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2021.11.26 20:22 Ultra_Hylia egg_irl

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2021.11.26 20:22 Independent_Delay626 Cayo pink diamond 1 gold 2 paintings not hard ps4 b2b ygf

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2021.11.26 20:22 Kind_Jackfruit_3033 How necessary is it to replace intake manifold & intake manifold runner gaskets?

just got my v6 Honda heads from the machine shop the other day working on the install over the weekend how necessary are these 3 gaskets to be changed?
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2021.11.26 20:22 BurntSwordfish [WTS] Custom 36mm Explorer Mod - Aqua Blue

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2021.11.26 20:22 ermahgerditscass Caught this dove took some photos with it and released it. What kind of dove is it.

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2021.11.26 20:22 ImmortalNaga [POSITIVE] for /u/auag999 [buyer]

Great communication, paid quickly, and they let me know when the items arrived safely.
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2021.11.26 20:22 MaysWilliam Selling 1 zhu for Saturday 1/27

DM or comment if interested. Transferred via dice
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2021.11.26 20:22 GD-2008 Probably getting a large submandibular lymph node removed to biopsy-will this cause lymphedema on my neck and face? Very worried.

26 male, grape sized submandibular gland for well over 3 years now. Docs finally wanting to remove it since it’s not going down. My only concern is I’ve heard removing nodes causes lymphedema and swelling AND they said this node is a very important one that the mouth drains straight into (and a similar one on the left side) saying even in normal folks it’s a larger one…I’m worrying that means removing it will cause swelling big time on my neck or face. Do you think it’s possible it will? Not to sound petty, obviously they have a reason to be doing this-however I also care how I look and a plump right jaw/face would be bad
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2021.11.26 20:21 ontariospysuccer forsen the god gamer

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2021.11.26 20:21 jaydee001 Can we talk about…

How cool it was to see a Fade disappear and reappear in shadows. It’s used them as a fight tactic. Visually it looked incredible. Hyped to see bigger longer fight scenes with them in the future. Thom was a badass too.
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2021.11.26 20:21 rosierose89 You Should Know about your local "Buy Nothing Group"

With it being the holiday season, this seems like a good time to share this information with anyone who doesn't know about it.
I learned about the Buy Nothing project a couple of years ago and it is truly amazing.
From their website (

"BuyNothing offers people a way to give and receive, share, lend, and express gratitude through a worldwide gift economy network in which the true wealth is the web of connections formed between people. We believe that communities are more resilient, sustainable, equitable, and joyful when they have functional gift economies."
We believe our hyper-local groups strengthen the social fabric of their communities, and ensure the health and vitality of each member.
We come from a place of abundance ~ not scarcity.
We believe in abundance, we give, we ask, we share, we lend and we express gratitude.
We are a gift economy, not a charity. We see no difference between want and need, waste and treasure.
We do not buy, sell, trade, barter, or otherwise exchange money for items or services.
We measure wealth by the personal connections made and trust between people.
We value people and their stories and narratives above the ‘stuff.’
We are inclusive at our core.
We value honesty and integrity in all our interactions.
We view all gifts as equal; the human connection is the value.
We believe every community has the same wealth of generosity and abundance.
It started as Facebook groups, but they have recently developed an app for the project. Many groups are slowly transitioning over to the app, so you'll still likely find more activity on the FB groups, but you'll likely need the app to find your "hyper-local" group. It's not just divided by towns or cities, but down to groups of neighborhoods.
Some areas may be more "active" than others. The group I am in is extremely active. In my time with the group, I have been able to get a used dryer when mine crapped out, a nice mattress topper as my mattress is getting older but still has life in it, and other odds and ends. I've also been able to receive gifts of service as well. I've received help with shoveling my car out after snowstorms and taking trash to the dumpster when I've struggled too.
I have also been able to gift items as I declutter and clean spaces out of my place that I would probably have trouble selling. Instead, I can give them new life to my neighbors.
The reason why I want to share this is because I have seen some of the wildest requests fulfilled, and I have seen amazing gifts of service, such as rides to appointments, voting, etc. People are often offering up food from their pantry, fridge, and freezer. I have also seen people request food, whether it's just an ingredient or two for a dish, or something more substantial, and they have been taken care of. There have been clothes, toys, books, holiday decorations, etc. And the entire point of the group is that everyone is offering up their items out of abundance, to share. Just as their principles state: "We do not buy, sell, trade, barter, or otherwise exchange money for items or services." It is simply neighbors taking care of neighbors.
So I highly recommend that you look into your local Buy Nothing group and join.
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2021.11.26 20:21 NoTimeToExplain45 Moltres 2703 9014 5802 - will try to add 10 - appear online please

