2021.11.26 19:53 kombizz0 Infiltration

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2021.11.26 19:53 RvBVic LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough Part 9 Spider-Man & Wolverine (Nintendo Switch) co-op gameplay

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2021.11.26 19:53 steamstream The Huntsman - Mama Anarchija

The Huntsman - Mama Anarchija Eino Karjalainen tapped the screen of his PDA once again. The device finally responded, showing him the boot loader, followed by the familiar text saying "welcome to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. PDA network…”. The Ukrainian government prohibited the usage of all electronic devices capable of receiving and sending messages in the vicinity of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone yet the group of amateur hackers managed to create the network connecting all stalkers with each other and kept it running for all these years. The stalker opened the tab with the satellite image of the Zone. According to the map he was standing on the helipad in the north of Jupiter. He zoomed in and scrolled around looking for the blue dot showing the position of his companion, Artem “Fighter” Nikonov. Finally he found it south of the Jupiter factory. But was it really Artem?
They lost contact during the battle with Monolith in the Red Forest. The fog was too dense to see for more than a few meters ahead. He heard Artem calling his name but the Monolith warriors were listening too. He saw them soon after, two men wearing white overalls, walking carefully through the fog. Despite their infamous prowess in combat, they weren’t quick enough when he pointed the barrel of his rifle at them and reduced the cultists to two spots of red and white on the road to Jupiter.
After that Eino tried to recreate his steps but didn't find his comrade, only two more bodies in grey suits. At least now he could have a tiny bit of hope that his companion has made it out alive. On the edge of the forest Eino noticed something large. It looked as if someone had thrown an elephant into the Whirligig and tried to reassemble the animal from the parts lying around. It could have been his mind playing tricks on him, but the stalker wasn’t keen on finding the truth, so he turned around and walked towards Jupiter. After some time the mist had cleared out and the stalker found himself standing in this airfield.
Eino glanced at the blue dot once again. It was moving, but could he be sure that it wasn’t some Monolith freak who took the PDA of his comrade or worse, zombified Artem? He took out walkie-talkie and found the frequency he and Artem were using.
-”Artem, this is Eino… Can you hear me? Artem…”
-" This....Artem....Karjalainen you fuck... bastard!... thought...the...! ...fucking happy...hear you!"
-”You made it! Vittujen kevät ja kyrpien takatalvi! Artem… so happy to hear from you! The reception is shit around here. See that checkpoint about one kilometer from your position? Let’s meet there!”
Eino sighed with relief. They were both in the North, alive and well. He packed his PDA, counted ammo and adjusted the straps of his backpack. Rendezvous point was less than a kilometer ahead. It was an abandoned military checkpoint, once used to guard the road leading to Jupiter Factory. A perfect spot to keep an eye on the whole area.
The Stalker passed the large ventilation shaft and started walking downhill towards a small parking lot illuminated by electrical discharges. He thought about a certain phrase… Klondike of Artefacts. The veteran stalkers used that when they were telling stories about rich anomaly fields of the North. Eino took a mental note of the position of that parking lot. Using the northern slope of the hill he approached the checkpoint. Then he took out PDA to send a message to Artem.
-"Where are you?"
-"Close. 500 meters to the checkpoint."
Eino leaned outside his hiding spot and saw a large figure coming out of the building. It was a man wearing heavy armour painted in light grey camo, augmented by an exoskeleton frame. These days exoskeletons were really rare, only a handful of stalkers could be seen wearing them, like the commander of Duty forces in Rostok whom Eino had never met in person. The man in grey was also holding a massive sniper rifle, most likely .50 cal. That could mean only one thing, one of the Monolith Preachers. Before he slowly backed off, Eino had seen another two monolithians in regular hooded suits.
"Artem, heavily armed Monolith squad in the checkpoint. Be careful." - he wrote to Artem.
"Ok. What's the plan?"
"I'll attack from the side, when they will be distracted, enter through the southern gate."
Eino peeked outside the corner once again, this time with eyes on the sight of his AK and finger on the trigger. When the blue dot aligned with the head of a Monolith fighter, the stalker sent a short burst of lead towards the fanatic. Before the body dropped to the ground, he switched to another target - the Preacher standing in the corridor. This time bullets just bounced off the armour plates, but kinetic force was enough to throw the Monolith commander off balance. At the same time Artem ran through the gate and dropped the third cultist. Preacher looked at Eino and even through the visor the stalker could sense his cold hate. The corridor was too tight to fire his rifle, so the monolithian just swung it like a mace. The weapon flew an inch away from Eino and the stalker could read the markings on the receiver - 'Barrett Manufacturing Inc.’. He snatched a pistol out of its holster and shot at point blank in the hydraulic servomotor controlling the right arm of the exoskeleton which got twisted at a weird angle. The Monolith Preacher writhed in pain but he took a knife out of the sheath and moved closer to the stalker. They locked their eyes. Eino shot first, cracking the visor of the zealot’s helmet. The monolithian howled in frustration and blindly swung his left arm holding a knife. He hit the wall and the power of an augmented blow sent pieces of bricks flying in all directions. Eino heard Artem’s footsteps behind him. The Clear Sky veteran pointed his battle rifle at the Monolith commander and squeezed the trigger. In the confined space the 7.62 NATO rounds made a deafening sound. Three 147-grain bullets pierced the neck of the Preacher and sent him to the ground. Both stalkers found themselves panting heavily. Artem spoke first:
-"Phew, he was a tough motherfucker. What do we do now, Karjalainen?"
-"Let's try to move the corpses outside, we don't want to sleep here with them."
-"They should be happy to serve the Zone after death..." - chuckled Artem
Eino laughed, adding - "Right a tushkano chow."
The night fell on the Zone, filling the atmosphere with strange noises. Eino took the M82 rifle belonging to the now dead Monolith Preacher and barricaded himself with Artem in the checkpoint’s main building. They didn’t bother to heat their food, just ate cold beans straight from the can and went to sleep. Fortunately none of the Zone’s numerous creatures did bother checking out what’s inside the room. Coming outside they saw that something was feasting on the corpses of the fallen fanatics. The stalkers marched north and in a short time they saw buildings of the Yanov station on the horizon.
When they were close they heard a soft rustle coming from the nearby bushes and someone shouted at them -
-“I know you ain’t Monolith, identify yourselves!”
Artem and Eino shared surprised looks.
-”Eino Karjalainen and Artem Fighter, we’re on a mission from Clear Sky leader, Cold!” - shouted back Eino.
The bushes rustled again and the figure wearing a ghillie suit and holding an SVD stepped out.
-”Clear Sky, huh? We were joking, you guys have gone extinct and look at our sorry asses now…” - said the person in a camouflaged suit and added - “...they call me Uncle Yar. Come with me, let’s get you boys something to drink…”
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2021.11.26 19:53 JGMacGregor Hoping this hasn’t been done yet

