Terrible pun

2022.01.29 07:29 hi_im_harvey Terrible pun

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2022.01.29 07:29 jcaauwe I keep getting add for this coffee, and one of the mugs looks like a little Dream Machine! ... Kinda want one now.

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2022.01.29 07:29 BaconPlayz Bit confused about what's wrong with my Code

Programming in C for the first time after learning Python and I'm having trouble understanding why this code isn't doing what it's supposed to be doing.
Here is my main program:

#include  int main(void){ float sales, commission, earnings; char yes = 1; char no = 0; char keepGoing = yes; while(keepGoing == yes){ printf("Enter sales in dollars (-1 to end): "); scanf("%f", &sales); if (sales == -1){ return 0; } commission == sales * 0.09; earnings == commission + 200; printf("Salary is %.2f\n", earnings); } } 
The program is supposed to take the number inputted for &sales and multiply that by 0.09, then outputting that number with 200 added onto it. However, whenever I put any number, this is the output:
Enter sales in dollars (-1 to end): 5000 Salary is 0.00 Enter sales in dollars (-1 to end): 
What am I doing wrong here?
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2022.01.29 07:29 STACKS-aayush Tranquil Deskmats GB is now live! New Gateron shipment with pro yellows for just* Rs. 18, and Box Black Inks and CJs! Introducing Sikakeyb's budget doubleshot PBT keycaps!

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We hope you will enjoy them! The Group Buy ends on February 28th, 2022. Please make sure to grab yours by then.
Gateron products Three new Gateron switches have made it to StacksKB recently.
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These are budget keycaps priced at Rs. 2199/- and aimed at most compact keyboard layouts up to the 75% size.
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2022.01.29 07:29 KatanaMask21 SIB Divinity: Original Sin 1 or Divinity: Original Sin 2 or both?

I see Divinity: Original Sin 2 get recommended a lot here on reddit and on youtube but I don't see much anyone recommending Divinity: Original Sin 1. Should I just buy only 2 or should I buy both games? I've read that the games are basically TTRPGs in the form of video games and that idea really intrigues me because I've always wanted to play TTRPGs although I don't really want to play the actual board games. Also, will I like the Divinity games if I generally don't like turn-based combat? I mainly want to play the Divinity games because I keep seeing comments on how they're really good which interests me. So should I buy the games?
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2022.01.29 07:29 iciclepopsTheSecond "This twist is just a joke."

I say before doing a double backflip as I grab their arm, severely twisting it in the process.
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2022.01.29 07:29 ConnoisseurOfNature Cat Owners of Reddit, do you let your cats go outside?

I always wondered.
Also, some comments on why you chose to do so are appreciated.
View Poll
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2022.01.29 07:29 Chloe_sings How do you break through fear of singing?

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2022.01.29 07:29 KellieChapa The kids faces

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2022.01.29 07:29 TheDudeFromTheHood PS3 Fat CECH-C04 doesn't always boot up

I got a backwards compatible PS3 a few days ago that doesn't seem to always boot up. It does occasionally, but most of the time it doesn't output signal to the TV (the fan still spins up tho). What could the issue be?
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2022.01.29 07:29 Maleficent-Cupcake43 Remote access solution

I'm looking for an alternative to the Direct Access solution but without using the domain or Active directory. My goal is to access the PCs of our clients from a remote server. For example, I connect to my server using VPN and from my server, i can access any PC on the client-side to take a remote control such as Anydesk or Teamviwer software.
Any suggestions, please?
Best regards
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2022.01.29 07:29 Old_Garage_8539 Help with muzzle training

I'm training my dog with a soft muzzle I got at the vet and I've managed to get to the point where she loves to stick her face in it. The problem is that she scares very easily when I handle her neck so I can't close the muzzle properly. At first I tried to leave it very loose so she would get used to it but she won't let me take it off because she's terrified of me handling things around her neck. Any help is appreciated.
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2022.01.29 07:29 Caitlinnvn Imagine if Frodo didn’t get healed

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2022.01.29 07:29 s618o How Provide Liquidity to TraderJoe USDC-USDC.e Stablecoin LP Pair and Earn 30% APY Risk Free

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2022.01.29 07:29 Deadshot-OP HolUp

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2022.01.29 07:29 Snoo_97932 She doesn't want to sit on the floor 😂

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2022.01.29 07:29 Aggravating_Guava_74 Does any one know why I don’t have the OMI wallet feature on my veve app? I’ve seen others that do

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2022.01.29 07:29 Putha Is gota Medusa?

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2022.01.29 07:29 Rootunder Tired of being tired.

I've been battling depression for a while now, that's manifested itself in part as numbness, fatigue, and a lack of desire to do anything but lie in my bed. This morning, out of the blue I felt good for the first time in a while- I even went outside and even did a bit of work in the garden! (Which I used to love doing but haven't cared for ages). Then my mom had to come out and crap on me, and talk about how she wanted to pull out the flower plants I'd planted a while ago and make a veggie garden instead- except every time she's done this, which has been a good few times now, she's kept it going for a week or two then just let everything die and the area becomes a mini desert until I come back in and replant things and grow them again. Then the cycle repeats: she pulls it all out, leaves the plants to die and replaces it with a half assed attempt at a veggie garden which dies off when she doesn't look after it and our yard is once again an ugly desert. It just makes me want to give up. I lost all the motivated feeling that I felt this morning, and now I'm back in my bed, feeling bad again. I hate this. I feel like she sabotaged a moment of sunshine for me and it hurts a lot. I'm just tired of feeling this way, I want to get better but it just feels impossible and pointless.
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2022.01.29 07:29 Aquifersou 🎊$50 GIVEAWAY🎊. UPVOTE ⬆️ + DROP YOUR SOL WALLET 🔥 CHECK COMMENTS 👇

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2022.01.29 07:29 athenialiaa Frodo Graph

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2022.01.29 07:29 DistinctGlass4596 FIRST EVER SCIENTIFIC PROOF Of GOD Using The code2GOD To Scientifically Prove The Existence Of GOD (Intelligent Designer Of Life) Based On The Fetus’ Organs Development

FIRST EVER SCIENTIFIC PROOF Of GOD Using The code2GOD To Scientifically Prove The Existence Of GOD (Intelligent Designer Of Life) Based On The Fetus’ Organs Development code2GOD is based on 32 mathematical methodologies encrypted in the original Bible. code2GOD was invented by Holy Land Man. The original Bible is written in Hebrew. GOD created the very original Bible as a string, or thread, of 1,202,972 letters from the 22 Hebrew letters.

FIRST EVER SCIENTIFIC PROOF Of GOD Using The code2GOD To Scientifically Prove The Existence Of GOD (Intelligent Designer Of Life) Based On The Fetus’ Organs Development
Available on: https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/8434065435405724076796129543147052563465541679891793758313354720465152638977
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2022.01.29 07:29 FootGoddessBrogan Who wants to be my first buyer? 😘

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2022.01.29 07:29 drakkart Saw this and wondered could we also get bridges over taxiways?

That is the video and i love his concept but sadly we lack those bridges over the taxiways yeah we could still utilize the inbuild metro but... bridges to watch the airfield from would be cooler... https://youtu.be/Kil-slXgVys
So i am wondering any modder out there how could make this work, basically creating a concourse that is a fitting in style but different network with like escalating ends on the nodes and the segment just be a bridge always, but the network being labeled as ultramodern concourse or smth.
please let me know if someone is up on this.
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2022.01.29 07:29 -Din Ich verkaufe Mein Tochter

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