what’s the best way to become really friendly with raiders

2021.11.29 17:58 TheBigBo1 what’s the best way to become really friendly with raiders

i want to get the armco ammo machine plans but need to be really friendly with the raiders, i only know the two daily mission to do but is there a faster way?
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2021.11.29 17:58 Qanontip When is it over

The worst thing about all of this is I will never be my old self again. Nobody around me understands and they get upset and sometimes mad when I “can’t” do something or go somewhere, likes it’s my fault. I’m trying, I’m trying my best I’m just so tired at this point I don’t want to do anything anymore. When does it stop? When could I be who I used to be. Why me. Everything I try ends up not working, it’s been months of hell I don’t want to do this anymore.
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2021.11.29 17:58 dr0id3r99 Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection Assorted Chocolate Pralines Gift Box 28% OFF!! https://amzn.to/3D58rkd

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2021.11.29 17:58 monster-no-more how and when am i going to be fluent in german?!

hi, this is is just me venting and asking for a little bit of help.
i am a college freshman and i’m currently taking german as my language elective. i chose german for mainly two reasons: i thought it would help me with my majofuture career and more importantly my boyfriend was born in germany so i want to understand him better. i’m not new to this though, i have a long history with german dating back to elementary school.
the issue is, it just seems too hard to get to an advanced level at this point. i didn’t listen to my dad when he told me to pay attention to german in middle school and well, now i’m suffering the consequences. english is not my native language and i want to be able to speak german as well as i speak english, which seems too far from reality. it is a lot harder to pronounce things, let alone spell them or use them in sentences. it feels like there are a lot more stuff to learn. just when i think i’m getting better, i come across something that absolutely crushes my confidence.
my boyfriend helps me with my studies but i want to be able to keep on learning even when he’s not around. do you guys have any suggestions about how i can add german to my daily routine? any cool podcasts, netflix shows, apps, bands or such? any tips?
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2021.11.29 17:58 pigheartedphil Medicine Bow Food?

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2021.11.29 17:58 Bigtatertotter Labor official confirms new election for Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama

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2021.11.29 17:58 ahm_rimer Impostor Syndrome: I'm a fraud. Link in comments.

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2021.11.29 17:58 mayunesaa como el among us puede ser tu infanciaa

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2021.11.29 17:58 iterablewords History of Semgrep

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2021.11.29 17:58 vanetti I said yes on Wednesday! Happy to be marrying the love of my life!

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2021.11.29 17:58 Flashy_Row_8851 Good advice on how to decide on my career?

Hello! So long story short - my whole life I have been wanting to prove myself to my family and to everyone around me, that I am worthy I guess. This lead me to choose medical school (I do love health but I don’t know if I want to be a medical doctor). I am to graduate in a few months and I dread everyday at school (except for the odd interesting class). I chose to do my medical studies abroad so it’s quite difficult to get a residency in my country of origin. I’m now in a lot of debt, I’m finishing my degree because it’s 6 years I put into it and I’m close to the finish, but I just feel like I’ll be a massive disappointment not working as a doctor after all of this. I am thinking of naturopathic medicine (it’s a regulated doctor career in North America) since I can finish the program in a shorter amount of time as an MD. This is appealing to me because I can focus on the patient holistically rather than just 5 mins, prescribe drugs and move on. At the same time, I don’t know if I want to go back to school (I feel old I’m 27). Even thought it’s only be for another two years. I’ve also been dreaming about starting a YouTube / instagram career revolving the health related topics I’m interested in. I just don’t know what to do, I feel horrible about having wasted 6 years of my life, I know people say it’s not a waste but it feels that way, especially since most of my friends my age are already financially independent and I’m not because I’ve been a student for so long. Anyways, I’m really in my head about all of this and I just want some good advice on how to make the right decision about my career. Thanks!
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2021.11.29 17:58 indijska Where is "Oud Metha COVID 19 Vaccination Center"?

