[todayilearned] TIL the $150 million fundraised by Band Aid in 1984 (where the famous song "Do They Know It's Christmas" comes from), which was meant to help famine-struck Ethiopia, actually lead to more deaths since it was given to the corrupt government who used the money to prolong the famine and

2021.12.03 06:15 Know_Your_Shit_v2 [todayilearned] TIL the $150 million fundraised by Band Aid in 1984 (where the famous song "Do They Know It's Christmas" comes from), which was meant to help famine-struck Ethiopia, actually lead to more deaths since it was given to the corrupt government who used the money to prolong the famine and

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2021.12.03 06:15 MrLoomiz098 Still miss and regret giving up my cat after 3 months

For my 15th birthday, we went and adopted a cat, the shelter had an adoption event where you could just sign up on a list and have a cat the same day. I picked this adorable, sweet cat named Lorelai, I absolutely loved her! Sure, I had what they call "kitten blues" for the first week but I grew to love her more! I started to get allergies which worried me because I had no idea and I didnt want to take the cat back, so I thought "nothing a bit of benadryl cant fix!" Turns out, it couldn't fix it. Claritan worked but not too effective. The allergies became worse until they were absolutely unbearable. I talked to my mom and she suggested taking her back. I really didnt want to just abandon this sweet cat after I had gotten her a few weeks ago but I started to get some minor rashes so I kinda had to. I thought the regret would go away but to this day, 3 months later I still miss her and I want another cat, yet I just dont know what to do because I'm allergic! Does anyone know some not too expensive or complicated way of making the allergies go away? And before you suggest a dog, no, they are too high maintenance.
TL;DR: I had to give up my cat 3 months ago because I became allergic and I still regret it, I need a way to stop being allergic.
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2021.12.03 06:15 Rawel303 "In the temple, connection is only with God! Please turn off your mobile phones!"

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2021.12.03 06:15 memasak Portrait of young Walt Disney

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2021.12.03 06:15 Worried_Patience_117 Copper colour is so pretty ☺️

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2021.12.03 06:15 XeniaMariaRose Cross

Why do some Christians think Jesus wasn't crucified on a cross? Thomas said he would believe when he saw the nail marks or the nail holes in Jesus hands. I can't remember the exact words, but it has to do with the hole the nails caused. Why would people think differently at all?
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2021.12.03 06:15 hielo32 Lisa is already in the mood for Christmas 🥰

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2021.12.03 06:15 Walls [Plan] Saturday 4 December 2021; please post your plans for this date

Please post your plans for this date, and if you can, do the following;
give encouragement to two other posters on this thread.
report back this evening as to how you did.
give encouragement to others to report back also.
You should go get vaccinated.
Good luck!
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2021.12.03 06:15 gyrhod Is this chlorophyllum Brunneum?

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2021.12.03 06:15 Truedragonknight Adler - Girl Power

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2021.12.03 06:15 LinusTechLips Rafe Judkins, Wheel of Time Showrunner, also answered 10 questions today about the production !

