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It's my birthday today, so I thought I'd showcase my favorite outfits throughout my 4 years of Crossdressing 🥰

2021.11.26 21:16 BatsPower It's my birthday today, so I thought I'd showcase my favorite outfits throughout my 4 years of Crossdressing 🥰

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2021.11.26 21:16 666CryptoGod420 Stay away from people who try to belittle your ambitions

Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great - Mark Twain.
Please stay away from people who belitlle you and your ideas all the time. Those people are full of negetive and they try to make you a negative person too. Surrond yourself with positive people instead. You will see a life can change for better once you get rid off of negative people who always try to belittle you. First of all, learn to believe in yourself and then surround yourself with encouraging, open-minded, positive people. Life is too short to miss big opportunities. Opportunities don't come often, but when they come, be sure you're not missing that opportunity because of some idiot who told you your idea sucks.
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2021.11.26 21:16 richstevenson Smoked SpatchCocked Turkey injected with a butter sauce and covered in a homemade poultry rub. Recipe with video in comments.

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2021.11.26 21:16 motherofhendrixx House plants in Vegas?

Hi plant lovers who have lived in vegas or climate alike! I am from Oregon, moving to vegas next spring. I neeeeed to have some greenery indoors since i wont have that much outdoors. What do you guys do? Humidifiers? Succulents only?
I mostly have variations of pothos and philodendrons right now.
Thanks everyone!!
(As an oregonian, the desert seems like mars to me so these may be stupid questions.)
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2021.11.26 21:16 Kartoonist4 Heracles thought

Poseidon’s death has had a huge impact on the gods side and is referenced fairly often in the series after the fact. However, Heracles was also killed and everyone seems to have moved on. Poor guy gave his all and it seems like his pantheon (and the writers) forgot about him
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2021.11.26 21:16 SamaritanSue Food for thought. Whatever expectations you had for the show, good or bad or meh

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2021.11.26 21:16 MrFrederick314 Idea for a new hero

Hey guys,
I'd like to have a hero called Frederick with a cool 21st century look like Orange Cassidy the wrestler, coming from the future, shirtless, in jeans and with awesome sunglasses shooting lazer beams and with whirlwind moves like a supersonic gymnast. Physical, agility, dodging and even invisibility could be its best traits.
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2021.11.26 21:16 SkepticalConclusions "Tamanho" dos clubes italianos

Vim um post sobre quem é o maior clube da Itália e já tinha vontade de falar disso, quem tem 20-30 anos se acostumou ao reinado dos clubes italianos em meados doa anos 2000, nossos maiores craques jagavam la, ainda c as redes sociais adolescendo etc. O sempre pensei foi q Milan era definitivamente o maior clube italiano. Mas agr podendo pesquisar na net etc. Vc "descobre" que Juve e Inter são "maiores" dentro do país, inclusive pasmen, Milan tem a terceira torcida em tamanho lá, e maior classico do pais n é o Derby dela Madonnina e sim Juve x Inter. Os motivos são obvios, o Milan soube ss internacionalizar muito melhor q os outros dois, devido a varios fatores, ent a "marca" Milan sempre foi mais marcante pra mim, oq acham
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2021.11.26 21:16 Suspicious_Heart1907 What are some signs or things to look for on wireshark for malicious activity?

Unfortunately, my ex-spouse knew the wifi password for the past few years. I changed the wifi password but I am afraid there could be a remote shell, keylogger, screencapture, mitmsoftware, etc. Maybe even a malicious dns server setup? They seem to still know what I am doing and login id's even though I changed them recently and have not told anyone at all.
Wireshark is running as I type this, but there is just so much information I am not sure where to start. What are some patterns or specific data I should look for if there is something malicious?
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2021.11.26 21:16 sh1zAym robo limb healing rate?

Something i've been wondering about for a while, is there any way to speed up a non-skeleton healing their robo limbs, or do you really just need a skeleton bed? do any stats affect it? My part metal dudes always take soooooooooo much longer to heal up. Is this my punishment for being an agent of narko?
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2021.11.26 21:16 chaoticbricolade Heart On My Sleeve.

You ever feel like you have so much love to give but it will never be reciprocated? I’m only twenty one and I feel like I’ve been through a multitude of heartbreaks simply because I go head first and don’t ever second guess my unconditional love. My Achilles Heel is always seeing the good in people and relationships and giving people the room to continuously make mistakes while I’m never fulfilled. I’m doing better lately. I just wish I was more like the girls my age who could hookup and have fun and be happy with it. I can’t do it. Sex or dating isn’t fun for me at random. I want something vulnerable and meaningful. People never take me seriously because of my age. I don’t mind it though. I know how I feel. I know what I want.
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2021.11.26 21:16 Exceptional_Angell Rub what out?

