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wu du fuk

2021.12.02 22:32 Thomasggamer99 wu du fuk

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2021.12.02 22:32 Due_Complaint_8673 Questions about getting a COVID test

So I was contacted by SHAW to get a COVID test. Thing is, I am not sure if you can just go to SHAW or the Rome ballroom to pick up a test (now that I'm thinking about it, don't you just drop off the tests there, I don't think they would have any test kits to give) or if you have to call SHAW first to request a test (even though I have been contact traced so they do know that I need a COVID test).
Also, the Rome ballroom drop off is apparently open only from Mon to Thurs from 9am to 11am but SHAW is open on Friday from 8am to 5pm and Saturday from 10am to 3pm. Potentially getting COVID is already making me anxious and I don't want to have to wait until like Tuesday at the very least for my results cause it apparently takes a whole day for the SHAW test to get results back (I thought it was a PCR test, so shouldn't it take 15 min only? Idk) since I'mma have to wait until Monday to drop it off if I get COVID tested tomorrow or this weekend.
Instead, I was thinking to go to CVS to get my test. Would I just submit my results to the health portal if I do get my COVID test from CVS? Do you have to do your COVID test at SHAW or can you do it at CVS? Also this is a bit of an aside from COVID testing, but do you have to upload your booster shot (if so, it's the same process as uploading your vaccine card, right?)?
Sorry for this lowkey mess of a post, but yeah. Not fun, especially so close to finals. Hopefully this is a reminder to stay safe and do whatever you can to keep yourself healthy out there. Any answer is greatly appreciated and thank you.
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2021.12.02 22:32 Captain_Kreutzer There should be a event/focus for Equestria for changing from Desserts too Guns

If youve watched the show youd understand why lol.
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2021.12.02 22:32 SE_to_NW Difficult Choices: Taiwan, ROC's Quest for Security and the Good Life

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2021.12.02 22:32 jookco Death - Dead - Obituary - Accident : Man identified, road reopened after deadly crash closes part of Highway 52 in Forsyth ... - WFMY Click link to read full story.

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2021.12.02 22:32 Dave_1803 Hi, anyone have the "even more fizzically fit" or the "burpin bellies" jae videos? Or any jae burping videos that could send me please, i've been lookin for those quite a while

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2021.12.02 22:32 TransphobicNeolib I bought this car 10 years ago and am still $40,000 in debt! How is this fair? If Biden doesn't do something soon he will lose my vote. #CancelAutoDebt

I bought this car 10 years ago and am still $40,000 in debt! How is this fair? If Biden doesn't do something soon he will lose my vote. #CancelAutoDebt submitted by TransphobicNeolib to WayOfTheBern [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 22:32 BridgeNumberFour When you know how algorithms work

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2021.12.02 22:32 snargles0987 Ophelia

I swear there’s a pop rock/ emoji-y song that belted out “Ophelia” in it and no it’s not the Lumineers lol. Am I crazy? I listened to Dear Maria, Count Me In and it gave me the same vibe! Help!
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2021.12.02 22:32 BuyStrong139 滴滴宣布准备回到香港上市。

经认真研究,公司即日起启动在纽交所退市的工作,并启动在香港上市的准备工作。 —滴滴官方微博
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2021.12.02 22:32 dbando07 New YB out now!!!

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2021.12.02 22:32 angeldue9 LF: one blue doggo FT: one pink doggo

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2021.12.02 22:32 FantasyPL_bot Player Price Changes (December 3, 2021)

Risers (2)
Name Team Position Ownership Price Form
Bernardo Man City Midfielder 14.7% £7.4 +£0.1 29
Diallo Man Utd Midfielder 0.0% £5.0 +£0.0 0
Fallers (7)
Name Team Position Ownership Price Form
Saka Arsenal Midfielder 8.3% £6.2 -£0.1 20
Mendy Leicester Midfielder 1.1% £4.3 -£0.1 0
Amartey Leicester Defender 8.9% £3.8 -£0.1 1
Greenwood Man Utd Midfielder 5.9% £7.2 -£0.1 2
Gosling Watford Midfielder 0.0% £4.7 -£0.1 0
Benrahma West Ham Midfielder 23.6% £6.1 -£0.1 13
Hwang Wolves Forward 11.0% £5.7 -£0.1 9
= price change this gameweek. Form = points last 5 gameweeks.
Made by esoemah. Source: https://github.com/amosbastian/FPLbot
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2021.12.02 22:32 VastNo6375 So i'm stuck in a pump and dump coin. Any advice on how to get out alive?

Hi there!
So, i'm kinda new to crypto and a friend encourage me to buy a sort of 3 days old shit coin because he said that that is where the money at! And as he explained it it made more sense. So I bought the said coin... only problem is I bought it at an ATH. I know it was a dumb move but whatever what's done is done.
Anyways, last week the coin dipped at around 70ish percent and by the weekend it spiked to the ATH (which is the price i bought it at) I didn't sell because i needed it to spike some more for me to also make up for the loss ETH gas fee (which was around 120 usd) and lo and behold it's starting to dip again this week. I just wanna get out of this cycle. It's kind of stressful checking telegram from time to time making sure that it's not a scam keeping my guard up so I'll know if it's time to jump ship and take what's left of my money (so far dev is delivering on his promises )
My question is, so if the next time it spikes again to a price that I bought it at should I just sell? Even if it means losing the ETH gas fee or should I just leave my money and hope this coin won't tank in the future til I make up for lost profit.
I'm sure there are lots of newbies who are in the same predicament as me!
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2021.12.02 22:32 sonostanco72 What’s wrong with my Prickly Pear Cactus?

