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2021.11.26 21:17 DeleteThisACC69 Question

Is that guy screaming about Christianity at the transit (using a speaker and microphone) allowed to do that? This guy is so fcking annoying and I wanna smack the sht out of him. He’s been doing this every now and then for the past few months
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2021.11.26 21:17 Distinct-Copy7136 Day 71

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2021.11.26 21:17 Mr-Milkman_ Just want to add on the gift giving if people do need help (bois if you see this.)

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2021.11.26 21:17 RengeTF Translated from sindhi to Google

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2021.11.26 21:17 jgramos Botan's First Kill?

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2021.11.26 21:17 Strict-Negotiation18 Succession - Fan Script

My take on "succession", S03E01.
Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12kQUhB16jMiQSvfMv3gMPjC1KFVEsEoj/view?usp=sharing
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2021.11.26 21:17 Minty_moneyhoney Jobs or startups that allow you to work 5 -7 months/year

Currently looking for ideas of work that I can do for 5 to 7 months out of the year during the off season of my other job. (During the winter)
Im interested in hearing your ideas. Im interesting in making upwards of $25/hr - let me know what you got!
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2021.11.26 21:17 -rikia osugame 1984

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2021.11.26 21:17 Sakusa_Kiyoomi_ I’m selling a bunch of fossils for bells/nmts

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2021.11.26 21:17 checkabox How many times did you try BTO/SBF before getting your flat?

As suggested by the title
Would be good if you can give info like
Year of application
Location applied (mature or non mature)
Any priority scheme
First timer or 2nd timer
Just wanna to reference
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2021.11.26 21:17 Ray_eliminuto XD?

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2021.11.26 21:17 futureworldictator [spoilers] I think I softlocked my game

I hatched the sea emperor leviathans, but the adult sea emperor wasn't loaded and no dialogue happened. I went through the portal to see if the babies would go through. When I came to the other side they weren't there and went back. I go to find the sea emperor lying on the floor and the babies just swimming around. I accidentally hit the save button and now I think I'm stuck. What do I do or do I need to restart the game? (please not the second one)
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2021.11.26 21:17 lunedikw M’goodBoy is so brave

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2021.11.26 21:17 ObsolescentFish Ramleh- Bite The Bolster

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2021.11.26 21:17 bideorabo Just a little flyby

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2021.11.26 21:17 clashrequiem1 Looking to buy a pc and this looks like a good deal. Any advice?

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2021.11.26 21:17 ObsessedWithReps What's your honest prediction for tomorrow's game?

Hoping for a win, but expecting a comfortable OSU win. Praying I'm proven wrong tomorrow though.
View Poll
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2021.11.26 21:17 dibennz How do I (35m) find a girlfriend?

As a physically disadvantaged male, I've had to sit on the sidelines while the other guys get the girl. I soon realized that the system was rigged against me. It's not that my chances of finding a girlfriend were over, it's that I never had a shot in the first place. Attraction is biologically deterministic, and unfortunately if you lose the genetic lottery you will struggle to attract a woman into your life.

just be confident bro
Congratulations. This meme was made for people like you. Where exactly are you expecting genetically inferior subhuman men to pull confidence from? Their asshole? And if anything, women are turned off by men with undue confidence. They'd rather guys like us knew our place than try to be something we're not.
bro its ur personality
More normie cope. If a "gOoD PeRsOnAlItY" was that important, there wouldn't be so many psychopaths and musclehead dudebros out there with girlfriends. Funny how some of the biggest scumbags are the most successful with women, eh? Women don't care about a guy's interests, values and attitude if he's not superficially charming, hypermasculine or rich. Simple as that. Why do you think Fifty Shades of Grey and 365 Days were so successful with female audiences?
just lower ur standards
"Looksmatching" doesn't work due to the hypergamous, hookup-oriented society we live in. Even a less attractive woman will find Chads and high-tier normies willing to sleep with her. Women always want to date "up" in terms of physical attractiveness or socioeconomic status. In a lot of ways, women are actually a lot worse at objectifying the opposite sex than men are. Studies have shown that they only find 20% of men physically desirable, which is why a lot of men have to resort to money/status to stand a chance.
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2021.11.26 21:17 Wildform22 Her love is an island in the mist.

The stars grow dim under her gaze
She moves with the grace of the wind
She veils her thoughts in misty haze
She speaks as though she knows my mind
The sun rises and sets in her eyes
Her dimples are tide pools of wonder
Her voice clear as northern skies
Her touch as magic as thunder
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2021.11.26 21:17 Frempy Windows 10 Edition Help

I got Windows 10 Edition when I could redeem the free code from getting Java Edition in that period however, I switched to a different PC because the old one that has Windows 10 Edition broke. Am I able to get Windows 10 Edition on my current PC or would I have to find a way to get it from the hard drive on the old PC?
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2021.11.26 21:17 capedconkerer All these years later and I still get excited to see these gems in the newpaper

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2021.11.26 21:17 5cool CFE anxiety - does your employer find out results before you?

Hey guys, I am having anxiety about CFE results next week. Someone told me your employer actually finds out before you. Does anyone know if this is true??
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2021.11.26 21:17 Thepenofdoom Woah so exciting!

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2021.11.26 21:17 BrianV012 LF: Apriballs in BDSP FT: 6IV foreign Ditto

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2021.11.26 21:17 Bostonterrierpug Just spiked a blood vessel before dinner- now experiencing the rebound spike up it sucks :(

About an hour and 15 minutes ago it was just about to sit down and eat so give myself a shot and I knew from the smell of insulin in my mouth and the blood and insulin that came out of the injection site that I had spiked a vessel. Now the first time this happened it really freaked me out but despite my best effort‘s it still happens once or twice a year. What I did it’s got a small can of soda to sip with my dinner and since it was Saturday night normally drink beer on the weekend I held off on my beer. Over the next 40 minutes my sugar content the spike then while i sipped more soda and ate my dinner normally All about pleasantly enjoying the tremendous amount of adrenaline my body was pumping into my system. Eventually about 50 minutes after my shot my sugars finally evened out. Now comes the inevitable rise. Why I hate eating vessels so much as sometimes the overall insulin power stays the same so I end up 350 or something crazy later. Though sometimes it evens out As the insulin is absorbed more directly into the bloodstream so I end up do needing that extra. I just hate that feeling of sugar spiking up after the plungefeels like a damn hangover. Wish I had a better way to predict how bad it was going to be. In my experience it’s been from call the ambulance and almost have them take me away bad to just a couple extra glucose tabs and everything is OK two blood sugars of 400 Later bad. Sorry I just had to rant somewhere since I try not to push it too much off mentally on my wife as I used to do that too much.
submitted by Bostonterrierpug to diabetes_t1 [link] [comments]