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2021.11.26 21:16 cutepurple8 18M/United States, looking for friends to talk with on discord! [chat]

Hello everyone! :) I'm looking for some friends to talk with from discord. My only requirements to be my friend is just be from the US or Canada (it's hard to relate to people from other countries), be around my age, and at least has something in common with me or an interests in my interests :P I don't really care if you're male or female though, all is welcome! Also, have discord of course.
Here are my interests! Please talk to me if we have something in common :)
Cooking - I love to cook, I consider it an art form to expresses yourself and your tastes if done a certain way. Obviously we need to eat to sustain ourselves but it's also very artistic depending on the way you do it. I also like to try new things that I see in the store and will eat anything if it's new and looks tasty!
Music - I think music is the greatest way for a person to express themselves whether they're the artist or the listener. You can tell a lot about a person by their music choice. I have a few playlists of the kind of music I listen to and we can share playlists if you'd like
Anime - I watch anime a good bit and I think myanimelist says I have around 20 days worth of anime watched. I've been watching for almost 3 years so I've racked up a bunch of shows I've watched. We can share myanimelist accounts if you have one and talk about all our favorite shows.
I have my own personal values as well, I have a few other things I really like but I don't really like to talk about them on here unless you ask directly. I'll probably talk about them directly but sometimes I feel it's best to leave them out :P I love answering questions about myself and getting to know people so don't be afraid to ask anything you want! If you're interested in talking with me send me a message with your discord account, and a little bit of information about yourself. Also, please put the word "friendship" in your message so I know you actually read my post lol. I won't respond to anyone who just says the word "hey" or has sexual stuff in their post history because those people usually don't make good friends, sorry :( Anyways, hope to hear from you!
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2021.11.26 21:16 _crybaby153 20 [m4f] looking for a companion for this weekend!

first and foremost, i am jake
some fun facts about me are:
i love horror films and collecting vinyls, i love to skateboard, and i have 7 tattoos.
im really not good at talking about myself but i love listening to peoples stories and learning new things!! please feel free and dont hesitate to message me!! any age is okay, aslong as its 18+!
hope to hear from someone soon!
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2021.11.26 21:16 TropicalDan427 This seems like fungus but which one? Humidity is always high, it only gets watered when the top few inches of soil dry out. I’m more so focused on the spots that looked kinda water soaked(they’re not) than the dry crispy bits(those have Ben there a while)

This seems like fungus but which one? Humidity is always high, it only gets watered when the top few inches of soil dry out. I’m more so focused on the spots that looked kinda water soaked(they’re not) than the dry crispy bits(those have Ben there a while) submitted by TropicalDan427 to plantclinic [link] [comments]

2021.11.26 21:16 DystopiaLite Anyone else hate Tsurumi Island?

It’s filled with tons of bs dialogue that goes on and on and then once you clear the island fog you have to do it again multiple times. I can’t even tell you what the story is because I just skipped everything. The whole quest related to the island just feels lazy.
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2021.11.26 21:16 n1sayX Fortnite Cheat Sell Discord

Fortnite Valorant And CSGO Cheats
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2021.11.26 21:16 Jokawild-_- H:Vampire gat plas 2* W:Offers

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2021.11.26 21:16 thicc_slice_of_chees [LF] Wooden Bookshelf Crafted Item (I’ll need 4 of them) [FT] 500k bells

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2021.11.26 21:16 jdcabral I finally got the "Skilled Huntress" achievement on console (100 downs from 24m away with hatchets)! No camping with Iri Head, just pure snipes! Glad to be part of that 0,1%.

I finally got the submitted by jdcabral to deadbydaylight [link] [comments]

2021.11.26 21:16 euphoric_bull Nossa, eu odeio existir.

Escrevi várias coisas tentando mensurar essa droga sentimento;
Eu só queria que alguém me entendesse, de verdade.
Eu estou sozinha e ninguém sabe como eu sou lá no fundo.
As pessoas só levam em conta meu jeito superficial...
Por fora, eu sou sem graça, eu sei, "sem sal"..
Não rio de piadas bobas, muitas vezes eu nem entendo.
Eu não tenho roupas estilosas, nem sapatos caros, não uso maquiagem.
Não tenho redes sociais, e nem vou a festas (nunca me divirto nelas).
Eu até tentei drogas uma vez, pq achei que elas me fariam sentir algo "diferente", mas era só excitação em ter alguém do meu lado.
Sabe, lá no fundo; eu me esforço tanto para ser gentil com as pessoas. Eu sou educada, mesmo que meus pais nunca tenham me ensinado sobre respeito.
Eu sinto prazer em ajudar as pessoas, "sem esperar nada em troca" mas sinto pouco de vergonha em digitar isso pq eu sei como as pessoas dizem isso da boca para fora;
A minha linguagem do amor são músicas e poemas; e, me fode quando dedico uma música para alguém e não importa tanto para ela, quanto importa para mim;
Eu até costumava "dar" meus poemas para as pessoas que me inspiravam a escreve-los, mas elas não parecem "falar a minha língua";
. Eu sei lá, acho que até agora eu nunca fui má com ninguém.
Nem se tivesse sido, acho uma porcaria eu estar tão sozinha.
eu só acho que mereço alguém tão legal quanto eu,
e não acho que vá acontecer pq as pessoas não me enxergam.
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2021.11.26 21:16 takingova Now this is how you race!😎 Take notes, people!!🏎️🏁

