Picnic date ideas??

2021.10.18 05:29 Catradora05 Picnic date ideas??

Ik, quite a stereotypical idea but ya know. I love it haha
My girlfriend of 8 months and I have never actually been on a “date” persay but I’m hoping in a few weeks we’ll get that opportunity.
I know I wanna take her on a picnic date, but just wondering if anyone’s got any ideas or advice on what I should do/bring???
(I plan on making some food to bring and will probably bring a deck of cards too).
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2021.10.18 05:29 Elbirri who want some "kandy"?

who want some
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2021.10.18 05:29 unnaturalorder Adorable kitten is super excited to scare their human

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2021.10.18 05:29 SalmonApplecream Looking for songs with moody saxophone outros

I'm looking for songs with saxophone in the outro/climax/last chorus of the song. These kind of songs are what I'm talking about:
Any recommendations would be much appreciated!
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2021.10.18 05:29 Saamyar Why do we, in some cases, have a better knowledge about our history now compared to during the time closer to the actual event?

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2021.10.18 05:29 Coasting_through5 23 M looking to connect with someone for a genuine friendship New York

To be clear from the start, this may be dumb and most likely won’t find what I am looking for but what’s the worse that can happen? I’ll try to make this as short and straight to the point as I can. I’ve been with my “girlfriend” for about 5 years now and the past 2-3 of them I’ve been miserable. By miserable, I mean there is a stop sign in every direction I turn. She’s completely erased all of the friends I had because of her jealousy and every time I try to leave her, she draws me back in with her threats and manipulation. It’s a nightmare I feel like I’ll never awake from and almost as if I’m lost with no way out. I also blame myself at times because I let her do it.. let her walk all over me and take advantage over the years. My entire family can see right through her and they know what kind of person she is. I’m an amazing person and what I mean by that is I’d die for the people I care about. Seeking a true friendship, I would like to find someone who can help me out and pull me out of this. Not only advice but someone who is patient and will stick by my side through the good and bad. I guess you could say I’m sending an application over reddit for friends which may sound desperate but because of her, I feel like I can’t make friends around my area. Take my hand, be that person and I’ll show you what I can do. I pray that someone/something picks me up.. let’s create this new beginning. Preferably looking for people around New York.
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2021.10.18 05:29 cutemermaidaqua Some delicious food from the old times.

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2021.10.18 05:29 Fumlord22 Lf an eggplant cow and a cucumber horse

Just found out that those items existed and I need them. If anyone has extra and would be willing to trade for like a nmt or something please let me know
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2021.10.18 05:29 shyboi20 Ejercicio de Matlab: me ayudan a ver por qué no puedo graficar esto en Matlab?

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2021.10.18 05:29 metallica594 Realistically, out of 7 billion people, How many could we fit in the best possible place with all laws and boarders respected between everyone to have a concert?

I wanna see a billion people at a concert..
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2021.10.18 05:29 zealsupport Louis Vuitton Porte-Documents Business MM N50200 [N50200] - https://www.zealreplica.pl/lv-mens-bags-c-1041_758/louis-vuitton-portedocuments-business-mm-n50200-p-64121.html

Louis Vuitton Porte-Documents Business MM N50200 [N50200] - https://www.zealreplica.pl/lv-mens-bags-c-1041_758/louis-vuitton-portedocuments-business-mm-n50200-p-64121.html submitted by zealsupport to zealreplica [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 05:28 StudBoi69 Has anyone been able to pair their Galaxy Buds to their Switch?

Has anyone been able to do so after the update? For some reason, I'm having some trouble with my Galaxy Buds +? I put my buds in the case with it open, but my Switch is still unable to pick it up.
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2021.10.18 05:28 undeadpickels I was going to to the right one but than I realized I can do a 3

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2021.10.18 05:28 Melanie-Littleman Would I be the best for you?

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2021.10.18 05:28 bharat-ka-itihas Spread of Vedic Civilization in India

Arya is a Sanskrit word which literally means - born in a noble or good family. In a broad sense, Arya is the name of a caste whose form, colour, shape and body formation are of a special kind. Aryans were tall stature, strong, fair-skinned, long-nosed, brave and courageous. The inhabitants of India, Iran and different countries of Europe are considered to be descendants of Aryans. The word Arya is first used in the Vedas.read more --
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2021.10.18 05:28 elgallodeoro51 Quien para unas nudes? Soy hombre.

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2021.10.18 05:28 C_ShoR3 Posting AZKi pics until she either joins the subreddit or she guest stars in a Holo no Graffiti. DAY 201 (DAY 252)

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2021.10.18 05:28 GavStreet how can one girl have so much power over me.

Like we aren't even dating (although I'd like to be) we are just friends. But every time I'm in a bad mood she can fix it like nothing. Or everytime I don't want to go somewhere if she's there ill happily go. I can't even go to sleep without think about her. Like God damn, why she gotta be perfect
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2021.10.18 05:28 FlightsuitGSMST Forge AS-147 Zweihänder close air support attack ship. Full description in the comments.

