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Cursed r/showerthoughts

2021.12.02 21:32 Fr1edMayo Cursed r/showerthoughts

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2021.12.02 21:32 vahnk No friends IRL who enjoy wrestling: who else?

TL;DR: It's a bummer to be so passionate about something and have zero people in life who also enjoy it. Anyone else with similar stories?

I'm brazilian - specifically, I live in a small town (25k inhabitant) in a state that is far from a "big multicultural center" (it's called Goias). Even tho' I'm from the biggest town in the country (São Paulo, with 12.2 million inhabitants), I still have no friends from that town (or any other town, actually) who enjoy wrestling.

I love you guys, don't get me wrong haha. But it's different, I guess: it was awesome watching Punk's return to wrestling, but I don't think my dog, the only one watching with me, really understood when I explained him about how big that was.

Anyone else has this problem? It's not such a big deal, I guess. It's 2021, we have the internet! But man, it would be really cool to go grab a bite with a friend and just talk about how Edge & Jericho got me into wrestling and how great Hangman Wangman V Danielson will be.

(I'm hoping that Cesar Bononi and Tay Conti become big enough stars so that AEW will maybe come to Brazil sometime? I couldn't attend the last WWE event here - the one where Jericho was in trouble for kicking our flag. I think this is a sign of how much Brazil does not get wrestling, huh? Hahaha)
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2021.12.02 21:32 FrontpageWatch2020 [#37|+7809|81] EVERYONE STOP ITS A BEAR HOLDING BEAR STUFFIE [r/aww]

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2021.12.02 21:32 New-Bodybuilder-4451 How much longer before harvest? First time grower outdoor autos.

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2021.12.02 21:32 Silent_Ghost1 nerf smite ias?

I feel like my smite speed is sufficiently lower than it was was it nerfed?
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2021.12.02 21:32 limitedby20character what do you think enas house looks like

what do you think
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2021.12.02 21:32 CloudLivin KJ outs her inside source on her YT live regarding Duggar CP Trial today.

At 32 minutes into KJ’s YT live today (12/2/21), she goes into great detail of her conversations she’s had with her ‘source’ (whom she boasts greatly about not believing one of Josh’s friends is contacting HER) regarding how Josh Duggar is a known Mac guy but has an HP Desktop computer at the car lot which is suspicious and blah blah. 53 minutes into her YT live she says, “remember how Justin said that Josh wasn’t a Dell guy?” So based on her own words and deductive reasoning, KJ excitedly folds on her ‘source’ Justin and/or just lied that her inside source is Justin. Either way she’s a big dummy.
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2021.12.02 21:32 gabrielmartef Which do you recommend? Dont know a lot about this.

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2021.12.02 21:32 Cpt_Panda Who says crooks are the only ones allowed to have fun? (Posting for a friend)

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2021.12.02 21:32 Merich Incense Day event featuring Swinub and other Ground- and Ice-type Pokémon - Pokémon GO

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2021.12.02 21:32 NYFC1 Amortizing premiums over the course of their life, prorating by the number of days within a month. Trouble with the last month.

I have a large spreadsheet that is used to amortize policy premiums. All policies have different start dates, and usually end after 1 year, but at times they might be terminated earlier.
Therefore need to allocate for each month within the policy, the right amount of the policy/365 x the number of days in the month, of less if it's a partial month like the first or the last month of the policy.
this is my setup
And this is my formula

It works fine for the first month and the interim months, but then it ends prematurely
Thanks for your help in advance
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2021.12.02 21:32 lavenderultra What would you do if you became severely disabled/disfigured?