Moltres 2703 9014 5802 - will try to add 10 - appear online please
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2021.11.26 20:21 jiggle-o 507K mounted. Had to modify the mounting plate.

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2021.11.26 20:21 NiceChocolate577 I’m working with the guy everyone hates tonight

I(17f) mean for real nobody likes this guy. His dad is coworkers with our boss and that’s why he got the job. He sits and chats with the kitchen all day instead of working. Now I know this sub is anti-work, but if I don’t do my job I’ll get yelled at, meaning I have to take on his workload.
A few months ago he played a prank on me while we were both on shift. He kept prank calling me pretending to be a rude customer. It had been a busy night and the day before I almost cried at work because of stress.
Eventually he told everyone about the prank with this big smile on his face. I broke down and locked myself in the bathroom. Did he get punished at all? No! All my boss did was make him apologize to me. I haven’t been scheduled with him since… until tonight.
I don’t hate my job. I work for a really small immigrant family business, so I’m more sympathetic towards them than I am with big corporations, but work is shit sometimes. If I could I would quit within minutes. I’ve already almost quit several times, one of the times being after my coworker pranked me.
Idk if this is the right place to post this, but I do not wanna go in tonight.
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2021.11.26 20:21 Psykgal Pixel 6 WiFi Issues

I have the Pixel 6 (not pro). Previously had the Pixel 4. Where I live, I have to use WiFi calling. My home network is the exact same as when I had my Pixel 4. I've been missing calls and not able to make calls. I figured out that my phone has been trying to use the mobile connection for calls because the WiFi disconnects. Going into my phone settings and turning off/on WiFi makes WiFi calling work again. I never had to do this with the Pixel 4.
I've also noticed that when I'm around town, my phone is trying to connect to nearby WiFi networks, thus disabling my mobile connection. To fix this, I have to turn WiFi off on my phone, then all is good again. It's like the opposite issue I have at home. Sometimes my WiFi says it's connected, but it's not working. Other times it says it's not connected. Either way, turning off/on WiFi fixes it.
I've rebooted my phone. I have auto-reconnect to my network enabled. I even turned off some WiFi setting I found called Adaptive Connectivity. Nothing seems to be helping. NOTE: I've already submitted a Help request to Google.
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2021.11.26 20:21 dirrtyremixes Adam Sellouk, Luke Coulson - Back to Earth [SNA079]

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2021.11.26 20:21 Sallyman40 Increasing mandatory tipping by 500% for showing me that disgusting thing

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2021.11.26 20:21 bidontaskwhy2 17m [M4M/F/NB] I promise even though I make mistakes I'll always do my part and never break your heart [Relationship]

Pretty recently I've come out as queer and decided to put myself out there I'm looking to chat somebody and see what happens next I'm a pretty chill person and I'm always in a pretty good mood and I like flapping my gums a lot in other words I like talkin as for what I'm looking for well I'm bisexual and attracted to femininity so ideally I would like to talk to a femboy, a fem non binary person or a trans girl cis women are okay too.
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2021.11.26 20:21 geohvb My boys finally arrived and moved into their tanks! Arrived with some fin rot so it's being treated right now

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2021.11.26 20:21 modermanehh Secret Cookies Trueo from Mendo @ 27.58% THC