I booked an appointment for the Pfizer booster at Oud Metha COVID 19 Vaccination Center but I can't find this place on the map or DHA website. Can someone please tell if you know this location? Thanks
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2021.11.29 17:58 cheesiefry 92 5.0 bronco fuel consumption

I know there's probably a thousand post about this already I've looked and didn't find anything interesting. I'm having mileage problem with my bronco everything is stock on it I'm running 33s here is a list of things o have done/changed recently to combat this problem
o2 sensor
map sensor
cap, sparks, wires
fuel, air filter
been dumping seafoam and lucas like a mf
did a cat cleaner
did seafoam deep creep where you spray it into the intake until it dies wait ten minuets then start it again a bunch of crap and smoke same out.
my dad did the timing chain probably 20,000 miles ago. said timing was good. (I take this with a grain of salt cause it took him days to time an old tractor we have.)
I have done this all within the last couple of months the mileage has been bad for a couple years but no one was driving it much so it didn't matter. now that its my daily I wanna fix it. I'm pulling my hair out at this point because it used to get 15-20 now I'm lucky if I get 11 on the hwy. the only things left I can think off is timing, bad valve, solenoid. is there anything I'm missing or that I should check?
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2021.11.29 17:58 Slyger_Woods Meet the 2022 Draft Class - QBs

Meet the 2022 Class - QBs
As the season comes to a close and the in-game film stops rolling, it’s really time to see what this draft class has to offer and what you should be looking for to strengthen your roster.
I want to start this by laying to rest what many people here have been told:
Many people are coming around and I have definitely seen the pendulum swing toward the right direction. This is a DEEP class, loaded mostly at WR. But there are still some top end players I like at QB and RB as well as some second rounders I will be happy to take a chance on. Do not let anyone tell you that just because the talent doesn't peak as high as previous years that means 2022 picks are trash.
The way I have set this up is through a tier list. As I’m sure you all know, tier based drafting is the only way to draft in any circumstance. My tiers assume best possible landing spot and go as follows;

