I'm going to a car seat headrest concert in april. What should i beware of?

2021.11.26 21:27 aaaeeeweeeaaa I'm going to a car seat headrest concert in april. What should i beware of?

I've got really bad sensory problems and frequent social anxiety, but I've read that they mosh a lot. I've never really been in a crowd like this, the last concert I went to was Elton John. Does it get so energetic that people get pushed over? Or is it just a lot of bouncing and bumping into each other. I can only assume everyone there is on about the same level of energetic, considering they're all CSH fans, right?
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2021.11.26 21:27 _succubabe 2 positive rapid tests and 1 negative PCR

Hello! I am double vaccinated with Pfizer and was due to get the booster in about a week or two.
Monday- I woke up with a sore throat. I chalked it up to it being dry in our house.
Monday night into Tuesday morning- I kept waking up cause I felt like I couldn’t breath.
Tuesday- I had a sore throat, congestion, and shortness of breath.
Wednesday- Same symptoms as Tuesday. Sore throat, congestion, and shortness of breath.
Thursday- Sore throat, congestion, and shortness of breath, and a cough.
Friday (today)- Sore throat, congestion, shortness of breath, cough, and diarrhea.
I decided to go get tested Wednesday since Thanksgiving was Thursday. I got the rapid and PCR done. Rapid came back positive and the PCR results came back today (Friday) and it was negative. I went and got tested again today. I got another positive rapid test and I won’t get my PCR results until tomorrow. What does it mean if the PCR comes back negative tomorrow? I’m so confused.
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2021.11.26 21:27 MouseMan2004 New Manager Career Mode Help

I've started a new Manager Career with IF Elfsborg andI want it to be Swedish players only but I have two ideas in mind on how to do that: - Just have Swedish Youth Academy players only - Have Swedish Youth Academy players + Free agents as well
Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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2021.11.26 21:27 Kuronoma_Sawako Really stings when you lose a close and good friend because you developed feelings for him/her

I used to like someone back in 2018. We met because of a common friend, became friends, we dated after some time, but it seems that it didn't work out, turns out she didn't really like me while on the other hand, I was developing feelings for her. When she realized that that was what's happening, she simply drifted off. And the moment I realized what she was doing, I didn't push further. It really didn't hurt that much. It happens. And we're just back to the strangers we are before we met and that's perfectly fine.
Moving on to 2019. I developed feelings for a friend at work. Not really a close friend, so I tried to spend more time with her to know her more. When she knew I had a crush on her, things became really awkward, it came to a point were I confessed my feelings to her to clear things out. She rejected me, and things became much much better after that. She wasn't really a close friend naman in the first place eh, so it wasn't much of an issue that we weren't talking much anymore after that.
Then going to 2021, I had this close friend that I developed feelings after sometime of talking to her everyday. She was fun to talk to, but upon being closer, I discovered that she have a lot of problems (work, family, etc.). I tried to help her and be her friend (consoling her when she has problems, listening to her rants, asking her about her day, etc.), and I guess during the process, that's where I developed my feelings, but I was really careful because I wouldn't want to ruin our friendship because of my own feelings. There were times where I'm questioning myself if I should be more concerned than usual to her because if she discovers what I felt about her, it will ruin the friendship. But as I remember, at the end of that decision-making process, I just decided to not care whatever she discovers and just try my best to always be there for her and let her know that I'm there for her. I know, it's my fault, 100%. It's quite obvious that people tend to know that you have feelings for them when you show too much concern for them, when you care too much for them. I'm also guilty that it does make me feel validated when she appreciates the concern I'm providing so I'm not trying to paint myself a good picture here.
Long story short, she did notice, and when she noticed that I had feelings for her, she suddenly disappeared. One day, full stop, she stopped replying to my messages. I tried to reach out afterwards but stopped after some attempts to not go overboard (if I'm not even going overboard by trying to reach out in the first place). From communicating daily for a couple of months, to just suddenly....nothing.
It was May 2021 since our last communication and she hasn't reached out since. I only heard from her from our common friends and it seems that she has no intention of doing so. Wala lang, this time, it really stings. To lose a good friend because you had feelings for her. Again, my fault, 100%. I am living the consequences of my actions as it should be, and I have no other plans but to move forward.
This is more of a rant and thank you if you reached this far, but if I have to ask, how to not develop feelings for a friend? Kung ganito lang pala ang mangyayari, I will do everything in my power to not let this happen again. It's not a really nice feeling kasi.
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2021.11.26 21:27 Probassmaster01 Need 4,000 cp and me for gift asap 1665 5120 3215

1665 5120 3215
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2021.11.26 21:27 FeudalFavorableness Wolfenstein & ESO worth it?

