Malu Trevejo - Very Sexy <3

2021.12.02 22:45 Similar_Ad_5561 Malu Trevejo - Very Sexy <3

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2021.12.02 22:45 thebusiestbrick Big spoon little spoon

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2021.12.02 22:45 Similar_Ad_5561 Malu Trevejo - Very Sexy <3

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2021.12.02 22:45 Nerdyman52175 It doesn’t feel or look big sometimes. 8” X 5.7”

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2021.12.02 22:45 Cooapa a wide oreo for some reason

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2021.12.02 22:45 trashbangaloreplayer Hit diamond and got fastboi heirloom in the same week :D

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2021.12.02 22:45 Either_Struggle8650 [Spoilers ep9] Who do you think would have wob between Vi and Jayce in the Shimmer factory if they fought?

Both have their advantages, Vi is an experienced fighter and fought for almost whole life even when she was in prison, Jayce is knowledgeable about Hextech weaponry and how they work (as well as being fit himself).
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2021.12.02 22:45 majesticsulk Do things ever not feel boring

I’ve been sober a year plus and love it overall but lately I can’t escape this feeling of “god this would be more fun with a drink.” I think especially since it’s the holidays. Without alcohol Christmas lights aren’t so magical.. songs aren’t so transporting.. everything feels kind of like.. eh okay, this is it? Is this just a phase or am I doomed
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2021.12.02 22:45 Ale_Dizz Twitter [TWTR] se dirige al soporte del promedio móvil de 200 semanas tras no poder frenar su tendencia bajista en varios meses. Cae 21.24% en el año🔥

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2021.12.02 22:45 bugani Not allowed to use tolls?

If your dsp says no tolls is that against Amazon policy because the flex app uses tolls by default. Why is my dsp so cheap :(
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2021.12.02 22:45 NearbyPraline [LFA] Arc Boss for dnd game, Cybele darling of the stone court

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2021.12.02 22:45 post-news Salvation Army Accused of Hiding 'Politically Charged' Racial Teachings

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2021.12.02 22:45 ziin1234 Firepower

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2021.12.02 22:45 ISTEALTHl halo