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2021.11.26 19:53 DixieSinclair TYRION

Tyrion Lannister surveyed the great hall of Casterly Rock. The castle’s winter feast was in full swing; a hundred lords, knights, and squires filled the benches and high-backed chairs of the enormous Great Hall, and a dozen tables filled with food were scattered about the floor. The hall was long, but not very high; the rafters formed a shadowy ceiling. There was a great deal of shouting and laughter; more than ever before in his memory, at least, and more than had been normal for the last year and a half. Yet it had never been so loud and so free. Everyone was eating. Everyone was drinking.
No one was fighting. Tyrion had never seen a winter feast as peaceful as this. Even the usual brawling and drunken antics seemed subdued, as if to make room for the feast. The food was excellent, better than he’d had in his whole life, and most of the men were enjoying themselves. In the early part of the day, Tyrion had been in one of the castle’s guesthouses with his own squire, Pod, sharing their dinner with Bronn and the other hired blades of Ser Bronn’s First Hearthguard. As the evening wore on, Bronn had taken his squire to the great hall with him, while the hired men stayed behind. Pod was gone too, probably gone to bed. His squire was good at that. A man could go the rest of his life and not sleep a wink in a castle this size. He was certain that Pod was in his bedchamber by now, with a bowl of warm broth in his lap.
That was a pleasant thought, Tyrion decided. He’d find Pod in time. There was no hurry, he wasn’t starving. His uncle had provided him with ample food for the night, and there was a cold beef course left in the kitchen. A round of cheese, a few rolls, a few mugs of mulled ale, and a few cups of honeyed wine. Bronn and the others had filled a few, but that was all of the food that Ser Bronn had brought with him, and Tyrion would be damned if he ate until Ser Bronn returned. His mind was wandering, he knew. It wasn’t the food.
He’d had a little wine before the festivities began, but not enough to loosen his tongue.
That was the problem with getting a new face, it was the same one he always had. He’d drunk too much wine tonight, for the first time since he’d left the Riverlands. Bronn’s face was the same too. He looked as though he was enjoying the feast. Tyrion remembered a similar expression on his uncle’s face last time they were together. Bronn had enjoyed it too, the drinking and the women. They might be a bit more sober this time, but that meant less wine and more trouble. And maybe no more trouble than he’d been having, sitting here with the hound by his side.
He needed to talk to Bronn. He needed to get away from the feast, from the wine, and away from the women.
As he stood, the hound rose and moved to his side. If Bronn was watching him, he didn’t show it. Tyrion made his way towards the kitchen, the dog close beside him. They turned the corner just as the head of the hall came over and took hold of Tyrion’s wrist.
The steward was drunk. The man’s eyes were so shiny he could have been weeping instead of laughing, and his hands trembled. “Let him go,” Bronn said. “He can�t run away from you now, Ser.”
“You made a bet,” the steward slurred. “A coin in the wine, with the whore. You paid her, she paid me, I’ve taken all that I can. Go get your money, now, or this whole hall’ll know of what you did.”
The hound’s lips pressed tight and his nose quivered. Tyrion didn’t need a hound to tell him that they’d lost. The steward could not have heard his words had he spoken aloud, and for all Tyrion knew, his mouth hadn’t been capable of any other sound. Instead, Bronn went into the kitchen and came out with his coin pouch. Tyrion could see him unclasp it, and then he felt Bronn put his hand in the pouch.
