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I recently got my marriage based i485 approved (I’ll add my interview experience soon in a separate post), I wanted to sponsor my parents and sister once I get my citizenship (around 2025) but by that time my sister will be over 21 years old (she is 17 now). Could my husband apply for her and eventually when I can sponsor them she can use the priority date from the application that my husband filed? Or is there any other way to make sure she get the GC with my parents?
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2021.11.26 20:09 dinotrex37 Characterizing the Hybrid Affinities

As I’m sure many of you will understand, the thing that keeps me coming back to Civ: Beyond Earth is its exploration of transhumanism. While it’s gameplay may be a bit mediocre, it scratches a certain science fiction itch which I can’t seem to satisfy with anything else. The three primary affinities represent three radically different, yet understandable, paradigms for understanding the relationship between humanity, the old world we destroyed, and the new world that we now find ourselves in and which we must somehow reconcile ourselves with. What must our species do going forward, and what should we value? Should we maintain the Purity of mankind? Ought we try to find Harmony with the new world? Or must we achieve Supremacy over all else through the integration of advanced technology?
Yet the game’s first and only major expansion introduced gradations between these tripolar perspectives, the hybrid affinities. To use the names the community has given them, they are Ascendency (Harmony/Purity), Mastery (Supremacy/Purity), and Voracity (Harmony/Supremacy). Unlike the main three affinities, the hybrid affinities are rather poorly characterized, and players are mostly left to fill in the blanks for themselves. These affinities are assumed to simply be halfway between their two parent affinities, with little more than a paragraph of established canon for what exactly distinguishes them.
I think the hybrid affinities are more than the sum of parts. I think they deserve their own unique perspectives on humanity, Earth, and the new world. Our depiction of the main affinities comes through the quotes associated with them, of which there are eighteen each; as we ascend through them, we gain insight first into how followers of each affinity handle the destruction of Earth, then how they acclimate to the new world, and finally their culmination in some ideological endpoint. I think the hybrid affinities deserve the same.
So that’s what I made!
I have created eighteen quotes each that trace the courses of Ascendency, Mastery, and Voracity, and the paths they cut for themselves in the new world. Through this process, I have also discovered what I think are the philosophical underpinnings unique to each hybrid affinity. I tried to imagine the cognitive arc that the followers of each affinity would trace, from first arriving on the planet to realizing the logical conclusions of their respective thought processes. I’m basing a lot of this on the excellent examination done in this thread on how the three main affinities’ quotes lay out their respective paths for psychologically coping with the trauma of losing Earth; I have worked backwards from u/Aruunika’s analysis to try to imagine similar courses for the hybrid affinities. I’ve also borrowed a lot of the general format and structure for this project from u/Aruunika, so if you happen to read this, thanks :)
(In characterizing the three hybrid affinities, I drew nearly as much of their identity from the main affinity they opposed as I did from the two they embodied, so if some of the quotes seem of a bit out of place at first glance, remember that each of the hybrid affinities are trying to define what they aren’t as much as what they are.)
Ascendency (Harmony/Purity)
Like Harmony, Ascendency finds special significance in the new world they have arrived on: they know it promises something which on Earth was spurned. Unlike Harmony, Ascendency does not believe that humanity must submit/subsume itself into the new world’s systems. Rather, they draw from Purity’s love of everything human, and believe that humanity is likewise just as unique and significant as the planet’s ecology. Unlike Purity, Ascendency recognizes that humanity, though beautiful and powerful and great, owes on part of that greatness a corresponding obligation to lifeforms which are not human. Ascendency is also the foil to Supremacy, and as such has a healthy amount of derision for things which are manufactured, artificial, or otherwise are not living and breathing. Ascendency, fundamentally, is about understanding the responsibility that living things have to one another, and celebrating all that is possible when those responsibilities are honored. In short, followers of this affinity want the world and all its inhabitants to Ascend to a higher and more perfect state.
Now that we understand their philosophy a bit, let’s look at their journey from level 1 to 18.

