Had a horrible ct scan experience today. Nurse was mean. Feeling super low :(

Pain is not just a message from injured tissues to be accepted at face value, but a complex experience that is thoroughly tuned by your brain. Pain is as volatile and hard to predict as weather, jostled by countless unknowable systemic variables — but especially the potent perceptual filters of the brain. The results are often strange and counter-intuitive: fascinating cases of trauma ... I just had one today for sinus inflammation, they gave me a small dose and all day off and on I have had shakiness a keyed up anxious feeling like I'm going to go crazy. But my experience is it does subside each day. ... CT scan and blood work and they couldn't find anything wrong. ... I have had horrible emotional reactions to my recent ... I called again today and he suggested an enema. I was in the hosptal couple of times, had an MRI, CT Scan and 3 ultrasounds. They did urine sample, blood work and i have to go for an ultrasound. I have had a colonoscopy, laparoscopy, xrays, MRI and still no one has been able to tell me what's going on! The coronary artery calcium heart scan is a CT scan of the heart that looks for areas of calcium in the arteries that supply the heart with blood. The amount of calcium detected is then added together to give a score. The more calcium there is, the higher the score. Calcium signifies calcified plaque in the heart arteries. The symptoms got so severe I ended up in the ER and after a CT scan and blood work I was told it was the coreg making me feel this way. Just a horrible med for me. ... “I have had a good experience with Carvedilol. I take it for HBP and a heart condition. ... “I’ve had just horrible side effects. My blood pressure would spike through out ... Medically reviewed by Dr. Brian Paris, D.C on Nov. 6, 2018.. Diverticulitis is a serious condition that can cause irritating pelvic and lower back pain.. To understand why diverticulitis can cause pelvic and low back pain, you have to know what diverticulitis actually is — and how it’s different from diverticulosis. My name is jonathan and i am 34yrs old from west afrcan, I have being having waves of squeezing presure in the brain, upper part of the brain, for 3 weeks now and I have being to 3 hospitals and have being placed on drugs like voltarin retard100mg nuriobium to say the least, but it's not getting better, have asked to do a CT scan, and I did, every thing came out fine, but said I have synopsis ... hi heather , don,t go on a downer my love but i,ve been off them for 5 wks now & still feel ill , people sometimes put weight on with the pred i went the other way & lost 2 stone & have really bad shakes . i now only wiegh 6st but my doc is adament its not the pred . over the last month i,ve had 2 xrays and a ct scan nothing has shown up so to ... Three days later and scared out of my mind, I went to the ER to get a CT scan. No aneurisms or vascular abnormalities. Great news, right!? The problem is that for the next seven weeks, I would experience intermittent pain and pressure in my temples (worse in the afternoon), but it didn’t feel like a “headache”. About 8 months ago, I caught a horrible virus. I had persistent itching and swollen neck lymphnodes so my doctor sent me to get an MRI scan of neck, which showed mildly enlarged bilateral lympnodes(the largest, 1.9cm). My mother has non-hodgkins lymphoma and her doctor suggested I do a repeat MRI scan, which I did two months later.

2021.11.26 20:39 Hefty-Comb-8216 Had a horrible ct scan experience today. Nurse was mean. Feeling super low :(

I drank all of the oral contrast.
But I always request no IV contrast, because both of my parents are anaphylactic to it, and I’ve always been told I probably am as well.
And I had driven myself today, and didn’t wanna to deal with any medical emergency surprises.
After I got out of the ct scan, the tech turns to me and goes “Well, we didn’t see anything. Nothing was there. Without the IV contrast we can’t really see what’s going on.”
Then she opened the door and showed me the exit.
I felt so low.
I’ve been in so much pain… the prednisone isn’t really helping… (I’ve failed 4 biologics and waiting to see if I’ll be switching to Remicade).
She was just so mean when I already feel so sick and sad :(
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2021.11.26 20:39 MountCleaners I give up, JAC. You have been so hurtful.