I noticed Wolfenstein & ESO are on sale for $5ish and all the old post are all over the place. Is either worth picking up; has the port improved since launch?
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2021.11.26 21:27 jemmm66 "You should be thanking me for my service"

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2021.11.26 21:27 Mulle81 This could be you…

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2021.11.26 21:27 Xenophero DDR Machine

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2021.11.26 21:27 Spirited_Work_4997 🌘 MetaSafeMoon ($METASFM) | 💻 Buy Virtual Land on the Moon | Amazing Platform | Developer wallet Locked💎

🌘MetaSafeMoon is the metaverse mapped to the real moon and accessible through the platform, named MetaMoon. In addition, there is a "real economy" that is sustained by the players via the market forces of supply and demand. As built with the vision to provide users the opportunity for the life beyond Earth, making it possible within the Metaverse.
💎 This token is the gem that you're looking for in this world full of scams
MetaSafeMoon will create a virtual economy where you have the opportunity to make money in the metaverse. Investors will be able to flip properties for profit in a free and open marketplace or generate income by becoming a business owner in MetaMoon platform.
MetaMoon platform is built on the basis of three key pillars: Play, Earn, & Connect. With the combination these features for the Crypto space, it has resulted in MetaSafeMoon, a BEP20 token that will allow users to explore, create and buy land on the Moon, using "MetaMoon™" platform.
How Does The Platform Work?
Within the MetaMoon platform, users can buy 3D Sculptured NFTs and virtual land on the Moon, using the METASFM currency, to build their own city that can later be sold or leased to make a profit.
Don't miss out the opportunity on this, huge huge potential I swear, one of the best projects I've seen in a while. Check out the website which is amazing, the dashboard, the roadmap, the 3D NFTs, the whitepaper. What reason are you still looking for? Why you still hesitate to invest in this?
CoinMarketCap listing is imminent, this gem meets all listing criteria. Good volume, stable price floor, developer wallet locked for 2 months (meaning that developers cannot rug-pull), also, Liquidity is locked. This makes the token really safe and also they are doing daily AMAs just to keep us updated and make us feel safe in this crypto world.
Why invest in unsafe projects when you can invest in this? ALWAYS do your own research but I am just showing the advantages of this token
Things to consider:
-Whitepaper released
-Audit soon
-Blockfolio coming soon
-3D NFTs made by a very talented italian graphic designer
-Massive marketing campaign starting this week
-Amazing website
-New & futuristic concept
✅ CG & CMC applied
✅ Doxxing confirmed (developers will reveal their face)
✅ Real Use Case (Utility Token)
✅ Clear Roadmap on the Website
✅ Whitepaper coming soon
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x5c6371338C7670202e71F68E5667772d2EAa9950
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x5c6371338C7670202e71F68E5667772d2EAa9950
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x5c6371338C7670202e71F68E5667772d2EAa9950#readContract
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2021.11.26 21:27 Cosmeregirl Oaths and Parenting

Life before death. Strength before weakness. Dinner before dessert.
Any other parents finding themselves repeating this on the regular? Our youngest has a sweet tooth, and this comes to mind whenever "Can I have a cookie?" is asked.
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2021.11.26 21:27 NotLia_ What is, for you, the weirdest TikTok trend so far?

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2021.11.26 21:27 JU-D Fifty Shades of Yellow Chptr. 1