1: We realized too late that earth was not just a gift, but a duty. Let us take our next career as planetary stewards more seriously.Personal log found on wrecked colony lander
2: With my every inhalation of this planet’s air, I grieve that I will never breathe of Earth again. With my every exhalation into this planet’s air, I rejoice I have made it that much more our home.Kyle Yamamoto, “Requiem for the Beginning of Time”
3: What serendipitous oversight has brought us back to Eden, even after our arrogance had once defiled it?The Eroded Consequest
4: Feel your pulse. Feel the ebb and flow of your lungs. Feel your eyes dilate as they acclimate to the light. Know that you are alive, and that you are here, and that you are you.Meditations for the Subsequency
5: I met a Wolf Beetle in the wilderness once. I looked into its eyes, and it looked back into mine. What did it see in me, I wonder, that stayed its claws from my throat?Reflections of an explorer
Ascendency begins from a place of terrible guilt over what happened to Earth. Not only do they mourn what was lost, they can’t help but feel like they were complicit in its destruction. They marvel at the new world, and harbor some amount of disbelief that they have been offered a second chance.
6: We have all dreamed of limitless versions of ourselves, and been disappointed by the truth. It is only here, in this world of infinite possibilities, that those dreams might finally be realized.Irma Moller, “Awakening of Elbius”
7: When the Creator unleashed the Deluge upon the world, He made certain that the purest aspects survived his wrath. He has ensured the same for us here.Francis Jackson, "Collected Sermons"
8: See that there? That’s blood, cadet. To bleed is to remember who you are, and what’s important. That which can’t bleed, can’t live at all.Sergeant Dahl Ndongo, to recruit
9: Do not say that Mother Nature has made an imperfect system. For she made us, and taught us to perfect what she could not.Attributed to Kavitha Thakur
10: To rise above is to achieve acclaim. To bring the world up with you is to achieve divinity.Guru Xenophilia Dormer, “The Nine Axioms and Ten Parables of Godhood”
As they grow more familiar with the world, they fall in love with it and recognize all that the union of humanity and nature might promise. The accept that they are indeed worthy of the challenge posed to them; they resolve not to forget the value of life this time.
11: What happened on Earth was a tragedy, but worse than that, it was a dereliction of duty. Never forget the obligations that accompany suzerainty.The Covenant of Ascent
12: To create is to meld together disparate natures and spirits into something which is at once both synthesis and deviation. It is not a process which can be automated.Mehmed Aksoy, artist, upon visiting an Autoplant
13: Prometheus stole from the jealous and dying Gods a small flame, humanity, that we might live the lives we deserved. For this, they condemned him to live with them atop Mount Terra for all eternity. — The New Promethiad
14: We know now the gravity of our task: the hopes of one world and the aspirations of another rest with us and us alone.Inscription on Monument in Deepcastle
15: Put your ear to the ground. Turn your eyes to the sky. Feel the world resound its welcome. It knows you are here, and rejoices at your presence.Joao Reinhardt, “The Foreground Noise”
As their code of ethics begins to come into focus, it is apparent that their new charge has consumed them. They develop a certain arrogance, born of the auspicious role they now see themselves embodying. On the one hand, they failed Earth; but now there may also be a sense that Earth failed them, too. They believe that the new world has made a special place just for them, and they are more than eager to accept.
16: O Congregants, pity the lifeless apparatus. It was built by small minds fixated on trifles they thought profound, and can only echo their petty undulations until the end of time.Deacon of the Temple of the Sublime Coalescence, on the Bytegeist
17: To name, to speak of, to explain Divinity is to reduce it to mortal terms: a blasphemy. Let us not dishonor ourselves with the trivia of those with minor destinies.4th Prayer of the Siblinghood of Celesty
18: I am become Life, the preserver of worlds.Dedication of Xenonova
At last, their journey is complete: they have Ascended to all the demands made of them (or that they have made of themselves). They have by now more than atoned for the Great Mistake, and have accepted full responsibility for ensuring it never happens again. They look down with condescension at the people who still pursue the trivia which once characterized human existence, who they see as petulant adolescents shirking their duty. For they have become gods, and accept their role as the beloved rulers and devoted protectors of their own Mount Olympus with satisfaction.
To think of this in terms of a method of working through trauma (again, as u/Aruunika framed it in his post), fixating on one’s duties and honing one’s resolve to see them through is certainly an effective coping mechanism, though it would seem to carry some undertones of self-hatred. Ascendency cannot and will not forgive themselves for their past wrongs, so they double down on ensuring that their discipline never again slips. Eventually, they find meaning in being for the new world what humans should have been for Earth.
