Hard Crash / Freezes

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2021.12.03 07:23 Nimilie Hard Crash / Freezes

I feel like i'm the only one having this issue, but I am unable to even launch the game. I log in, press play, and then black screen, freeze, crash and back to desktop with no errors. I tried Restore, doesn't work.
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2021.12.03 07:22 lss_bvt_ios_01 LssTest-TextPost-6690

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2021.12.03 07:22 FrontpageWatch2020 [#645|+411|9] My IRL “palico” Salem has two monster moods, fierce Nargacuga or derpy Pukei-Pukei [r/MonsterHunterWorld]

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2021.12.03 07:22 workwithvisa Tools Engineer New Sci-Fi FPS IP at Creative Assembly (Horsham, UK)

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2021.12.03 07:22 Deminovia 3 Months of Silence and the Missing Raeesah Khan

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2021.12.03 07:22 BRE1996 Where to Start?

Hey guys, I’m feeling the motivation to have another go at making positive choices.
I struggle with addiction to fizzy pop. I used to drink a Monster & a 2L bottle of Coke/Pepsi a day. Now, the Monster is still ingrained but the bottle of pop is more like 2/3 days a week.
I also struggle with my relationship with weed. I wouldn’t say it’s quite an addiction, because I have quit 3 times in the past for months at a time, but it always finds its way back to me. But, I want to quit for a fourth time.
I’m obese again, probably through my diet. I have pretty strong health anxiety related to untreated OCD. I’m constantly in fear about getting cancer or dying, and I’ve realised that a big part of my journey into less worry will be to control my health as much as I can, so that all i can worry about is the stuff that can’t be controlled and thus isn’t worth worrying over.
I turn 25 in a few days. I’ve not told any of my friends when the day is because I want to just have a quiet one with my girlfriend.
I’m already getting thoughts like ‘do I really wanna not have any fizzy pop or weed on my birthday and Christmas?’ But I’m also having positive thoughts that my birthday/ Christmas are exactly the time to make these changes.
I don’t think I’m gonna succeed at ‘weaning off’, I’m too prone to rationalising a ‘treat’ as something I can repeat daily. I’ve gotta go cold turkey.
Going cold turkey on weed & soda at the same time is going to suck. Does anyone think this is a bad idea/ have alternate advice?
Finally, I’m going to use this sub to document my journey, but I could really do with someone checking in with me for accountability -specifically someone also quitting fizzy drinks. Would anyone be willing to do that?
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2021.12.03 07:22 Ok-Bet8229 Does anyone know what GPU this is (found in gpu junk pile)

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2021.12.03 07:22 FrontpageWatch2020 [#920|+1316|211] The bar is in Hades. When will we stop glorifying terrible men? [r/FemaleDatingStrategy]

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2021.12.03 07:22 niuz-bot Trenurile vor putea rula cu 160 km/h pe cei 77 km dintre Sighișoara și Blaj - [Economie][Industrie Feroviara]

CFR SA anunță că sistemul european de management al traficului Feroviar (ERTMS) este funcțional pe segmentul feroviar Sighișoara - Mediaș (39 km) pe ambele fire de circulație, modernizate pentru viteza maximă de circulație a trenurilor de călători de 160 km/h. Sistemul va fi funcțional în curând și pe alți 40 km, între Mediaș și Blaj. Modernizarea liniei Sighișoara - Simeria este gata de 3 ani, însă au durat mult mai mult lucrările cu instalațiile de semnalizare.
Citeste in continuare: https://economie.hotnews.ro/stiri-industrie_feroviara-25219392-trenurile-vor-putea-rula-160-cei-77-dintre-sighisoara-blaj.htm
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2021.12.03 07:22 Significant-Gate4623 🐶WinDoge95 is a Reflection Token ♻️($DOGE) on BSC 💰 Together with Nostalgic Website and P2E Retro games implemented ✔ | Transparent and trustworthy team, 🤝 community that supports them, 2.2k diamond hands 💎 | Such Doge, Much WoW, So Windows95 🐶

🐶 Windoge95
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-We represent:
There's a 10% buy tax which is distributed like this:
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  4. 📄 Initial Supply is 1 Billion $WNDG!
✅ Features we have to offer:
  1. Nobody can hold more than 1% of total supply ❌🐳
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——— Such Doge, Much WoW, So windows95 ———
"Let the Arcade Games, Begin"
📝Social Links :
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2021.12.03 07:22 EitherInvite SUBX FINANCE LAB is now tracked on both Coinbase and Crypto .com | Probit listing on 6 Dec | Strong marketing push |

Successfully raised 2000 BNB on Pinksale in 2 minutes

SUBX FINANCE LAB is a blockchain-as-a-service provider for businesses to integrate web3 technologies into their products and services.

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If this passes your due diligence test, do join in their community on telegram and discord

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2021.12.03 07:22 FrontpageWatch2020 [#335|+1173|12] Read meme, not title [r/meme]

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2021.12.03 07:22 breakyourteethnow Celebrations Elite Trainer Box | GameStop MSRP

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2021.12.03 07:22 Commercial_Safety_96 Dark Castle - Immortal Skills

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2021.12.03 07:22 FrontpageWatch2020 [#543|+1122|82] Ransomware attack on Planned Parenthood steals data of 400,000 patients [r/worldnews]

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2021.12.03 07:22 walsash "Russian flag" [ link in comments ]

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2021.12.03 07:22 sidewaze8 Underpass | Minolta XD Rokkor 50mm Portra 400

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2021.12.03 07:22 jrsone32 Setback after period of improvement.. getting back on track

I've been having an 8 week stretch of sleep issues off and on. Things had improved in recent weeks after i reincorporated exercise in my routine and worked to maintain consistent wake times. After a rough month of October where i basically slept every other night, my issues began to lessen. I had a two week stretch where i only had 1 maybe 2 bad nights and slept a full night otherwise. Bit of a backslide this week, two sleepless nights so far. Trying not to worry but easier said than done. Any tips on how to stay positive?
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2021.12.03 07:22 noobmastersixtyfowr I'm telling you, all you need is a claw hammer and an old rotting log in the woods. Here's some lesser stags.

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2021.12.03 07:22 rocklandreject 🌕Sonic Bytes Token Whitelist Presale | Tokenomics📱, Play to Earn Crypto & NFT Games🕹

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We will be launching the next moondrop project, which is the new reward token. Our token offers generous incentives to holders, the more you KEEP, the more you EARN 💰

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2021.12.03 07:22 Adabags Bank of America execs warn junior staffers to ‘dress down’ as NYC crime surges

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2021.12.03 07:22 SomeGuyOnThInternet A good problem to have: XF MacKinnon or XF Makar?

Just opened my XF choice pack and am staring down this dilemma. I feel like there’s not really a wrong answer since they’re both likely to be 99ovr by the end of the year. Can anyone who owns both chime in with an opinion on which one you’d rather have?
Makar fits better in my lineup right now, since I’m pretty stacked with RH forwards, but I’m trying not to let that influence my decision too much since my lineup will change as new event cards get released.
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2021.12.03 07:22 samatek Was ist denn das für eine Fickerei? 😃

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2021.12.03 07:22 AdrianaRosati Focus on Yubaba: Does Evil Run the World?

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2021.12.03 07:22 Dark_knight_dummo Is there a chest I can store some items in? Or a mod for a chest? I don’t wanna use my household inventory cause I just wanna store in all the items they HAVE to be carrying in their inventory all the time without having to go to the Build Mode.

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