Jungian Subfunctions: Genesis & Explanation

2021.12.08 11:58 BenVaserlan Jungian Subfunctions: Genesis & Explanation

Genesis of subfunctions comes from having three definitions of Si.

  1. Jungian Si. idiosyncratic artist's vision. I file this under Imaginative Si.
  2. The Berens-Nardi definition which is basically essence of Guardian Temperament. Linda Berens was a former student of David West Keirsey. MBTI Si is like this. I file this under core Si.
  3. The Socionics definition of Si: Comfort sensing which is about internal bodily harmony. I file this under Harmonising Si. The Keirsey description of the ISFJ Protector touches on what socionics Si is describing when Keirsey wrote about the Protector in the medical professions. My friend Jeff Miller once said: "Guardians will tell you about their medical problems". Keirsey: most medical doctors are Guardians.
Origin of subfunction terms: I adapted those from Victor Gulenko's DCNH subtype system:
Dominant -> "Assertive" because 'Dominant' refers to lead function. Creative -> "Creative" for Extraverting subfunction and "Imaginative" for introverting subfunction. Normalising: I removed this because Normalising is a feature of Guardians and I was just repeating the assertive subfunction or filing the core function in there. Harmonizing: This was kept.
KEY DIFFERENCE FROM DCNH: Victor Gulenko attributes subtypes to function accentuations: - Dominant: Te, Fe, Se. (Ej functions plus Se) - Creative: Ne, Se, Fe. (Ep functions plus Fe) [he added Fe coz of emotional expression] - Normalising: Ti, Fi, Si. (socionics Ij ie MBTI IP functions plus Si) - Harmonizing: Ni, Si, Fi. (socionics Ip ie MBI IJ functions plus Fi)
But I thought something like: "hang-on. All functions can used creatively. Creativity is not confined to Se, Ne, and Fe."
Jung had one line where he hinted at subfunctions in passing when he referred to parts of a function in his section of 'Differentiation' in Psychological Types: Differentiation consists in the separation of the selected function from other functions and in the separation of its individual parts from each other."
SHORT vids on the subfunctions:
Se and its subfunctions [4 mins 19 seconds]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tcl8xClkDWQ&list=PLLNMY-wBpaHavaWUF6meC6quwM-Ghyzen&index=35&t=0s

Si and its subfunctions [8 mins 23 seconds]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FQuq14PXBk&list=PLLNMY-wBpaHavaWUF6meC6quwM-Ghyzen&index=34&t=0s

Ne & Ni and their subfunctions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-vl6C8svUc&list=PLLNMY-wBpaHavaWUF6meC6quwM-Ghyzen&index=32
Te & Ti and their subfunctions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg9mBAKuSw4&list=PLLNMY-wBpaHavaWUF6meC6quwM-Ghyzen&index=31
Fe & Fi and their subfunctions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPJRJRGMnAM&list=PLLNMY-wBpaHavaWUF6meC6quwM-Ghyzen&index=30&t=0s
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2021.12.08 11:58 arksi I feel a bit out of the loop. What are some new things in your neighbourhood that are worth checking out?

I'm getting a bit tired of the same old stuff around me in Leslieville and haven't really been exploring the rest of the city as often as I used to. Thanks, pandemic! I also can't keep up with all the "Toronto just got a new " articles that BlogTO churns out.
What are some new(ish) restaurants, bars, stores, galleries, spaces, etc that you think are worth checking out?
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2021.12.08 11:58 _JAYSIN Best friend xp grind

Lvl 48 daily active player. Open and send the limit every day. Please open your gifts. 9405 8466 2493. Code in comments
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2021.12.08 11:58 runnyhuevosrancheros I took a risk and now I need help

I met you through mutual friends and fell in love with you over the phone while living out west. A few months in I met you when you flew out to meet up with me and our friends for a long weekend. That was the best weekend of my life. We sdventured and laughed and I felt like I had known you my entire life.
At that moment I committed to building a life with you and told you I'd put my life out here on pause and come be with you while you finished a grad program, hoping to take you back west with me. We were more than excited to be building something together.
Fast forward, we're 9 months in and still spend most weekends adventuring, we can't be alone together without making eachother laugh, we're learning and growing together and talking about our life. You're about to move in, your program is finishing up, our relationship is fantastic.
Then things start to get hard. I need a second job. My mental health crashes. Your seasonal depression revamps. We're not seeing eachother much between your school schedule and my work schedule.
When we are together, things are great, but I start to not handle time apart well. I have trust issues and you like to party with friends. There's a history of me not handling this well and feeling insecure and also a history of you lying about how much drink. You tell me you're just going to a house party, but then later text and say you're going to the bars. I get upset and try not to react, but I do. I say "you always 180 on whatt you say you're going to do once the drinking starts".
The morning of this we were laughing and holding hands and talking about my birthday and adventures we could have and saying I love yous and snuggling on the couch. That morning was the last time we'd share those kind of moments.
You called my after the night out to tell me we were done. You came and got all your stuff. You moved out of my apartment and out of my life.
On 24 hours you went from the love of my life to telling me that a flipped switched and you needed to go. I still love you. I miss you terribly and I wish you would have taken more time to make this decision.
I feel like my heart had been ripped out of my chest. I feel empty I feel alone. I will miss you more than anything and I just wish you would come home.
I don't know how to cope with this loss.
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2021.12.08 11:58 Flinkaroo D&D in person