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2021.11.26 20:21 -sonson [FOR HIRE] Illustrations, portraits and character design starting at 20$. Feel free to DM me if interested

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2021.11.26 20:21 Arnadus ⚠[ANKR] ⬆ Ankr +15.81% in 1 hour.+36.33% in 24 hours . Volume +26.22% in 1 hour

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2021.11.26 20:21 Goodskills23 Let's rate Groupstage Performances! (for fun)

Who did well? Who disappointed? Let's rate the players as they showed up in the group stages, with the premise that the rating is subjective and doesn't take into account unknown factors like sleeping schedule, familiarity with gear, or any external factor that might influence the performance of the player. I'm gonna rate them just based on what we could see from an external point of view.

Foggy : 7. Wasn't really tested by anybody except Remind, he dropped a map vs ReminD but showed once again how smart he is in those Ultra late Game Base-Race scenarios. If u gonna base race vs him, u are in big trouble unless you are Moon. Tough to judge since he didn't face any strong human or any strong orc yet.

Remind: 6,5 He won 3 maps, beat Focus in the first match, had a close series with Foggy. Showed that he can beat anybody if he plays well. Legend. I'd give hm a 7 , but since he didn't advance it's gonna be 6,5.

Krav : 6. Got a map out of Focus in a major tournament and that's an achievement.

Ludique: 7. Just like Foggy, he wasn't really tested in a troublesome match-up (like Night elves or Chaemiko), played only vs UD and dropped a map vs a player (luchael) that he's supposed to beat. Won convincingly vs Xlord.

Luchael: 6. Just like Krav, wasn't supposed to be here but still managed to get a map.

Xlord: 6,5. Won 3 maps, played his heart out, showed some good micro and actually beat Chaemiko 3-2 (if we count maps), but he won the wrong series. Unfortunate.

Moon : 7. Was only tested by Lawliet, didn't play any humans yet and we already know he's really good in mirror. Still, Lawliet won a map convincingly.

Insuperable: 6. Got a map out of Hawk

Hawk: 6,5 Won 3 maps, met his nemesis (lawliet) in LB final and got a map out of him.

Happy : 9 The only player of the tour still undefeated, didn't drop a map. Manages to comeback in a games vs Sok that looked rough for him. Manages to outplay Soin in a big fight with a double-illusion block on TC , after a rough creepjack where he loses tp and 1 fiend. Legend.
Sok : 7,5 The best performance of the tour after Happy. Brings the Emperor to the edge in game 2 , then proceeds to crush the lower bracket without dropping any more maps. Nice to see him at high level again
Soin: 6. Won his series vs Cruncher, tried his best vs Sok and he could have won game 2. No chances vs Happy, like anyboby.
Cruncher: 5 . The only negative rating so far, as he was the only player to not win maps.

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2021.11.26 20:21 jac1999c1 Compatibility Question

New to this subreddit and I am just curious if anyone has any builds they did with a cmmg upper and an aero precision lower and if so did the parts fit well together? Any help is appreciated and thank you all for your answers in advance.
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2021.11.26 20:21 HEEEHEEHAW Since I just got rejected I wrote a song. Its not good but I like it. Please dont be mean

I expressed my feelings For the very first time She said some things Now I feel like a mime I feel trapped in a box I cant move I cant breath I dont know what to do
Wait I know
I can go masturbate Or snort a bit of cocaine I will go with play with my cats And hunt a couple of rats A can play doom today Or something a little more tame But absolutley nothing will change Its sad man But Its good for me And maybe later I can Try again and maybe succeed
She was perfect She had wonderful hair She made me erect (oops) She had one gorgeous eye (the other one was meh) I didnt check her ears Why? Thatd be weird She was beautiful I wanted to hold her And cuddle as partners She listened to me I thought she cared But she rejected me And Im just scared
Now honestley Its all just hyperbole We're still really good friends I wouldnt want that to end I do think she's perfect And she does make me erect But, for now a friends all I need After all Im just 14 What would we even do? Watch fucking scooby-doo That does sound good But for now I'll be sad
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