I already wrote you the other day a nine thousand word letter asking you to watch "The Corporation".
Is that not how you are. You're just a nice guy driving a Mercedes. Never a bad word for anyone. Becky vouching for your character.
Class act.
Stop shielding yourself from guilt.
Where should I start, my dear?
I have told you my side of the story.
Over and over and over and over.
But since Almighty Liberal Becky and Chad and their almighty Liberal Opinion vouch for your unimpeachable character.
I will take another hour or so out of my day to write another painfully long letter to you.
No, no, no, no.
YOU provoked Me.
You followed me to group therapy in Matteson.
Many times.
You sat behind me, star struck, bashful and blushing.
I am not a star.
We'll start again.
Is your stupid smurf secretary taking fucking notes.
I wanted to know why you were in there.
I watched some of your stuff.
I am sorry, but I am not impressed.
I just thought it might help.
I thought it might make it go away.
It's worked before.
I don't give a fuck.
Then it wouldn't stop.
I went to your Twitter.
I thought I'd be nice to you.
It didn't help.
Instead of gratitude I got you following me everywhere, making impatient and sexually provocative tweets, tweeting hoochie ill-gotten nonsensical bullshit from a highly questionable source.
Did some more checking, and it appears you have a history of embrassing and undignified behavior.
I am sorry if you are alone.
You cannot destroy my life over it.
You cannot force me to reciprocate.
I was kind and thoughtful at first.
I simply, kindly, thoughtfully asked you for an explanation.
You refused.
There is a right way and a wrong way for how to treat someone with whom you are having a relationship in your mind. Which you are blowing out of proportion.
Dehumanizing them in public and acting like you have no idea who they are when they are kind and considerate to you is just not a good look.
I mean, you can't privately treat someone like they are a celebrity and blush and act shy...and then in public take full advantage of your social power to pretend that I am not..."someone."
Also, you changed your behavior one I started following you on social media.
I do not believe you.
You are acting like a guilty person.
A guilty and avoidant person.
All i ever get from you and your is how infallible you are.
I am very, very disturbed and intimidated by your calculated but unsophisticated and befuddled behavior.
I expected someone more professional, a better writer.
I am deeply, deeply disturbed by your behavior.
I mean, it's not my place to tell you no one ought hire someone so disturbing.
I have to live with the fact that you have fooled a lot of people.
You have no right to treat an utter nobody like a celebrity.
But in short, what I find most intimidating is how you appear utterly incapable of seeing my point of view.
And then I directly asked you to stop, and you wouldn't.
I said none of what is going on is any of your business.
It is not professional of you.
Why you can't use social media like a professional is beyond me.
I guess I expected better from someone who has come as far as you have.
So I was a fool there.
Hon, professional means you stop looking down.
I mean, really.
You trade on some sort of trust or integrity that appears, in your case, to be illusory.
Every one of us working people has to do our job, do mundane tasks, help customers or patrons or clients...regardless of what is going on.
It's not professional, J.
The way you have allowed yourself to be rattled by the whole thing.
And you don't even live here.
Hon, you aren't real to me.
It's not real, and we have no future.
Best of luck to you.
Really, it would mean a lot to me if you would wirk with a therapist on your limerance or attachment issues.
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2021.11.26 20:39 Chiefy1234 A pro player trying to fight a hacker be like

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2021.11.26 20:39 G60FORCE Can CODM DEVS please remove the REDEPLOY!!

So that ShieldTurret Glitch abusers will have to win fair...
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2021.11.26 20:39 BignBIack Zapdos on me 9623 6015 0406

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2021.11.26 20:39 Rndmrh The rock is a dawg

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2021.11.26 20:39 ministerio_bot Valtiovarainministerit käsittelevät talouspolitiikan koordinaatiota

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2021.11.26 20:39 IllTransportation967 This tapir

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2021.11.26 20:39 chrisdh79 [RECRUITING] Motorboat #28PRVCY | Level 19 Clan | TH12+ | War, CWL, Clan Games

Clan Entry Reqs: TH12+
No seriously rushed bases (i.e. TH12 with TH9 defenses/troops/heroes) will not be considered.
Must be active, willing to donate troops, and participate in Clan Wars.
Additional Info: We’re looking for active war players. We always hit max tier Clan Games rewards. Want to have some laughs with a group that doesn’t take the game too seriously, give us a look and mention Reddit with your join request. We have a sister clan for TH13 and below for CWL to maximize participation. TH14’s stay in the primary clan for CWL.
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2021.11.26 20:39 ksk63_ What I Would Do! Conclusion of KSK's COACHING PROFILE series