Here are all ten questions that he answered: Q: What balance are you striking between recreating what's at the books word for word and letting the artists have creativity? A: What's really important to me is that when we're diverging from the books, that we KNOW we're doing it. So, every piece of production design from shoes to swords to the White Tower itself begins with pages of quotes from the books about that place/thing... The designer then takes it from there to build something that makes sense in our world, with our production concerns, our cast, our aesthetic, etc. But at the end of the day, it all stems from that first document and it's something we can always go back to ​ Q: Have you filmed any of the preproduction, design, manufacturing of props etc for a behind the scenes program. I have to say I really hope so! A: Of course! An amazing team has been picking up as much as they can of the process so that after the show's aired you can see all the work and love that went into creating these details large and small :) ​ Q: Since we are on the topic of swords, what are some of the inspirations for armor design? Is there quite a bit of variation between the Andorran and Shienrnian armor?? A: Yes. Our costume team, lead by the amazing Isis Mussenden, started by building a map of the entire Wheel of Time world, carving out what each nation/culture looked like to make sure they're differentiated (and honoring what's in the books) and then diving back into Two Rivers ​ Q: How do you decide what needs to be physically made (like the sword) and what's going to be effects? A: I want things to be as real as possible, so in any place that we possibly can, we've built things instead of trusting to effects. Our show could be all green screen, all CGI, but I think you'll be surprised by how much of it was actually built, and touched and held by our actors ​ Q: Weapons and their individualistic characteristics are integrals to particular characters, especially with Mat, Rand, and Perrin. Will the show give a similar focus or will the weapons mostly just be \there** A: You can not even imagine the number of hours that goes into each person's weapon. I was in at least 20 meetings about the dagger that Egwene has, and that's not even a major weapon in the books. There's a whole team of people (and we have a few BIG book fans on the props team)... ... looking at every item held by an actor on the show. I'd be shocked if less than 10,000 woman/man hours were spent on the design and creation of the Heron Mark sword ​ Q: Will there be different styles of swords and heron marked swords? Or all of them will be in katana style? A: many, many different styles ​ Q: Will Moiraine still have a staff at the outset? I know she says it helps her to "focus," but seeing as how she just tossed it aside after it was charred coming out of the Ways and she never replaced it, it doesn't really seem necessary. A: We're approaching this as an adaptation of the entire series, not just each book individually, so hopefully Season One will feel more like the entire book series of Wheel of Time than it does like Eye of the World. With that in mind -- no Moiraine staff. Let chaos ensue, ha. ​ Q: How is the set for the Two Rivers designed architecturally? It would seem easy to make it homely and Medieval, but because of it's location and history are there any other inspirations coming into play? A: When the books came out they felt so blazingly fresh and different and new, so we want that same thing to be true of the show, and if you see us leaning away from certain elements in the books, often times it's because audiences have now seen them before! Unfortunately sometimes even in cases where the‍ book-to-screen adaptations are from books that cribbed it from WoT! ha ​ Q: The music, how is that related to the show? Did we just get a glimpse of a theme? A: This is not music from the show itself. When it is, I'll make sure you know it, and it will hopefully feel very uniquely "Wheel of Time" :) ​ Q: How are the sword forms going to be presented? Is the style going to be pulled from a specific region of sword fighting, or are they going to be spread out over many regions? A: We have a fight time and swordmaster on the show who has built a fighting style unique to each weapon and culture. So, if you see a Borderlander fight with a heron mark blade it may feel different than a Seanchan. That's merely hypothetical of course ;)Edit: Rafe answered a couple more questions: Q: Is everyone doing intense calf exercises? We need them well turned. A: This one had the most likes. So is the winner. Ha. I can officially confirm (journalists, get ready) that I do not, in fact, exercise my calves. But the actors, who are constantly training in all things WoT while they’re in Prague, do. ​ Q: What influences were used in designing the travel and daily wear for the EM5 but also Moiraine and Lan, considering how they are described while on the road but how they also appear when in a city setting? Rough hewn wools, linens, silk(s), leather (for the warders, etc.) A: In my mind, Moiraine and Lan have spent the better part of their time together on the road, and the EF5 grew up in a place where knowing how to survive in the wilds was a necessity, so they are all incredibly practical with what they wear and travel with... ... and when they’re in a city and not needing to leave soon, you could see different looks from them.
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2021.12.03 06:15 Mholton1 Campaign didn’t show up yesterday

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2021.12.03 06:15 sharper_then_a_blade They cant take a joke lol

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2021.12.03 06:15 punkpanth3r1 i made a video

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2021.12.03 06:15 Old-Ad-9964 Realarcade W0S0!

Realarcade W0S0!
(even though I'm not a contributor, I thought it might help the project)
This version of client originally labeled as "RealArcadeBeta.exe" is a distribution of (maybe before W0T0) is found using wayback machine. I would upload this version to the project's github if I was a contributor, btw my github is https://github.com/zzx-the-neptune so please, let me contribute the project so that i can upload this newly found client
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2021.12.03 06:15 _WETLOOK_ Wetlook HOT Sister in Bath Get Wet !

Wetlook HOT Sister in Bath Get Wet ! https://wetlook.biz/product/sister-wetlook-set-1-2021/
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2021.12.03 06:15 peedonaweed Desperate

Now that I’m way over my ex and have fallen in love with someone that respects me so much and shows me so much care and attention, I’m realising what real damage my ex has left with me to deal with. I never feel good enough for him. I feel lost and damaged that I can’t even love properly after giving my 100% in the last relationship. I show care, love and all these emotions to my new boyfriend but I still live with the daily guilt that I will never set the bar as high as he is doing with me. I do so many things for him but as stated, I will always live with the daily thought that I’ll never meet his standards and will end up hurting him. It’s like in a sense I don’t even realise I can be treated this good by someone which results in me taking small gestures for granted. Any advice please anyone I’m desperate as it’s becoming a daily battle against my mind trying to convince myself that I’m worthy to be loved and love again in return.
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2021.12.03 06:15 AndreDus ICARUS not availible

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2021.12.03 06:15 Kendrillion @thk_41 is planing on releasing these acrylics plus more on their BOOTH on Dec. 4th at 22:00/10:00pm!!! Here are some samples:

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2021.12.03 06:15 14kbandit What is the best wifi on the east side of vegas?

Near lamb I'm looking for the best wifi provider any recommendations?
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2021.12.03 06:15 svanapps BadgerDAO Sees $120 Million Crypto Heist via Cloudflare Hack

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2021.12.03 06:15 TONEakaSHOW33 New DLC confirmed: "Pole Position" Start off Dancing, Move to Managing, maybe end up on a Casting a couch! Slut your way to the top, coming this winter!

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2021.12.03 06:15 Amipickles I'm about to lose my mind with Xehanort

KH3, can someone please help me figure out what I'm doing wrong? I'm level 36 trying to fight Xehanort and I cannot do it and it's driving me insane.
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2021.12.03 06:15 dillllllyyyy H3H3 Lawsuit

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2021.12.03 06:15 no0bmaster-669 Woke up screemu just now!

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