Fifty Shades of Yellow
Chapter 1
It’s a shiny day in bikini bottom, the current soothing to the scales, and one lusty sponge is about to have the best day of his life.
The Krusty Krab, a food staple among the locals, like always. Is bustling with life, and behind that something steamy is about to transpire, “Ahyahyahyahya" spongebob spurts out of his tender lips “I can’t wait to start my day at the Krusty Krab” he says as he begins to open the supply closet to retrieve the secret ingredient.
But what spongebob found wasn’t the ingredient he was looking for but a ingredient he will thoroughly enjoy. As spongebob assessed the surroundings, a place he’d been many times before, he saw something very peculiar.
Ink, a trail of ink spanning down the length of the storage room, as he followed the black sticky liquid he started hearing sucking, like the sound of tentacles. When spongebob turned that corner, he saw something that changed him forever. Squidward was hunched over a pile of unknown objects, violently rummaging through them while jittery tentacles flopped about the cold concrete floor, “Squidward?, what are you-" a split second after spongeboy said that did squidward account his presence.
Facing towards him squidward looking drawn, with a frenzied look in his eyes. “S-spongebob, uh, what are you doing here?” He stammered out of a stuffed mouth “ I came to get the secret, ingredient” spongebob said as he looked down at the viscous ebony puddles surrounding him, spongebob knows what is going on and he is going to take advantage of it.
“Ya know, squiddy, this could get you into some real trouble right?, maybe even fired" Spikklegob said with a mischievous smirk, “I-I know spongebob but they’re just soo good I can’t help myself but to ink everytime that succulent flavour passes my beak” squidward cries out in a desperate attempt to get spongebobs pity “sneaking a krabby patty or two is pretty devious squid, they go right to those, juicy, thick thighs of yours" spunglefot says biting his lip.
Squiward blushes.
“But you know, there might be a way you can make this all dissappear, I’m gonna need some of your secret ingredient “B-but I’ve never done anything like this before" sqardlmerd anxiously sputters out, as red as a sea tomato. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.
As spermicob readied his cheese string sqwumbletard nervously anticipated the moment they become one. The sounds of suckers and squelches permeated the air of the now steamy room, the sounds of moaning muffled by the thick walls “I’m going to pleasure your sponge-holes until you beg me to stop" squidward says with a determined tone of voice.
As their breathing intensifies spoobledoy screams “IM CHUMMING” after a few more moments of sweaty intercourse Sqartlezard got the full limit of spongeroberts burger sauce.
Spongebob acquired his secret ingredient, passion.
As startlepob skipped out of the storage room with a bright smile he whispered something in smablewabs ear hole “this is the best day eeveeeeer”.
But this is only the beginning of a long passionate story.
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2021.11.26 21:27 Zest_82 About diversity in the show

If you ask me, I have no problems with that as I am used to see different nationalities playing fantasy characters in the past. The Shannara Chronicles is a good example of that and now Wheel of Time. The latter has a very diverse cast, probably the most diversed I've seen in any fantasy shows. As for the Second Age show, I feel Amazon will thread more carefully than WOT. With WOT, it's post-modern day age(we see skyscrapers)so it makes sense people all around the world are mixing as one. With LOTR, it's a complete different since this doesn't have any connection with modern time what so ever. If we look at the cast, the majority are still caucasian/latin people. Still, it's good to see a few representations and that won't hurt the show a bit.
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2021.11.26 21:27 SpiceGod99 [US-MA] [H] Vintage Camera [W] PayPal

This set is new in box. The price does not include shipping. I am selling it for$40 Photo: https://imgur.com/a/Pgea7nD
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2021.11.26 21:27 Sensitive_Froyo9975 房间景观参考了欧洲古堡的,正经人谁看大纪元?你看大纪元吗?啊,笑叫大纪元新闻网经典的房间都典型的风格保留了能观望的外景啊。

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2021.11.26 21:27 Mollymae131249 Best sushi in Denver??

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2021.11.26 21:27 Skinny_Whittler Roland FP90x vs Kawaii ES920- personal preference

Dear anyone who has played the Kawaii ES920 and Roland FP90x:
I realize these have been covered here before. I'm looking for more comments since I don't have the luxury of testing either one
I'm mostly playing at home, intending on full volume, no headphones, in the studio for enjoyment. I'll do some recording. I might bring it somewhere for a collaboration but rarely. Obviously I want pleasing piano sounds and speakers. I'd like good Rhodes-type sounds too. I like the idea of being able to tweak these sounds in great detail (hammer sounds, lid open, etc.) That's about it for sounds. I don't care about drums or synth.
The FP90x at $2300 is $700 more than the ES920 at $1600, and that is the crux of my question. That seems a considerable difference even though they are often compared.
I'd love to know preferences and reasons why. For those that prefer FP90x what do you like so much about it? Can you try to "sell me" on it?
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2021.11.26 21:27 Apprehensive-Jury635 Goverment found guilty of genocide

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2021.11.26 21:27 golfgains Finally got the new air intake coming. Curious with already having short shots. Will the new intake make it sound any different than it already does?

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2021.11.26 21:27 svanapps El Salvador 'Buys the Dip' Adding 100 Coins of Top Cryptocurrency to National Treasury

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2021.11.26 21:27 SamiREDDIT911 Cheapest players are AA tank spammers

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2021.11.26 21:27 imadarkwolfy999 Is there any use in buying a copy of EverQuest trilogy or EverQuest 2 dlcs since the game is f2p

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2021.11.26 21:27 iBackMovieClips Dangerously Steep Trekking Steps In India

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2021.11.26 21:27 Subswhoswitch It's buy one get one free on ______ today!

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