Halo Infinite: The Fanatic Story (Hopefully 343/Microsoft Sees This)
Hello to the Halo Community. I would share my real name, but I would rather share my gamertag. I go by: I STEALTH l. For a significant amount of time, I’ve journeyed off from gaming, consisting of playing through story/adventure modes, (involving completionism), online gaming, and playing competitively. Once upon a time, the only thing I enjoyed doing was playing video games in the urban community I grew up in. Going outside around my neighborhood wasn’t the best thing in the world to do, and for some reason, Halo: Combat Evolved captivated me so much to the point where I was gorilla-glued to the Samsung boxed television set I had at the time. Through the years, it motivated me to purchase legendary edition Halo games, limited edition consoles, and now, the limited edition Halo: Infinite Console along with the Halo: Infinite Pro Elite Series 2 controller, which I and my clan find VERY appealing and worthy of much praise. However, I’m also apart of what has been going on in our community, (yes, I’m proud to admit that I’m apart of that), and I’m sure you know what that involves. The progression system, monetization, customization, cheating, balanced matchmaking, playlists, and the overall FAN BASED appreciation of a 20 year franchise that captivated me ALL OVER AGAIN… My main discussion of this story is to find the answer to, “How will I remember Halo: Infinite, FOREVER?...”
The first thing I’ll begin with is ALL OF THE HYPE: The buzz on the big YouTube content creators. I admire people like, “KevinKoolx, Proximity, The Act-Man, HiddenXperia (My favorites), Installation00, SeanW (You’re HILARIOUS my bro), Footed Ghost,” and many more. There’s a ton of things they discuss, but there’s also a couple of things they ALL MENTION: First thing is “The Progression System.” Personally, I don’t care much for a progression system because when it comes to online gaming, all I care about is me being able to play, FOR FREE (Good Job!). I’m a Hardcore Halo fan, you can win me over with almost anything relating to it, BUT, I did keep in mind that not everyone has the same perception as I do. Yes, Halo fans like me have been waiting for this game for YEARS, and some of us like to climb ladders with ALL OF THE STEPS FIXED. I’m very pleased to know you mentioned that you hear us loud and clear, so when looking into it, the progression system at hand will have grinders and certain fanatics (not ones like me, lol), stuck on the game playing for COUNTLESS hours… Maybe there’s a surprise waiting for us next Wednesday and I’m speaking too fast, but if not, gamers are in for a hell of a timeclock! Second point bluntly said, the filler awards consisting of challenge swaps and EXP boosts are such a tease after hearing 343 say there’s MILLIONS of ways to customize your spartan, and that is my main next point.
Customization has ALWAYS been a strongpoint to the Halo franchise. Before with armor, you had to find all skulls, complete certain missions, BEAT THE CAMPAIGN ON LEGENDARY, save up in-game currency, do things INSIDE OF THE GAME ITSELF to achieve these things that the HALO COMMUNITY loves. Now, it seems like you’re changing the once loved system to a monetization cash grab where we have to buy everything we love, INCLUDING fan favorite armor (ANUBIS for example). I’ll mention this one more time, I don’t care about the armor, I’m a Hardcore Halo fan, I’ll play with the same armor FOREVER, but you have some fans who loves to customize their armor ALMOST all the time. Now, you’re taking that away from them and you may be losing out on more dedicated fans than you think. The community understands that the game is FREE TO PLAY, I personally LOVE that, but to distort the fundamental elements of a 20 year franchise will have more of an impact over time than the time frame you’re predicting shows you. I would like to also point out that yes, the cosmetics/customization IS NOT a necessity to play the game, but it will stop the influence of many players who valued that asset. It will make people who are fed up with the last few years of Halo just drop the game and stop playing. I already know a handful of people in a tight decision between cancelling their hard copy pre-order because of it. Please look into watering down the flow of money you all are asking from us.
CHEATING? I HATE IT! I FUCKING HATE IT! Sorry for all of the profanity, but I believe that is the reason why you should NOT RELEASE THE RANKED PLAYLIST I want to come back to the game, and I could be wrong, don’t quote me lol. However, THE COMMUNITY wants these back!: FREE FOR ALL, 1V1, TEAM DOUBLES, TEAM SLAYER, SWAT, SHOTTY SNIPERS, INFECTION, ETC.! 343, YOU KNOW WHAT WE WANT AND WHAT WE LOVE! I had to put these 3 categories in the same paragraph (RANKING, PLAYLISTS, AND CHEATING) and SNAP about them AT THE SAME DAMN TIME! If this is the approach to limiting the ranked playlist to catch those Sons of BITCHES then take ALL THE TIME YOU NEED! This hardcore Halo fan DESPISES CHEATERS, and I need you all to do players like me a HUGE favor: ERADICATE IT!!! Use the monetization money you make to hire a squad of ANTI-CHEATERS and HUNT THEM DOWN!!! Halo is an E-Sports game, and if you don’t get rid of this issue, this game will PLUMMET and WE ALL KNOW IT! …We would appreciate old school maps too, LIKE LOCKOUT, GUARDIAN, BEAVER CREEK, you know, the GOAT maps! Just saying, lolol.
I’m not going to rant too much though. A Halo fan like me loves this game and will play NO MATTER WHAT. I’m just thinking about the Halo Community as a whole and thinking outside of the box. We don’t mind spending money, especially if its really cool. Shit, I’ll even buy one if I find it that appealing. Fortunately, Halo: Reach was one of my favorite games and I have Juns Helmet already, which is also MY FAVORITE SPARTAN, the sole survivor of Noble Team, and the leader of the Spartan IV Program. I’ll play with that one Forever... My only concern and question is, “How will I remember Halo: Infinite?” Will I see this game as a game that had SO MUCH HYPE for years and died down after a few months, or be proud that I purchased the limited edition console and pro elite controller because the games potential was reached to the fullest and ACTUALLY LASTED FOR 10 YEARS AS PROMISED? Will this game have the 20 year community uplifted, or disappointed because it turned out to be a failure, leaving the TRUE HALO FANS in utter, mental, and gaming grief?... Only time will tell, but I will make sure that for the next few months, I’m here to have fun, and close this year out knowing that it at least closed up 2021 for me with high hopes. Let us see what the future holds 343/Microsoft/Returning Bungie Staff/Shareholders/Unknown parties…
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2021.12.02 22:45 Narrow_Cicada8297 The wife of my abusive father has just informed me that he has passed away and now she wants to return his ashes to my family. I don't know how to feel or what to do