Thanks for following along and interacting with so many of these. Today, we're going to get into what I would do, but first, a quick word about the nature of coaching searches:
As you can probably tell, I am an avid coaching search aficionado. I follow them in-depth, I track ties to assistants, I look at recruiting around coaches on the hot seat, and all that jazz. I live on the message boards this time of year, when I'm not with family, church, working, or at the gym (and let's be real, sometimes even at work or the gym!). Here's what I've gleaned from this above all else...
(1) Nothing is as certain as we think it is // We always try and project the success or failure of a coaching search based on a coach's wins and losses from their wikipedia page. And to be clear, winning resumes do matter. But nothing is ever as certain, and there are plenty of other factors, many behind the scenes, that play into this that we have no way of measuring.
Here's a good example...I'm a Michigan fan born and raised, but Washington has become my adopted team through my playing days in college football. At Michigan, they hired Jim Harbaugh, arguably the biggest grand slam of a coaching hire that a program could make. Harbaugh was a big time coach who had flipped another academically-minded program around in Stanford, then won a lot of football games at the NFL level before deciding to return to Michigan, where he played as a QB back in the day. Harbaugh had a more impressive resume than a large swath of guys in CFB, perhaps arguably the best depending on whether you weigh NFL success as a factor for CFB. Yet, despite a better job at Michigan than most in the media want to give him credit for, Harbaugh still hasn't been able to beat the Buckeyes. Harbaugh's resume suggested he'd build Michigan into a dynasty. But that isn't always the case. Nothing is ever as certain as we think it is, or will be.
(2) A Good Chef Can Come From Anywhere // The wisdom of Chef Gusteau/Anton Ego in Ratatouille rings true here. A good football coach can come from anywhere. Let's take a look at the top-10 of the CFB playoff rankings.