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2021.10.18 05:28 Red_Ryderr Battle of noses.....

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2021.10.18 05:28 dalahmaus we gotta take back the 666 from these guys because they cant have it

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2021.10.18 05:28 tinnytipmicah I now see why the watcher is absolutely the best character

I'm new to the game. Like 30 or so runs. I played on my Xbox first then pc. I heard about the watcher by lurking here. I really wanted to try it out, and she was the most impossible character ever.
I played the silent, and he was so easy for me to get. I didn't realise how much he was similar to the watcher. They both need synergies as a core to their game play. I mastered so much with the silent that I accidentally mastered the watcher.
Most of the advice I have seen doesn't go into accurate detail about the watcher. To anyone where I was, please please please level up the watcher slightly more as well as quickly learning how to get into wrath as fast as possible. Now, that doesn't mean you should do that if you'll die. The best defense is an overwhelming offense. If you can kill your opponent quickly, then you will not have to take a hit. Also halt is the most amazing thing you can get especially upgraded. On some runs, I messed up, but halt saved me in its non upgraded form. Also your main focus should be a 2:1 ratio of ways to enter wrath vs out. Like a clear ability would be a way, but that should be in the bottom tier. The top tiers are crescendo and tranquility. Easy energy as well as opening you up to more abilities with wrath early out. Cards that add damage cards, or miracles, or cards that adds drawing is literally the best cards you need to get. You can survive with a large deck as well with this start. You will want to prune somewhat. For example if you don't get any dex, you will absolutely need to take off basic defends of you gotten better block cards as well as vice versa with strike. Also basic stuff, go for the route with the most elites to get relics. Relics are a crutch of the watcher. Don't get rid of your starting relic. Just take the common. That beginning miracle will help you so much.
Now, why did I make the long post? Well I get into some absolutely beefy runs now with her. I now normally have runs where I can deal up to 1500 damage in a single or more commonly 1000. It all defends on how far I get into the fight. I can't do this with any other character, so I absolutely now lover her.
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2021.10.18 05:28 GreenEyedMonstr [RECRUITING] | Level 16 | Crystal 1 & 2 | Team-Oriented

Rebels United #C2RC2R2C, Level 16 Crystal 1
Rebels United is looking for like-minded team players to add to our ranks. Small, tight-knit group of good people that have played together for years. We play to destress (it's a game!) but crave winning. Must contribute to be a part of the family. We work hard, play hard, and argue whether crabs or snails are creepier. Regularly have 5-8 players online in the evenings. Quick donations. Discord available.

Private message me on discord (GreenEyedMonstr#0351) or on Reddit for the clan join code. Thanks for reading!
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2021.10.18 05:28 ominousanonymous27 Advise me please, so I succeed at this.

I am a Tech Recruiter who works remotely. Last week I accepted Job 2. Job 1 has immense flexibility, trust, no hard set office hours and rarely more than two meetings a week. It’s a small software consulting company for which I am the only recruiter and it’s genuinely easy with an occasional tough role to fill. I’ve single-handed my more than doubled the size of the company from a recruiting stand point and I find it so easy. People love me and I keep my head down and need very little. And it seems the less I need, the more they like me.
I recently decided I want to have a second full time job. My current employer actually has no issues with it. But I am choosing not to tell them simply because I don’t want to ever plant a seed that could make this a point of issue. But regardless, all of our developers and staff in general are allowed to have side gigs and the company doesn’t attempt to own the IP they do on their own time. Not that was I do entails IP… just emphasizing the flexibility.
All that said, I want to make sure I don’t jeopardize Job1 and I don’t want to mess up job 2. I am aiming to pay off debt. One job pays $107,000 a year and the new one pays 118,000. Job2 is 1099 contract. At the combined wage, I will be able to pay off all my debt including student loans in less than a year.
The first thing I did was create a second LinkedIn profile to market myself. I use my first name at Job1 and I go by my middle name at Job2. LinkedIn 1 has all contacts at Job2 blocked and vice versa. Both profiles just list me in the US who is open to remote Contract or W2. No onsite.
One thing I did to try not to lie is answer questions carefully in my interview. My upcoming boss at my second job asked “when can you leave your current role?” And I replied “I can start in two weeks”.
I think I’m handling this well but what I’m concerned about is time management and burnout. Is this a reasonable fear? I know how easy my current role is. But what if the new role is more demanding, more meetings etc?
What do you guys do to keep your status discreet and I compromised?
And how to you specifically manage time during the learning phase of a new role? I think after surfing that hump, I’ll be fine. But I imagine it will be a tough one.
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2021.10.18 05:28 AlessioPuccio GBPUSD Short Idea

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