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2021.11.26 19:55 MauveZone430 Hmm.

I wonder.
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2021.11.26 19:55 TheIcyBandit I’m leaving

This sub used to be good. Now, it’s straight up just cringe. Adíos peeps
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2021.11.26 19:55 TwitFeedBot 🐦 @NebulaRealms: How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Did your family argue too much or are you normal? 🦃 #thanksgiving #gamedev #nebularealms

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2021.11.26 19:55 englishking_henry Stapelia gigantea in full bloom

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2021.11.26 19:55 newsfeedmedia1 Cost of compensating falsely accused postmasters would have put Post Office out of business

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2021.11.26 19:55 ameliaisdrowning jojo on the practice server 👀

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2021.11.26 19:55 CommanderPog Questions for Logitech G502

Because today is Black Friday and I saw that the Logitech G502 was on sale and has been a mouse that I have been meaning to buy but I had a few questions.
-Is it a big mouse, I like bigger mice like the Corsair Dark Core, Corsair Nightsword, and Corsair Ironclaw and want to make sure it can fit in my hands
-Is the mouse generally good, any features, design flaws, anything that make the mouse good or bad
-Software, is there software for the Logitech G502 and is it good
Any answers to these questions and anything else that would be good to know is appreciated.
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2021.11.26 19:55 cowgoeswoof9 Anyone else underwhelmed by the new truffle oil duo?

I tried it in multiple dishes: to finish pasta, pizza, eggs - and never got a good robust truffle flavor from either the black or white truffle oil
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2021.11.26 19:55 Bonus1Fact 3.6 magnitude #earthquake. 77 km from Punta Cana, #LaAltagracia, Dominican Republic

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2021.11.26 19:55 LolaT99 Is this Yellowstone clothes shop legit?

What do you think?
Clothes shop
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2021.11.26 19:55 EarlGreyMorality It may be a tedious project but I’m working on coloring the Pickle vs Musashi fight. These are the designs I’m thinking, so drop some feedback if you want since I can change stuff pretty easily at this point.

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2021.11.26 19:55 CmdrShepN72154 How would react if "frat bros" and "sorority girls" from various Florida colleges went near the NASA launch pads to protest the launch of astronauts from Florida?

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2021.11.26 19:55 byrd3790 Come be a Firefighter/EMT

Are you looking for a new full time job?
do you want to make ~50k/yr working 2-3 days a week?
Do you have a High School Diploma or GED?
Can you pass a drug test and physical?

Then come on down to the [Burke County EMA](https://youtu.be/s2KwYwawulU) and get paid to train to be a Firefighter and an EMT.
Full time benefits including Health, Dental, Vision, and supplemental insurances. 457(b) retirement and county retirement.

Feel free to ask any questions.
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2021.11.26 19:55 oweaponx How to figure this out?

Hello. This is a problem I'm trying to solve, somewhat of a "what if."
I'm looking at the following assets: WBTC, tBTC, sBTC, pBTC, RENBTC, oBTC, HBTC (look on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko).
For my scenario, let's say I can get a loan for 10 of these. I can then swap (exchange) them for any of the others on this list. After swapping fees, the loan fee, and withdraw fees (cap at 0.3%, sometimes they're lower), I would repay the loan, keeping the profit.
In one case I would repay the loan with the asset I started with. In a second case, I could repay the loan with any of the assets, as long as there was an equivalent value.
Obviously, the prices are in constant flux. So, which asset would I start the loan with, what would I swap to (number of swaps?), to pay back everything, and to profit?
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2021.11.26 19:55 JamesHarden_op THR5 and rocksmith 2014

hello, i got thr 5 Amp with revstar guitar and i connect it to pc via usb cable. (the printer cable called A male B male i think)
so far i can record stuff easy with good quality on fl studio no issues.
Lately i got rocksmith but with no realtone cable on a deal on net thinking i can use this setup since i already record to pc but turns out it doesnt work like that.
i cant buy real tone cable since it doesnt exist in my country and we cant ship it.
Anyone with alternative tinkering solution?
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2021.11.26 19:55 THATSwhatsUPtoobz What 200 hours in HALO INFINITE feels like

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2021.11.26 19:55 FlatChestedGran [Pc] [eu]

C2/3 going 2/s to gc
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2021.11.26 19:55 newsfeedmedia1 Health chiefs call for ‘calm heads’ and warn AGAINST another lockdown at Christmas

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2021.11.26 19:55 ewil0113 Lionel’s bathroom paradise - I had way too much fun with this one

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2021.11.26 19:55 Nermit Will my sterling silver stand-in ring withstand time?

My engagement ring is high profile and has a thinner shank than I would like. Unfortunately I'm gonna have to be the one to pay to try and have the shank made thicker later on and have the prongs checked (catching a ton of hairs) so my partner bought me a much cheaper sterling silver stand in ring to wear to work and what-not. This stand in ring is 2.5mm wide and 2mm thick. Given that it's sterling and has no prongs or anything (flush setting), do you guys think it'll withstand nearly daily wear? I don't mind scratching or tarnish, I'm only worried about it bending or cracking. I work in child care and the most heavy lifting I do is occasionally groceries or furniture in my classroom. It's only a stand in but I love it almost as much as my engagement ring so I just wanted advice or hopefully reassurance. Thanks!
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2021.11.26 19:55 Seeberger48 Anyone know where the lunar scavenger is this week?

Im on the eriana-3 quest for Eris and I cant find the scavenger I need to kill
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2021.11.26 19:55 b2thedoss New Additions - any care advice?

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2021.11.26 19:55 Bronky81 Squid Game

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2021.11.26 19:55 newsfeedmedia1 The best Black Friday deals on toys! Save with up to 40% off LEGO, VTech, Marvel and Peppa Pig

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2021.11.26 19:55 Lancebanks Subreddit for housekeeping, hotel room attendants

Just got hired at a 5 star hotel to be a room attendant. I have cleaning experience but never worked in a hotel before. I saw there’s a old hotel cleaning subreddit but it’s old no posts earlier than 2yrs ago.
Really appreciate being pointed in the direction of a newer more current subreddit so I can get some advice on what to expect
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