I think there is room here for darker and lighter interpretations. On the one hand, a natural world administered lovingly by dutiful custodians is peaceful and almost cozy; a fine society to live in. But there are more than enough places for moral questionability to slip in. Taking one’s own responsibilities seriously is one thing, but what happens when someone else is ignoring a responsibility they may not want to have, or even realize they have? How would Ascendency react to someone who does not want to step up to the plate? Alternatively, what happens when someone infringes upon the tasks which the followers of this affinity have set for themselves? The evil interpretation of Ascendency might be as a totalizing slavedriver, demanding everything be sacrificed in the name of humanity’s “greater” purpose.
Mastery (Purity/Supremacy)
(Spoiler: my read on Mastery is that it is by far the bleakest of the six affinities.)
Like Supremacy, Mastery has faith in technology, automation, and transcendence of the natural world as answers to society’s problems. Unlike Supremacy, Mastery does not go so far in this belief as to reject humanity altogether. Rather, like Purity, Mastery exalts humanity and especially human ingenuity and persistence. However, unlike Purity, Mastery’s adoration of humanity does not extend axiomatically to everything human, but rather is limited to humanity’s exhibition of those particular qualities of ingenuity and persistence. Mastery is also the antithesis of Harmony, and seeks to defeat, control, and/or nullify the potential that the new planet possesses, rather than finding any kind of reconciliation with it whatsoever. Mastery, fundamentally, is about the domination over things which might otherwise pose a threat, whether that be the technology they use or the environment around them. In other words, followers of this affinity seek to become Masters of the world.
With that characterization established, let’s look at their progression from level 1 to 18.
1: The Great Mistake was just that: a mistake. And mistakes exist to be learned from.Speech given by Slavic Federation official, shortly before departure from Earth
2: If we’re going to homestead this place, we’ll need a lot better than the surplus tractors we brought from Earth.Complaint filed with American Reclamation Corporation Agricultural Resources Bureau
3: It was human ingenuity that brought Earth's triumph. It was human error that brought its end.Paulette Irving, “To Manufacture a World”
4: Don’t tell me ‘we shouldn’t touch the strange levitating rocks.’ We’re not going to get anywhere with that attitude.Joel Hernandez, engineer, in a memo to his subordinates
5: Of all the wonders that Earth produced, the human brain was the greatest. Aren’t we lucky that that’s one of the few things that came with us?Attributed to Hutama
Mastery begins from a place of cool confidence: they recognize that the destruction of earth was a mistake, and resolve in a nebulous sense to correct their errors as they go forward. To this end, they have faith in the go-getting attitude of innovativeness they see as the defining quality of humans. They believe that humans have all the power and skills they need to create the solutions to the problems that they face. It’s gotten them through the complete destruction of their world, after all.
6: This is the tool. We will use it to make a new tool, so that our tool that builds tools will have another tool at its disposal. This is the quintessence of agency.Zeta Gamma Zeta Phi Alpha, “Elysium’s Instrumentality”
7: This planet is naught but the latest challenge posed to us. We will overcome it like we have everything else before.Johan de Soto, “The Conquest of Rhodes”
8: Too long have humans languished as slaves to their own needs. It doesn’t have to be this way!Kiril Liao, “Paradigms of Progress”
9: Automation is the sincerest form of imitation.14 Accords of Mastery
10: While chaos is the natural state of the universe, order must be painstakingly constructed. But I challenge anyone to honestly say they prefer the former to the latter.Memoirs of Benjamin Mubarak
As their paradigm matures through interaction with the new planet, they start to realize some of the implications of their core values; it is not enough to simply develop technology, for one must also maintain control over the things which they have made to ever benefit from them. For what is invention, but the creation of new ways to bend the world to your will?
11: As I looked into the eyes of the android, I had to remind myself it only had ones and zeros behind them.Alexei Markovich, programmer
12: It is well to remember what has agency and what does not. It is the defining quality of humanity to be able to make choices. Everything else acts on programming, instinct, or physics.Elizabeth Mambeko, “The One Who Wakes”
13: What wonders we have made since coming here! What wonders might be possible yet! Any or all of them could have saved Earth, had only we had them.Liam Bordiga, MANTL physicist
14: What do I think of this world? The animals stink. The air is poisonous. The jungles are stickier than the Amazon! But the minerals are bountiful, so how much can I complain?Attributed to Rejinaldo Bolivar
15: Hath not the potter power over his clay? Only a fool would say otherwise. Or are we to fear the mutiny of an urn?Roland van Vlaanderen, “The New Supplicants”
As time goes on, their reasoning starts to take a darker turn. They begin to realize that it isn’t just human ingenuity they value, but also humans’ ability to stand at the top of the food chain through ruthless ingenuity. They view the new planet with apathy at best and derision at worst, as something either to be discarded or to be made use of. The power brought to them by their new technology has, as they see it, put them above the problems which brought humans to this planet in the first place. There are also stirrings of insecurities over what might happen should their control over things begin to slip.
