to challenges of my plans, but I like to see the board state and lay out my plans for the situation. I know that for some this is a huge turn-off in co-op gaming because they feel like they don't have any agency and someone else is just telling them how to play. I absolutely respect that opinion and am trying to be more aware of it in my gaming life; games are supposed to be fun after all. That being said, I'm very competitive and I play to win, so I like to point out what I see as the best path to that end because, for me, winning [or at least dong my best to ] is part of the fun.
This, as I have learned, has lead me to have a serious dislike of co-op games almost in their entirety. I don't see their point as gaming experiences. Everything from Pandemic to Horrified to Arkham all suffer hugely from the same thing for me: The most effective way to win is to make centralized decisions and if we're all on a team and we're going to be doing the best thing for the team... why don't I just play it alone? What value does volume of bodies add?
Part of the fun and intrigue of competitive play is seeing what everyone at the table thinks is the best way to win and seeing if you can either perform that function better or interfere with it enough so your way comes out on top. In a co-op game I just don't get that. Simply having bodies around the table to move pieces and roll dice doesn't add to the experience for me since we're all working towards the same goal. Yes, it's nice to have friends and family in on the event but it doesn't add to the experience of the game. If anything, for me, it detracts from it. In a competitive game I have to constantly pay attention to the board state and what you're doing/ how you're doing it. In a co-op game... I don't. It doesn't matter because we're all working towards the same thing for the same reasons. I might as well just say "here, take my turn for me, do what's best for the team," because it makes no difference who controls/ moves/ does what.
There is 1 counter example to this that I can think of and still own, and that is "Dead of Winter". I love that game. The possibility of a traitor in each game makes the co-op substantially more interesting. Is that person holding out because they're the traitor, because they really don't have what we need, or because their secret objective doesn't jive with what we need them to do? In Winter you're all on the same team... or are you? I think that one simple addition really makes Winter an outlier for me in co-op experiences and one that I genuinely look forward to playing. There's intrigue and meaning behind each player's actions and each body around the table isn't simply a placeholder.
I also love "1 vs many" games like "Fury of Dracula" and "Whitehall Mystery". Teams are a very different experience from total co-op for me. I like being able to pit groups of heads against other groups of heads.
I've tried Pandemic and the other host of popular co-op games without quarterbacking them and just playing my turn or offering advice when asked, but I just don't find that fun. Sort of sitting quietly while the game moves around me. I also don't enjoy planning the game and having everybody follow along. This is a difficult hobby to break newcomers into and I think that co-op experiences are generally better at it than competitive ones because, in general, it's easier [and more fun] to play with your friend that knows all the rules than it is to play against them. Nobody likes a smackdown.
Are there co-op games that I'm missing as far as engaging mechanics and actual meaning behind the bodies around the table, or what challenges have you also faced getting into the genre as far as lack of intrigue or general interest in 100% teamwork play?
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2022.01.27 19:41 flipzone SereneLife Kitchenware Pots & Pans Basic Kitchen Cookware, Black Non-Stick Coating Inside, Heat Resistant Lacquer (6-Piece Set) $47.58 (lowest)

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2022.01.27 19:41 Robinjo1985 Italian Cheese And Herb Bread (abm)

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2022.01.27 19:41 YeetmongerExtra Lucy's Diary, Page -5