I'm talking about something like losing autonomy over your own body and having to be dependant on a catetaker for your basic needs or losing your phsycial appearance to the point of looking unrecognizable/not human. What would you do if you ended up in such a state? Do you consider it to be a fate worse than death?
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2021.12.02 21:32 Stapleface47 Arrested Ponderment

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2021.12.02 21:32 JiminySnip A letter to EA/DICE

I'm a long time fan. I've been playing battlefield games since BF2, a game that I'm proud to display on my shelf. I'm in my 30's now and have grown up with all of the battlefield titles and have enjoyed all of them. Unfortunately, I absolutely hate this title and I'm not proud to display 2042 on my shelf. I was really looking forward to this title, as it was supposed to be a 'Love letter to the fans", in your own words. Did you not listen to your fans when we said we didn't like the specialist model? What about when we downvoted the skins you displayed for feedback on the Q&A back in march, yet you released them anyway. It seems that at every step, you've gone behind our backs and not listened to us, your loyal fans. I cannot be loyal to a company that doesn't listen to the community. The playerbase. The fans. You clearly don't give a crap about what we have to say.

All you had to do was keep it simple. Stick to the basics. Listen to the fanbase. Go back in time and look at BF3 and BF4. You really need a reality check and need to get back in touch with your community, otherwise the franchine is going to crumble.
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2021.12.02 21:32 MontblancAlps 拜托也花钱买点观众

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2021.12.02 21:32 theuniverseIam Why are you privileged to be a momentary arrangement of atoms that can eat, fuck, and shit?

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2021.12.02 21:32 irmgy Sinnoh Sitting Cuties

I've noticed that the Sinnoh wave of the Sitting Cuties line is released on the US Pokemon Center website. However, a large amount of the plushies seem to be missing. Not out of stock, just gone from the website entirely. With a simple Google search of "giratina sitting cuties", I was able to find out that both forms of Giratina (and probably the rest of the plushies) previously had listings on the site, but now clicking on the links only leads to a 404. Does anyone know what has happened and/or why? Another thing I've noticed is that if you search for "arceus sitting cuties" on Google, you can find that the Arceus plush that comes with the pre-order for Legends Arceus has its own listing, but is in a "hidden category."
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2021.12.02 21:32 Hour_Hovercraft_4348 Question: Have any of you felt off after someone gave you a reading?

Someone I have minimal interaction with approached me today for something random and they gave me a reading. This isn’t atypical with this individual. Today was the second time I received a reading and now I feel a bit off. The first time I didn’t. Gratitude was expressed both times.
I’ve had (paid) readings before with others and I felt lighter after.
But, this time I feel off. It was a spontaneous reading about how I’m getting married soon and it’s someone new, older, etc. Usually, I’d feel excited or a bit more at peace with a general direction.
Do others experience this? Or am I the only one? Lol
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2021.12.02 21:32 yummy49 I’m feeling it looks male for my crestie but anyone else have better input ?

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2021.12.02 21:32 coolcallum10 💫💫

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2021.12.02 21:32 Johndavide56 42f SD

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2021.12.02 21:32 emboldenmen Make Male Genital Mutilation (Circumcision) an offence unless medically required

Make Male Genital Mutilation (Circumcision) an offence unless medically required I’m asking the UK Government to criminalise circumcision, no exceptions for Religious circumstances, unless it has to be done for medical reasons, such as an infection. Parents or medical professionals found Circumcising children otherwise should be prosecuted accordingly.
More details
The fact that FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) is criminalised but MGM isn’t is extremely sexist & wrong.
MGM can have a profound effect on children’s mental health and it is often done without the child’s consent.
I am asking that performing or allowing MGM to be performed be made a specific criminal offence. Where a parent is involved the penalties should include losing their child.
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2021.12.02 21:32 Lolmoment3489 Lol

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2021.12.02 21:32 Potato_123_Tomato Just discovered this guys music and I’m in awe!

I’ve only listened to a few songs so far but it’s so different to anything else I’ve ever heard. I’d love to hear recommendations, what’s everyone’s favourite songs?
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2021.12.02 21:32 Joaquin_Zarrabeitia Possible tooth? Found in Ellis County, TX.

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