Boomers, what’s the most millennial thing you’ve ever caught yourself saying?

You’ve got to be kidding me. There’s no way someone who graduated from high school in 2000 or earlier (i.e. BEFORE the turn of the millennium) is a millennial. Thus, anybody from 1965-1982 is quite clearly Gen X. Millennials would then be people born from 1983 through about 2000 or so. If you've been frequenting social media and have been a spectator or a participant in the tizzy of information that engulfs you once you log in, then you aren't a stranger to the woke culture. If you want to give the nerdy side of the cerebrum something to do, check up a dictionary. Get breaking Finance news and the latest business articles from AOL. From stock market news to jobs and real estate, it can all be found here. Worst parents ever stories OOPS! We had a problem loading this page. Our support team has been notified and we're working to resolve this issue. While we're working on it, you might like to: Visit our Home page; Search for an RV; Contact Us ... Working with or in IT, you’ve undoubtedly encountered contract-to-hire. Since gaining popularity around 2010, these opportunities have been purported as “win-win” solutions for employers and employees alike, allowing individuals to contract with a company for a defined period under the mutual intention... Since 2011, Hipster Barista has been fashionable, and then unfashionable. You've probably never heard of him. Featuring the classic Hipster look of V-neck t-shirt, scarf and dark-framed glasses, most people will have… Millennial trivia topics The most “racist” thing that ever happened to me was an old white lady in a hick town giving me a nasty look at a grocery store in a largely white area nearly 15 years ago. Wow I’m so oppressed! 🙄 ... It's largely Boomers who did that with their millennial offspring. Gen X mostly raised/are raising Zoomers. ... What's sad is many will ... Browse articles featuring Insider Intelligence's latest data and insights on digital marketing. Topics include mobile, video, search, ecommerce, social, ad spend and more Life is this same repetition of ups and downs. Nothing feels especially entertaining anymore. I've tried to give it a purpose, I've tried hobbies, and Math, Philosophy, History, and Literature, and to quote Ecclesiastes, "All is Vanity," for despite mastery, despite all that I do I will never be satiated.

2021.11.26 20:16 pawnmaster89 Boomers, what’s the most millennial thing you’ve ever caught yourself saying?

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2021.11.26 20:16 Ninamah Who is still in $LGVN

Still astronomically high CTB% and almost 100% short utilisation now.
View Poll
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2021.11.26 20:16 fdkorpima Recent IPO $SWRM opens today's trading on CSE TV with CEO interview!

Recent IPO $SWRM opens today's trading on CSE TV with CEO interview! Great time to stock up on Swarmio Media ($SWRM $SWRM.C) while it's slightly down today, trading at $0.42 with a MC of $41.1M.
$SWRM is a global gaming and esports technology and media company specifically focused on OTT. SWRM provides solutions to support the growth of gaming and esports communities, enterprises, and developers.
$SWRM provides telecom operators throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East with OTT gamer engagement platforms and infrastructure tech.
Notably, management and insiders have locked up the majority of $SWRM's shares for a lengthy period, demonstrating their confidence in $SWRM's abilities and potential as well as a commitment to the company long term.
Here's a fun video from this morning of the $SWRM team opening today's trading session on CSE TV!
CEO Vijai Karthigesu is interviewed after the opening and provides a good overview of $SWRM and their reasons behind taking it public. Plus, he discusses what differentiates $SWRM as a company, as well as the upcoming milestones!
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2021.11.26 20:16 Hairypotat0 Could you guys answer this survey for my stats class (If you use a fake name just make it sound believable)
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2021.11.26 20:16 ProCumGuy No extermination medal?

Just got an overkill on a whole team with the hammer in oddball. Went to see my medals and the extermination one was gone. Why would they even remove it?
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2021.11.26 20:16 Significant_Team_312 Was macht ihr gegen Angst?
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2021.11.26 20:16 OnTheGreatWave My Demon Slayer

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2021.11.26 20:16 BoolaBooIa Speak text shortcut changing voice

Hi! I'm having trouble changing the voice on my speak text shortcut. I keep selecting different voices in the drop down menu of the speak text shortcut but it never changes. any solution to this issue? I'm trying to use Siri Australian voice 1. Thanks for the help in advance
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2021.11.26 20:16 datboy1986 [POSITIVE] for /u/NerdyProphet [buyer]

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2021.11.26 20:16 Fruitbat2002 My Mandate

I have a new strain of seed for Jeffie Christian.
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2021.11.26 20:16 TheTricksterYo ‘Raisins’ available!!