TW: death and family abuse. This post is quite long, I've poured out a lot since I've never gotten the chance to and I'm just curious to see what people think about my life and situation.
I am a 23 yo female with 4 siblings (1 sister. 3 brothers) and a mother. In 2014 (7 years ago), My father left us to suffer. (cheated on my mother with a women in another country)
Back story:
My father was always verbally and mentally abusive and would always belittle us for every single thing we do. It even get physical at times when things don't go his way (my brothers are often the victims of this). He argues and fights with my mother every single day telling her that she is a "fucked up mother and wife" and "useless piece of shit that does nothing for him or the family". My relationship with my mother is not good too but I can still see she tries to keep the family together.
After my grandmother (fathers side) passed away, things just went downhill. My father moved out and into my grandma's former apartment. His reason being that he needs space to work overnight. He started having business plans with people in the Philippines and would often fly there for "business trips" (even started having his own place to stay). One day, HE decided to bring the whole family to the Philippines. During our trip, I found women's underwear in my dad's closet. Few months passed and his new lady started harassing my family (forwarded explicit emails of her conversations with my dad to my mom, called the house often and messaged us on all our social media). This eventually led to a divorce and restraining order. The documents that were signed stated that my dad would have to provide alimony to my family as my mom was a housewife. My siblings and weren't working cause we were children still studying in school. He did not provide us with the money.
He contacted often through skype video call to talk only to my siblings and I. When we informed him that we are suffering without the money he's supposed to provide, he would always brush it off and say that he's gonna sent it soon. He still did not provide us with the money.
In 2018 he just disappeared. In 2019, during an overseas trip with my boyfriend, He called me through skype and informed me that he went to jail for "abusing his wife", he claimed that he was framed and that the government there was terrible. Through skype calls, we could already see that he is ill and losing weight. My siblings and I continued having calls with him and he disappeared again for a few months.
2019 was the last contact I had with him. last I remembered was him calling me to say that the lady he is with is crazy and that she was locking him in a room threatening to send him back to jail. He wanted me to fly down to the Philippines and source for his passport and to give him money to free him and bring him back to our country back to us. I wasn't in the position to do that as I was also suffering financially, I didn't even have enough money to eat and was working part time whenever I can. He was spam calling to the point it felt like harassment. I informed him that I no longer see him as a father that that me and my family would move on. I blocked him and continued living my life.
2021 present day.
My mom received an email from his wife in the Philippines. saying that he died from "Acute Myocardial Infarction, Aspiration Pneumonia & Urosepsis. blood infection". She mentioned that he has been trying to contact me and my siblings for months but we did not respond. I immediately went to unblock my chats and saw all the messages I missed out on. They were mostly messages of him cursing at the Philippine government and later messages were asking me to send him $2000 for him to clear some issues back there and to come back to our country. The last message was sent on behalf of his wife informing me that he has passed. I explained to her that I didn't see his messages as I've blocked him and that even if I did saw the messages I would not have been able to provide the money as we are still suffering here financially. I gave my condolences to her and her family with him and thanked her for informing me on his death. The then responded with multiple images of him (on his deathbed, his dead body in the body bag and his ashes) and reiterated that he has been trying to contact us for so long and that he missed us and loved us so much but we never responded. She then said she wants to send back the ashes to us and would like our help to take his ashes back for a "proper funeral" ad they couldn't afford to do so there.
I did not respond and am planning to discuss with my family what my next plan of action is. I have no idea how to feel nor what to do. The images were morbid I couldn't bring myself to go back to see the chat. Should I feel guilty? I thought I have moved on but now everything is coming back to haunt me again. I want to just leave things as is and let his new family handle it but I just don't know anymore.
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2021.12.02 22:45 columnarpad Windows Licensing for Technician Accounts in Customer Environments?

