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New singed skin (no scam)

2021.11.26 20:58 LivestiX New singed skin (no scam)

New singed skin (no scam)
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2021.11.26 20:58 elsa002 Bluetooth problem

I'm using arch and windows 10 in duel boot, and after my last reboot from win10 back to arch the Bluetooth stopped working.
Bluetoothctl return "No default controller available"
I checked rfkill, I have Bluetooth showing there twice, both unblocked.
I've tried restarting, restarting the Bluetooth service, using sudo, lts kernel, booting to windows again, nothing worked.
Any idea what can cause it and how to fix?
Laptop: Lenovo yoga 720 15, Intel i7 7700hq, Nvidia 1050, kernel lts-5.10.81-1-lts, 5.15.5.arch1-1
Rfkill list shows 2 Bluetooth: 0: IdeaPad_bluetooth, 2: hci0
Not sure what more to add
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2021.11.26 20:58 Trashsinger0505 Curlos free to a good home :)

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2021.11.26 20:58 ShortAlgo $HUN Awaiting Short signal

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2021.11.26 20:58 cephaszach [Hire ME] Get professional writing help. Please feel free to reach out via the following platforms: Discord: cephaszach#3657 OR Email: I'll be at your beck and call.

Up-front payment will only be paid after delivery of a good draft (reasonable length & top-tier quality). I guarantee the following:
- Quality papers ( well-researched, plagiarism-free, and void of grammatical errors)
-Timely delivery
-Free adjustments/ revisions
-Absolute discretion
-Good communication
P.S: Vouches and Samples will be presented upon request.
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2021.11.26 20:58 TheBenignRevolution He just texted 🙊

It’s been a little over 2 months, I went no contact right after he ended things. It’s really crazy, I still miss him but I’ve accepted the person he used to be is gone. He texted me saying “Hey, did you keep that initial money you bought from ANKR there? That coin finally going up ⬆️”. For context, he’s into crypto and when we were dating he told me to put money into this coin bc he wanted me to have a Rolls Royce like I wanted 🤣 anyhoo, I really thought I’d never hear from him again. I’m choosing not to respond because I remember the deep pain I went through the past 2 months and I’ve healed so much and I’m not willing to risk losing it all for this guy who told me he “didn’t feel it anymore.” I had a mini panic attack when I saw his number pop up (I deleted his contact) but now it’s an hour later and I feel fine. I’m excited for my future without him, and I feel like I have my power back.
To all those in no contact, keep being strong. It’s been so tough for me and it’s a roller coaster but honestly, although it’s an ego boost hearing from him, I’m kind of underwhelmed. I think rejection really makes us think they’re some special person that we need them but no contact has made remember my value. I love myself and I’m okay being alone. Thanks you all to everyone in this sub, you guys helped me and I think it’s time for me to move on. Peace and love to you all! 💕
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2021.11.26 20:58 Ilovemkmob Finally made it to battle 200 in normal earthrealm tower thank you for helping me out guys

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2021.11.26 20:58 moreconi Pocket of flowers ready for delivery! First to comment can have them right now :)

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2021.11.26 20:58 fastengineerboi Fist time in snow in gear

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2021.11.26 20:58 Killuaxjennie Okay used my phone for two hours straight to test out hoe much % i would lose snd its horrible i in 2 hours it went from 100% to 87% which is bad bc the fact that i was only using 60hz and wifi, if i use wifi or 90hz it woulf probably be on 80% or lower within 2 hours so yes A52 battery is bad

I don't recommend
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2021.11.26 20:58 feedmefrenchfries Thanksgiving fit

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2021.11.26 20:58 daddy_longlegs34 Who ran the slausons if any? Bunchy Carter or Craig Munson?

I know bunchy ran the LA branch of the black panthers, but I heard that Bunchy was also the leader of the slausons and we know the slausons later turned Crip (Rollin 60?) Craig was a top guy in the Slausons too and was famous for being huge
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2021.11.26 20:58 Slyfoxx246 Cayo b2b panther, 4 gold

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2021.11.26 20:58 WorldWF_46 How long was the Keel of the Titanic?

I’ve been scouring the Internet for answers, but I just can’t find anything.
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2021.11.26 20:58 Juggsbuddy Cassius the Comedian Cat Joke #1847

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2021.11.26 20:58 Sasboss2 🎶One of these things is not like the other🎶

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2021.11.26 20:58 Jowqui Astropsis

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2021.11.26 20:58 sjildeux help transferring old local backup

Hey there! Today I unfortunately smashed my old phone (rip....). Luckily I already had a new one ready to go, however, apparently my messages on google drive have not been updated since December 2020. I did manage to access my local backups, by somehow magically being able to access my files via my laptop (really the only thing that's broken about my old phone is my screen). How do I transfer these to my new phone? Can I just copy-paste the files (and if so, do I have to have whatsapp installed or not?) or is it not that easy? Please help!!
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2021.11.26 20:57 GreenFluffyCow Power Banks for Lenovo Yoga 730 15"?

Being at a large university in-person, I've found myself to be in need of a power bank for my Yoga 730 due to it's subpar battery life. I've been looking almost everywhere online for a portable power bank that would be compatible with my Yoga 730-15IWL, and I just can't seem to find one. I've read that the 15" 730 apparently doesn't support USB-C charging, which makes things more complicated. If anyone has any recommendations for a 730-15IWL compatible power bank, that would be great.
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2021.11.26 20:57 ScorpionH0rse Does anyone know the starting price for this

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2021.11.26 20:57 zakari1331 Is now a good time to upgrade? (Black Friday deal)

I am looking at a Prebuilt that has a 3060ti, i7-11700, 1tb ssd and 1tb hd, 32 gig ram and i know that it is a good price, but is it worth the money to upgrade from the RTX 970 I have now? I have trouble justifying well over $1000 pc purchase since I don't play a ton of hardcore games (since they dont play well on the 970).
TLDR: 1600bucks to get a prebuilt w/ 3060ti is it worth to upgrade from Nvidia 970?
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2021.11.26 20:57 FasterCrowd503 La opción de "eliminar mapas descargados" debería llamarse "borrar todos los recursos" por que eso es lo que hace 😐

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2021.11.26 20:57 tvyclub How should I revamp my current team?

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2021.11.26 20:57 verifiedcuntxd What illness is killing me?

New to the game. My dude is coughing and literally coughs up a stream of blood. I have the bacteria symbol. I don't have the option to disinfect any wounds.
Do you know what is wrong?
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2021.11.26 20:57 Lopsided-Media-6397 Katrina Bowden

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