IMPORTANT: If this is the first page of Lucy’s Diary you’ve ever seen, I MASSIVELY encourage you to look over my profile and at least read the whole Washington Arc(Pages 10-21) before reading this.
Setting: The first floor of the Seattle Trading Post And Inn.
Characters: Doctor Granite, Sam, Lucy, Emerilla.
Props: Tables, chairs, food, and drinks.
Extras: Real people, Unturned people, Hyperion.
At rise: The building is unusually quiet. Emerilla is sitting in a chair close to the entrance. Sam, Lucy, and Doctor Granite(who is on Sam’s shoulders) walk in happily, talking to each other. As they say their next lines, they walk over to the building supply crates.
SAM: Hoo boy! Quite a haul today!
DOCTOR GRANITE: Tell me about it.
The three of them reach the crates and start emptying their backpacks and pockets.
LUCY: Sure is nice to get all that heavy stuff off me.
Lucy looks around at everyone, noticing that everyone is looking at the trio.
LUCY: What’s all the not-fuss about?
A moment of quiet as Doctor Granite and Sam finish dumping everything out, then they turn around as well. Emerilla stands up.
EMERILLA: Well, I have something very important to say.
A pause.
EMERILLA: I, uh… I was never really a Scorpion-7 employee.
DOCTOR GRANITE: The heck is that supposed to mean? Were you an intern or something?
EMERILLA: No. I was, uh, um… I was a spy.
Lucy and Sam glance at each other in surprise.
DOCTOR GRANITE(confused): What?
EMERILLA(talking quickly): I actually worked for a news station in Yukon and they thought that Scorpion-7 was doing something evil or something which they kinda were and so they sent me to spy on Scorpion-7 and then while I was there the zombies hit Yukon and I got stuck at Scorpion-7 until it got overrun and then I escaped in a Skycrane and flew here and crashed and got rescued by Hyperion and his friends and-
DOCTOR GRANITE: Why are you saying all this like it’s still relevant?
The crowd gasps. Emerilla freezes. Half a second of silence passes.
DOCTOR GRANITE: I mean, it’s good that you’re not just hiding all this, but it’s a bit pointless now. Scorpion-7 is gone. The news station you worked with is probably gone. Who cares which of them your loyalties lied with? All that matters now is surviving and not preventing others from surviving. And I’d say that you’re doing a pretty good job of that.
Everyone is silent for a few seconds.
EMERILLA: That’s the smartest thing I’ve heard in years.
Doctor Granite smiles.
EMERILLA(slowly): But there is another thing that is still relevant.
DOCTOR GRANITE: Oh? What is it?
Emerilla pauses for a moment, thinking about how to phrase her next words. Eventually, she settles on the simple and obvious answer.
EMERILLA: I have a crush on you.
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2022.01.27 19:41 Daft_kunt24 [Fo4] Is the Nora Companion WIP mod on Xbox good?

I wanted to download the mod but I wanted to know first if it is a good mod to see if it is worth downloading. Also wanted to know if she keeps the look you give her at the start of the game
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2022.01.27 19:41 reparoo What to do with OEM Cadillac wheels

What to do with OEM Cadillac wheels Looking for a little guidance here - I had an uncle pass away a few months ago who had a '98 El Dorado with an extra set of wheels. We had to sell the car but am wondering what to do with the OEM wheels now.
Recycle? Sell? Is there a market for older OEM wheels? If so, best place to sell? Pics here
Any help is appreciated - thanks!
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2022.01.27 19:41 NerdInTheSpandex Player scavs

Why the hell are so many player Scavs killing each other this wipe? It’s so frustrating especially for players like me who are struggling early wipe. All I wanna do on a scav run is chill and try and find some leftovers. But the toxicity of the people that come on with voip and act friendly and just shoot you in the back make this game so damn frustrating.
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2022.01.27 19:41 Robinjo1985 Italian Breadsticks

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2022.01.27 19:41 JohnStonesTheGoat Is there any way to grind an icon player pick with next to nothing before it expires?

I’ve got 2 87 squads to complete before the player pick expires and I’ve got next to nothing left in the club. Got shafted by the 83x25 (Muller, Suarez 2 86s and that’s it). 40k and IF Akanji Tradeable. Surely there’s no way.
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2022.01.27 19:41 lucidlobotomybotany Ride

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2022.01.27 19:41 intergalacticrube Why are vegan brownies more tasty and decadent than the recipes with egg and milk?

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2022.01.27 19:41 mealtealreal DOR Salary

Hey guys! If there’s any DORs on here what’s your salary? I work in a major metro area and I feel like I’m being underpaid but don’t have any data to prove it
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2022.01.27 19:41 Personalized_Copy [POETRY] father.MP4

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2022.01.27 19:41 Robinjo1985 Italian Breading Mix

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