  1. Georgia Bulldogs - hired Kirby Smart (DC Alabama) with 0 head coaching experience.
  2. Ohio State Buckeyes - promoted Ryan Day in-house (OC) with 0 head coaching experience.
  3. Alabama Crimson Tide - hired Nick Saban, a very successful college HC who didn't make it in the NFL.
  4. Cincinnati - Group of 5 school who hired Luke Fickell (DC Ohio State) to take over the program.
  5. Michigan - hired Jim Harbaugh, a successful college and NFL head coach to return to his alma mater.
  6. Notre Dame - hired Brian Kelly (HC Cincinnati), a very successful G5 head coach w/ regional ties.
  7. Oklahoma State - promoted Mike Gundy in-house (OC) with 0 head coaching experience.
  8. Baylor - hired Dave Aranda (LSU DC), a successful coordinator with 0 head coaching experience.
  9. Ole Miss - hired Lane Kiffin (HC FAU), a successful G5 coach who had been fired from bigger jobs before (USC, Raiders).
  10. Oklahoma - promoted Lincoln Riley in-house (OC) with 0 head coaching experience.
This is to say that we shouldn't judge a hire based on where they're coming from. Prior head coaching experience is statistically overrated in determining success (almost no actual correlation). The best formula is to already have a successful program and promote in-house when that person retires, and unfortunately that didn't workout for Washington. A good coach can come from anywhere, and there is no tried and true recipe for success.
(3) Assistant Hires Will be Just as Important // A college coaching staff encapsulates over one hundred people. From the head coach and his ten assistants, to the academic advisors, the analysts, the quality control coaches, the waterboy, the equipment manager, etc. This is why I actually spend time weighing some of the assistant coaches they have at their side, because those hires matter just as much as the head coach. We've seen what a terrible coordinator hire can do (Donovan), and we've seen that having a strong defensive staff can get you a consistently good defense.
Who they hire alongside them is just as important as who they hire to hire the staff...
That all being said, here's my TOP 10 CANDIDATES if I were the AD:
(1.) Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell - I think the work that Campbell has done in Ames, IA of all places is absolutely spectacular. Some have criticized Campbell's 2021 season and called it overrated, but should they win out these next two games (8-5 record), it would still be a top-5 season for the Cyclones from the post-Bruce era to the Campbell era. Dude is a stud with a great personality, a terrific recruiter, and has hired some genuinely bright coaches around him (Manning, Heacock). I think there's a little concern he could bolt for the NFL one of these days, but I'd be happy to solve that issue down the road.
(2.) Fresno State head coach Kalen DeBoer - When it comes to DeBoer, I profiled him quite early, and the hype has only risen since then. Really the only downside I have is that I actually really value having experience in a major P5 program, but outside of that, he checks every box. Innovative offensive mind who has built good offenses at every step. Recruiting has been good at Fresno State, and his time there has really helped him get familiar with some of the important recruiting grounds that Washington will need to recruit from.
(3.) Boston College head coach Jeff Hafley - Not as successful as Campbell thus far, but he's also checking a lot of boxes for me in that he's young, sharp, a terrific recruiter, and has major P5 experience at Ohio State. The only real downside is that he has very few ties to the West Coast in a collegiate setting. That's important for recruiting for sure. I think Hafley's a great coach however, and he'll be a big time coach once it's all said and done. I don't think that happens at UW in this cycle, but if I were AD, he'd be much higher up on my list.
(4.) Former Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops - Now that we're past the "young gun hotshots", I think Stoops is probably my favorite out of there. The first three are people I think could create a dynasty of sorts at Washington. Stoops would more likely be a temporary fix for five years to restabilize the program and set some new foundations for the dynasty to come. He's an excellent coach, motivator, and recruiter, but time is really the only thing against him.
(5.) Auburn head coach Bryan Harsin - Obvious caveat that I'd need to know he's in compliance with statewide mandates (COVID vaccination), because I would not want to be in Washington State's position. But, if he is, Harsin's a very thoroughly solid choice. Already the successor to Chris Petersen at Boise State, he's won a lot there and now does have a taste of the big lights at Auburn. If he wanted in, I'd make it work.
(6.) BYU head coach Kalani Sitake - His teams are fast and physical and have produced a lot more NFL talent than you'd normally see coming from Provo, Utah. Obviously there are some specificites and complexities that come with BYU (both advantageous and disadvantageous), but I like the energy he's breathed into that program, and he's hired assistants well.
(7.) Oregon offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead - I'd certainly be willing to give Moorhead another try as a head coach, as it certainly sounds like he got the raw end of the deal in Starkville. He's another innovative offensive mind, and part of me does like someone who has experienced adversity, learned from it and got better. Would be curious the staff he can put together, but otherwise, not a lot of concerns here.
(8.) California head coach Justin Wilcox - Wilcox has grown on me, but the biggest hold-up is his offensive coaching staff. Would need to set some clear expectations there before hiring him, that his current staff there (by and large) is a non-starter. But, if he's willing to get more innovative with the offensive staff, I like his experience at an academic P5 program, and obviously he's got ties to the area. Think he's a surer bet than these next few names to come.
(9.) Oregon State head coach Jonathan Smith - I think I'd go Smith over Brennan in as far as some of the younger guys go. Namely because Smith's having his breakout success in the Pac-12 right now and has the direct ties to Washington more thoroughly than Brennan does. If it's getting to this point, the search is already a disaster for missing on so many folks, but Jonathan Smith's done a good job with the Beavers, and it won't surprise me if he gets a bigger opportunity someday soon.
(10.) Nevada head coach Jay Norvell - Can't really put my finger on it, but there's something a tad bit underwhelming here. Maybe it's that Norvell is almost 60 years old and has really just bounced around quite a bit (aside from an eight year staff at Oklahoma). His results are objectively good, but I expected a lot more from Nevada with Carson Strong, Romeo Doubs and a handful of other talents. I think all ten of these hires are genuinely good, but it's also important to acknowledge that consistent rejection would leave most of these feeling a bit underwhelming.
The question becomes: What would I do?
Simple, proceed down the list and offer them the job. Campbell's my top choice, and while I'd certainly open up the checkbook a bit, I'm also not going to drastically overpay and overcommit to a head coach who also has the interest of USC and LSU. I think Campbell is somewhat plausible, but I wouldn't bet on it.
I would, however, bet that Kalen DeBoer becomes Washington's head coach after Campbell turns the gig down.
So let's turn to coaching staff:
To keep things relatively simple, I'd expect DeBoer to bring the following coaches with him:
So using them for starters, I also think DeBoer keeps one assistant, and the most likely there is probably Ikaika Malloe, though shifting him back to DL coach is preferred. Junior Adams is also a possibility, but going to go with Moore here.
If it were up to me, I'd make a sizeable push to hire Brad Bedell away from Auburn. He was the OL coach for several years under Harsin at Boise State, but has moved to TE coach at Auburn. I'd offer him a co-offensive coordinator title, along with OL responsibilities and raise his salary from $350,000 annually to around $550,000 annually.
TE coach could easily be Paul Creighton from Fresno State, but I think there's some other options out there with better resumes. Personally, I'd go for TE coach Matt Adkins from San Jose State.
Defensively, Malloe sticks as DL coach here. I'd be willing to look at better DC's, such as Houston's Doug Belk, and then offer William Inge a role as AHC/STC/ILB coach and a sizeable raise to join at Washington. Have Belk or Merrell coach the CB's, and call it a day.
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2021.11.26 20:39 OsuNewbie Do you think so much censorship will ruin finale game experience ?