“What are you doing?� “ Bronn began, and that was the moment when Tyrion realized the plan. He’d tried to make Bronn think like a man by telling him the whole truth, but Tyrion had never imagined Bronn would take his advice. No one else even noticed him watching.
“You’ve won your bet,” Bronn said. “I�ll keep your coin as we agreed, and in turn I’ll pay your debt.” He closed his hand around the coins. “What did you think I’d do with all that you’d borrowed?”
“You’ll be the man in the kitchens.” The steward shrugged. “Not that I want to see it. And you’ll be the man who doesn’t pay his debts. You can tell the rest of them that, if you want. It makes a better story than if you were a man of your word.”
“Tyrion, you really are too trusting,” Bronn said. “I’ll keep the coins, I promise. But I’ll not keep my word to you. I’ll be a different sort of man from the one I am now. If you think I’ll be better in the kitchens, think again.”
Tyrion laughed. “You’ll be just the same,” he said, and put a hand on Bronn�s shoulder. “You’ll eat here, drink here, and you’ll keep your word. Is that not what you always do?”
Bronn looked down at Tyrion�s hand. He stilled. “I’m toying with you, Tyrion,” he said. “You’re the only man who could fool me with a tale. I believe you. You’ll keep your word, and I’ll keep mine.”
Tyrion took his hand away. “Then I wish you a pleasant stay at Riverrun. I’ll return soon to see if you�ve lost the skills you’re famous for.”
“I’ll be waiting,” Bronn said. He saluted Tyrion. “And remember, I have my sword,” he said. He strode off, and Tyrion followed, leaving Bronn standing at the bottom of the stairs.
The smell of fried meat made Tywin�s mouth water. Perhaps a small taste would appease him.
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2021.11.26 19:53 coljavskiyi ⚔️ DEKU INU ⚔️ - New NFT Full Preview! ➰ Professionally drawn by studio manga artist ✨ || ⭐ Only 50 pieces! || ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

They are at it again! Checkout Deku's latest NFT below. This one of a kind original artwork is drawn by a professional studio manga/anime artist. Only 50 pieces will be minted an it will go for only $300 a piece. They will announce a launch time later this week in their Telegram channel and all NFTs will be on a first come first serve basis!
Deku has its eyes set on creating incredible anime gaming apps and the best financial apps for crypto. They are redesigning their entire brand to showcase their commitment to their massive vision for the project!
⚓ Contract Address: 0x83FE529B3EAEee3Ad45173A1BA7E43eeBd333100
Great time to grab a bag early before this projects launches ❇️❇️❇️
In just over a month Deku has listed on four exchanges (Hotbit, LBank, XT, and FEGex) and they have gained almost 1,700 holders! They have absolutely crushed their roadmap! This team constantly over delivers.
- We have NFT packed with utilities for our upcoming game. Each NFT is drawn by professional manga/anime studio artists. These NFTs are rare and exclusive to DEKU HOLDERS!
- We are actively developing a web based game where you will use DEKU NFTs to claim rewards and abilities in the game!
- DEKU is partnered with LUFFY, GOKU, and CHOPPER
- We will be collaborating on developing utilities that can be used if you are a holder of all the alliance member coins!
- ⚜️ 3% REWARDS Join the Hero Academy and start earning 3% on every transaction just for holding Deku Inu!
- ⚜️ 2% LIQUIDITY 2% of every transaction goes directly to supercharge the hero's liquidity pool allowing Deku to become much more stronger each time!
- ⚜️ 3% MARKETING The hero academy will be funded by 3% of every transaction! Recruiting more heroes onboard to join Deku in his fight against the top cryptos!
♟️ Contract Address: 0x83FE529B3EAEee3Ad45173A1BA7E43eeBd333100
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☎️ Join ☎️
☄️ Website:
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2021.11.26 19:53 idiosyncraticwhale my sister literally fat shamed me for eating a box of uncrustables (pack of 4) in two days. now i feel disgusting and ugly

