2021.12.08 13:32 P1ZZ4_M0ZZARELL4 awesome

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2021.12.08 13:32 microbesrlife People treat me differently, like I’m less than. Is it because I may have AvPD, or because I am just not a likeable person?

My whole life I’ve been treated differently than most regular people are. I’ve noticed this from when I was very young. Initially it was mostly due to constant bullying I suffered at school. But certain treatment carried on outside of school and I still continue to be treated inferiorly as an adult. Is this because I may have AvPD, or am I just the type of person most people automatically dislike? What have your experiences been and how have you coped with it? I will list the things I’ve noticed here:
I’m never included in conversations unless I fight to be. This happens in all social settings, including with family, coworkers, and at times also my friends. I am constantly talked over, never get a chance to get a word in edgewise, and when I do finally get to say something I’m immediately interrupted and people carry on with the conversation as if I’m not even there. They talk and act as if I’m not present or don’t even exist. If I want to be part of a conversation, I have to sometimes resort to raising and waiving my hands, or actually yelling at people “hey I’m here I deserve to talk too”. When I do this people just roll their eyes and get annoyed. I doesn’t matter if I make a valuable point or add something to the conversation that other failed to bring up. After I’ve had to resort to being rude just to speak, people will begrudgingly listen to the one thing I get to say and refuse to even acknowledge that I spoke or add to my statement. It feels demoralizing and sometimes is legitimately exhausting to even bother to try to be part of a conversation with people since it seems they don’t at all care to include me, nor do they have any interest in hearing what I have to say. But yet if I don’t actively try to participate and just keep to myself, then I’m labeled as “antisocial” and rude. I just can’t win it seems.
People don’t acknowledge me when I acknowledge them. It’s incredibly hard for me to make the first move and start a conversation, or wish someone a hello. I’m always so nervous to be the first to speak. And when I get ignored by people when I do try, it makes it even harder for me to want to reach out. Just today I was trying to make conversation with my coworkers, and it seemed they had no interest in talking to me. They preferred silence over having a conversation with me. Why do I even bother trying? Sometimes I will greet people and they will walk right past me like I’m invisible. I’ve even had people look me right in the eye and ignore me when I’ve said hello or good morning.
People talk about me behind my back and spread rumors. Even though I try my best at everything, it still isn’t enough for them and they automatically have this negative opinion of me that no amount of hard work will change. This one is more about the work place. But whenever I make a mistake, it becomes a big deal. I’ve walked in on people talking behind my back, and spreading rumors about me. I work my ass off and have been told that I’m good at what I do. I also have no write ups on my record, nor have I ever had to talk to management about my job performance or any concerns. Yet that doesn’t stop coworkers from spinning a narrative about me that I’m somehow a bd employee, though they never talk to me directly about it. This has even caused me to lose a job opportunity somewhere else. I’ve talked to them and have been trying my best to please them, but it’s never enough. The goal posts keep getting moved and I’ll never reach them.
I’m beginning to come to the conclusion that people just don’t like me and there is nothing I can do about it. Has anyone else also experienced this? What are your thoughts?
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2021.12.08 13:32 vQueer Ah it's just so frustrating man...

Sometimes I boot up GTA 5 and I'm so hype to find a full lobby so that we can do a costume party, pink clothes only!
Then I finally find a full lobby and when I type in all chat for the costume party only like 5 people show up.
Then there's always someone that starts shooting at us.
It's so frustrating to me that I don't have full control over how everyone else plays GTA 5.
The worst thing is I don't know how to make private lobbies or join communities outside freeroam matches.
It's very concerning to me that people would openly go against my orders to do what I want and it bothers me that I cant just have things my way all the time.
That's what the ppl on this sub sound like when they complain about being killed by a griefer.
Wanna know the real reason why people in oppressors go around killing random people to piss then off? Because they that person goes and writes a 4 paragraph essay about their hurt feelings and it gets 2k upvotes. That's plenty of motivation if you ask me.
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2021.12.08 13:32 chadzilla0930 The Obligatory X-MAS Album, by Metal Al