Yes it is true, there is no Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Trey Lance, or Zach Wilson in this class, and there is barely even a Mac Jones, but just read that sentence back and see how much has changed in the span of just over half a season. Mac Jones has easily leveled himself with the top of this group and has passed a few of his peers. QBs are the hardest position to predict no matter how many draft experts claim to know what they are looking for. I will tell you here and now that my tier list for these QBs will almost certainly be laughably incorrect come a few years down the road, but that is why we play fantasy.
Corral is the name you’ve likely seen at the top of this list all season. He’s your chalk number one QB and SF draft pick and provided he gets the capitol and landing spot I see no problem with him there. He is the most well rounded QB in this class and though he doesn’t offer Fields/Lawrence level dual threat abilities, he's got the legs to make a play and convert a crucial third down if need be, think Patrick Mahomes level ground game (strictly ground game). He excels in the short to intermediate areas of the field and can fit balls into tight windows. His deep ball is by no means his strongest attribute, it could use some work, but it doesn’t concern me too much and I think he should adjust well as he goes into the league. He almost definitely is my fantasy QB1 in this class unless he falls down the board at the real NFL Draft. That being said I am most likely not going to take Corral or any other QB at 1.01
  • Kenny Pickett
Since the historic rise of Joe Burrow, people have claimed that there will be a massive QB riser in every draft class. While I don’t think that’s the case, Pickett proved me wrong, at least for this season. The 5th year Pittsburgh QB has improved his draft stock this season more than anyone in the country, and watching him play this year it is easy to see why. Pickett has a very solid arm and can make deep throws with regularity. He also has much more athleticism than people give him credit for, and will certainly be able to give you some extra points with his legs when he gets to the NFL. My favorite part of Pickett’s game is his pocket awareness and decision making when it comes to using his arm or his legs. He is incredibly poised both in and out of the pocket and he is the QB that I personally think is most likely to stick around in the league for a long while.
  • Sam Howell
The last of the S tier. Sam Howell has been electric one week and disappointing the next multiple times this season, but I still love his game. The Baker Mayfield comparison to me stops at the haircut and beard. I wasn’t watching college football nearly as often or as in-depth as I do now compared to when Baker was in college, but if people are trying to compare Howell to the Baker that we see in Cleveland, then they need to stop looking at his face. Howell runs tough. He looks like he craves contact and I imagine he’s doing the same giggle Gronk does when he runs down the field. Howell isn’t Lamar or Fields fast, but he will absolutely give you a solid rushing floor with some rushing TD upside. He also has one of the best deep balls in the class and reads defenses well. Howell is someone I very much look forward to watching on Sundays because whether or not he becomes the best QB in this class, he will be fun.
  • Malik Willis
Malik Willis is the wild card of all wild cards in this class. I will go on record right now and say I probably won’t end up with Willis in any of my leagues. He scares the absolute crap out of me. I remember when Saquon came out of Penn State and the only knock people could give him is ‘he’s always looking for the big play and sometimes won’t take what's given to him’. While very true, that isn’t a really tough knock on a running back. One bad run could go for what, -4 or -5 yards? For a Quarterback though, that’s one of the scarier sentences I’ve come across, and it’s very often associated with Wills. He will make 4, 5, maybe even 6 plays every single game that makes you wonder how he could not be the consensus number one pick, and then he can also end a game against the Louisiana Ragin Cajuns with 162 yards on 34 pass attempts along with two picks. I’m not typically one to knock G5 prospects because you can only play against who is on your schedule, but I have been longing for Malik to dominate somebody. To leave no doubt in my mind that this kid is a first round pick. But he hasn’t dominated anyone besides the literal worst team in college football since early October and he seems to make plays that leave you scratching your head as often as he makes plays dropping your jaw. I might underdraft Willis the same way I underdrafted Herbert and probably the same way I would have underdrafted Lamar. He has legit game breaking potential. There is not another player in this class with the upside of Malik Willis. He has 1000 yard legs, and he has the 4500 yard arm. It just hasn't come together enough for me to say that what I just described is a likely outcome. So if you want to swing for the fences in the back of the first as an already contending team, why not. I have no problems with it. It’s just not my cup of tea.
  • Desmond Ridder
Even with Willis in this class, Ridder is probably the most polarizing QB prospect. He's got size, dual threat ability, and a good arm that can get balls to where they need to be at all levels of the field. But he’s had trouble with accuracy this year and there are people that question the consistency of his deep ball. I have seen him mocked as the QB1 at the NFL draft and I have also seen him go in the second round. I think the most likely outcome is he goes in round two and has a rookie year similar to Jalen Hurts, in which case I would be looking his way in the middle of the second round, pick 20 territory. But there is absolutely a world where Ridder gets drafted in the first and with that sort of capitol and commitment to a player, I would be willing to take him at the very back of the first.
  • Carson Strong
Carson Strong is like the anti-Malik Willis. Carson Strong makes drafting Mac Jones look like skydiving. Carson Strong makes bread and butter seem spicy. I like Strong as a prospect and I would say he probably has the best arm in this class. But he comps out to Phillip Rivers today. Carson Strong has negative legs. If you stood Carson Strong on top of a stool in the pocket he would still have as many rushing yards as he does today. For those of you who do not know, in college football sacks count as negative rushing yards for a quarterback, so I’m not able to find Strong’s actual rushing totals on the season, but including the yards lost due to taking sacks, he’s up to -208 on the season, and has finished with positive rushing yards twice this season, both times with 4. To be genuine about Strong, he will be a solid pro and I have pretty high confidence he will go in the first round. He has the best deep ball in this class, can put a ton of zip on his throws, and has fantastic decision making. He just doesn’t offer much fantasy upside.
Every QB listed after this I expect to stay in college another season besides Slovis who will definitely be coming out. But Hartman and McCall specifically could be very interesting players should they decide to enter their names into the draft so be aware of them and make sure to keep an eye on what they do.
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2021.11.29 17:58 Dkay61 When I say, nothing was sacred in their lives —this should be an example! Why would you post a picture of the underwear your spouse wears? Unnecessary picture/posting of things that should be private! No boundaries, no common sense and no respectful your spouse

When I say, nothing was sacred in their lives —this should be an example! Why would you post a picture of the underwear your spouse wears? Unnecessary picture/posting of things that should be private! No boundaries, no common sense and no respectful your spouse submitted by Dkay61 to wattsmurderstruth [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 17:58 Utrocello This is real chance 🍀

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2021.11.29 17:58 csd_137 Dystopia

What are your guys favorite track from dystopia. Mine has to be bullet to the brain the main riff is just so crushing.
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2021.11.29 17:58 Meatballgod69 Where to find bacon??