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2021.11.26 19:53 cardibcl0set instagram knows a lot about me

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2021.11.26 19:53 ExcellentCattle602 Which Batman is saving the person you love?

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2021.11.26 19:53 PhoenixDowntown Felt inspired by an earlier post, wanted to show off my take on Mortimer Goth. Vlad did that thing that Vlad does and turned him into a vampire. Mortimer continues to document the changes in his life in his autobiography, but things just haven't been the same without Bella.

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2021.11.26 19:53 caseyreed97 Cardogeo has made history on Cardano

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2021.11.26 19:53 rDalyan Claims to make this progress in one year from ages 16-17

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2021.11.26 19:53 greenlovesearth *godfather voice* You melt-a my heart, Alfredo

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2021.11.26 19:53 webmediums El PSG quiere dar de baja a Pochettino para contratar a Zidane

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2021.11.26 19:53 ricky_goose Streak 2: Gehen mit ein Freund

Ein Freund und ich laufen herum unser Stadt. Wir reden über: Mädchen, unser Freund wer bewegt, Basketball und Ringkampf (Ringen), unser Schule, und Winter. Es war 1°C draußen, aber es fühlt nicht wie es war dass kalt. Jedoch nachdem 20 Minuten, meine Ohren war sehr kalt. Dann wir gehen drinnen und dann spielen Apex Legends auf der PS4.
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2021.11.26 19:53 FuckCommieRedditors The left can't meme

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2021.11.26 19:53 GenerousFox Starting lives of all the members.

Does anyone know how many lives everyone started out with?
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2021.11.26 19:53 JebusJM Just hear me out (NB episode 3 spoilers)

Alright, so this is a theory in progress. I'm still figuring out if this could even work.
At the end of episode 3, Kurt Caldwell is celebrating Matty being alive. He knows this because he FaceTime'd him. Kurt said "Matty's alive... he called me... we had a great talk... I did more than hear him. I FaceTime'd him".
Before I finish this quote, I want to point out that earlier in the episode, Kurt was adamant that Matt was alive. "He's in these woods, I can feel it".
"We Face-Time'd. I actually saw the face of the son I thought I lost".
Rewind 5 minutes to a scene with Harrison and Ethan. If I remember correctly, this is the first and only time in New Blood that we see FaceTime. Does Kurt have two sons? Matt and another son that was lost? Could Harrison be Kurt's other son? Could Kurt have mistakenly said "Matt" in his drunken state?
I don't know how this theory could work out, but it's something I want to flesh out a bit more. We aren't even sure that Harrison is actually Harrison. All it took for the audience and Dexter to believe was "It's me. I'm Harrison". I mean, it's likely he is Harrison since he had the letter Dexter sent to Hannah. But with Hannah dead, there's no one to verify Harrison's identity.
Anyway, let me know what you think.
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2021.11.26 19:53 Boolean_witme Running and ADHD

Hi All. My therapist thinks I have ADHD so I’ve been doing a lot of research on it lately. I’ve been an on-and-off runner for years and was just wondering how/if it may help with ADHD. Do you find it help with symptoms of stimulant medication? Any other perspectives and insights are welcome!
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2021.11.26 19:53 General_Hguid i think i have a murder problem

i think i have too many murderous thoughts sometimes, almost to the point where its kinda scary for myself. like just this morning my sister said "I think you are too devoted to keeping cutlery clean that is there to be used" cuz i wasnt using me knife (i didnt need it)
then in my head i said "well here i found a use" and stabbed me sister and myself
really messed up.
i even got to the point where i considered trying to find a ballistic dummy and just stab it with a knife to vent all the rage and sad depressing feelings inside.
pain. any ways that i can help myself?
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2021.11.26 19:53 lefthandednoobgirl [Japanese to English] I had something shipped and it came with this note

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2021.11.26 19:53 Pride_Swimming There is no other way.

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