18 M life's been pretty rough ngl [Friendship]

2021.11.26 21:20 OrganizationOk3845 18 M life's been pretty rough ngl [Friendship]

Hello my name is kemron and tbh life has been kinda shit. Been pretty lonely and came here to look for friends i am from the caribbean.i like to workout,read and listen to music i would love to hear from some so send me a chat
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2021.11.26 21:20 daphillymann She’s Lovin’ It

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2021.11.26 21:20 CapAmericaJr Thank you for your compression

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2021.11.26 21:20 Little_Squash5371 atl baddie 🔥 $4 for dropbox hmu

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2021.11.26 21:20 junkfilm currently selling my first NFTs, film photos of cherry blossoms, 2 NFTs

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2021.11.26 21:20 new_Boot_goof1n Navigating emissions laws

Not sure if this is allowed in this sub but I couldn’t find anywhere else to go so I figured I’d ask all you fine Volkswagen fanatics. I’m looking to do a little exhaust work on my baby she’s a 2011 Touareg TDI, as a Californian I have to abide by emissions laws and was wondering if there are any options as far as giving her some better sound. I understand it may not give me much If any added performance I just want her to sound a little more aggressive. Are there any systems out there that I could install or should I maybe go towards a custom setup from a shop or am I just SOL? Any input is appreciated!
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2021.11.26 21:20 JustTheRealNews The Week At State • A review of the week’s events at the State Department, Nov. 20 – Nov. 26, 2021

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2021.11.26 21:20 triengi [pc] w: aae15r hunting rifle h: list

VE1a Handmade
MS50v25 Handmade
MSE25 Handmade
AA50v250 Handmade
Ass25aimStealth Handmade
AA50v250 Fixer
AriEMS Fixer
AriFFR15r Fixer
AriFFRDur Fixer
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2021.11.26 21:20 yali_likes_theface- Some eyebleach since you've seen enough shiiro to kuuro cringe :D

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2021.11.26 21:20 Kay-and-Jay I didn't even notice it was see through

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2021.11.26 21:20 LonesomeLegs Would You Eat it?

When I was reading the manga I always read after the chapter ended to see ODAs statements or questionairs or whatever He wanted to put there! & I really enjoyed the fanart & questionaire segments! & ODA is actually really funny when responding to questionaires But one really stood out to me! someone wrote in saying if ODA would create an ICKY ICKY fruit which would result in the eater Being unappealing to women & ODA responded via telling the person who wrote that suggestion to eat it Himself! & I just thought that was the funniest response from ODA! (with How far I am in the series) But would You eat it?
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2021.11.26 21:20 GnomeMitzi Limp Bizkit - Out of Style

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2021.11.26 21:20 JustTheRealNews Democratic Leadership Statement on Recent Islamophobic Comments by Congresswoman Lauren Boebert

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2021.11.26 21:20 WickedCabbage98 2 weeks salicylic + day 5 of imiquimod. Is this progress?

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2021.11.26 21:20 ComiX-Fan Marvel Comics in stores Wednesday December 1 2021

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2021.11.26 21:20 XEliSableX Lofi Type Beat Golden Hour

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2021.11.26 21:20 JellyBelliesOnFyre Looking to farm exalted Krokopatra for hat

Hey everyone,
I'm looking to farm Krokopatra later tonight for the hat (exalted). I'm a level 100 life. I don't have any duels yet but I'm willing to throw down some crowns for it if need be. Haven't done this before but I've done my research. Lmk 👍
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2021.11.26 21:20 FunnyMomentMan I need a good software for eas scenarios. any suggestions?

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2021.11.26 21:20 MyPeeSacIsFull Boy, this playerbase has gone to the dogs!

