this mf getting me thru some rough times

2021.10.18 05:52 robotlovr this mf getting me thru some rough times

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2021.10.18 05:52 Nezikim Sickleave for teachers should fall under worker's comp

Just how I have felt for years because we get sick on the job from the job. I feel we also get sick more often than other jobs because of our exposure to these wonderful little germ magnets that are sent to us because parents cant take time off and see us as glorified state-funded babysitters.
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2021.10.18 05:52 Fast_Blacksmith_7790 Should I cut ties with this friend (24m) I (18f) made

So this guy and I have been talking for a couple days and we got along really well (I was 17 at the time we started talking, I turned 18 like 2 months back). We talked about a lot of things the first couple of days and conversation with him was really easy. But he also made a lot of inappropriate jokes like holding me tight with only one of his hands and having me pinned to the wall. Obviously at this point I knew what he wanted and I wasn't completely against the idea. I wanted it. But I still didn't give in. Then later I couldn't control myself so we started sexting a lot. Sometimes he'd ask me for pictures even after I told him that I'm tired (but that could also be because of one of the kinks I have). Anyway, he has never really forced himself on me but he's occassionally very insensitive to me and some people have also told me that this age gap isn't fine when all you want is sex from that person, try finding someone your own age but idk this guy knows what I want and gives it to me. Now he says that he wants to meet me and have sex with me. I told him that I want to lose my virginity to somebody I have feelings for and he isn't that someone. He said that's fine with him and we can just talk or watch tv but he often brings up how he'd still love to do stuff with me. I could really use some advice rn. Thank you.
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2021.10.18 05:52 R42ToMoffat Sabrina Carpenter

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2021.10.18 05:52 ZakdaFox They're everywhere

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2021.10.18 05:52 cbvv1992 πŸ”₯45% Price Drop – $10.99 Lenovo Laptop Shoulder Bag T210, 15.6-Inch Laptop!!

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Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? πŸ™‚
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2021.10.18 05:52 reactzn I am so so close to 400 Subs Please Help Me :(

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2021.10.18 05:52 DualityFreak Yea, this still gets me...

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2021.10.18 05:52 buzz_shocker Sunset Fest

Do we need tickets to that? I don't see any mention of tickets on their site.
Also, any details on who all and what all will be there?
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2021.10.18 05:52 I_Have_Questions95 My parents' void loves finding new spots to hide from the puppy

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2021.10.18 05:52 disc0_133 *Clueless*

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2021.10.18 05:52 xxiputxsinmynamexx Confederate surrender flag

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2021.10.18 05:52 glutenfreebestie try your best lol. all my great grandparents are from different countries

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2021.10.18 05:52 1006167 200k preventative maintenance.

I have a 99 3.0 4wf and I'm approaching 200k miles and wondering what are some things I should start thinking about replacing (Valve train bushings ect) want to keep it for at least 100,000 more miles. Thanks for any input or advice!
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2021.10.18 05:52 turnageb1138 Of Dice and Men

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2021.10.18 05:52 ImpossibleWorker5803 How do I remove files from the writing center’s 24 hrs later feedback?

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2021.10.18 05:52 creambanded [FOR HIRE] Watercolor pet illustrations for a cause for $15! More info in the comments below--

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2021.10.18 05:52 SaturnswampGames One of the best girl of one piece! Hope you all like it

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2021.10.18 05:52 Life-Mountain-2863 Hurting

My sweet wife of 20 years had passed on due to sudden heart attack. It was just last month that we celebrated her birthday together with the children. Never do we knew that it was her last birthday. She was a devoted, caring and responsible wife. Grieving with his sudden death is so difficult. It has been about 4 weeks now and my children and I missed her deeply. Life is very different even though I have good support from my family and friends. Lots of People advised me to stay strong for my children. but the void and emptiness are so unbearable. My children and I look forward to weekends in the past as my late wife would planned dinner and outing for us and spent family time together. We missed all these and I find weekends as a torture now.
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2021.10.18 05:52 LordAdrianRichter What changes would have to be made to Halloween II (1981) in order to still fit in the new timeline?

Halloween II is still a decent movie, I'd like to see it still fit into the new continuity. Any ideas?
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2021.10.18 05:52 SickOfBoobsAndBras Passive smoking...

I really have no one else to talk to about this, but I'm angry and worried and just feel.. fucked healthwise. And I had NO choice over this.
My family smoke. My mum - 40 a day. Smoked pregnant. Smoked around me since I was born. Always smokes indoors ect. Ihave had other health issues, mainly mental health which meant I do still live with her at 28. 28 years of breathing in secondhand smoke. Maybe I'm dumb.. I KNEW it was bad but some reason I finally looked up HOW bad and I just feel it is clear that I will get sick from this. Already so damaged because of it. And I feel so fucking angry fucking and upset about it.. what shit parenting. I get it is an addiction but it also harms others! I am wanting to move out but atm just stuck until I have the means ectect. But damage is done and it's not a 'maybe I will become sick from this' but when? How long left??
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2021.10.18 05:52 TaobaoBae You're suddenly bestowed with the ability to speak 3 additional languages. One language at a Fluent level, one at Intermediate and one at Basic. Which languages would you choose?

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2021.10.18 05:52 Substantial-Rice-330 Beware in TARRANT and HARRIS county Texas
115 In Tarrant County
Harris County always has busts
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2021.10.18 05:52 r_r_miles BUNNYROCKET? Seriously? πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

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