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2021.12.02 22:32 DivineCrusader1097 Need help with Island 2

I just started the game recently. I got to the second island without fully expanding the first and got overrun by the purple demons. I started looking for tips online, but didn't find answers to my specific questions. I did find out that you can customize your character to a certain extent so I decided to start over.
The first island wasn't too hard. I expanded out to both ends of the island where the two portals are and started collecting money from farms and storing it all in the main wooden hut. I rang the bell next to the ship probably a dozen times during this process - running back and forth between each side of the island collecting money, storing money, recruiting peasants, buying tools for peasants, etc. All while the purple demons are barely touching my defenses. I do this thinking the more I ring the bell, the more bodies I'll have at my disposal when I set sail.
After I get to Island 2, I immediately start building walls a d archer towers so I can expand out to get farmland set up for a constant source of income - just like the first island, seeing as I was throwing away bags upon bags of coins just trying to transport it all into storage. I then grab the gem boxes nearby. This time around I planned on saving them for the Archer statue on Island 1. The first time around, the purple demons overran me because I hired the farm lady and activated the farm statue on Island 2, and no matter how many archers I recruited, they couldn't take down the demons before they tore down the walls.
However, I struggled getting the first farm set up and the purple demons, little by little, tore down my walls, stole my peasants' tools, stole their coins so they couldn't work, stole my coins so I couldn't recruit them back, stole the gems I was saving, and eventually stole my crown. I reverted my save several times trying to prevent this but I would meet the same fate every time. I tried storing the gems in the house to hopefully protect them, but the banker wouldn't take them.
Am I doing something wrong? Is there supposed to be this much of a difficulty spike between the first two islands? Also, what are the consequences for losing your crown, exactly?
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2021.12.02 22:32 JaxxIsJerkin Are any vets excited for new content?

I'm a 6year + vet and I am well aware with the new lights and kindergaurdians that it is extremely frowned upon to say anything negative about the game they have 23 hours in compared to your 2k hours but is anyone else just straight up not excited about any news for D2 anymore. I just want a d3 with a complete overhaul as it feels like bungie doesn't listen to its hard-core community. I don't know just want to see how many people are putting their wallet where their mouth is and not paying for this shit.
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2021.12.02 22:32 Enfohip THIS NADE COULD CHANGE THE PRO META - An HE grenade I discovered that cripples the T side on Overpass

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2021.12.02 22:32 UDNTN0MYR4NG3 KOTOR speedrun in 20 minutes 33 seconds

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2021.12.02 22:32 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] We won't see much 'detail' about Labor's 2030 climate target, says Resources Minister ¦ Sky News Australia

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2021.12.02 22:32 More_Example6153 Really unsure if I should sign myself out of the hospital tomorrow after having a c-section yesterday. Looking for advice from people that experienced c-section recovery.

I gave birth 24 hours ago after 2 days of hard labor and an emergency c-section. To make it short, it's been a rough couple of days.
I haven't gotten a lot of sleep since, maybe 4 hours and due to Corona my husband had to leave right after surgery and he's only allowed to see me 2 hours per day. But I need more support. I can hardly move, even though my baby is in a little crib attached to my bed, it takes me between 5 and 10 minutes to get to him when he starts crying. I have to basically move one inch at a time. I can barely get out of bed or walk to the toilet, changing his diaper also takes me forever. It feels like I'm failing to take care of him when I can't immediately pick him up when he's crying.
The day nurses were super helpful, but the night nurse just won't help me. Earlier I couldn't get up at all and I called her and asked her to give me my baby and she walked out. Then I asked for help to get him latched a few hours later and she just walked out again. He also started throwing up while on his back earlier and I just shouted for help because I couldn't reach him and I was afraid he was gonna choke. She did come to help me that time but was super annoyed at me and said the throwing up was normal. Well, I'm sleep deprived, hormonal, in pain and all I need is some damn help. And somehow all she checks in about is if I get up to pee enough.
At home I'd have my husband and my mom waiting to help me 24/7, they both have some time off work right now. My mom's also a nurse, so she could check if I'm healing properly. But the doctor wants to keep me for 5 days so I would have to sign out at my own risk.
Does anyone have some experience with c-section recovery? Is it really important to stay at the hospital right now for some reason or could I just as well go and get checkups with my regular doctor? They also didn't take the time to explain to me what to expect for my recovery so I'm just really unsure.
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2021.12.02 22:32 cynthiarogel13 A friend has been missing from Long Beach CA and was seen in Merced please share and keep an eye open.

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2021.12.02 22:32 Lord3quinox (RS 9471-89943-0-0-60 6) Procedurally Generated Planet. Found in NGC 4038-4039.

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2021.12.02 22:32 maskyarts I drew Shenhe~

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2021.12.02 22:32 VaskUwU Some photos of my First-Gen '03

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