16: Humans are innovative, stalwart, resourceful, and relentless. We rise above that which is put in front of us, and we yoke it to our own use in the process. We were only ever going to prosper!Attributed to Suzanne Fielding
17: How do I get through the night knowing the machines could slaughter us all in our sleep? Easy: I keep the kill switch under my pillow.Caleb Riker, Drone Sphere technician
18: May worlds tremble before Man and all that is his, for he has destroyed worlds before and will not hesitate to do so again.Emulsory Praxis, 3rd edition
By the final stages of the affinity, they have arrived at their ideological endpoint: they have faith in humanity’s progress ever forward and upward, but contradictorily also live in fear that their dominion might escape them. They have learned precisely nothing from the Great Mistake. Indeed, the apotheosis of their train of thought is to threaten a second one, should that be what it takes for them to keep their hard-won Mastery of the world.
To look at this process as a coping mechanism, we might say that it is relentlessly, toxically, positive. Mastery harbors no lingering guilt nor regret over the loss of Earth, and focuses entirely on what to do going forward. They do not take the time to despair over what was lost, and as such they take no time to reflect on what might need to be changed to prevent it from happening again. They step boldly into the very same paradigm that doomed Earth.
I apologize to fans of this affinity for the uncharitable reading. But when I really thought about what would be produced through a synthesis of Supremacy’s belief in the incontestability of technological advancement and Purity’s belief in the uniqueness of mankind, the only answer seemed to be a toxic exultation of human invention’s might-made-right to world domination. I think in order to interpret this affinity positively, one would have to have faith in the same modernistic philosophy that Mastery does; you would have to accept that, yes, the world is indeed a tool that exists to be made use of, and that there isn’t anything that could or should stop someone who is sufficiently determined to harness it to their own ends. I don’t know, I can’t think of many ways that could be construed positively, but maybe someone else can.
Voracity (Supremacy/Harmony)
Like Harmony, Voracity believes there is much to be learned from the new world and its many lifeforms and natural systems. Unlike Harmony, Voracity focuses on the function and not the form of those features, finding value in them primarily in their utility as models to be imitated, rather than as having inherent worth on their own. In this, Voracity is much like Supremacy, for they feel a drive to constantly find new ways of overcoming the limitations they face. But unlike Supremacy, Voracity does not see technology and machinery as the only way to achieve the betterment of the species, and instead welcomes the presence of organic systems in fulfilling this end. Voracity is also the opposite of Purity, and rejects the idea that there is anything intrinsically valuable about humanity as such. Fundamentally, Voracity is about forgoing sentimentalities over the past and visualizations of the future in favor of adaptability and accelerationist pragmatism. Essentially, followers of this affinity are Voracious for anything and everything which might help them become more than they are.
With that general profile, let’s look at the path they follow from level 1 to 18.
1: Of all the failings of the old world, this is the greatest: that they had the means to right themselves, and did not try until it was too late.Kim Cheong-Li, "The Last Century of Earth"
2: The Makara stepped boldly out of the water and trundled inland, its hunger driving it to new hunting grounds. If only we ourselves could adjust as easily to living in a different place.Personal log of a coral harvester
3: This planet is the greatest blessing our species has ever had. For the first time, we truly understand how little we know.Haifeng Shen, “Acadamiasma”
4: Why did Earth collapse? Stubbornness. Arrogance. A failure to recognize what must be done to endure.Gospel of Recollect
5: If necessity is the mother of invention, adaptability is the elder sister of survival.Aaron Nguyen, “The Evolute Obelisk”
Voracity begins, from the first time they set foot on the new planet, with a kind of scorn for Earth. To them, Earth was a bungled basket-case which had been doomed by humanity’s obstinance and torpor. They view the new world as a breath of fresh air, and as an opportunity to learn whatever it was that they hadn’t learned back on Earth.