I have a scenario that I can't seem to get a straight answer to, and I'm hoping some of you guys may have some experience with how to handle this.
We have been investigating the use of a tool to centrally manage our technician's accounts in our customer's remote Active Directories, from our own. Basically the agent sits on one of our servers and connects with our customer's AD over LDAP(S). We specify an OU in our own AD with accounts for each of our technicians - This software agent then synchronizes the details of these accounts in our AD, with accounts in the remote domain. If we disable the account in our AD, the account is disabled downstream in every customer. Password changes, group membership changes, etc., same deal.
The objective here is to have individual AD accounts for each of our technicians, rather than using a Shared Account that each of our techs access. We want to have better accountability for access and changes; This seems like a good way to go about it.
A colleague of mine brought up that there might be licensing implications involved if this scales to a large number of technicians. Honestly I'm not well versed enough, though I am reading up on it, to understand if we are actually breaking any of the rules that our customers have agreed to in their Licensing Agreement with Microsoft.
Our technicians only connect to customer devices for the purpose of troubleshooting - There are no sustained use cases.
I see that Microsoft offers an "External Connector" license which, at first glance sounds like something that might alleviate this concern. However, being restricted to a single license per server, across all customers that is just not a financial feasibility.
Remote Desktop comes built with two licenses for administration, which makes sense to be used in this on-demand support scenario.
What I can't find is any hard documentation that lays out this use case, and how it should be handled. Surely Microsoft would have some explanation for how MSP style businesses are to handle this?
My research on similar threads indicate that other shops take this approach, but none I've read so far have mentioned anything about licensing specifically. I don't know whether to take that as 'it's not a concern', or just that others are working in this way ignorant to the licensing agreement.
I tried asking our CSP for advice but I got a kind of unsatisfactory answer, that they don't sell perpetual licensing. I wish they'd have connected me with a resource that would know instead of just brushing their hands. I do plan to also inquire with the software vendor on this question, but I get the feeling they'd say "I don't know" too.
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2021.12.02 22:45 Vinny0-o I found jack on Google images when you search up cool math games

pretty cool
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2021.12.02 22:45 safiire PS5 Camera in Linux

Anyone know if the PS5 Camera can be used in Linux?
Seems to be reported by lsusb as 05a9:0580, which is the same ID as the old PS4 Eye camera, OV580 driver.
In any case there is no OV580 in the Kernel tree, so was wondering if anyone had it working with a third party driver, or another generic driver maybe.
Wouldn't really be thrilled about using out out of tree driver, but I might consider it depending on circumstances. Thought I'd ask around, otherwise I will just use a different camera.
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2021.12.02 22:45 linda0912 Freemax Activity(12.1 -12.30): Dreaming Back to Sub Ohm Era

Freemax's activity time is divided into three stages. The time of the first stage is from 12.1 to 12.7.
In the first stage, you may have a chance to win Maxus 200W Golden Limited Edition. What's more, everyone can get one coupon for up to 50% Price Off.
Please click here to enter this activity:
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2021.12.02 22:45 aFungible Demands for "Protonmail" to accept "Monero", ignored for over 5 years (see comments, 2,660+ upvotes)

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2021.12.02 22:45 nbhu2kiiq ladies, what would you say to your man if he requested that you skip showing for a month because he enjoys your natural aroma?

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2021.12.02 22:45 Chemical_Breakfast_2 Can't join a social game with my son.

I try both starting and joining a game with my son and all we get is a blank box with no error message. Help.
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2021.12.02 22:45 NiceCockBro126 Yo this sub is kinda classist. All the old members think the new ones are shit, but why? I haven’t noticed anything bad

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2021.12.02 22:45 ChatotAbby I wish for a trip to the North Pole.

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2021.12.02 22:45 thetroubleis [POSITIVE] for /u/photonspextrum [seller]

Great seller, easy to work with. Would trade with again. Packs well and ships fast.
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