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2021.11.26 20:16 iamubisoft What specs do i need to make a roblox game

I've been trying to look on google for this but i don't find anything convincing enough. I want to create a roblox f1 game and i want to make the models myself.
What would be some minimum requirements for that? Yes, i know that my pc is trash, i5 2400, integrated graphics and 4gb ram of course i don't expect it to run on this but i might upgrade depending on what you guys say.
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2021.11.26 20:16 Emotional_Ad4408 Evolution Of the Nissan Z in Forza Horizon 5

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2021.11.26 20:16 Seemoris Our Cattle Dog/Pit Bull mix loves the beach. Thought you’d enjoy.

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2021.11.26 20:16 Cautious-Ad-9554 Return of the Rafa

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2021.11.26 20:16 diploidcell Job/internships search with longish hair and a beard?

So I’m an electrical engineering undergrad and I’m at the point were I’m about to start putting myself out there and I was wondering how longish hair and a beard is during the interviewing process. My beard is kept pretty short and doesn’t have any real length to it and I always do my best to keep my hair presentable. Will I really have to go clean shaven and short hair to find one?
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2021.11.26 20:16 Boring-Musician2355 MOLTRES ADDING 15 add 1088 6689 5152 or 4267 3379 5951 or 7746 1147 0491

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2021.11.26 20:16 Mynam3wastAkn Is there a discount sale for online movie ticket purchases?

Just watched the promo video for No Way Home, Tom said “Spider Monday”, Zendaya said that it’s actually “Cyber Monday”, but Tom kept insisting.
Now the important question is, is there usually a discount sale on movie tickets? Particularly Cineplex?
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2021.11.26 20:16 Alternative_Bee4304 Can I drink with costochondritis

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2021.11.26 20:16 alle15minuten Gerade ist es November 27, 2021 at 12:16AM

Gerade ist es November 27, 2021 at 12:16AM
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2021.11.26 20:16 Personal-Dentist5287

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2021.11.26 20:16 BlacksmithFunny1059 I'm breaking apart my family and becoming a person I dislike. I hate my brother.

I'm 16 years old. My brother is 12 years old and a disgusting human being. It began a few years ago when he was 9 I believe when there was a drastic change in his behaviour. He became more rude and arrogant. When he first went to secondary school, I think he began mixing with the wrong people and his terrible behaviour became repulsive.
He began lying to his friends about us being rich - about how we owned big mansions and large cars. We come from a low-income family. He started stealing £10, then £20 and buying stuff without his parents knowing. That soon turned into him stealing £500 of money, and him giving about ¾ of it to his friends. He bought a vape pen home, and only when I searched up its brand did I realise what it was. He started listening to bad songs and started using those vulgar words. He swears at his parents, at me, anyone he feels anger towards. He acts like a thug, acting in a different way, acting like he carries a knife etc. I found him smoking a cigarette in my room. As my family is low-income, him stealing money hurts us a lot. We also share a room and he deliberately makes my life worse. He does not care about his family and I frankly hate him.
I find it hard to get a good nights rest at home because of him. I find it embarrassing when my badminton teacher comes up to me complaining about his behaviour, asking if he is like this at home as well. I feel disgusted when I hear the things he says. I can manage it though to some extent as hard as it is, but my mother's quality of life has also gone down. She sleeps downstairs sometimes. She has phases where she doesn't talk to anyone because of how upset she is. I find it embarrassing to admit, but because of his behaviour I hit my brother. I have severe fits of anger where I hit him really hard, with a wooden hangar, with my hand etc. This is terrible for him and terrible for me. Worse for him to be honest. I'm a terrible person. I don't know what to do. I want to kill myself.
Please help me. I really want to stop hitting him. I know I'm a terrible person, I just want everything to end.
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2021.11.26 20:16 jonsmdih Boy trading amos jon_smith426

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2021.11.26 20:16 Antonio9photo Findings from the survey a year ago

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2021.11.26 20:16 Snark_x It’s like roaches scurrying away when you turn the lights on in an old building.

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