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2021.12.08 13:32 boom_hayes Dust bath

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2021.12.08 13:32 Ash_Grafixco Looking for a professional Logo Designer? Hmu just Dm #Limited_Revisions #logo #emotes #2d #3d #model #logojob #designer

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2021.12.08 13:32 Trooper_Toaster Police Helicopter Helps Capture Car Thieves

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2021.12.08 13:32 Masked_Voyeur Primeira Turma do STF forma maioria para manter prisão de Zé Trovão

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2021.12.08 13:32 jotayce Alguien lo tiene?

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2021.12.08 13:32 pullingback [Offer] Christmas Postcard Flash Offer - (1x) Christmas Floral Postcard [USA]

I want to do some flash offers today! I have a floral postcard from the Princeton Architectural Flower box that I'd love to send out, featuring some holly and pinecones and other stuff!
The first USA person to comment and DM me their address I will send this postcard to!
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2021.12.08 13:32 Joehlyi Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Failed African Countries

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2021.12.08 13:32 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Boris Johnson pressed by parliament over alleged Downing Street Christmas party during lockdown ¦ Global News on Youtube

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2021.12.08 13:32 dolleypeey BlockchainSpace's $GUILD TLA is live - could be an excellent play for taking profiting off the metaverse?

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2021.12.08 13:32 iCyfer Reshiram - Adding 10 - 6174 3786 9502

Be online
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2021.12.08 13:32 lost_mah_account Why does half of Reddit seem to be just pictures of family’s with guns now?

Like seriously it’s subs like facepalm or insanepeoplefacebook with just pictures of family’s posing for pictures while holding guns. Why do people care about this?
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2021.12.08 13:32 ContentForager2 Been really pondering my orb (/r/aimlab)

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2021.12.08 13:32 jwbrkr74 Real time Narrative Shaping 🤔

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2021.12.08 13:32 MeteoAlmennoSS Snowy downpour in Northern Italy, 08/12/2021

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2021.12.08 13:32 WhoAmIEven2 I'm sick and tired of Blixxard hating control and wanting it gone so much

At first it seemed like we could ZFINALLY have s control meta this time around.
What happens then? Combo owl shenanigans with warlock that kills you in one turn even with Cariel and even with a gorillion armour.
Why does Blixzard hate control so much? I miss the times of Dr Boom, the hero card, so much. Those times were great as a control player.
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2021.12.08 13:32 sfinnigans Love the uni ball vision elite, but need it to have more heft and a grip due to arthritis

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2021.12.08 13:32 BAKAYAROUUUUU time for lunch, don’t forget to stay hydrated

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2021.12.08 13:32 luna_snow2001 Introvert and trying to be in a relationship( lgbt)

Well, the problem is basically that I am a introvert and moreover gay. I can't express my feelings well to others and like I would die of embarrassment if I had to take a initiative publicly- honestly. Being introvert is such a double edged sword. So I came here , maybe someone can advice on this situation to get a good partner Please??
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2021.12.08 13:32 platyhooks [Other] LIAN LI Radiator Offset Mounting Bracket for O11D MINI/O11 AIR MINI - $8.99 + shipping

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2021.12.08 13:32 Sunowi1337 This needs to happen

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2021.12.08 13:32 BraveMagician277 Possibly last shot, curious about experiences

So my employer offer insurance and the year is coming to an end and the provider for my shit is not in network with the new insurance. I may have to stop the shots. I was wondering how people felt quitting, any withdrawals? I've had 2 300 mg shots and 2 100 mg shots. Most people I've talked to said they didn't have any symptoms. Love this thread, this medication changed my life, but I believe it's time to make the full jump to full freedom from substances.
Just looking for some encouragement I suppose. Thanks all!
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