Hey all! Looking to see if anyone knows of any non-adventurers league campaigns going on downtown?
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2021.12.08 11:58 dashfredplayzreal whats up with the clowns

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2021.12.08 11:58 trajop How old are you?

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2021.12.08 11:58 Wooden_Ad_1019 My Albedo Build, any suggestions

My Albedo Build, any suggestions Just got Albedo, this is my build. My world level is 5 currently.



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2021.12.08 11:58 rspunched Unpopular opinion: Genre

So much genre.
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2021.12.08 11:58 Potatizator There Is More to an NFT than Art

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2021.12.08 11:58 frartist- I made my first fanart about fr. Looks good

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2021.12.08 11:58 itachi8y7 Do you guys memer what elon said he was going to get his mother for Christmas 🎄?

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2021.12.08 11:58 WolverinElmo What song have you been singing wrong?

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2021.12.08 11:58 Molotova Danish police search for missing Irish man (Ikke set siden han forlod Jægergårdsgade natten til søndag)

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2021.12.08 11:58 jipto12 Change

I’ve been thinking a lot about if I can really change. I really want to get back together, but I want to make sure that things will be different if we do, and I really think they can. I’m sure you and i have the same worries about getting back into a relationship, but I really genuinely think I can change for the best, and we can have a stronger relationship than ever before. The problem with change is that most people don’t actually understand what they did wrong in the first place, and what they need to do different, or they don’t have the genuine want to actually go through those changes. I’ve done so much contemplating over the past few weeks, and I understand where I went wrong, and what I can do to be better. I was so immature and stubborn with so many things, and I was just too ignorant to see so many of my mistakes. I promise you that I want to change and be better, and I really think I have been making the changes in my thoughts and actions in order see permanent changes. I have come out of this relationship with a entirely new perspective on so many things. I just hope that I will get the opportunity to share this new and improved me with you.
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2021.12.08 11:58 --lizzie-- Chronic nausea after second month on E, getting worse, help!

Hey, I'm on Estrogen pills 4mg sublingual. (Month 5)
However I have been suffering from chronic nausea since the second month which started as inability to drink alcohol. Now I often suffer from nausea, sometimes very severe, last weekend I had to go to the emergency.
I can eat sometimes, but it's very difficult.
Is there anything that can help? Like other types of estrogen? Or other ways to administrate it? And what could be the cause? Too sensitive to estrogen?

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2021.12.08 11:58 jaruz01 Did anyone else notice a distinguishable dialect being spoken from the announcer lady's voice than the rest of the characters? (Full show spoilers)

Don't know any Korean, (English speaker) but it seems like at the end of every sentence the announcer would say would end in something sounding like an "ish-ka or just 'ka"" sound. I tried to pay attention to the dialogue from the other characters and heard no such sharp sound, their words would often have softer sounds in general. I might of heard the ish-ka sound when the bank dude was talking to Gi Hun at the end, so is it a sign of formality? Or I am I just hearing things?
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2021.12.08 11:58 diederikeen [WTS] Omega de Ville from 1969 (ref 111.077) - REDUCED

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2021.12.08 11:58 human_fork Is it possible to hack Pokémon for Pokémon GO?

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2021.12.08 11:58 OldCollege1923 wagmi ?

we dipped under that key resistance level at $6 last night. how long do you think we consolidate before we see another run up, and what $ do you all think is the bottom?
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2021.12.08 11:58 soymilksk Another day, another "Help pls".

I dont think i have done anything wrong this time?
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2021.12.08 11:58 IntelliDumbAss What is the golden question?

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2021.12.08 11:58 twoslow Orange & Black Soccercast Ep. 151: 2021 Player Grades, Pt. 1 w/ special guest Richard Chaplow

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