Now this is how you race!😎 Take notes, people!!🏎️🏁 submitted by takingova to BlockchainGame [link] [comments]

2021.11.26 21:16 Senoritos tfw no sheboon to ride me

fuck this joke of a life, if only a sheboon could ride me hard and fast while i tell hee to slow down but she keeps on going. what are your horny fantasies like? discuss
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2021.11.26 21:16 tyreest96 DAO Review: Should you join the DAO that's trying to buy an NBA Team?

Hello Everyone,
Finding information and non-biased reviews of DAOs has been pretty hard for me. So to help out others, I've written a review for Krause House, a DAO that I've previously joined. LMK your thoughts! Nothing in this post is financial advice #DYOR.
TL;DR: The Krause House is a community of hoop and crypto fanatics forming a DAO to buy an NBA. This DAO has a great community and makes it super easy for anyone to get involved. Krause House is a bit of a moonshot. The chances of them buying a stake in an NBA team are pretty low, but the KRAUSE token will go to the moon if successful. You can find more DAO reviews like this at: https://yelp-for-daos.webflow.io/
What is Krause House: The Krause House is a community of hoop and crypto fanatics forming a DAO to buy an NBA.
Mission: I'd give their mission a 4/5. A DAO buying an NBA team will not be nearly as impactful as ending climate change. However, Krause House's mission is still incredibly inspiring. Imagine a bunch of people in a Discord server owning a sports team in one of the biggest sports leagues in the world. This could change how DAOs are viewed and create a chance for more DAOs to buy significant assets that were once only accessible to the ultra-wealthy.
Community: I'd give their community a 4.5/5. The Krause community lives in the Krause House discord server. It's very easy to become an active member of the community. You can indicate your skillset in the help wanted channel; then, several channels will appear with ongoing projects for the DAO. Also, you can join the Krause House Google calendar and attend several of the weekly meetings. The only downside to this community is that members do not respond to questions as fast as other servers. For example, I posed a question when I first joined, and it took 2-3 hours for me to get a response. While this is not a big deal, I've been on several servers where people instantly responded to my questions.
How To Join: When it comes to accessibility Krause House, gets a 5/5. You can join the community simply by becoming a discord member. From there, you can help with projects, talk with other community members, etc. However, if you want to participate in future governance decisions within Krause House, you'll need to buy their NFTs. The NFTs range from 0.1 to 10 ETH.
Upside: This is not financial advice #DYOR. If you are looking to make money out of Krause House, you are making an extremely risky bet. Krause House is a certified moonshot. The chances of the NBA allowing them to own a team are extremely unlikely. However, in the unlikely case that Krause House is successful, the upside will be huge. Krause House issued all of its NFT holders KRAUSE tokens. If Krause House buys an NBA team, these tokens will act as publicly available governance tokens for that team. You can expect the price of these tokens to surge because these tokens will be the only publicly available way for a person to help govern an NBA team.
Should you join: Yes, if you have a high-risk tolerance and a few hundred dollars to burn. I joined Krause House. I found the mission of Krause House incredibly inspiring, and I joined to encourage future DAOs to shoot for the stars. From a financial POV, buying their $600 NFT (cost of the NFT + Gas fees) is an asymmetric bet. I see a few scenarios for Krause House:

  1. The Most Likely Scenario (Bear Case): After a prolonged period of building hype, coordinated marketing efforts, and creating a solid treasury, the NBA officially announces that Krause House is not permitted to buy an NBA team or minority stake of a team. The Krause token will dramatically drop, and the discord server will slowly fade into obscurity.
  2. Another Form Of Winning: Krause House cannot buy a majority/minority stake of any NBA team. However, Krause House pivots its mission and buys a basketball team in a non-American sports league. This would be an incredible win and help legitimize DAOs. Also, the Krause Coin will be tied to that sports team. You can expect to see a pop in that token as people rush to own a portion of a sports team.
  3. Victory (Bull Case): Krause House buys a majority/minority stake in an NBA team. The Krause token will then represent that team, and holders of the Krause token can help drive governance decisions. The Krause token would shoot up in value in this scenario because it'll be the only publicly available way to own a portion of an NBA team.
Krause House Website: https://krausehouse.club/
You can find more DAO reviews like this at: https://yelp-for-daos.webflow.io/
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2021.11.26 21:16 Jvavdve Question about citizenship

I have French citizenship because my mother was born there, does that stop at me? Or could my future children or partner acquire it through me?
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