6: There is utility in everything, if you only know where to look.Attributed to Daoming Sochua
7: What was left for us on Earth? It was already a broken world long before our people left. I am thankful every day that my forefathers began this journey.Attributed to Arshia Kishk
8: Is the machine alive? That’s a loaded question. Why would we assume it isn’t in the first place?The Chrome-Ichor Mirror
9: To spurn one’s environment is to spurn oneself. Let us at last see that our home is a part of us, and belongs to us as much as our limbs and minds.The Epic of Geszen
10: 'Corruption' is what the small-minded call progress. Only a fool sees evil in embracing opportunity. — Anonymous developer, on the Resurrection Device.
As they settle in, Earth fades into the past. Their definitions of the world and of themselves expand rapidly; they question what it really means to be alive, and they begin to see the systems they rely on as extensions of themselves. But there are also hints of something murkier beneath the surface, and one may begin to wonder where exactly these new paradigms might lead them…
11: Mind and body, nature and artifice, civilization and ecosystem, chaos and order, hunger and satiation. Unity often wears the mask of duality.Chatterjee Gupta, "The Testament Duarc”
12: A system is a system is a system. Does it matter, really, whether it is a brain, an ecology, a mainframe, or a society?Emily Liebman, “Encoded Reckonability”
13: Adaptation is to live in the moment, ravenous for anything and everything that may be given to you. To stand still is to wither and die in protracted agony.Dogmata Perpetuesis
14: As I stood in my strange new body, gazing upon this unfamiliar world with eyes not my own, I knew that I was finally at home.Annals of the Contempor Hackless
15: Cells communicate to each other the needs of the whole. They act as one, organized as one. They need not know their purpose to fulfill it.On Organistic Curriculum
As they further develop, their philosophy takes form: they see potential in everything, and furthermore come to see that everything is applicable to everything else. Their scorn for Old Earth returns, but this time it takes the form of derision for stasis itself. They are becoming, have become, very different from what they began as, and have no desire to stop now.
16: Entropy is not a curse. We need it. It nourishes us, and gives us the life we depend upon. For nothing can be unmade without making something new in the process.Verax Voracitas
17: What were humans? Rigid and pitiable animals which were not wise enough to persist.Professor Hakim Elroy, answering question from student
18: My processor’s wetware growled as I approached consciousness. My pads detected the cool floor I stood on. My new chlorophyll itched. I was awake. And I needed something to eat.Diaries of an Augmentee
And at long last, they have found what they hunted for for so long. They embrace with all of their being the principle of change for its own sake; it becomes a primal urge for them, kith and kin with survival itself. They have severed their ties with their previous incarnations, and they no longer think of themselves as human at all: they are something viscerally unfamiliar, and are Voracious to become something more alien still. While they may not have internalized, or even remember, the Great Mistake at this point, we can be certain that should they happen to come to a similar inflection point in the future it will bear no resemblance to the first.
What can we say about this process as a mechanism for coping with the trauma of losing Earth? Well, I think of all the affinities, Voracity is by far the least traumatized by the Great Mistake: they’re just glad to get away from Earth and everything that tied people down there. They decide to viciously pursue a paradigm of living in the moment in a rhythm of constant motion. That’s certainly a way of putting to rest the baggage of one’s past, but it almost feels like that’s secondary to Voracity. One might be left to wonder whether they will eventually run up against some kind of wall which they can’t adapt their way out of, but if so, such a thing will likely be far in the future.
There are lots of ways to portray this affinity negatively. It’s way too easy to imagine that their constant drive for progress might lead them to some very questionable ends. They have a frenetic hunger to them (you’ll notice the quotes make references to appetite more and more frequently as they progress), and one wonders if they might not just give in to the beast inside of them: forgo any and all morals and restraints, hold nothing sacred, and morph into some unfathomable, chthonic chimera. The mirror of that, however, would be a society that tolerates all deviations and makes places for every possible niche that is able to be filled, a genuinely optimistic world wherein everyone can find some way to contribute.
I think that the hybrid affinities deserve their place as distinct things; while they draw from the main affinities, they offer their own philosophies which cannot be contained completely by the core affinities. This here is just my own read on them, but I think I have done a fairly comprehensive job at identifying what psychologically drives them, their progression, and their understanding of humanity's condition on the new planet.
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