I found this total casual today in Charleston. He was tangling with a snallygaster by the bridge.
I helped him find his way to the Capitol Building and wished him luck. Sadly, I did spot him a little while later, about to be ambushed by a Bloodbug and he didn't even see it coming.
What a noob.
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2021.11.26 21:20 darenta Early Morning

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2021.11.26 21:20 TGvikesfan Friendly or flirting

On Monday she came to me to ask how a resident took his coffee. I said he takes 2 creams and if you go into this bottomless pit we call a cabinet you’ll find his straws and she laughed like a drunk in a comedy club. And then she said nah I’ll use a normal one I said your a wizard then I see she laughed again . Well I didn’t really think much of the situation Till later when I said to myself you know nothing I said there was actually funny
Then Tuesday came I said let’s see if I can get her to laugh again so I put myself in a position so I’d be in her way to see and I just started counting off a paper of resident that currently have the virus she yeah Ik I’m like I’m gonna stop counting now she laughed again then I asked if she was genie and giggled and said what ? I said you seem to come and go quickly like your using some sorta teleporting magic She laughed and said im just focused but she didn’t leave till I did
Wednesday I was super busy so I had brief innersctjons I said hi She said good morning Trey Later I’m like there she is when I saw her again and she goes yup I’m back to wreck havoc
So yesterday I didn’t know she was there I came on to a unit to move a resident and I was putting his name plate in the box and the glass the box that we put their name the war they fought in and years active in I dropped and at this point I say nobody saw that I didn’t do it all the sudden I heard her laughing I look yo there she wad looking and laughing
Do I make a move how do I make a move on a girl at work when you can’t use your phone
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2021.11.26 21:20 Mrmars1998 Hi

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2021.11.26 21:20 Spirited_Work_4997 🌘 MetaSafeMoon ($METASFM) | 💻 Buy Virtual Land on the Moon | Amazing Platform | Developer wallet Locked💎

🌘MetaSafeMoon is the metaverse mapped to the real moon and accessible through the platform, named MetaMoon. In addition, there is a "real economy" that is sustained by the players via the market forces of supply and demand. As built with the vision to provide users the opportunity for the life beyond Earth, making it possible within the Metaverse.
💎 This token is the gem that you're looking for in this world full of scams
MetaSafeMoon will create a virtual economy where you have the opportunity to make money in the metaverse. Investors will be able to flip properties for profit in a free and open marketplace or generate income by becoming a business owner in MetaMoon platform.
MetaMoon platform is built on the basis of three key pillars: Play, Earn, & Connect. With the combination these features for the Crypto space, it has resulted in MetaSafeMoon, a BEP20 token that will allow users to explore, create and buy land on the Moon, using "MetaMoon™" platform.
How Does The Platform Work?
Within the MetaMoon platform, users can buy 3D Sculptured NFTs and virtual land on the Moon, using the METASFM currency, to build their own city that can later be sold or leased to make a profit.
Don't miss out the opportunity on this, huge huge potential I swear, one of the best projects I've seen in a while. Check out the website which is amazing, the dashboard, the roadmap, the 3D NFTs, the whitepaper. What reason are you still looking for? Why you still hesitate to invest in this?
CoinMarketCap listing is imminent, this gem meets all listing criteria. Good volume, stable price floor, developer wallet locked for 2 months (meaning that developers cannot rug-pull), also, Liquidity is locked. This makes the token really safe and also they are doing daily AMAs just to keep us updated and make us feel safe in this crypto world.
Why invest in unsafe projects when you can invest in this? ALWAYS do your own research but I am just showing the advantages of this token
Things to consider:
-Whitepaper released
-Audit soon
-Blockfolio coming soon
-3D NFTs made by a very talented italian graphic designer
-Massive marketing campaign starting this week
-Amazing website
-New & futuristic concept
✅ CG & CMC applied
✅ Doxxing confirmed (developers will reveal their face)
✅ Real Use Case (Utility Token)
✅ Clear Roadmap on the Website
✅ Whitepaper coming soon
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x5c6371338C7670202e71F68E5667772d2EAa9950
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x5c6371338C7670202e71F68E5667772d2EAa9950
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x5c6371338C7670202e71F68E5667772d2EAa9950#readContract
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2021.11.26 21:20 Thryloz Seawater evaporating by lava resembles an inverted waterfall.

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2021.11.26 21:20 GoFUself-Tony889 Which FEMALE phantom thief do you think is the most perverted?

Most people already joked about Ryuji’s thirst, Morgana’s simping, and Joker’s harem, so what about the other way around? Girls who are desperate for guys?
P.S I can only do phantom thieves because there are too many female characters to fit into one poll….
View Poll
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