Kinda sure that at this point most of you know about censored skins , removed scenes , skin colours change to fit Amazon NWO , different dialogues , different names etc
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2021.11.26 20:39 Mike_Williams23 Who else doesn’t believe the Pacer fans said they hope Lebron’s son dies in a car accident ?

I feel in the era of social media nobody would ever say something that offensive and stupid. I also think that fans sitting around them would have told them to stfu and that there would have been a visible commotion. It’s not like this is the first time lebron has had fans thrown out for heckling him either
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2021.11.26 20:39 TheTricksterYo Regifting ‘Raisins’

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2021.11.26 20:39 Connect-Interview290 Friendship or Girl

I (16M) like a girl but my best friend also like her and I have not told him that I liked her too. She take tuition classes online and I come offline but she had came to tuition offline for giving test and I saw her and then the next that to the class online and to see for her name, then I tried to look for details about her then then my best friend told me that she watches anime and I also watch anime so I found a common interest and today when she again came for test I started talking to her about enemy and my friends us then he told me that she likes the girl but I didn't told him that I like her too. What should I do should I quit talking to her or break my friendship.
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2021.11.26 20:39 LynellKash 🦍KONG INU just relaunched not even a week ago

-Whitepaper coming tonight -Major whales out, $100 will go far on this project trust! Burned 27 percent of supply today! Under 500 Holders and 500k Marketcap Strong Marketing Plan 🚀 TRUSTED DEVS NO MAJOR WHALES
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2021.11.26 20:39 squakable What do you all think of bio oil?

I don't see it recommended very often, but it's been around for a long time and certain people swear by it. What do you think?
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2021.11.26 20:39 Pretty_Coat_194 Far too relatable.

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2021.11.26 20:39 3_Three_3 [USA-VA][H] Old CPU+Mobo+RAM+GPUs, hard drives, SSDs, other assorted things [W] Paypal

*For the storage stuff and other assorted things, see my other post: * https://www.reddit.com/hardwareswap/comments/r1f3pi/usavah_lots_of_hard_drives_gpus_keyboards_fans/
Timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/i7KR46B
I recently disassembled some old towers and decided to see if anyone's interested in the components that came out of them.
CPU + Mobo + RAM

Each combo also comes with a small CPU cooler (shown in pictures.)
$25 OBO each
If these prices are way too high, please let me know.
Comment before PM, avoid chats please.
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2021.11.26 20:39 jolsin7 Battle 64 on my 6th time going thru the ERT, so that's well over 1000 battles & finally got my 1st epic. Got all uncommon fusion 10 & all 3 rares fusion 2 & 3, but never got a rare till now

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2021.11.26 20:39 MSby Want to buy a Chain

I’m new to jewelry and don’t know any good places to buy a chain. I’m looking for a silver( sterling or Cuban) chain. Any recommendations?
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2021.11.26 20:39 dabaconator0 MINU NFT Marketplace coming this weekend |Shilling Contest underway!| <500mMC |CMC and CG| Doxxed Dev | LP Locked | Audit | NFT Game in ~3 weeks | Burns at 1.5m and above

Currently ongoing shilling contest to win $MINU
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• A community is held together by hundreds, if not thousands, of interconnected moments. By studying those drawn to our project, we realized that true power doesn’t come from a single perspective, but from working together in together in harmony. With that thought fresh in our minds, we became Mastiff Inu
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2021.11.26 20:39 Toastlover24 I obviously just need a hand warmer and I should get there

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2021.11.26 20:39 ministerio_bot Suomi tukee eurooppalaista maksualoitetta yhdessä kuuden muun EU-maan kanssa

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2021.11.26 20:39 ThanosvsShrek Suppressor for 7" .300 blk pistol

So at the beginning of the year I bought an Omega 300 and planned to put it on my above listed setup. 1/7 twist only shooting subs. But I was just told it won't work on a 7" barrel? Is that true? And if that's the case, what CAN I use?
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2021.11.26 20:39 MintyFreshPopTarts [spoilers ep9] This was in the final episode of Arcane for a brief moment when Jinx was losing it, what does this look like to you?

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