Whats up guys, I really fucking want bacon and don't know where to buy it on campus, any suggestions??
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2021.11.29 17:58 GainSzn Bombed a technical and was offered a different position.

So, I totally bombed my technical for a SWE internship and was instead recommended for another job, Survey Programming. I understand that a Survey Programmer is != to a SWE and just wanted to know that if I was offered the job, would it be somewhat applicable in terms of experience for a SWE role down the road. It looks to me that the most programming I’ll do is implement JavaScript logic and that’s about it. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that, as I believe it would help sharpen my JS skills, but mainly I was wondering how beneficial it would be career wise. Any input would be appreciated as I have no experience in the IT industry yet! Thank you!
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2021.11.29 17:58 Speedbreaker_Racer Help with mods

I want to play People Playground with mods, but the issue is that I don't own it; instead, I used Steam Family Share to be able to play it. For some reason, the Steam Workshop mods failed to compile. Is there a way to manually install those mods?
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2021.11.29 17:58 tkyjonathan College and Housing Bubbles

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2021.11.29 17:58 Knightfall31 [H] PayPal, Cash App, Venmo [W] Steam US (direct or via GameStop funds)

Buying PayPal / Cash App / Venmo / Amazon GC Rate Note
Steam GC (USD) 75% Steam gift cards are now region locked per this support page, I am only buying USD cards.
Note: I'm always looking for Steam gift cards. If you have Steam balance, feel free to ask if I'm interested in gifted games. You will need Rule 4 approval if applicable and the game will need to be giftable from your region to a US/NA account. I do not trade via market transactions or skins. Also note that Steam digital gift cards cannot be purchased with wallet funds.
Note 2: I've learned recently that, with some caveats, GameStop funds can be used to purchase Steam gift cards. It may be required that you make the purchase in a GameStop store. I will not buy GameStop directly, you will have to use the funds to purchase Steam gift cards.
PayPal and Venmo payments are sent G&S only, and all fees are built into the price. See my short Terms of Trade post linked here for more details on payments. By agreeing to trade with me you confirm that you have read and agree to my Terms of Trade. If you'd rather not use the listed payment methods I'll likely be willing to purchase an Amazon.com gift card directly from Amazon and pay you with that at the same 75% rate.
Let me know the source of your gift card(s). There's a convenient link below that will pre-fill your PM to me. If the link doesn't work, please see this post for the required details. I will not answer Reddit chats, PMs without comments, or PMs without the required details.
Thanks for looking!
My Reddit Reputation Comment in this thread, then click here to send me a PM Important: Read the GCX Rules, Safe Trading Guide, and FAQ before trading. Check potential trading partners on the Universal Scammer List (USL), and ensure they are publicly commenting (Rule 1) and have active accounts (Rule 2). Ensure that account balance trades over $250 (Rule 4) and gift card(s) over $250 (Rule 5) have public moderator approval. Be excellent to each other, have fun, and trade safely! Trading carries increased risk of your Reddit account being targeted/compromised, so it’s important that you create a strong password that is unique to Reddit (i.e. not used on any other sites/services), check your account activity and force log out if there are sessions you don’t recognize, and enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Your account security is your responsibility.
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2021.11.29 17:58 DamnPeachy YA Book about a telekinetic girl who moves to California and falls in love with her brothers best friend?

It felt fairly dystopian at the time, and she nearly stabs a boy in the eye in the first chapter and says about going cold turkey about telekinesis? Think there were a couple books after this but honestly can’t remember the name!
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2021.11.29 17:58 Mainstreamnation Wack 100 Tried to Put Hands on Blueface’s artist Chriseanrock

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2021.11.29 17:58 jessefilmmaker My childhood Bulbasaur plush finally has some friends!

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